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Good Idea
“'I think we should have sex,' Jared said brightly, as he sat down. Jensen looked up from his sandwich. 'Right here?' he inquired mildly. 'In the middle of the cafeteria?'" (2221 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  actor!jared  bottom!jared  actor!jensen  reluctant!jensen  top!jensen  humor  schmoop  on_set(spn)  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:jasmasson  have:pdf 
september 2016 by elwarre
"Jensen's got a reputation to uphold. When a new guy shows up at school and won't spare him a second glance, Jensen sees it as a challenge. It gets a little complicated when Jensen finds out he might sort of like the guy." (5000 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  virgin!jared  shy!jared  bottom!jared  top!jensen  schmoop  highschool  kink:virginity  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:riyku  have:pdf 
september 2016 by elwarre
✢ Man in a Candy Store
"Jensen is an embittered huntsman out to rid the world of evil magic users, and the good mage Jared is on his hit list." (6,500 words plus a bunch of timestamps)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  chad_michael_murray  jared/jensen  magical!jared  powers!jared  bottom!jared  hunter!jensen  top!jensen  fairytale/fantasy  humor  magic  bonding/soulmates  first_time  series/verse  fandom:rpf  author:morrezela  have:pdf 
september 2016 by elwarre
New Four Letter Word
"Jared really likes to get fucked. Pretty much constantly. Jensen does his best to keep up and tries not to feel inadequate. Porn and schmoop here, folks. Based on a kink meme prompt for... cockslut Jared." (2700 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  bottom!jared  top!jensen  schmoop  pwp  hothothot  kink:bdsm  kink:toys  kink:dirtytalk  established!relationship  fandom:rpf  author:rockstarpeach 
september 2016 by elwarre
✢ Us Against the World
"At the age of 10, Jensen had a car accident that changed his life forever. Now at the age of 30 he is trying to branch out on his own for the first time. Jared is abused and mistreated by his widowed father. Friendless and alone, he meets Jensen when the older man moves into one of his father’s apartments. Can Jensen and Jared change their lives? Together they have a chance." (19,203 words)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  protective!jared  hurt!jared  abused!jared  bottom!jared  protective!jensen  hurt!jensen  top!jensen  hurt/comfort  angst  schmoop  domesticity  abuse:domestic  illness:mental  disability  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:annie46  have:pdf 
september 2016 by elwarre
Someplace Warm
"May 2006. When the bottom drops out of Jared's life, he decides it's time to make a change. Leaving everything behind but whatever he can carry in a duffel bag, he hops a bus looking for a fresh start. He ends up in Anna Maria, a small town on the northern tip of a barrier island nestled along the Gulf coast of Florida. His first morning there, he meets Jensen and his friend Katie on the beach searching for sea turtle nests. They immediately take him in, offering him their acceptance and friendship, two things he desperately needs. Unexpectedly, he finds himself developing a connection with Jensen he never thought he'd have with anyone ever again and soon he begins to feel like he's finally found where he belongs - until a chance meeting on a busy street nearly ruins everything." (23,500 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  jared/omc  homeless!jared  hurt!jared  guilty!jared  bottom!jared  understanding!jensen  top!jensen  hurt/comfort  angst  schmoop  homelessness  beach/island  art/photography  infidelity  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:asteroidbuckle  deleted!fic  need:pdf 
september 2016 by elwarre
✢ Rollerball
"Jensen's an extreme-sports star. Jared’s a part-time hooker, part-time body guard who’s been assigned to make sure Jensen lives to get to the ring. Together they make a plan to get home to Texas." (10,188 words)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  bamf!jared  bodyguard!jared  hooker!jared  protective!jared  hurt!jared  bottom!jared  athlete!jensen  skater!jensen  bamf!jensen  protective!jensen  hurt!jensen  top!jensen  action  drama  prostitution  sports  bodyguards/security  escape/rescue  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:ladyjanelly  have:pdf 
