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And This, Your Living Kiss by opal_bullets
Only a very few people in the world know that the celebrated and reclusive poet Jack Allen is just Kansas mechanic Dean Winchester, a high school dropout with a few bucks to his name. Not that it matters anymore; life has left him so wrung out he never wants to pick up another pen.

Until, that is, a string of coincidences leads Dean to auditing a poetry course with one Dr. Castiel Novak. The professor is wildly intelligent, devastatingly handsome...and just so happens to be academia's foremost expert on the poetry of Jack Allen.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:m  au  college!au  complete  chapter  angst  pining  romance  poet!dean  poetry  professor!cas  writer!Dean  pinefest19 
march 2019 by emi.caro
Oddly Shaped Empty by jemariel
Dean grew up thinking -- knowing -- he'd be an alpha.

Until he failed to present.

Being an omega would have been better. After all, who in their right mind is going to fall in love with a beta?


Roommates, pining, a lot of firsts. Queer themes, finding identity, reconciling the past, and a whole lot of smut.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  chapter  complete  beta!dean  pining  domestic  fluff  romance  miscommunication  length:66k 
september 2018 by emi.caro
demo day by sharkfish
“Guess what today is?” Dean says, grinning into the camera.

Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Cas rolling his eyes with a smile touching his mouth. Dean unbuttons the top few buttons of his plaid shirt and pulls it apart, Superman style, to show the words DEMO DAY printed across the t-shirt on his chest.

“Demo day!”
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  chapter  complete  abo_dynamics  trans!Cas  trans-alpha  contractor!dean  designer!cas  hgtv  fixer_upper!au  au  pining  fluff  romance  length:16k 
june 2018 by emi.caro
Get a Whiff of This by bendingsignpost
When no good deed goes unpunished, Dean ends up sentenced to community service for physically defending another Omega at his job. That is, at his former job. It's all a steaming pile of shit, and that's exactly what he has to clean up at the joint animal shelter and clinic he's been assigned to.

With a face full of allergies and a horrific mood, all Dean has to do is get through six weeks of this sinus-assaulting torture. That's not so easy with a smartass Alpha receptionist, but at least the weird Beta vet might just end up being kinda cool.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  chapter  complete  au  abo_dynamics  vet!cas  vet!au  sexual_harassment  pining  fluff  romance  length:28k 
may 2018 by emi.caro
All I Need by VioletHaze
The whiskey isn’t good, but it’s cheap. Dean switched over to the hard stuff after nursing his first two beers, trying not to keep one eye on the door as the hours tick past. He has no business feeling stood up. Any disappointment is on him and him alone. What he has with Cas isn’t exclusive—hell, it isn’t even official— but somehow over the past month or so it has at least become consistent. There’s no planning, no checking to ensure the other’s availability. Even if Dean wanted to (which he totally doesn’t) they’ve never even exchanged numbers. Despite that—or maybe precisely because of it—each Friday night for the last five weeks they’ve both ended up at this bar.

(aka four times Dean and Cas hooked up, one time they were both dumb, and one time they figured it out)
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  oneshot  complete  au  5+1  smut  romance  miscommunication  pining  length:5k  dctropefest5k18 
april 2018 by emi.caro
Don't Ever Change by whelvenwings
Dean Winchester and Castiel are not dating.
They’re really not. They just get hungry sometimes - who doesn’t work up an appetite during a hunt? And when they’re both hungry, it’s only reasonable to make a stop. But that’s all it ever is - just a stop on the road, nothing more.
Until one evening, when everything seems to shift; they’re booked in to have dinner at a fancy restaurant together, Dean finds out that Sam’s assumed they’re dating the whole time, and Castiel is walking around shirtless. After a night like that, nothing could ever be the same.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:G  canon_divergence  oneshot  complete  pining  fluff  first_kiss  length:5k  dctropefest5k18 
april 2018 by emi.caro
The Shape of Regret by Halzbarry
Two years ago, Dean walked away from Castiel after discovering his biggest secret—that he’s a witch. Since then, Dean’s spent his days hunting alone, filling the emptiness inside with sex, booze, and the next case.

When he gets a desperate call for help from Castiel, Dean doesn’t hesitate to go. But things in the small Maine town aren’t what they seem, especially when he comes face to face with Castiel, who insists he wasn’t the one to place the call.

Dean’s been given an opportunity to fix his past mistakes, but it means working alongside a very bitter Castiel, and Benny, a local deputy with knowledge of the supernatural, to figure out what’s plaguing Newport and why it all seems fixated around Castiel.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  chapter  complete  au  casefic  pining  angst  enemies_to_friends_to_lovers  magic  witch!cas  length:70k  pinefest18 
april 2018 by emi.caro
Freeze Frame by surlybobbies
Dean's got about two minutes before Cas comes back, which is more than mildly inconvenient because Dean's just found out Cas is in love with him.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:T  oneshot  complete  au  pining  friends_to_lovers  romance  length:5k  dctropefest5k18 
april 2018 by emi.caro
A Love Of All Things That Grow by rustling_pages
"What Castiel does, after over a year of drama that didn’t give him time to get used to being human, is start a garden.

Sam encourages him with kind words and a book about gardening he specifically bought for Castiel.

