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Bad Blood
“Go check on the American Ministry,” they said. “It'll be fun,” they said. Well, it would be more fun if Harry wasn't traveling during the zombie apocalypse. (72,562 words - wip, possibly abandoned)
harry_potter  daryl_dixon  rick_grimes  hermione_granger  harry/daryl  harry/rick  drama  action  magic  mystery  slowburn  polyamory  first_time  crossover  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:walkingdead  wip 
4 weeks ago by elwarre
Power of Two
"In which Dorian and Bull pick each other up at a club, Dorian's family disapproves, and Max and Krem think this is all a terrible idea right up until they don't. Dorian's father dies, Dorian's mother is cold, and Bull wonders how the hell he let himself get dragged into this (and then remembers: because Dorian)." (179,974 words - wip, likely abandoned)
dorian_pavus  iron_bull  trevelyan(male)  dorian/bull  lawyer!dorian  hurt!dorian  protective!dorian  military!bull  human!bull  bamf!bull  protective!bull  ptsd!bull  hurt/comfort  friendship  military  ptsd  abuse:emotional/psychological  abuse:child(past)  homophobia  confession/secrets  hothothot  kink:d/s  kink:manhandling  kink:dirtytalk  sex:rough  sex:shower  first_time  da:au:modern  da:au:all!human  fandom:dragonage  author:dragonflies_and_katydids  wip 
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✢ Needs More Salt
"Fitz is learning to cope with being in some weird, new world. He's even learning how to survive it. And then he meets Hawke and it all gets a bit confusing and complicated. Learning how to make lasting relationships wasn't something Fitz really did well, or at all." (305,191 words - wip, but leaves off in a satisfying place) I'm not normally a fan of the modern-character-in-thedas trope, but this one is great.
  omc(protagonist)  hawke(male)  lavellan(female)  varric_tethras  merrill  cole(dragonage)  anders  fenris  isabela  sera(dragonage)  hawke(male)/omc  rogue!hawke  pining!hawke  altered!reality  action  drama  angst  friendship  streetkids  issues:class  issues:racism  kidnapping  torture  scars  dreams/visions  magic  confession/secrets  first_time  series/verse  da:au:moderncharacterinthedas  fandom:dragonage  author:forprussia  have:pdf  wip 
june 2019 by elwarre
A Murder of Crows
"F!Surana and Zevran each have their secrets. Some are stranger than others. The trouble with secrets is that they are best kept by only one person. But there's always someone else who knows the hidden things. Explicit from chapter 5 onward." (160,033 words - wip, likely abandoned)
zevran_arainai  surana(female)  morrigan  alistair  zevran/surana(female)  bamf!zevran  protective!zevran  understanding!zevran  hurt!surana  pov:zevran  drama  action  mystery  magic  dreams/visions  confession/secrets  noncon/dubcon  abuse:child(past)  pretend!relationship  first_time  fandom:dragonage  author:rhion  wip 
april 2019 by elwarre
Corvus, Roosting
"A series of vignettes following Zevran as he falls in with the crazy people following the dictates of a surprisingly alluring mage. A Blight isn't enough to quash the impulses of a determined rake, or make a camp full of dysfunctional misfits get along easily." (35,109 words - wip, probably abandoned)
zevran_arainai  surana(male)  alistair  leliana  zevran/surana(male)  pining!zevran  clueless!surana  pov:zevran  angst  action  issues:class  issues:racism  self_loathing  pining  first_time  fandom:dragonage  author:patchworkgirl  wip 
april 2019 by elwarre
The Fire that Burned the Archdemon
"Yesterday, it was The Harrowing. Today, it was watching as someone who had once been a friend--watching Jowan--become a hollow shell, a living corpse. Tomorrow, apprentices would disappear by the tens without notice, and new children would arrive, torn from their families, to fill the lower levels of the Tower with the echoes of constant wailing." (25,424 words - wip series)
surana(male)  zevran_arainai  jowan  fenris  zevran/surana(male)  pov:surana  character_study  angst  abuse:child  issues:racism  kink:d/s  established!relationship  fandom:dragonage  author:engelikal  wip 
april 2019 by elwarre
Tales of a Tiny Angry Warden
"To put it simply, the newest Grey Warden recruit is a pain in the arse." (21,546 words - wip, likely abandoned)
alistair  zevran_arainai  surana(male)  leliana  alistair/surana(male)  zevran/surana(male)  pov:alistair  pov:zevran  angst  character_study  fandom:dragonage  author:andyao3  wip 
april 2019 by elwarre
C'est La Vie
"The war ends on Harry's twenty-first Halloween, and, one year later, with nothing truly holding him in that world, Fate takes this opportunity to toss her favourite hero into a different dimension to repay her debt. A new, stress-free life in exchange for having fulfilled her prophecy. A life where Neville is the Boy-Who-Lived instead, James and Lily are still alive, and that Harry Potter is relatively normal but a downright arse. Dimension-travelling Harry just wants to know why he has no say in the matter. And why he's fourteen again. And why Fate thinks, in all her infinite wisdom, that his hero complex won't eventually kick in. Then again, that might be exactly why Fate dumped him there." (102,274 words - abandoned wip)