september 2016 by elwarre
Life is What Happens to You While You're Waiting for it to Start
"It wasn’t your typical boy meets girl story; like it was supposed to be. It was more like, boy meets girl, gets screwed over by girl, gets drunk and accidentally stumbles into a gay bar and ends up pretending, to everyone, to be married to the bar tender." (25,000 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  homeless!jared  bartender!jared  bottom!jared  architect!jensen  top!jensen  angst  schmoop  domesticity  homelessness  homophobia  pretend!relationship  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:sasskitten 
september 2016 by elwarre
Know it While You Have It
"Jared can't wait for his stepbrother to get home from college, and it's not for any of the right reasons." (2300 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  bottom!jared  top!jensen  schmoop  highschool  college  fostersiblings/stepsiblings  established!relationship  fandom:rpf  author:riyku  have:pdf 
september 2016 by elwarre
✢ Baby Steps
"Everyone thinks that stepbrothers Jared and Jensen are just really affectionate with each other. The truth is that they get off on hiding in plain sight, pushing the limits of how far they can go in public and not get caught." (6722 words)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  student!jared  bottom!jared  student!jensen  top!jensen  schmoop  friendship  pwp  highschool  fostersiblings/stepsiblings  undercover  underage  hothothot  kink:exhibitionism  fandom:rpf  author:cherie_morte  have:pdf 
september 2016 by elwarre
Real Slow
"The stripteasing on stage at conventions is a joke, until Jensen gets drunk and sends a private video to Jared. Then it’s not so funny anymore." (10,800 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  actor!jared  clueless!jared  bottom!jared  actor!jensen  pining!jensen  top!jensen  pwp  stripping  text/email  on_set(spn)  pining  hothothot  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:deirdre_c  have:pdf 
september 2016 by elwarre
Caught Up in the Touch
"Nothing's wrong with your tender caress, but it's got it's own time and place. Right now, I want you to spank my ass." (1274 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  spanked!jared  bottom!jared  top!jensen  pwp  hothothot  kink:spanking  established!relationship  fandom:rpf  author:sena  have:pdf 
july 2016 by elwarre
Remember You
"After a tragic accident that claims his boyfriend’s life and ends his career as a surgeon, Jensen seeks oblivion in a cabin in the mountains. One winter night, his dog helps him find a young, neglected man who has been horribly mistreated and can’t remember anything. Taking care of him, Jensen slowly finds back to himself. Can he help the stranger to remember himself in return? And will the two men have a future when their feelings develop into something other than friendship?" (27,500 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  hurt!jared  kidnapped!jared  tortured!jared  abused!jared  raped!jared  bottom!jared  doctor!jensen  protective!jensen  hurt!jensen  grieving!jensen  top!jensen  hurt/comfort  angst  grief  torture  kidnapping  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  hypothermia  permanent!injury  disability  cabin/wilderness  recovery  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:aelia1980  have:pdf 
july 2016 by elwarre
"Jensen is one of the best drivers around, making runs for the Russian Bratva. When he decides he wants out, his employers coerce him into making one last run by taking away the only good thing in his life—Jared." (14,303 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  misha_collins  jared/jensen  bouncer!jared  bamf!jared  hurt!jared  kidnapped!jared  drugged!jared  bottom!jared  driver!jensen  mob!jensen  criminal!jensen  top!jensen  action  drama  kidnapping  prostitution  drugs:nonconsensual  criminals/mafia  bodyguards/security  misunderstanding  hothothot  sex:rough  kink:switching  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:tipsy_kitty  have:pdf 
july 2016 by elwarre
✢ The Blue Butterfly
"Jensen is the boss of the Chicago underworld and he always gets what he wants. Unfortunately, the new dancer in his favorite establishment doesn’t seem to know that." (10,100 words)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jeff_morgan  jared/jensen  stripper!jared  omega!jared  reluctant!jared  bottom!jared  mob!jensen  criminal!jensen  protective!jensen  alpha!jensen  top!jensen  angst  schmoop  criminals/mafia  stripping  hothothot  kink:abo  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:ashtraythief  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