Dean tells him it is a stupid idea. He is also the one who takes Castiel to a garden market in one of the larger trucks found in the bunker garage and insists on carrying the heavy bags of rich dark soil, even though it almost throws out his back."
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:G  oneshot  complete  romance  pining  gardening  self-worth_issues  miscommunication  hurt_comfort  length:5k  dctropefest5k18 
april 2018 by emi.caro
Find Our Way by youaresunlight
Castiel is playing in his first NHL season when he meets Dean, a model who has just broken into the industry. He goes home with Dean, because it’s easy, and they keep hooking up, because it makes sense. They’re two, busy people who travel all the time, and it’s not like he’s looking for anything serious – until he does and he wants it with Dean, who’s become his best friend and the love of his life. Life, however, is no fairy tale, and when Dean starts dating for real, Cas lets him go because he loves him. He comes to terms with his broken heart, resigned to however much time he’ll need to mend it, but then Dean is left at the altar at his own wedding and asks if Cas will come with him on his honeymoon.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  chapter  complete  au  hockey!au  model!dean  hockeyplayer!cas  fake_relationship  friends_with_benefits  pining  hurt_comfort  fluff  romance  length:26k  pinefest18 
march 2018 by emi.caro
Just Hold On (We're Going Home) by kiaronna
Where Yuuri remembers the banquet, Viktor forgets, and Yakov Feltsman has his own plans.
“I’ve been made aware of your recent break with Celestino Cialdini, and would like to offer you a trial period where you train under me, in St. Petersburg. There are only three conditions: you will board with another one of my students, you will take ballet with Madame Baranovskaya, and you will help me coach Yuri Plisetsky, who refuses to listen to my criticisms of his spins.” Yakov nods at this point, leans forwards and looks Yuuri in the eye. “I will charge no coaching fees.” With a deal like that, even if it means he has to face Viktor again, Yuuri has no choice but to agree.
Yuuri_on_Ice  Yuuri_Victor  rating:M  chapter  complete  canon_divergence  role_reversal  miscommunication  pining  angst  romance  length:23k 
february 2018 by emi.caro
Version 2.0 by Elizabeth1985
Life is nothing but a series of processes. We rise, we work, we function within the walls we’ve designed for ourselves. Dean Winchester does not deviate from this system. Heavily tattooed and a certified genius; Dean necessitates control. Relationships are a no-go. Too messy, unpredictable. And yeah, he knows having casual sex with his best friend, roommate, and business partner is a dumbass move. But Cas’ suggestion is impossible to resist.

What Dean doesn’t expect and couldn’t possibly predict is the unique way Cas manages to shut down his mile-a-minute mind, giving him a level of inner peace he’d thought to be unattainable.

What starts out of convenience morphs into a dynamic emotional slide neither of them were prepared for, forcing them to decide what they’re willing to risk.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  au  rating:E  friends_to_lovers  romance  pining  bdsm  slow_burn  length:76k  dcbb17 
december 2017 by emi.caro
He Likes Cats by whelvenwings
The first time Dean sees Cas, he's absolutely smitten - but he's way too shy to say so, especially as he's only just recently started to think about coming out. Through a slight miscommunication, though, Cas happens to think that Dean has already asked him out on a date... and he's said yes.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:G  oneshot  complete  coming_out  pining  highschool!au  au  misunderstandings  first_kiss  fluff  romance  length:9k 
august 2017 by emi.caro
Love: A Retrospective by xylodemon
Pretending Cas is just his friend has been the only thing keeping Dean's head on straight for years. He never realized how much doing that depended on him making himself scarce in the morning ─ not until Cas came back and moved into the bunker.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  oneshot  complete  friends_to_lovers  friends_with_benefits  pining  angst  length:41k  cu 
august 2017 by emi.caro
My Liege Lord by jhoom
From a young age, Castiel has been groomed to serve as Dean’s personal bodyguard. They’re inseparable as children and good friends as adolescents. When Dean ascends to the throne, though, there’s a subtle shift in their relationship. If only Castiel knew what to make of it…
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  chapter  complete  au  medieval!au  king!dean  knight!cas  miscommunication  hurt_comfort  slow_burn  friends_to_lovers  demisexual!cas  pining  asexual!Carlos 
july 2017 by emi.caro
Grown-Ups Making Grown-Up Choices by Carrieosity
Dean is a grown-ass man - he can take perfectly good care of himself, thank you very much. Except that sometimes the easier or more fun choices aren't always the right or best ones, and, all right, maybe thinking ahead and working the long game isn't his strongest suit. It's fine! He's fine.

When he meets Castiel, he realizes that flying by the seat of his pants may not be the best way to attract the super-serious (gorgeous, funny, genius) Alpha. Dean's shrink has been telling him he needs to start making "grown-up choices," and if that's what he has to think about in order to make Cas fall for him, then he'll give it a whirl.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  chapter  complete  abo_dynamics  miscommunication  sexual_harassment  pining  romance  fluff  self-worth_issues  therapy  humor  length:81k  au 
july 2017 by emi.caro
Build a Home by domesticadventures
After they save the world, Dean expects Cas to come back to the bunker with them.

He doesn’t.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:T  oneshot  complete  pining  miscommunication  found_family  length:20k  spncanonbb17  cu 
july 2017 by emi.caro
Passing Ships by quiettewandering
When Castiel commits a crime unforgivable, he is demoted from distinguished guardian angel to the role of cupid. His assignment: to pair Dean Winchester and Lisa Braeden together as soulmates. Adamantly against the idea, Dean proves to be a challenging assignment for Castiel - especially when he falls in love with him.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  chapter  complete  hurt_comfort  angst  pining  romance  cupid!cas  slow_burn  soulmate!au  length:78k  au 
july 2017 by emi.caro
Sure on This Shining Night by goodgriefdean
They sit in silence for a time, the dancing mass at their backs, looking out at empty storefronts.

After a while Dean nudges Castiel’s shoulder with his, and says, “Hey.”

“Hey what?”

“You never got nights like this in the city, did you?”