harry_potter  hermione_granger  luna_lovegood  ron_weasley  neville_longbottom  gen  bamf!harry  smart!harry  timetraveler!harry  protective!harry  ptsd!harry  altered!reality  timetravel  friendship  ptsd  werewolves  fandom:harrypotter  author:cywscross  have:pdf  wip 
may 2018 by elwarre
The Power of a Well-Organized Mind
"Trying to deal with his grief after losing Sirius, Harry makes an effort to “clear his mind” before going to bed. It works this time, and Harry discovers that his supposed Power isn’t love at all. He soon finds that his trust has not always been well placed. His choices for taking control of his life may be fewer than he'd hoped." (76,785 words - wip)
harry_potter  severus_snape  hermione_granger  albus_dumbledore  harry/severus  bamf!harry  smart!harry  independent!harry  abused!harry  asshole!dumbledore  pov:harry  drama  politics  abuse:child  escape/rescue  magic  bonding/soulmates  arranged!marriage  fandom:harrypotter  author:falconlux  wip 
april 2018 by elwarre
A Lonely Path
"At age ten, Harry disappeared. Four years later, a suspiciously familiar boy is found. Remus accepts the task of reintroducing him to the wizarding world, Harry resisting all the while. Between meddlesome ministers and mad escaped convicts, Remus attempts to discover the truth. Where has Harry been? Will he ever learn to trust?" (144,353 words - abandoned WIP)
harry_potter  remus_lupin  sirius_black  albus_dumbledore  neville_longbottom  hermione_granger  gen  bamf!harry  independent!harry  homeless!harry  hurt!harry  kidnapped!harry  scarred!harry  protective!remus  understanding!remus  guardian!remus  kidnapper!sirius  ptsd!sirius  friendship  hurt/comfort  confession/secrets  abuse:child(past)  scars  homelessness  ptsd  kidnapping  escape/rescue  hp:au:different!hogwarts  fandom:harrypotter  author:la_baguette  wip 
march 2018 by elwarre
Violet Hill
"Where Harriet Potter is Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes' soulmate." (28,279 words - WIP - read through ch3)

This is not the sort of thing I'd normally read, but I really enjoyed it.
harry_potter  bucky_barnes  steve_rogers  tony_stark  clint_barton  natasha_romanov  harry/bucky/steve  girl!harry  independent!harry  abused!harry  protective!bucky  clueless!tony  pov:harry  drama  genderswap  abuse:child  magic  confession/secrets  bonding/soulmates  polyamory  preslash  pairings:unusual  crossover  fandom:marvel  fandom:harrypotter  author:rejectedreality  wip 
march 2018 by elwarre
Remedy for the Malady
"Erik Lehnsherr is in love with his childhood best friend, Charles Xavier. But Charles is harboring dark secrets and spiraling out of control, trapped in a vicious cycle of self-hatred and loathing. While his mother and step-father try to keep him isolated and submit him to the warped teachings and guidance of the Catholic priest, Father Shaw. Erik has to learn that love won't be enough to save Charles while trying to help him defeat the demons both inside his head and without." (37,003 words - abandoned wip)
erik_lehnsherr  charles_xavier  raven  irene_adler(xmen)  sebastian_shaw  kurt_marko  sharon_marko  charles/erik  raven/irene  hurt!charles  ptsd!charles  abused!charles  protective!erik  pining!erik  priest!shaw  abusive!kurt(xmen)  pov:erik  angst  friendship  issues:cults/religion  homophobia  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  confession/secrets  ptsd  pining  preslash  fandom:xmen  author:waitfornight  wip 
february 2018 by elwarre
To Make a Happy Life
"Matt and Foggy move forward, learn to communicate, get to truly know each other, and possibly fall in love in the process. Not necessarily in that order." (71,707 words - WIP series)
matt_murdock  foggy_nelson  karen_page  jessica_jones  stick  matt/foggy  drugged!matt  protective!foggy  pining!foggy  asshole!stick  abusive!stick  friendship  angst  confession/secrets  drugs:nonconsensual  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  underage  touchstarvation  pining  first_time  series/verse  fandom:daredevil  author:katbelle  wip 
february 2018 by elwarre
"Harry doesn't know exactly what's happening, but something isn't right between him and Professor Lupin, and he's determined to find out why. Will Snape be able to help?" (70,334 words - abandoned WIP)
harry_potter  severus_snape  sirius_black  remus_lupin  gen  hurt!harry  abused!harry  ptsd!harry  protective!severus  guardian!severus  dark!remus  angst  hurt/comfort  domesticity  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  ptsd  recovery  hp:year3  fandom:harrypotter  author:lastcrazyhorn  wip 
february 2018 by elwarre
The Changer
"Harry Potter has been missing since he was eight. Now, seven years later, Severus Snape has a one night stand that just doesn't seem to end. How long will they be able to keep their secrets? HP/SS" (97,320 words - abandoned WIP) The underage in this is sort of explained but still uncomfortable.