A Different Alpha
Prompt: "In an Alpha/Beta/Omega society where omegas can either be rare and cherished, OR considered not as special as alphas, omega!Jared's been burned by an alpha/beta/both before. So before they enter into a physical relationship alpha!Jensen has to show Jared just how precious he is by courting him. I want it to be a slow-burn development between the two of them, with Jensen really earning Jared's trust." (12,605 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  samantha_ferris  jared/jensen  omega!jared  hurt!jared  abused!jared  shy!jared  bottom!jared  doctor!jensen  alpha!jensen  protective!jensen  top!jensen  hurt/comfort  schmoop  abuse:domestic(past)  clinic/hospital  kink:abo  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:sanshal  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
Not Skin Deep, You're In My Soul
"Mated Omegas bond with their Alpha on a biological level, so completely that their body resists sexual advances from anyone else. Repeated knotting can make an Omega’s body accept a new Alpha, but the new mating bond overwrites the old one, erasing it not just from an Omega’s body, but from their mind as well. Jared wakes with a headache and a memory full of holes. He’s been kidnapped, drugged, and is about to be sold to the highest bidder." (25,000 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  christian_kane  jared/jensen  omega!jared  kidnapped!jared  hurt!jared  raped!jared  ptsd!jared  amnesiac!jared  bottom!jared  alpha!jensen  protective!jensen  top!jensen  angst  hurt/comfort  amnesia  kidnapping  noncon/dubcon  ptsd  recovery  revenge  bonding/soulmates  kink:abo  established!relationship  fandom:rpf  author:screamer  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
"Jared really can’t help his dirty thoughts, not when the meeting is so boring and Jensen so pretty. And if he has to suffer through this, well he’ll make sure Jensen is right there with him." (4190 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  powers!jared  telepath!jared  superhero!jared  bottom!jared  powers!jensen  superhero!jensen  top!jensen  humor  pwp  superheroes  telepathy  kink:dirtytalk  established!relationship  fandom:rpf  author:ashtraythief  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
Operators are Standing By
"Jared is ready to come out to his coworkers, but his dominant partner has some concerns about that." (1,781 words) Sequel to "Please Hold." Sequel: "Directory Assistance"
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  sub!jared  bottom!jared  dom!jensen  top!jensen  hothothot  established!relationship  fandom:rpf  author:morrezela  need:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
Please Hold
"Jared is a submissive kind of guy who has finally gotten a break in the romance department… he thinks." (3,200 words) Sequel to "I've Got Your Number." Sequel: "Operators are Standing By."
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  christian_kane  jared/jensen  hurt!jared  sub!jared  bottom!jared  protective!jensen  dom!jensen  top!jensen  angst  schmoop  misunderstanding  kink:d/s  established!relationship  series/verse  fandom:rpf  author:morrezela  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
✢ I've Got Your Number
"Jared is a submissive kind of guy who just can never catch a break because of his size and boisterous personality. Cue Jensen who is more than willing to help him out." (2,600 words) Sequel: "Please Hold"
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  sub!jared  bottom!jared  dom!jensen  top!jensen  humor  pwp  hothothot  kink:dirtytalk  first_time  series/verse  fandom:rpf  author:morrezela  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
Each Time Verse
1: "Jensen is not in the best of moods, a long week of Purgatory scenes combined with a heavy shooting schedule and he just wants to go home. Jared however, finds it rather funny to keep messing with Ty in the last scene of the day. Jensen decides it’s time for some payback." 2: "It’s been two weeks since Jensen took control of Jared and punished him and Jared wants it again. Jensen however, seems oblivious to this, so Jared takes it upon himself to earn punishment; but will things go too far?"