Castiel thinks, wiggling his toes. “Not like this, no.”

“Told ya so,” says Dean, childlike, and Castiel huffs a laugh. He wishes it could be so simple. But just as he thinks this, a timid voice in the back of his mind pipes up: why can't it be?


(or, the one where Castiel moves to the Middle of Nowhere, USA and spends his summer eating ice cream, learning to ride a bike, and falling in love.)
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:T  oneshot  complete  fluff  romance  hurt_comfort  highschool!au  au  length:12k  pining 
july 2017 by emi.caro
Something Like This by Emmagrant01
Jack thought his first year in the NHL would be 100% about hockey, but the reality is so much more complicated. (AU where the Goodbye for the Summer comics didn’t happen, because I had already written 80K words of this. But just because it’s canon doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy long, angsty, get-together stories, amirite?)

Alternate summary, courtesy of Dracavia: What if Bad Bob didn't say anything at graduation?
Check_Please!  Jack_Bitty  chapter  complete  rating:E  pining  angst  demisexual!jack  coming_out  fluff  hurt_comfort  length:286k  cu 
june 2017 by emi.caro
Dog People by stillmadaboutpetra
Yuuri thinks his life is progressing nicely. Good job. Nice apartment. Boyfriend? Nevermind: cheating ex boyfriend

His blackout drunken antics attract the young Olympic-gold level skater, Victor Nikiforov, who's fled from skating in the middle of the season after fainting on the ice.

It all sounds very serendipitous but Yuuri wants nothing to do with men. Victor, desperate and running from his problems, promises that instead of a man, he'll be Yuuri's "pet" if that means he can stay with Yuuri for a little, citing that he has nowhere else to turn. Yuuri's concerned that this shameless man who is willing to sacrifice his dignity so readily will get himself in trouble, so he accepts the offer with second-hand embarrassment.

This gambit lasts for all of two days before Yuuri finds himself teaching an ice skater how to dance off his blades, and Victor starts finding new reasons to stay in Japan.
Yuuri_on_Ice  Yuuri_Victor  rating:E  chapter  complete  au  dancer!yuuri  slow_burn  fluff  romance  hurt_comfort  pining  mental_health_issues  age_swap  secondhand_embarrassment  length:94k 
april 2017 by emi.caro
Rivals by Reiya
Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches--‘…Of all the rivalries in the world of sports over the years, perhaps none has become so legendary as that of Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov and his rival, Japanese Yuuri Katsuki…’


A single event changes the course of Yuuri’s life, throwing him into a bitter rivalry with Viktor Nikiforov that spans across his entire skating career. But as the years go on, rivalry and hatred begin to develop into something very different and Yuuri doesn’t seem to be able to stay away, no matter how hard he tries.

Hatred and love are two sides of the same coin and even though everything changes, some things are still meant to be.
Yuuri_on_Ice  Yuuri_Victor  rating:E  series  wip  canon_divergence  miscommunication  pining  slow_burn  angst  drama  anxiety  jealousy  enemies_to_lovers  cu 
march 2017 by emi.caro
Someone Who's Feeling For Me by ellispark
Dean sees her for the first time in nearly six years in some no-name town in Idaho, and it's panic at first sight.

Lisa Braeden, the one woman Dean ever actually had a shot at a real life with, back from where he buried her in his mind. And her hand is on Cas's arm like it's no big deal, like it belongs there.

Cas, Dean's dorky, sweet, badass, angelic best friend, and he's just standing there next to Lisa and not moving her hand away.

Dean feels the jealousy rising, and it's not directed where he expected it to be.

Because it takes this exact moment for Dean to realize — he's in love with his best friend. He's in love with his best friend, and Lisa is looking at Cas like he's the best thing since automatic rifles, and Dean is utterly fucked.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:M  complete  oneshot  casefic  pining  miscommunication  misunderstandings  romance  length:46k  pinefest17  cu 
february 2017 by emi.caro
Looking for a Sign by emwebb17
Dean can't figure out why the hot guy on the train is ignoring him...that is until he realizes that the man is profoundly deaf. After an unpleasant misunderstanding, the two become friends. It isn't long before Dean wants more, but Castiel sticks steadfastly to his rule about not dating hearing people. When Dean starts to date other people to try to get over him, Castiel starts to wonder if maybe Dean is the exception to the rule.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  chapter  complete  pining  romance  deaf!cas  friends_to_lovers  friendship  angst  length:70k  pinefest17  au 
february 2017 by emi.caro
So Much Tangled Thread by imogenbynight
In 2008, Dean takes over his late grandfather’s tailor shop in Normal, Illinois, and discovers an old leather flight jacket in the attic. A hand-painted set of wings on the back, the name Novak, and a three-quarters sewn circle of red cotton are the only clues he has to the jacket’s origins, and he enlists his historian brother to help him find the owner.

It doesn’t take long for Sam to trace the jacket to Lieutenant Castiel Novak–a pilot who lived in Dean’s apartment until his mysterious disappearance a few years after WWII–and what little information they find about him is fascinating. The guy was a stone cold badass. A stone cold fox, too, if the grainy old newspaper photo is anything to go by.

It’s to be expected that Dean idly wishes he could have known the man as he closes the annoyingly unfinished circle of thread on the jacket.

Less expected, however, is that wish coming true.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  au  rating:E  tailor!dean  soldier!cas  soldier!dean  time_travel  timetravel!AU  angst  pining  romance  length:37k  pinefest17 
february 2017 by emi.caro
Satin and Sawdust by Ltleflrt
When Castiel moves out of Jimmy's house and into his own place for the first time, he saves money on buying a home by investing in a Fixer-Upper. He knows nothing about how to fix the many problems the house has, but he figures he's smart enough to figure it out. Unfortunately it's not too long before he learns that he's way in over his head.