harry_potter  severus_snape  sirius_black  minerva_mcgonagall  harry/severus  bamf!harry  hooker!harry  homeless!harry  streetkid!harry  protective!harry  abandoned!harry  illiterate!harry  top!harry  protective!severus  understanding!severus  drama  hurt/comfort  friendship  homelessness  streetkids  prostitution  abandonment  abuse:child(past)  issues:class  illiteracy  underage  bonding/soulmates  kink:switching  first_time  hp:au:different!hogwarts  fandom:harrypotter  author:vingilot  wip 
january 2018 by elwarre
In Memory
"What if someone followed Hagrid the night he delivered Harry to the Dursleys? How would Harry's life have been different? AU that follows Harry as he grows up with the abusive Dursleys, and continues to his time at Hogwarts." (73,039 words - abandoned WIP)
harry_potter  draco_malfoy  lucius_malfoy  harry/draco  bamf!harry  slytherin!harry  hurt!harry  abused!harry  scarred!harry  clueless!draco  protective!lucius  angst  drama  politics  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  scars  preslash  hp:year1  fandom:harrypotter  author:becka  wip 
january 2018 by elwarre
Don't Wake Me Up
"Look at me," Laura commanded. The druid remained still, but Derek could see the way his lip twitched and his heart beat picked up just the tiniest bit. Laura grabbed at his chin, forcing his head up. "Look at me." At first, there was no response, a split second of hesitation, and then the druid's eyes came up, ghosting over Laura's face for a moment and then focusing on some distant point past her ear. "Good enough." Laura muttered, letting go and turning to Derek. "Get this one," she snapped. (31,730 words - WIP)
stiles_stilinski  derek_hale  laura_hale  cora_hale  stiles/derek  slave!stiles  hurt!stiles  drugged!stiles  protective!derek  slavery  drugs:nonconsensual  tw:au:known!werewolves  fandom:teenwolf  author:tylerfucklin  wip 
august 2017 by elwarre
The Space Between
"Ten minutes ago, Paul couldn’t wait for the night to end. Now his mind was at full attention, strangely intrigued by the gruff man before him. Modern AU. Slow Burn." (97,247 words - WIP - read through ch19)
daryl_dixon  paul_rovia  tara_chambler  daryl/paul  mechanic!daryl  grieving!daryl  homeless!daryl  top!daryl  bartender!paul  hurt!paul  pining!paul  bottom!paul  pov:paul  friendship  mystery  grief  homelessness  issues:class  abuse:child(past)  birthday/holiday  roommates  pining  hothothot  first_time  wd:au:no!walkers  fandom:walkingdead  author:waredness  wip 
august 2017 by elwarre
"AU The Dursleys taught Harry to fear and hate magic and all things magical including himself. Now how long will it take the wizarding world see the damage done? And can they ever hope to fix it? Disturbing." (106,473 words - WIP) All the warnings. Heed them. This is DARK. It's also well-written and psychologically compelling, and, IMO, worth the read.