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  actor!jared  hurt!jared  spanked!jared  sub!jared  bottom!jared  actor!jensen  protective!jensen  guilty!jensen  dom!jensen  top!jensen  hurt/comfort  angst  schmoop  misunderstanding  on_set(spn)  kink:bdsm  kink:spanking  established!relationship  series/verse  fandom:rpf  author:julieshadow  need:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
✢ Bring the Rain
"In a future torn apart by war, Jared and Jensen were two orphans just trying to survive in the filthy slums of Dallas, Texas. But when Jared was kidnapped and nearly sold to a prostitution ring, Jensen signed himself over to the military’s Supersoldier program, effectively giving up his life and his memories so that the government would keep Jared safe. Now, fourteen years later, Scout Padalecki has arrived on a military base in Boulder, Colorado, intent on finding a Supersoldier with hazel-green eyes, but when he meets Captain Ackles, it quickly becomes apparent that things aren’t going to be as easy as he’d hoped. Struggling with his own emotions and a Jensen who doesn’t remember who he is, Jared must find a way to save them both – before the war destroys everything they’ve worked so hard to build." (70,000 words)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  christian_kane  chad_michael_murray  katie_cassidy  alona_tal  jared/jensen  military!jared  bamf!jared  understanding!jared  streetkid!jared  hurt!jared  kidnapped!jared  bottom!jared  military!jensen  bamf!jensen  streetkid!jensen  protective!jensen  hurt!jensen  top!jensen  hurt/comfort  angst  action  scifi  military  streetkids  homelessness  prostitution  clinic/hospital  disability  permanent!injury  hothothot  sex:rough  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:sinestrated  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
✢ Gemini Rising
"In the three-thousand years after Terra, humanity flourished in a Golden Age of prosperity and happiness. Until the silicates. No means to communicate, no method for diplomacy, mankind fought back against the onslaught with all they had, but they were slowly losing the war. At the brink of extinction, man's greatest hope lies with two young men who's extraordinary abilities have shockingly and violently awoken." (107,700 words) Sequel: "Gemini Ecliptic"
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jeff_morgan  samantha_ferris  michael_rosenbaum  tom_welling  christian_kane  alona_tal  erica_durance  misha_collins  chad_michael_murray  jared/jensen  bamf!jared  powers!jared  telekinetic!jared  empath!jared  telepath!jared  doctor!jared  bottom!jared  bamf!jensen  powers!jensen  empath!jensen  telepath!jensen  telekinetic!jensen  top!jensen  drama  action  scifi  spacetravel  telekinesis  telepathy  military  dreams/visions  cabin/wilderness  bonding/soulmates  first_time  series/verse  fandom:rpf  author:aletheo  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
Chasing Darkness
"Discharged from the military after the war and unable to find a regular job, Jensen and Dani end up on JD’s mining planet Wora. It’s one of the most hostile environments in the Old Galaxy, but the pay is astronomical. The job sounds easy enough: protect the miners. While battling the demons of his past, Jensen meets Jared, a beautiful, sought after companion, who is isolated by his own secrets. Jared had come to Wora, dragged by Chad, with the need to make some serious money. It doesn’t take Jensen long to figure out Jared’s secret and he has to decide how much he’s willing to risk to protect him." (85,000 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  danneel_harris  chad_michael_murray  jeff_morgan  jared/jensen  jared/omc  powers!jared  hooker!jared  bottom!jared  powers!jensen  military!jensen  bamf!jensen  protective!jensen  top!jensen  action  angst  schmoop  scifi  prostitution  dreams/visions  self_loathing  military  spacetravel  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:ashtraythief  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
✢ Waiting for Forever
"Jared is a foster child of Donna and Alan Ackles. Jensen is forced to move back home for economic reasons. The age difference keeps them apart (for a while)." (17,000 words)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  student!jared  bullied!jared  abused!jared  bottom!jared  reluctant!jensen  top!jensen  angst  humor  bullying  homophobia  highschool  college  cps/fostercare  abuse:child(past)  fostersiblings/stepsiblings  pining  slowburn  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:epicallytired  need:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
✢ Once There Was A Way To Get Back Homeward
"Jared leads an elite counterterrorist team. When he meets the new guy, Jensen, sparks fly. Jared knows getting involved is a bad idea, but Jensen's persistence is hard to resist. Missions become more complicated, and when they go wrong - when not everyone makes it out, and what happens after is the stuff of nightmares - the consequences may be too much to deal with." (23,093 words)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  aldis_hodge  jeff_morgan  christian_kane  steve_carlson  jared/jensen  bamf!jared  military!jared  hurt!jared  kidnapped!jared  tortured!jared  abused!jared  depressed!jared  reluctant!jared  protective!jared  bottom!jared  bamf!jensen  military!jensen  protective!jensen  top!jensen  action  hurt/comfort  angst  military  torture  kidnapping  abuse:child(past)  depression  self_loathing  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:crimsonepitaph  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