Thankfully his new neighbor Dean is a handyman, and agrees to help him out. He knows Dean has a bit of a crush on him, but he's not taking advantage of it, really. Dean's a great guy, and quickly becomes a good friend.

But a flash of satin under Dean's toolbelt changes everything.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  chapter  complete  vet!cas  au  carpenter!dean  pining  friends_to_lovers  friends_with_benefits  panty_kink  miscommunication  slow_burn  romance  fluff  cats  length:160k 
january 2017 by emi.caro
all your doors flung wide by radialarch
Upending a life to move to a small town in Japan turns out to be the easy part.

(A somewhat history of an exhibition skate for two.)
Yuuri_on_Ice  Yuuri_Victor  rating:T  romance  pining  fluff  schmoop  oneshot  complete  length:6k  cu 
january 2017 by emi.caro
Galveston by aerialiste
Crawl--It’s been almost four years since Castiel left Kansas; he'd eventually settled in an island town where he has a job, a house, and a life without the Winchesters. Every winter, Dean drives down to the coast to see him.

“I shoot guns. I beat up monsters. I fix cars, Cas.”

“I guess I should have done something worse to yours than hide the distributor cap, then.”

Backstroke--“Well, shit,” Dean said aloud into the empty room, eyes still closed. “Okay then.”

So Dean finally got his act together, and he and Cas are now officially doing…whatever this is. But Cas has a complicated past of his own, and in the words of a new friend, "When they think they’ve got you, you have to remember you’re worth getting." It's just that Dean has never in his life felt like something worth getting, much less keeping—although Castiel seems to want to try.

Freestyle--Somehow Dean was still in Galveston, though the decision-making process that had led to this was unclear. He’d just sort of…continued not driving back to Kansas. First he stayed through New Year’s (at which point he discovered that if they split three bottles of champagne, Cas would finally get tipsy), and through his birthday, which had involved more sex and less alcohol; and then the end of the month, and the first part of February; and now he was still here, and abruptly all the Christmas stuff at Walmart had been replaced with rows and rows of seasonal purple, green, and gold, because apparently Galveston celebrated Mardi Gras like this would be its last year to do so.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  series  canon_divergence  smut  first_time  fallen!cas  vet!cas  angst  hurt_comfort  romance  pining  cu  complete  length:57k 
january 2017 by emi.caro
Stargazers by Ruby_Wednesday
"He imagined himself nineteen again, knowing then what he knew now, and wondered if he would let that long ago battle fall to the Veretians -- let Auguste live. If he would have ignored his father's call to arms altogether, and instead found his way to the Veretian tents and sought out Auguste to find some common ground. 

Five years after the Truce of Marlas, Damen and Laurent meet again in Delpha. They're forced to work together to soothe the growing tension between their countries. But Laurent does not forgive easily and Damen's not that sorry."
Damen_Laurent  chapter  complete  romance  adventure  pining  courting  Captive_Prince  rating:M  auguste_lives!au  enemies_to_friends_to_lovers  length:91k  canon_divergence  cu 
january 2017 by emi.caro
Healthy Impropriety by mtothedestiel
"Victor is the wealthy master of the Nikiforov estate. At a society party he's swept off his feet by the mysterious, suave, and very drunk Katsuki Yuuri. Victor aims to declare his love and secure Mr. Katsuki's hand in marriage, but first he has to find him!"
Yuuri_Victor  chapter  complete  regency!au  pining  romance  humor  fluff  Yuuri_on_Ice  rating:E  length:29k 
january 2017 by emi.caro
Nights So Slow by jibrailis
"Well,” Viktor says helplessly, because it’s all ruined now, “I was going to try and seduce you.”
Yuuri_Victor  complete  pining  romance  humor  Yuuri_on_Ice  rating:E  oneshot  length:4k 
january 2017 by emi.caro
Repeat After Me by queenieofaces
"Victor learns language through mimicry, hears phrases and repeats them back until the inflection becomes second nature. Yuuri seems to communicate best through euphemism, through metaphor, through talking around the subject rather than approaching it head on, and so Victor tries his best to mimic him, to take his words and echo them back.

(Vignettes in language learning and communication, spanning the whole series.)"
Yuuri_Victor  complete  pining  romance  fluff  Yuuri_on_Ice  rating:T  oneshot  character_study  language_learning  length:6k 
january 2017 by emi.caro
ora sono pronto / now I'm ready by exile_wrath
"Victor is used to the banquet after the Grand Prix Final. Same faces, same questions about next season, nothing surprising. But this year, Katsuki Yuuri surprises him so much, that he thinks he may have fallen in love a little. Well, more than a little. Enough that Victor is willing to drop competitive skating to be his coach.

Throughout it all, Victor smiles and laughs and loses track of everything around them. The world is just him and this lovely man, dancing together. Victor Nikiforov is not the Grand Prix gold medallist, Katsuki Yuuri is not the Grand Prix finalist who had a horrible result. They are just two men dancing, chasing the heat found in each other’s bodies, chasing the happiness that comes when they’re in sync, so perfectly.
Yuuri_Victor  complete  pining  romance  Yuuri_on_Ice  rating:T  oneshot  character_study  length:6k 
december 2016 by emi.caro
i know my madness by astoryaboutwar
"It's hardly a secret that Victor Nikiforov is a massive player.