harry_potter  severus_snape  fred_weasley  george_weasley  charlie_weasley  minerva_mcgonagall  albus_dumbledore  dudley_dursley  vernon_dursley  petunia_dursley  gen  hurt!harry  abused!harry  whipped!harry  clueless!severus  protective!severus  clueless!dumbledore  protective!dumbledore  guilty!dudley  dark  angst  misunderstanding  abuse:child  brainwashing/mindgames  abuse:emotional/psychological  hunger/starvation  noncon/dubcon  whipping  eating_disorder  escape/rescue  clinic/hospital  recovery  birthday/holiday  hp:year1  fandom:harrypotter  author:dreamfall  wip 
may 2017 by elwarre
"A mentoring relationship is developing between young wizard Harry Potter and his dour Potions Professor, Severus Snape. But away from Hogwarts, Harry’s life is not all it seems. Summer before Year Two." (109,115 words - wip) Sequel to Equilibrium
harry_potter  severus_snape  minerva_mcgonagall  poppy_pomfrey  albus_dumbledore  gen  hurt!harry  abused!harry  lonely!harry  undercover!harry  protective!severus  understanding!severus  undercover!severus  protective!mcgonagall  asshole!dumbledore  hurt/comfort  abuse:child  hunger/starvation  loneliness  escape/rescue  undercover  series/verse  fandom:harrypotter  author:twinheart  wip 
may 2017 by elwarre
Bleeding Clown
"Harry receives a diary from Dumbledore but when he writes in it, he receives an unexpected response. Who is this correspondent? Abused!Harry rescued from Dursleys, Mentor!Snape." (89,039 words - WIP - left off ch30)
harry_potter  severus_snape  draco_malfoy  albus_dumbledore  gen  hurt!harry  abused!harry  ptsd!harry  addict!harry  sick!harry  poisoned!harry  protective!severus  clueless!draco  angst  confession/secrets  abuse:child  hunger/starvation  noncon/dubcon  addiction  drugs:recreational  illness  poison  selfharm  ptsd  escape/rescue  fandom:harrypotter  author:parselslyth  wip 
april 2017 by elwarre
To Hell With Butterflies
"McCoy is injured on an away mission and finds himself back in time, rescued by a pre-teen Jim Kirk. He has to decide whether to take Jim away from his hellish childhood or let events play themselves out." (9000 words, incomplete)
james_kirk  leonard_mccoy  frank(startrek)  gen  hurt!kirk  abused!kirk  timetraveler!mccoy  protective!mccoy  hurt!mccoy  abusive!frank(startrek)  pov:mccoy  hurt/comfort  timetravel  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  escape/rescue  fandom:startrek(aos)  author:beamirang  wip 
november 2016 by elwarre
A Haunted Home, Save for the Ghosts
"Jared and Jensen adopted into the same abusive household, would prefer them to be closer in age than in real life. Their 'father' abuses them both but Jensen is his favorite. Backgrounds, specifics, other family members all up to anon. Bottom!Jensen mainly or only please." (comment fic, wip)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  hurt!jared  abused!jared  hurt!jensen  abused!jensen  angst  underage  noncon/dubcon  abuse:child  cps/fostercare  fostersiblings/stepsiblings  fandom:rpf  wip 
october 2016 by elwarre
✢ Warm House, Warm People
"Sam's full ride only lasts for a year. Nobody bothers to tell him until halfway through his first semester, three weeks before several thousand dollars are due. With no other recourse, he goes back to selling himself. Except then a woman named Hannah tells him about a porn studio looking for another actor, and he's suddenly got a job that's much less likely to get him killed and dumped in an alley." (wip) Part 4 of the Heartbreak series
  sam_winchester  jessica_moore  sam/omc  student!sam  hooker!sam  pornstar!sam  asexual!sam  top!sam  bottom!sam  understanding!jess  angst  prostitution  industry:porn  issues:gender/sexuality  asexuality  roommates  college  stanford  sex:rough  kink:bdsm  kink:breathplay  kink:gangbang  series/verse  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:seeemrunning  wip 
september 2016 by elwarre
"When his madam unexpectedly sends Sam Wesson to an engagement with a client willing to pay twice his usual fee, every instinct that's kept him safe for the last 8 years tells him to run. Little does he know, he's been hand-picked for a night with Dean Smith that might change his life forever." (3840 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  hooker!jared  secretagent!jensen  undercover!jensen  prostitution  spies/assassins  undercover  first_time  wip  series/verse  fandom:rpf  author:jenny_lynne  have:pdf 
july 2016 by elwarre
Coming Home