By the Stars
"Inspired by LA Confidential. Jensen is a detective with a soft spot for abused men, Jared is a high class hooker who crosses his path during an investigation." (6000 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  chad_michael_murray  tom_welling  jared/jensen  hooker!jared  abused!jared  bottom!jared  officer!jensen  detective!jensen  protective!jensen  top!jensen  angst  casefic  fbi/police  prostitution  abuse:child(past)  abuse:domestic  hothothot  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:joans23  need:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
Find His Way Back
"Jared is lost. He is still trying to heal and work out what he is going to with his life when it all come crashing down around his ears. The Ackles are wonderful and Jared doesn’t want to let them down. However, since most of his life he’s disappointed people he really wonders if he has a chance. Jensen wants to help Jared find his way back before he’s lost forever." (18,600 words) Sequel to "Brand New Start"
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  student!jared  orphan!jared  hurt!jared  abused!jared  raped!jared  homeless!jared  bullied!jared  bottom!jared  protective!jensen  guilty!jensen  top!jensen  angst  hurt/comfort  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  bullying  homophobia  homelessness  misunderstanding  selfharm  self_loathing  highschool  cps/fostercare  farm/ranch  clinic/hospital  fostersiblings/stepsiblings  established!relationship  series/verse  fandom:rpf  author:gestaltrose  need:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
Bring Me to Life
"Jared’s a shy young man, whose life has never been easy. His father hates him, his mother drinks her sorrows away and his husband Paul treats him like he is nothing more than a beautiful toy. When his husband has to go away on a business trip to Europe for two months, he sends Jared away to a ranch in the middle of nowhere to keep him under control. There, Jared meets people who show him what love, friendship and loyalty mean for the first time in his life. Can he escape his life and finally find some love and happiness for himself?" (81,000 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  samantha_ferris  christian_kane  misha_collins  chad_michael_murray  michael_rosenbaum  sophia_bush  tom_welling  jeff_morgan  alona_tal  jared/jensen  jared/omc  artist!jared  shy!jared  hurt!jared  abused!jared  bottom!jared  officer!jensen  protective!jensen  top!jensen  hurt/comfort  angst  noncon/dubcon  abuse:domestic  abuse:child(past)  abuse:emotional/psychological  fbi/police  farm/ranch  art/photography  infidelity  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:alienat  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
Deadline on Love
"When Jared goes on his usual summer vacation with his family to their beach house, he thinks it’s going to be the best summer ever. In some ways he’s right, in others he’s wrong. When he meets troubled youth, Jensen, his world is turned upside-down. I’ve messed with their ages. Jared is just turned 16 and Jensen is nearly 17." (89,300 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  tom_welling  chad_michael_murray  michael_rosenbaum  jared/jensen  protective!jared  understanding!jared  hurt!jared  bottom!jared  bamf!jensen  protective!jensen  hurt!jensen  abused!jensen  top!jensen  hurt/comfort  angst  abuse:child  homophobia  highschool  beach/island  underage  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:lycaness  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
Creature Comforts
"Jensen Ackles is set to inherit his father’s hotel empire, but first he has to come up with a way to revitalize a failing portion of the franchises, survive training at an extended stay property, and woo the Night Auditor Jared Padalecki." (19,285 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  alona_tal  genevieve_cortese  chad_michael_murray  steve_carlson  tom_welling  michael_rosenbaum  danneel_harris  jeff_morgan  jared/jensen  abused!jared  bottom!jared  asshole!jensen  guilty!jensen  protective!jensen  rich!jensen  top!jensen  hurt/comfort  angst  humor  schmoop  abuse:domestic(past)  issues:class  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:dimeliora  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
You're the Whip in my Valise
"Jared Padalecki just wanted a nice, boring, normal secretarial job. What he gets, is something entirely different. Along the way, he finds himself." (9650 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  sandra_mccoy  jared/jensen  secretary!jared  depressed!jared  spanked!jared  sub!jared  bottom!jared  lawyer!jensen  dom!jensen  top!jensen  angst  homophobia  depression  mental_institution  kink:bdsm  kink:crossdressing  kink:spanking  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:memphis86  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