(In which Yuuri doesn't blow the Grand Prix Finals the first time round, does blow Victor, and everything changes but ends up the same.)"
Yuuri_Victor  complete  au  pining  angst  smut  romance  misunderstandings  Yuuri_on_Ice  rating:E  oneshot  length:14k  canon_divergence 
december 2016 by emi.caro
First Gentleman Wanted by youaresunlight
"President of the United States Castiel Novak is popular, charismatic, and knee-deep in campaigning for a second term. He’d be the ideal candidate if it weren’t for the fact that he hasn’t dated once while in political office. With his opponent’s relentless PR team calling him incapable of emotional commitment, Castiel’s staff decides to remedy the situation by finding their boss a fake, picture-perfect boyfriend. And when Dean Winchester enters the scene, he and Cas become America’s new favorite couple, except they’ve got a whole lot of history between them and complicated feelings to resolve."
Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  au  political!au  president!cas  misunderstandings  hurt_comfort  pining  fluff  dcbb16  Supernatural  rating:E  fake_relationship  length:32k 
december 2016 by emi.caro
The Name of Things to Come by ExpatGirl
"They’re back. All three of them, upright and breathing, under one roof. If things are a little weird as Dean and Castiel try and navigate their relationship, well, Dean’s going to do his best to put things right.

For a little while it seems like things might just work out okay, after all. And then suddenly, Cas disappears. As the Winchesters try and figure out why he went AWOL and how to bring him home, Castiel begins to hunt: both for things that go bump in the night, and for some kind of meaning in his self-imposed exile. What he doesn’t understand is that he won’t find what he’s looking for until he stops running."
Castiel_Dean  complete  hurt_comfort  angst  pining  dcbb16  Supernatural  rating:E  oneshot  self-worth_issues  drug_use  length:42k 
november 2016 by emi.caro
Ceramic Figurines by MajorEnglishEsquire
""I wasn't gonna say anything but the hugging thing is kinda weird," he tries.
It feels really bad coming out of his mouth.
"I know," Cas shrugs. "You think I'm weird. That seems to be how this works.""
Castiel_Dean  complete  fluff  hugs  angst  hurt_comfort  pining  Supernatural  rating:T  oneshot  episode_coda  length:5k 
october 2016 by emi.caro
Plain and Tall by destielpasta
"Dean is a Kansas farmer who only wants to work his land and care for his infant daughter. With his wife gone and his brother moving on to a life beyond the homestead, Dean finds himself in need of another pair of hands. Castiel, a lonely drifter freshly arrived in town, may prove the solution to Dean’s troubles. Over the course of four seasons, the two men face the everyday challenges of prairie life, and learn to overcome the betrayals of their past to discover a new definition of family."
Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  au  historical!au  kid!fic  angst  pining  hurt_comfort  domestic  dcbb16  Supernatural  rating:E  slow_burn  internalized_homophobia  length:70k 
october 2016 by emi.caro
The First and the Last by peridium
"The soul bomb doesn't work, and God is going to die, but Amara has a soft spot for Dean. She gives him the gift of time: the end of the world will be slow.

Dean, Cas, and Sam travel the country in the breaking-down Impala to get in one last road trip and help their scattered friends wherever they can. Between looted gas stations and empty motels without wi-fi, monsters even more monstrous than usual, and heat so stifling not even Dean can wear more than one layer, they're fucked.

Unless they're not. Unless Billie the reaper is right and Cas has something amazing up his sleeve. Dean just has to get his head out of his ass and accept that the power of love might not be a total load of crap after all."
Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  hurt_comfort  romance  pining  dcbb16  Supernatural  rating:E  canon_divergence  length:30k 
october 2016 by emi.caro
let the waters rise. by outpastthemoat
"When Dean thinks about it later, he could almost swear it had been raining the day Castiel left. But the rain came after. Castiel leaves on a day with no clouds, a day with golden sunlight warming Dean throughout. It happens without warning, like lightning striking out of a clear blue sky.

It’s raining when he throws his bags in the Impala and it’s raining when he turns on the interstate and it’s still raining when he hits the state line so he keeps on going. Dean drives and it rains, so he turns on his windshield wipers and watches raindrops sliding down the windshield and flicking away into the gray air, and he just keeps thinking that this can’t be happening. It just can’t.
Castiel_Dean  complete  angst  pining  dcbb16  Supernatural  rating:E  oneshot  magical_realism  length:13k 
october 2016 by emi.caro
Though The Course May Change by imogenbynight
"After a couple who went missing several years ago from an Oregon couples retreat are mysteriously returned on the same night that another disappears, Dean and Charlie plan to go undercover to find the cause--until Dean's foot meets his mouth, and he finds himself fake-engaged to Castiel instead."
Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  pining  hurt_comfort  romance  fluff  Supernatural  rating:E  canon_divergence  fake_relationship  length:52k  casefic  dctropefest16 
september 2016 by emi.caro
Trope Springs Eternal by VioletHaze
"Dean's in love with Cas. Cas is in love with Dean. That much is obvious to everyone who sees them. But instead of acting on it, these two idiots seem bound and determined to score gold medals in the pining olympics. The staring, the longing, the unresolved sexual tension that's strong enough to combust and engulf the planet…is there anything that can push them out of their safe, cowardly positions? Leaving them to their own devices hasn't worked so maybe it's time to pull out the big guns."
Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  wing!fic  wing!kink  hurt_comfort  pining  romance  fluff  crack  Supernatural  rating:E  canon_divergence  friends_to_lovers  length:41k  dctropefest16 
september 2016 by emi.caro
Go Down With This Ship by PorcupineGirl
"Since he has to stay deep in the closet to protect his job as a children's librarian in conservative Wichita, Kansas, Dean's main outlet for sexual frustration is writing and reading slash fiction for his favorite show, Devil Boys. When he starts corresponding with AngelofThursday, another male slash writer in his ship, he really is just looking for friendship… but when it seems like more might be on the table, he's not going to turn it down. If only he didn't also have a crush on Cas, the hot volunteer at his library branch…"
Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  pining  epistolary  librarian!au  librarian!dean  fluff  romance  cybersex  au  Supernatural  rating:E  online_relationship  two_person_love_triangle  length:31k  dctropefest16 
september 2016 by emi.caro
Waiting for More by peridium
"“Anyway,” Dean says, spreading his empty hands, “we got hit by some kind of witchy simultaneous pon farr, did it like teenagers on prom night, and then swapped bodies. What else is new, Sammy?”