"Angel, a ward of the state for as long as she can remember, has been assigned to a new foster home. Frankly, all she's looking for is some place to be left in peace to shuffle through the rest of her time in the system. It doesn't take her long at the Xavier household though to realize she's never been placed anywhere quite like this before. Whether it's a blessing or a curse, however, remains to be seen." (32,436 words) WIP - first part read
charles_xavier  erik_lehnsherr  angel_salvadore  hank_mccoy  ororo_munroe  alex_summers  scott_summers  kitty_pryde  charles/erik  professor!charles  understanding!charles  sick!charles  cancer!charles  protective!erik  hurt!angel  pov:angel  hurt/comfort  angst  domesticity  cps/fostercare  abuse:child(past)  homophobia  illness  established!relationship  series/verse  x:au:modern  x:au:no!mutants  fandom:xmen  author:unrepentant_marvelite  wip 
june 2016 by elwarre
Off Balance
"Charles heads to New Orleans to track down a new team member. But Remy Le Beau is a dangerous man, and he doesn't take kindly to being your plaything." (15,900 words so far; wip that appears to be abandoned) Companion piece - Balancing Act by luninosity
charles_xavier  erik_lehnsherr  remy_lebeau  raven  moira_mactaggert  charles/erik  charles/remy  hurt!charles  ptsd!charles  hallucinating!charles  protective!erik  dark!remy  angst  heartbreaking  hurt/comfort  mansion!fic  noncon/dubcon  ptsd  hallucinations  recovery  preslash  x:firstclass  fandom:xmen  author:interesting_gin  have:pdf  wip 
june 2016 by elwarre
A Patient Man
"History would remember this tale as the rise of two of the world’s most notorious criminals, but to them it was a story of love forged between two broken teenagers that lasted a lifetime." (long, wip)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  tom_welling  chad_michael_murray  michael_rosenbaum  jared/jensen  mike/tom  streetkid!jared  hooker!jared  hurt!jared  abused!jared  criminal!jensen  streetkid!jensen  homeless!jensen  protective!jensen  angst  prostitution  underage  noncon/dubcon  abuse:child  streetkids  homelessness  criminals/mafia  slowburn  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:quoteintangible  wip 
june 2016 by elwarre
✢ Nine Eleven Ten
"Years later, Charles would remember that day. Sometimes he would wonder if he could have changed anything; other times he would despair over what he had since become. But he would always hold the image in his mind: Raven, laughing, and his thoughts flying alongside her on strong wings, silver-gold through the winter air. Once upon a time." (622,680 words - wip)

Tags to add: issues:class pov:charles x:au:historical/fantasy drugs:nonconsensual
  charles_xavier  erik_lehnsherr  emma_frost  jean_grey  logan  hank_mccoy  alex_summers  angel_salvadore  ororo_munroe  sean_cassidy  bobby_drake  moira_mactaggert  janos_quested  raven  charles/erik  professor!charles  telepath!charles  smart!charles  bamf!charles  protective!charles  kidnapped!charles  hurt!charles  strangled!charles  tortured!charles  bottom!charles  dark!erik  hurt!erik  drugged!erik  cursed!erik  clueless!erik  possessive!erik  protective!erik  pining!erik  virgin!erik  top!erik  dystopia  postapocalypse  military  telepathy  kidnapping  hunger/starvation  strangulation  torture  poison  noncon/dubcon  abuse:child  brainwashing/mindgames  languages:multiple  slowburn  pining  sex:rough  kink:virginity  kink:manhandling  kink:sizekink  kink:rimming  kink:toys  kink:switching  first_time  fandom:xmen  wip  author:subtilior  drugs:recreational 
may 2016 by elwarre
Of Mice and Coffee
"Boy meets boy. The only problems? One of them is painfully shy and still recuperating from a bad relationship and the other one is cursed with a belligerent cat. Somehow it all works out though." (27,335 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  genevieve_cortese  christian_kane  steve_carlson  misha_collins  jeff_morgan  jared/jensen  jared/jeff  shy!jared  hurt!jared  abused!jared  ptsd!jared  bottom!jared  understanding!jensen  top!jensen  asshole!jeff  abusive!jeff  hurt/comfort  schmoop  abuse:domestic  noncon/dubcon  ptsd  self_loathing  animal_shelter  bakery/coffeeshop  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:ashtraythief  wip 
may 2016 by elwarre
✢ Freak Camp Verse
"The same old Sam/Dean love story, with a darkfic twist. Sam grows up in a concentration camp for monsters, and Dean is raised as an only child and a hunter. Together, they make each other human." WIP Series.