✢ This Hell We've Made
"Except for the fact that they were both born with remarkable superhuman abilities, and a seething mutual dislike, Jared and Jensen have nothing in common. Turns out, though, that they may also be the only ones who can save each other from themselves." (68,362 words)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jeff_morgan  sandra_mccoy  misha_collins  tom_welling  chad_michael_murray  jared/jensen  bamf!jared  superhero!jared  powers!jared  empath!jared  protective!jared  hurt!jared  virgin!jared  reluctant!jared  bottom!jared  bamf!jensen  superhero!jensen  powers!jensen  protective!jensen  hurt!jensen  abused!jensen  ptsd!jensen  top!jensen  hurt/comfort  angst  humor  action  superheroes  abuse:child(past)  prostitution  selfharm  cps/fostercare  ptsd  fighting/sparring  love/hate  bonding/soulmates  hothothot  kink:dirtytalk  kink:virginity  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:bewaretheides15  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
Let Me Tuck You Under My Wing
"On his evening run, Jared is attacked by a group of strange guys who roughly take turns with him until a man with giant wings shows up to rescue him. When Jared wakes up the next morning in an unfamiliar bed, he slowly starts to realize the last night hadn’t been a bad dream. But Jared doesn't know if his rescuer really is a knight in shining armor or if he has just hopped from the fire into the frying pan. Jensen has waited his whole life to find someone like Jared and he’ll be damned if he ever lets him go." (41,113 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jim_beaver  chad_michael_murray  christian_kane  jared/jensen  kidnapped!jared  hurt!jared  raped!jared  reluctant!jared  bottom!jared  creature!jensen  dragon!jensen  clueless!jensen  protective!jensen  kidnapper!jensen  top!jensen  angst  hurt/comfort  schmoop  noncon/dubcon  kidnapping  stockholm_syndrome  recovery  cabin/wilderness  hothothot  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:ashtraythief  deleted!fic  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
Into Hiding
"Jensen Ackles, Dallas Police Officer, finds himself in a club looking for something that doesn't involve dancing. Before he knows what hit him he's being seduced by a handsome stranger. The stranger, who turns out to be a hooker, holds more secrets than Jensen signed up for. When Jensen begins to fall for the young man he has to learn about the deathly danger following their every step." (50,034 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jim_beaver  christian_kane  mark_pellegrino  jared/jensen  hooker!jared  hurt!jared  abused!jared  raped!jared  bottom!jared  officer!jensen  bamf!jensen  protective!jensen  understanding!jensen  top!jensen  hurt/comfort  angst  misunderstanding  prostitution  abuse:domestic(past)  noncon/dubcon  criminals/mafia  fbi/police  escape/rescue  hothothot  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:demondetox  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
The Hunter and His Prey
"Jeff is Jared's abusive husband. When Jared escapes him, Jeff sends Jensen, a bounty hunter, after Jared. Only Jensen finds Jared a little too irresistible and without telling Jared of his contract with Jeff, starts a slow tentative relationship with him. Jeff comes after both of them." (77,076 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jeff_morgan  jim_beaver  michael_rosenbaum  tom_welling  christian_kane  jared/jensen  mike/tom  hurt!jared  abused!jared  raped!jared  bottom!jared  bountyhunter!jensen  protective!jensen  top!jensen  asshole!jeff  abusive!jeff  angst  drama  noncon/dubcon  abuse:domestic  escape/rescue  undercover  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:cas_desespere  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
Of Mice and Coffee
"Boy meets boy. The only problems? One of them is painfully shy and still recuperating from a bad relationship and the other one is cursed with a belligerent cat. Somehow it all works out though." (27,335 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  genevieve_cortese  christian_kane  steve_carlson  misha_collins  jeff_morgan  jared/jensen  jared/jeff  shy!jared  hurt!jared  abused!jared  ptsd!jared  bottom!jared  understanding!jensen  top!jensen  asshole!jeff  abusive!jeff  hurt/comfort  schmoop  abuse:domestic  noncon/dubcon  ptsd  self_loathing  animal_shelter  bakery/coffeeshop  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:ashtraythief  wip 
may 2016 by elwarre
Can't Point the Way to Your Heart
"AU in the vein of movies like Hitch - Jensen's an unofficial advice guru, and Jared's his latest project. Except while Jensen's supposed to be helping Jared end up with the woman of his dreams, he falls for him instead." (33,000 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  sandra_mccoy  jared/jensen  jared/sandy  clueless!jared  bottom!jared  pining!jensen  jealous!jensen  top!jensen  angst  schmoop  animal_shelter  pining  jealousy  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:belyste 