“Damn,” Sam says.

“Yeah,” Castiel says. “Damn is right.”

(Canon-compliant up through most of 11.18.)"
Castiel_Dean  complete  pining  bodyswap  romance  smut  fluff  Supernatural  rating:E  oneshot  sex_pollen  length:15k  dctropefest16 
september 2016 by emi.caro
free fall by anastiel
"He’s not used to this, the constancy of Cas at his side 24/7, with no random potential deadly trips to Heaven, no fear that Cas will leave him and never come back. There’s no more Lucifer, Amara, and no potential end of the world. Cas is just here, he’s himself, and everything is mostly okay. In reality, Dean’s pretty sure he’s dreaming and in two seconds he’s going to wake up and a Djinn will be sucking him dry. There’s no way his luck could be this good."
Castiel_Dean  complete  pining  hurt_comfort  fluff  domestic  Supernatural  rating:M  oneshot  length:7k 
september 2016 by emi.caro
A Different Kind of Magic by K_K_TiBal
"Castiel is a witch that prides himself on his healing spells and Dean is that one customer that keeps coming into his shop with a different illness that needs curing.


Castiel looked up and raised an eyebrow. “Well, Dean, you’ve been cursed.”
Dean’s eyes widened at the buzzword. “Cursed? What do you mean?”
Castiel looked at him sympathetically as he pulled out a small, square bottle. “You either made a witch very angry or made someone that knows a witch very angry.”"
Castiel_Dean  complete  au  witch!cas  urbanfantasy!au  fluff  romance  pining  Supernatural  oneshot  rating:T  length:5k 
september 2016 by emi.caro
rain by museaway
"Dean Smith has experienced passing attraction to other alphas before, but never dreamed he’d act on it until he falls in love with his best friend. Even though he’s certain that Castiel has no interest in him beyond friendship, Dean can’t bring himself to move on. But when Castiel is outraged by a derogatory comment at work, he shows up uninvited at Dean’s lakeside cabin to demand his help, and several truths come out."
Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  au  terriblelife!verse  pining  romance  Supernatural  rating:E  abo_dynamics  length:18k  dctropefest16 
september 2016 by emi.caro
What I Take with Me by tellthenight
"In his head Dean understands that no one is actually leaving him, but as they pack boxes and tear down beds it sure feels that way. Sam is moving in with his fiance Jess, his best friends Cas and Benny deployed to Afghanistan, and Dean is going to live on his own for the next eight months until Cas gets back and they resume their roles as roommates.

Just before they finish loading the moving truck Dean finds a long-forgotten box under Cas's bed crammed full of handwritten letters. Most of them are from Cas’s sister Anna, but some are labeled for Dean. He can only resist reading for so long, and once he starts he can't stop. Each letter reveals more of Cas's perspective on their relationship over the four years they've known each other, and with each one Dean finds himself changing too."
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  chapter  au  pining  soldier!cas  mute!Dean  depression  hurt_comfort  romance  slow_burn  love_letters  length:56k 
july 2016 by emi.caro
Useful by mnwood
"Post-season 11 finale. All the good things Cas should get in season 12."
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  pining  aromantic!dean  length:10k  oneshot  episode_coda  casefic 
june 2016 by emi.caro
Unpresented by pm_lo
"Unpresented was who Castiel was. It let him do his job, let him see things, hear things that normal people couldn’t, so caught up in the magical world of scents. It allowed him to ignore distractions that preoccupied other agents. It made suspicious eyes glaze over him with only a momentary twinge of pity.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  series  complete  au  assassins!au  pining  violence  dubcon  length:54k  abo_dynamics  slow_burn 
june 2016 by emi.caro
Something Good by wendlaa
"The three Princes stand. Damianos drops his gaze from Auguste to Laurent. His eyes are honey brown, his expression taut. There’s blood on his face, dirt in his wounds. Gaze still locked to Laurent’s, he sheaths his sword.

And Auguste lives."
Damen_Laurent  complete  ust  au  friends  pining  fluff  romance  Captive_Prince  oneshot  rating:E  canon_divergence  enemies_to_lovers  length:14k 
april 2016 by emi.caro
My heart is beating from me by Enochian Things
"After Rexford, Castiel tries to live a normal life and Dean tries to let him go... But nothing’s ever that easy.

(Canon divergent from s9e06 “Heaven Can’t Wait”)"
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  angst  pining  rating:M  canon_divergence  casefic  suicidal_thoughts  slow_burn  length:55k 
march 2016 by emi.caro
Lines on Palms by Fahye
"Ah," says Damianos. "The game is not to be seen."