Add tags: incarcerated!sam, ptsd!sam, sick!sam, pining!dean, horror, friendship, incarceration, hunger/starvation, brainwashing/mindgames, touchstarvation, ptsd, illness, hunters:organized, escape/rescue, pining, spn:au
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  bobby_singer  samuel_campbell  gwen_campbell  sam/dean  shy!sam  hurt!sam  tortured!sam  abused!sam  whipped!sam  protective!dean  clueless!dean  guilty!dean  asshole!john  protective!bobby  hurt/comfort  angst  recovery  abuse:child  abuse:emotional/psychological  issues:cults/religion  noncon/dubcon  torture  whipping  incarceration  prostitution  self_loathing  selfharm  shapeshifters  demons  underage  series/verse  fandom:spn  author:brosedshield  author:lavinialavender  wip 
may 2016 by elwarre
✢ Whatever It Takes
"Sam Winchester disappeared from his cot, aged six months. Nearly two decades later, John Winchester has finally found him; drug addicted, prostituted, scarred and broken in oh so many different ways. It's up to Dean to pick up the pieces and try to put his brother back together. Unfortunately for everyone concerned, Sam really doesn't want to be fixed..." (61,830 words - WIP)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  bobby_singer  meg_masters  ruby  azazel  sam/dean  sam/meg  dean/meg  powers!sam  psychic!sam  hooker!sam  hurt!sam  abused!sam  tortured!sam  whipped!sam  addict!sam  hurt!dean  protective!dean  reluctant!dean  asshole!john  protective!bobby  angst  drama  noncon/dubcon  prostitution  abuse:child(past)  torture  whipping  addiction  demonblood  demons  possession  hellhounds  psychic_kids  dreams/visions  first_time  pairings:unusual  spn:au:raised!apart  fandom:spn  author:crystalwren  wip 
may 2016 by elwarre
✢ Sure Got a Dirty Mouth
"Ever wonder how Dean started talking dirty? The genesis is in the way Sam and Dean allow their feelings for each other to become physical. Sam is nearly 17, Dean is nearly 21.This story has dirty talk, all the feels you can handle, infinite love and even a plot that develops into a nail-biting narrative, with the best kind of hurt/comfort. This is NOT just a smutty story. This explains why Wincest is beautiful, loving, and right. SPOILERS for seasons 1-6." (352,717 words - WIP)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  azazel  bobby_singer  sam/dean  bamf!sam  powers!sam  virgin!sam  protective!sam  hurt!sam  kidnapped!sam  tortured!sam  electrocuted!sam  bamf!dean  protective!dean  hurt!dean  asshole!john  neglectful!john  understanding!bobby  hurt/comfort  angst  drama  schmoop  pov:outsider  wincest!discovered  bobby_finds_out  john_finds_out  kidnapping  torture  electrocution  drowning/waterboarding  prostitution  homophobia  demons  demonblood  recovery  clinic/hospital  bonding/soulmates  underage  sex:magic  kink:virginity  kink:brotherkink  kink:dirtytalk  kink:rimming  kink:switching  hothothot  first_time  spn:au  fandom:spn  author:justine_delarge  wip 
april 2016 by elwarre
Constant Knot
"The teenager stood at the corner of Abraham and Lawrence Streets, a dark blue, hooded sweater pulled up over his head, shielding his face from direct view. It did wonders to conceal the black eye he was sporting too, at least until it was too late for anyone to notice it. A frustrating 36 hours after being released from the McLean Juvenile Detention Centre three hours away, Stiles was back on the street again to do the very thing he’d been thrown in for. Or the one where Stiles life is pretty shitty, gets worse when he meets Peter the dirty cop, and Derek saves the day." (152,068 words - wip)
stiles_stilinski  sheriff_stilinski  derek_hale  peter_hale  laura_hale  lydia_martin  danny_mahealani  stiles/derek  stiles/peter  hurt!stiles  homeless!stiles  hooker!stiles  abused!stiles  arrested!stiles  spanked!stiles  bottom!stiles  protective!derek  possessive!derek  top!derek  officer!peter  angst  homelessness  prostitution  noncon/dubcon  abuse:child  cps/fostercare  incarceration  blackmail  underage  sex:shower  sex:rough  kink:spanking  kink:rimming  kink:threesome  fandom:teenwolf  author:jaymesparker  wip 