may 2016 by elwarre
The Lumberyard
"Jensen’s a DEA agent who's got some funny notions about sex workers until he falls for Jared, the stripper with a heart of gold. Can they make it work without jeopardizing the major bust he’s been planning for months?" (13,077 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  stripper!jared  secretagent!jared  bottom!jared  secretagent!jensen  top!jensen  drama  action  undercover  misunderstanding  spies/assassins  fbi/police  stripping  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:laisserais  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
✢ Get Some [Ink]
"Most high school kids who got lewd, cryptic notes from their bosses would probably have said bosses sued for sexual harassment. Most high school kids don't have bosses like Jensen." (10,100 words)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  sub!jared  virgin!jared  bottom!jared  tattooartist!jensen  dom!jensen  top!jensen  pwp  underage  hothothot  kink:d/s  kink:tattoos  kink:toys  kink:virginity  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:bewaretheides15  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
What Jensen Wants
" An on-set accident leaves Jared able to hear Jensen’s thoughts. He’s more than a little surprised as what Jensen’s thinking about. Based loosely on the premise of the movie What Women Want." (4600 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  sandra_mccoy  jared/jensen  jared/sandy  actor!jared  powers!jared  telepath!jared  psychic!jared  bottom!jared  actor!jensen  top!jensen  humor  telepathy  industry:film  on_set(spn)  kink:dirtytalk  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:azraelz_angel 
may 2016 by elwarre
Awfully Pretty For a Bodyguard
"Jared's a famous movie star receiving online death threats. He needs to upgrade his protection services, and that's where Jensen comes in." (13,100 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  actor!jared  bottom!jared  bodyguard!jensen  protective!jensen  top!jensen  angst  schmoop  industry:film  bodyguards/security  misunderstanding  hothothot  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:deirdre_c  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
✢ Trouble Is
"Jared's given up his old life and moved in with Jensen, and things have changed. But the more things change, the more they stay the same, and this sure as hell isn't a fairy tale." (21,643 words) Sequel to "Maybe This"
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  chad_michael_murray  christian_kane  jared/jensen  jared/jensen/chris  hooker!jared  actor!jared  hurt!jared  pining!jared  bottom!jared  actor!jensen  pining!jensen  top!jensen  angst  hurt/comfort  prostitution  addiction  industry:film  infidelity  pining  hothothot  kink:threesome  established!relationship  series/verse  fandom:rpf  author:nu_breed  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
✢ Maybe This
"LA may be the place that dreams are made of, but it's cold and lonely when you're a Texas boy with a secret. Jensen's a closeted actor on the verge of making it and Jared's the hooker who's seen it all. What kind of fairytale ending can they hope for in a town that puts a price on everything?" (22,301 words) Sequel: "Trouble Is"
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  christian_kane  chad_michael_murray  jared/jensen  jared/chris  hooker!jared  pining!jared  bottom!jared  actor!jensen  top!jensen  top!christian  angst  hurt/comfort  prostitution  industry:film  addiction  pining  slowburn  hothothot  first_time  series/verse  fandom:rpf  author:nu_breed  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
✢ Sugar Baby's Finest Hour
"He was J, plain J, in the morning, standing five feet ten in dirty socks. He was Tristan in slacks. He was J-Pad at school. He was Padalecki on the dotted line. But in my arms he was always Jared." Jared as Lolita. (7726 words)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  lolita!jared  crossdressing!jared  bottom!jared  reluctant!jensen  top!jensen  pwp  stepfather/stepson  underage  hothothot  kink:crossdressing  kink:lingerie  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:homopink  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
Chasing Prince Charming
"Boy meets Boy, boy has sex with boy, boy runs away the morning after. Jared is an actor with a theater troupe called South of Normal, and a housekeeper between plays. He's a fairly normal guy living in South Beach, Florida with his cousin by marriage on the beach. He's friendly but oblivious to open admiration when it has nothing to do with his acting. His last boyfriend really messed him up emotionally and he shies away from relationships that are anything other than platonic. Jensen is a bartender at one of the local Drag clubs. His social life sees him in and out of random beds without so much as a call-you-later. A chance meeting on the beach throws them together, and a second chance meeting starts a friendship which dances along the razor's edge of more. But, misunderstandings and personal fears tear them