Laurent of Vere attends a wedding, plays several games at once, and finds himself in a place that he did not expect."
Damen_Laurent  series  complete  fluff  pining  romance  Captive_Prince  canon_divergence  length:21k  auguste_lives!au  rating:E 
february 2016 by emi.caro
That Black Dog Ache by SaltyWords
"He dropped the .45 and his hands stumbled to Cas’ face instead. He whined as desperation found him, and he found Cas’ lips, sliding into him like he needed air, devouring the medley of sensation the cold rain and musty leather beside it brought. Cas’ hesitation before sharing it was no more than bated breath, and he was suddenly digging into Dean, his flat palm curling up in a handful of Dean’s shirt. A grunt rattling from the back of his throat as Dean clipped their hips together, twined into him, and caught the swell of his lip. He could taste the absolute in whatever that sweet thing was on his tongue.

“God, I want you,” Dean confessed. Begged. Fucking pleaded. “I want you so bad.”"
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  pining  angst  hurt_comfort  dubcon  rating:E  love_spell  first_time  length:28k 
january 2016 by emi.caro
Take Me Home Country Roads by saltyfeathers
Dean dies with the Mark of Cain on his arm, waking up with black eyes and hellfire licking at his heels.

Cas, sick on the stolen grace that's rotting inside him, gives chase.

As his pursuit and Dean's evasion ebbs and flows, they begin to figure out the difference between marks given and marks received, and what it means when one such mark is faded but not forgotten.

Written for the 2015 DCBB.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  demon!dean  angst  pining  hurt_comfort  dcbb15  rating:E  canon_divergence  temporary_character_death  suicide_attempt  length:125k 
december 2015 by emi.caro
Faith Healer by punkascas
"Dean hates faith healers. Scam artists and power-hungry dicks, all of them. But with Sam nearing the end of his rope and desperate for a way to keep their father’s last words from being true, Dean has no choice but to turn to the enigmatic and irascible Castiel, more tattooed junkie than spiritual leader, in hopes of finding a way to cure Sam. Yet Castiel hides dangerous secrets, and Dean soon learns they have more to worry about than just Yellow Eyes and Sam’s growing demonic abilities. War is coming. Canon divergent after 2.10."
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  violence  pining  dcbb15  rating:E  canon_divergence  slow_burn  enemies_to_lovers  drug_use  temporary_character_death  length:75k 
december 2015 by emi.caro
a turn of the earth by mishcollin
"Dean’s your typical half-orphaned, monster-killing 22-year-old until a trenchcoated stranger crashes into his back windshield one September night, claiming he’s an angel that knows him from the future and that he’s on the run.

Frigging fantastic.

(Or, in which Castiel gets stuck in Dean’s timeline preseries and Dean kind of hates it—until he doesn’t.)"
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  timetravel!AU  pining  romance  hurt_comfort  angst  dcbb15  rating:M  canon_divergence  time_travel  length:95k 
november 2015 by emi.caro
a world above water by museaway
Castiel’s hope for freedom is threatened by a chance encounter with the Crowned Prince of Lawrence, who is trying to avoid an arranged marriage.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  au  fairytale!AU  cinderella!au  everafter!au  pining  romance  dcbb15  rating:M  length:35k 
october 2015 by emi.caro
3000 Miles, Give Or Take by Dangerousnotbroken
"Dean's best friend lives just shy of 3000 miles away, and they've never been in the same room. That hasn't stopped Dean from falling stupidly in love, though."
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  pining  fluff  romance  rating:E  oneshot  long_distance  friends_to_lovers  length:9k 
september 2015 by emi.caro
Try, Try Again by whelvenwings
"Five times Dean asks out fellow professor Castiel Novak, and one time he gets it right."
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  au  college!au  professors!au  fluff  5+1  pining  rating:G  oneshot  length:2k 
august 2015 by emi.caro
In-flight Entertainment by Englandwouldfall
The Cas and Dean's plane-argument get's live tweeted by someone who thinks they're a couple AU that no one asked for ever.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  au  romance  angst  pining  silliness  rating:G  oneshot  length:5k 
august 2015 by emi.caro
This Isn't Where We Intended to Be by PorcupineGirl
"This time, he wakes up to the aftermath: Metatron and Crowley both dead. Dean lying nearby, unconscious and a bit bloody but free of the Mark. Sam mother hen-ing back and forth between them, trying to make sure they're both alive, assessing them for injuries, shifting them into the recovery position.
He is hungry, cold, and weak. But he is not alone, and that makes all the difference in the world.

Fallen, Castiel struggles to figure out where he fits in the human world—and in Dean's life."
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  fallen!cas  pining  romance  rating:E  oneshot  canon_divergence  first_time  length:14k 
august 2015 by emi.caro
after a storm by museaway
Despite Zeke's threats, Dean doesn't tell Cas to leave the bunker. He revels in their burgeoning relationship, content to end his day with Cas asleep on his shoulder, even if they'll always sleep in separate rooms. Cas is it for him. But when Cas begins to experience physical urges he can't control, he asks Dean for a hand-metaphorically, and later, literally.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  pining  smut  romance  hurt_comfort  rating:M  oneshot  canon_divergence  first_time  length:10k 
july 2015 by emi.caro
through hardships to the stars by museaway
Cas showed up at Dean’s apartment six minutes before midnight with a six-pack of Ad Astra under his arm and Interstellar on blu-ray.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  fluff  romance  pining  au  rating:T  oneshot  second_chances  length:5k 
june 2015 by emi.caro
The Honey Bee Theories by queentangerine
"In which Dean works for Ellen's catering company, and over the years continuously runs into Cas at all of his many (many) siblings' wedding receptions. But Cas, that stupidly cute kid with the blue eyes and honey bee cuff links, just won't let Dean get away with sneaking food from the buffet. Unless, of course, he shares."
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  au  highschool!au  college!au  weddings  fluff  pining  rating:T  length:16k 
june 2015 by emi.caro
you can see it with the lights out by defcontwo
"“Will you believe me if I tell you that this is a normal thing that happens between two guys that are friends?” Sam says, and yeah, he’s pretty sure that that came out as weak as it sounded in his head.