march 2016 by elwarre

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abandoned!harry  abandonment  abuse:child  abuse:child(past)  abuse:domestic  abuse:emotional/psychological  abused!charles  abused!harry  abused!jared  abused!jensen  abused!kirk  abused!sam  abused!stiles  abusive!frank(startrek)  abusive!jeff  abusive!kurt(xmen)  abusive!stick  action  addict!harry  addict!sam  addiction  albus_dumbledore  alex_summers  alistair  alistair/surana(male)  altered!reality  anders  angel_salvadore  angst  animal_shelter  ariadne  arranged!marriage  arrested!stiles  arthur(inception)  arthur/eames  asexual!sam  asexuality  asshole!dumbledore  asshole!jeff  asshole!jensen  asshole!john  asshole!stick  author:andyao3  author:ashtraythief  author:beamirang  author:becka  author:brosedshield  author:crystalwren  author:cywscross  author:dragonflies_and_katydids  author:dreamfall  author:engelikal  author:falconlux  author:forprussia  author:interesting_gin  author:jaymesparker  author:jenny_lynne  author:justine_delarge  author:kalany  author:katbelle  author:lastcrazyhorn  author:lavinialavender  author:la_baguette  author:parselslyth  author:patchworkgirl  author:quoteintangible  author:rejectedreality  author:rhion  author:saltandanchor  author:screamer  author:seeemrunning  author:subtilior  author:twinheart  author:tylerfucklin  author:unrepentant_marvelite  author:vingilot  author:waitfornight  author:waredness  azazel  bakery/coffeeshop  bamf!arthur(inception)  bamf!bull  bamf!charles  bamf!dean  bamf!harry  bamf!sam  bamf!zevran  bartender!paul  birthday/holiday  blackmail  bobby_drake  bobby_finds_out  bobby_singer  bonding/soulmates  bottom!arthur(inception)  bottom!charles  bottom!jared  bottom!paul  bottom!sam  bottom!stiles  brainwashing/mindgames  breakup  bucky_barnes  businessman!eames  cancer!charles  chad_michael_murray  character_study  charles/erik  charles/remy  charles_xavier  charlie_weasley  christian_kane  clinic/hospital  clint_barton  clueless!dean  clueless!draco  clueless!dumbledore  clueless!erik  clueless!jensen  clueless!severus  clueless!surana  clueless!tony  cobb  cole(dragonage)  college  confession/secrets  cora_hale  cps/fostercare  criminal!jensen  criminals/mafia  crossover  cursed!erik  da:au:all!human  da:au:modern  da:au:moderncharacterinthedas  danny_mahealani  dark  dark!erik  dark!remus  dark!remy  daryl/paul  daryl_dixon  dean/meg  dean_winchester  dehydration/heatstroke  demonblood  demons  depressed!harry  depression  derek_hale  domesticity  dorian/bull  dorian_pavus  draco_malfoy  drama  dreams/visions  drowning/waterboarding  drugged!erik  drugged!matt  drugged!stiles  drugs:nonconsensual  drugs:recreational  dudley_dursley  dystopia  eames  eating_disorder  electrocuted!sam  electrocution  emma_frost  erik_lehnsherr  escape/rescue  established!relationship  fandom:daredevil  fandom:dragonage  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:inception  fandom:marvel  fandom:rpf  fandom:spn  fandom:startrek(aos)  fandom:teenwolf  fandom:walkingdead  fandom:xmen  fenris  first_time  foggy_nelson  fostersiblings/stepsiblings  frank(startrek)  fred_weasley  friendship  gen  genderswap  genevieve_cortese  george_weasley  ginny_weasley  girl!harry  grief  grieving!daryl  grieving!harry  guardian!remus  guardian!severus  guilty!dean  guilty!dudley  guilty!dumbledore  gwen_campbell  hallucinating!charles  hallucinations  hank_mccoy  harry/bucky/steve  harry/daryl  harry/draco  harry/rick  harry/severus  harry_potter  have:pdf  hawke(male)  hawke(male)/omc  heartbreaking  hellhounds  hermione_granger  homeless!daryl  homeless!harry  homeless!jensen  homeless!stiles  homelessness  homophobia  hooker!arthur(inception)  hooker!harry  hooker!jared  hooker!sam  hooker!stiles  hothothot  hp:au:different!hogwarts  hp:year1  hp:year3  human!bull  humor  hunger/starvation  hurt!angel  hurt!charles  hurt!dean  hurt!dorian  hurt!erik  hurt!harry  hurt!jared  hurt!jensen  hurt!kirk  hurt!mccoy  hurt!paul  hurt!sam  hurt!stiles  hurt!surana  hurt/comfort  illiteracy  illiterate!harry  