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But the Trump study helps illuminate more than the nightmare of a right-wing climate realism. It shows how lacking the left is in a comparable program. The climate debate is not only about developing ideas for mitigation and adaptation; it revolves around classic political questions. Who is the potential subject to carry through such a project? How might it be formed?
6 days ago by emerysnyder
We can cut air pollution drastically right now. Here’s how | John Vidal | Opinion | The Guardian
Initiatives such as car-free days in major cities show that our toxic air can be cleaned, says environmental writer John Vidal
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28 days ago by emerysnyder
Are Boys Better Than Girls at Math? - Scientific American
Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.
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9 weeks ago by emerysnyder
Empires, Past and Present | naked capitalism 2018-08
Hobson was not a Marxist, but his work greatly influenced later Marxist writers who wrote about imperialism, including Vladimir Lenin, Rudolf Hilferding and Rosa Luxemburg. Hobson believed that there was chronic underconsumption in advanced capitalist countries due to unequal distributions of income. This lowered the return on domestic investment, and as a result the owners of financial capital turned to foreign markets where returns would be higher. These investors relied on their governments to guarantee the safety of their foreign holdings from seizure.
9 weeks ago by emerysnyder
Are Stock Buybacks Starving the Economy?  - The Atlantic 2018-07
A new report finds that big companies could have given their workers thousands of dollars’ worth of raises with the money they spent on their own shares.
11 weeks ago by emerysnyder
Past Earth Overshoot Days – Earth Overshoot Day
The date of Earth Overshoot Day is calculated by comparing humanity’s total yearly consumption (Ecological Footprint) with Earth’s capacity to regenerate renewable natural resources in that year (biocapacity).
2018 was August 1.
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12 weeks ago by emerysnyder
Marshall Auerback: Trump’s Trade War with China Will Cause an Economic Catastrophe — Here’s a Better Solution | naked capitalism
The imposition of local content rules would end the possibility of any country cornering the market, thus reducing incentives for currency manipulation or subsidies
12 weeks ago by emerysnyder
The Alt-Right, the Ctrl-Left, and the Esc-Center - Ecosophia
When I predicted back in January of 2016 that Donald Trump would be the next president of the United States, I suggested that his candidacy would mark a sea change in American politics and public life. That’s turned out to be even more true than I’d expected. It’s not just that Trump’s presidency challenges the…
july 2018 by emerysnyder
Is it great to be a worker in the U.S.? Not compared with the rest of the developed world. - The Washington Post
America’s unemployed and at-risk workers get very little support from the government, and their employed peers are set back by a weak collective-bargaining system.
july 2018 by emerysnyder
Your smartphone can watch you if it wants to, study finds – Naked Security 2018-07
Internet users have grown used to the idea that they can be tracked and profiled as they browse the web, but what about the specific risks of smartphones?
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july 2018 by emerysnyder
Legislatures at a Glance
This tool provides a snapshot of each state legislature’s partisan composition, gender and racial composition, and leadership. It also contains general state information
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june 2018 by emerysnyder
The City Birder: Treehugger Tuesday
For coastal areas, plastic bag bans probably make sense. For everywhere else, it’s a bit more dependent on how much we reuse those reusable bags.

As a general rule if you’re using totes, use them like hell. Sadly, some surveys suggest that people forget their totes on 40 percent of grocery trips. Others peg them as only getting used, on average, 15 times—a far cry from 7,100. What you can’t put in the totes, just put in plastic bags, and reuse said bags.
june 2018 by emerysnyder
The economics of fishing the high seas | Science Advances 2018-06
Our results suggest that fishing at the current scale is enabled by large government subsidies, without which as much as 54% of the present high-seas fishing grounds would be unprofitable at current fishing rates. The patterns of fishing profitability vary widely between countries, types of fishing, and distance to port. Deep-sea bottom trawling often produces net economic benefits only thanks to subsidies, and much fishing by the world’s largest fishing fleets would largely be unprofitable without subsidies and low labor costs. These results support recent calls for subsidy and fishery management reforms on the high seas.
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june 2018 by emerysnyder
The thousands of secret patents that the U.S. government refuses to make public.
The government waited more than 60 years to make public a 1936 patent for a cryptograph. Why?
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may 2018 by emerysnyder
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