Steve leans up on one elbow, looking down at Sam, that same crinkle around the edges of his eyes noticeable even in the gloom of the motel room light. “I know it’s been seventy years since I last had sex with a man but I’m still pretty sure that’s bullshit, Wilson.”

Sam Wilson falls in love. Like everything else, it's a process."
Sam_Steve  fluff  pining  friendship  romance  complete  Captain_America  rating:M  length:5k  oneshot 
june 2015 by emi.caro
you are the only one i love by you_idjits
Dean insists on going on a hunt in Maine. Sam insists that he bring Cas as backup.
After the hunt, they get snowed in at a bed-and-breakfast.
The owners are named Gladys and Agatha and Doris and Ruth. No, seriously. Dean’s pretty sure this can’t be real life, this has to be an episode of the Golden Girls, or something. No way in hell he and Cas are sharing a snowy Christmas with four old ladies, a couple on their honeymoon, and a white-picket-fence family of four. It’s actually so awful. Sam will never let him live this down.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  christmas  romance  schmoop  hurt_comfort  pining  rating:T  oneshot  canon_divergence  length:11k 
april 2015 by emi.caro
Bird Guy by glassclosetcastiel
"Oh yeah, it’s Tuesday. Hot Bird Guy Day.” Sam's eyes are still lowered, but Dean sees the corner of his mouth quirk up. Asshole.

“I never called him ‘Hot Bird Guy,’” he insists. “Just Bird Guy.” Dean can feel the heat in his cheeks, so for once he’s glad that he’s eternally sunburned. “And you don’t know anything, Sammy. I’m just doin’ my job.”

He opens the door and steps through, ignoring the mumble that follows him out, sounding suspiciously like, yeah well, you never wanted to do it so bad before Hot Bird Guy showed up.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  au  ornithologist!Cas  fluff  humor  pining  romance  rating:M  oneshot  parkranger!Dean  length:11k 
april 2015 by emi.caro
To Raise A King by riseofthefallenone
This must be some kind of horrible joke at Castiel's expense. Is he truly expected to protect a King? One who has been their enemy for as long as he can remember? He is much more suited to being a part of the army, or at the very least someone who helps to train the knights. That would be far more preferred than having to watch over the King. It means Castiel would get to keep fighting - and that's the only way he knows to give meaning to his life.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  au  medieval!au  fantasy  romance  pining  hurt_comfort  friendship  family  rating:E  age_difference  slow_burn  length:192k 
january 2015 by emi.caro
Frigging Festivities by Englandwouldfall
'Bah, Humbug!'--In which everyone's had a bit of a crappy year, Dean is tired of thanklessly breaking his back trying to help lost causes, Cas is fed up of being sued for trying to save people and Christmas is most definitely cancelled.

Or, one the many ways hating the festive season brings the broken (or maybe not quite) together.

And… maybe Christmas isn't so bad after all.

'O Come All Ye Faithless'--It's a year after the gay-crisis that wasn't and Sam isn't all too happy that Dean and Cas are spending their second Christmas together…at work. Add in a couple of demons past, an unlikely Christmas 'house elf' and a cock-blocking phone hack and it's sure to be another crappy Christmas.

In which Christmas almost sucks, Sam and Jo need to grow up and Dean is far too tired for this rubbish.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  series  wip  au  hospital!au  doctor!cas  nurse!dean  romance  angst  pining  christmas  family  fluff  rating:T  enemies_to_lovers  past_drug_use 
january 2015 by emi.caro
They'll Be Peace by Englandwouldfall
It's six months since the car crash that killed their father, two months since the bank robbery he didn't mean to intervene in and about thirty seconds since Sam last bugged him about his feelings. There's the bills, the three jobs, the joke of his college attendance and keeping Sammy fooled by his game face.

And then there's Castiel, who's gonna be a frigging terrible bartender.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  au  romance  angst  pining  rating:G  daddy_issues  slow_burn  self-worth_issues  length:165k 
january 2015 by emi.caro
Rivers and Roads by you_idjits
"When the angels fall, Cas lands in Cajamarca, Peru. But as he makes his way north, he calls when he can.
Dean's life moves from phone call to phone call. The hours, the days between are hazy streaks, like a blurred landscape through a rainy car window. Cas calls from a homeless shelter in Cajamarca, but for only a few minutes, and then again thirty miles south of the Ecuador border. They talk logistics, mostly, and skirt around more important things. Cas details his travels. Dean is sitting in a white hospital room, day after day, staring at his comatose brother, and meanwhile Cas is hitchhiking his way through South America."
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  romance  pining  rating:G  oneshot  length:3k 
december 2014 by emi.caro
Vocation. by orange_crushed
""I told him I'd never seen a film," Hannah says, in a tone that implies mistakes were made. Dean's sitting in the car waiting for Sam to come back with the coroner's reports, and apparently Hannah and Castiel are just outside Waunau, visiting some kind of angel commune. There's five of them in a rambling Victorian house, five angels and three shelter mutts and a shared garden. None of them are going back to heaven, and Hannah doesn't sound irritated about it. Just sad. Castiel is taking a tour of the garden and the chicken coop and Hannah is sitting in the bathroom with the door locked, complaining to Dean. "He told me you were fond of something called a star war."

"Star Wars," Dean corrects, and Hannah makes a disgusted noise."
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  romance  pining  family  hurt_comfort  rating:T  oneshot  canon_divergence  length:5k 
december 2014 by emi.caro
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