illness  incarceration  independent!harry  industry:porn  infidelity  irene_adler(xmen)  iron_bull  isabela  issues:class  issues:cults/religion  issues:gender/sexuality  issues:racism  james_kirk  janos_quested  jared/jeff  jared/jensen  jared_padalecki  jealous!jared  jealousy  jean_grey  jeff_morgan  jensen_ackles  jessica_jones  jessica_moore  john_finds_out  john_winchester  jowan  karen_page  kidnapped!charles  kidnapped!harry  kidnapped!sam  kidnapper!sirius  kidnapping  kink:bdsm  kink:breathplay  kink:brotherkink  kink:d/s  kink:dirtytalk  kink:gangbang  kink:manhandling  kink:mpreg  kink:rimming  kink:sizekink  kink:spanking  kink:switching  kink:tattoos  kink:threesome  kink:toys  kink:virginity  kitty_pryde  kurt_marko  languages:multiple  laura_hale  lavellan(female)  lawyer!dorian  leliana  leonard_mccoy  logan  loneliness  lonely!harry  lucius_malfoy  luna_lovegood  lydia_martin  magic  mal(inception)  mansion!fic  matt/foggy  matt_murdock  mechanic!daryl  meg_masters  merrill  michael_rosenbaum  mike/tom  military  military!bull  minerva_mcgonagall  misha_collins  misunderstanding  mob!jensen  moira_mactaggert  molly_weasley  morrigan  mystery  natasha_romanov  neglectful!john  neville_longbottom  noncon/dubcon  officer!peter  omc(protagonist)  ororo_munroe  orphan!arthur(inception)  pairings:unusual  paul_rovia  peter_hale  petunia_dursley  pining  pining!erik  pining!foggy  pining!hawke  pining!paul  pining!zevran  poison  poisoned!harry  politics  polyamory  poppy_pomfrey  pornstar!sam  possession  possessive!derek  possessive!erik  possessive!jensen  postapocalypse  pov:alistair  pov:angel  pov:erik  pov:harry  pov:mccoy  pov:outsider  pov:paul  pov:surana  pov:zevran  powers!sam  pregnant!jared  preslash  pretend!relationship  priest!shaw  professor!charles  prostitution  protective!bobby  protective!bucky  protective!bull  protective!charles  protective!dean  protective!derek  protective!dorian  protective!dumbledore  protective!erik  protective!foggy  protective!harry  protective!jensen  protective!lucius  protective!mccoy  protective!mcgonagall  protective!remus  protective!sam  protective!severus  protective!zevran  psychic!sam  psychic_kids  ptsd  ptsd!bull  ptsd!charles  ptsd!harry  ptsd!jared  ptsd!sirius  raven  raven/irene  recovery  reluctant!dean  reluctant!jared  remus_lupin  remy_lebeau  rich!eames  rich!jensen  rick_grimes  rogue!hawke  ron_weasley  roommates  ruby  sam/dean  sam/meg  sam/omc  samuel_campbell  sam_winchester  scarred!harry  scars  schmoop  scott_summers  sean_cassidy  sebastian_shaw  secretagent!jensen  selfharm  self_loathing  sera(dragonage)  series/verse  severus_snape  sex:magic  sex:rough  sex:shower  shapeshifters  sharon_marko  sheriff_stilinski  shy!jared  shy!sam  sick!charles  sick!harry  sirius_black  slave!stiles  slavery  slowburn  slytherin!harry  smart!arthur(inception)  smart!charles  smart!harry  spanked!stiles  spies/assassins  spn:au  spn:au:raised!apart  spn:preseries  stanford  steve_carlson  steve_rogers  stick  stiles/derek  stiles/peter  stiles_stilinski  strangled!charles  strangulation  streetkid!harry  streetkid!jared  streetkid!jensen  streetkids  student!jared  student!sam  surana(female)  surana(male)  tara_chambler  telepath!charles  telepathy  thief!arthur(inception)  thief!cobb  timetravel  timetraveler!harry  timetraveler!mccoy  tom_welling  tony_stark  top!daryl  top!derek  top!eames  top!erik  top!harry  top!jensen  top!sam  torture  tortured!charles  tortured!sam  touchstarvation  trevelyan(male)  tw:au:known!werewolves  underage  undercover  undercover!harry  undercover!jensen  undercover!severus  understanding!bobby  understanding!charles  understanding!jensen  understanding!jess  understanding!remus  understanding!severus  understanding!zevran  varric_tethras  vernon_dursley  virgin!erik  virgin!sam  wd:au:no!walkers  werewolves  whipped!harry  whipped!sam  whipping  wincest!discovered  wip  x:au:modern  x:au:no!mutants  x:firstclass  zevran/surana(female)  zevran/surana(male)  zevran_arainai   

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