apart. Maybe, just maybe, they can get it together and get back to each other with the help of their crazy friends, because a prince is a nobody without his princess." (75,000)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  misha_collins  jared/jensen  jared/jensen/omc  jared/omc  jensen/omc  actor!jared  crossdressing!jared  hurt!jared  drugged!jared  bottom!jared  bartender!jensen  top!jensen  angst  hurt/comfort  schmoop  abuse:domestic  abuse:emotional/psychological  beach/island  theater  sex:beach  kink:threesome  kink:doublepenetration  kink:toys  kink:crossdressing  kink:exhibitionism  kink:rimming  kink:tattoos  kink:piercings  kink:switching  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:yahnknshadows  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
The Flowers That They Never Sent
Prompt: "Jensen is incredibly nervous. After all, it's his first time picking up a hooker. But the pink-cheeked, shaggy-haired kid who climbs into his car sure seems to know what he's doing." (3095 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  hooker!jared  streetkid!jared  bottom!jared  top!jensen  reluctant!jensen  pining!jensen  angst  prostitution  streetkids  infidelity  pining  hothothot  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:riyku  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
Falling Forwards in a Backwards Land
"Jared Padalecki - better known to his fans as PJ Tristan - is the best top in the business. Everyone wants to work with him and Jared has made more than a few careers in his 10 years in the porn world and his fans love him. But there's one fan in particular who has taken his obsession with Jared to a whole new level. Wanting to escape his stalker and the New York lifestyle, Jared takes a job with Danneel, at JADA Studios in LA, the biggest porn studio on the West Coast. There, he meets Jensen, Danneel's partner in most senses of the word, and finds the one thing that's been missing in his life. But after tracking Jared down, the stalker isn't happy about Jared choosing to be with someone else, and ups his game. And not everyone makes it out in one piece." (80,000 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  tom_welling  chad_michael_murray  danneel_harris  jared/jensen  pornstar!jared  hurt!jared  abused!jared  top!jared  bottom!jared  director!jensen  hurt!jensen  kidnapped!jensen  top!jensen  angst  hurt/comfort  drama  industry:porn  misunderstanding  homophobia  stalkers  abuse:child(past)  kidnapping  love/hate  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:sweet_lyri  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
On Screen
"When news of a Jensen Ackles sex tape broke, nobody was very much surprised, or really interested. The guy is a porn star from Dirty Boys Studios, who's done basically everything. However, when Jensen tries to block the release, people start talking. When the tape does leak, it shows Jensen having fluffy, romantic sex with Jared Padalecki, son of the CEO of Dirty Boys Studio. Chaos ensues." (1789 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  bottom!jared  virgin!jared  top!jensen  pornstar!jensen  humor  schmoop  industry:porn  kink:voyeurism  kink:virginity  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:brutti_ma_buoni  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
Relax, It's Just Sex
"JDM.com is an amateur porn website specializing in the "gay education" of straight college guys. Jared's best friend Chad talks him into doing a couple solo videos to help pay his college tuition. What's a little gay porn in the grand scheme of things? And then Jared meets Jensen and everything changes. " (29,000 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  chad_michael_murray  sandra_mccoy  jeff_morgan  jared/jensen  jared/sandy  jared/chad  student!jared  pornstar!jared  bottom!jared  student!jensen  pornstar!jensen  top!jensen  drama  industry:porn  college  infidelity  kink:rimming  kink:switching  hothothot  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:alwayseven 
may 2016 by elwarre
The Safety in Lying
"Take one spy with amnesia and mix in a few guys with guns, a man named Jensen who has some secrets of his own, and a lot of questions with no answers and what do you get? Jason's not sure but that's one answer he hopes to find. Loosely based on The Bourne Identity." (26,498 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  samantha_ferris  sophia_bush  jared/jensen  bamf!jared  secretagent!jared  assassin!jared  hurt!jared  amnesiac!jared  bottom!jared  author!jensen  top!jensen  protective!sophia  action  drama  amnesia  spies/assassins  fbi/police  established!relationship  fandom:rpf  author:lostt1  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
Hold the Whipped Cream
"International Best Selling Author Jensen Ackles is all kinds of specific with the details of his life. He likes privacy, writing, and coffee; black, no sugar, hold the cream. He’s become a fixture at the local coffee shop, writing from his table every day for the past two years. His vices include routine, neatness, and structure. Jensen doesn’t do messes. Then there is Jared, recent post-grad basket case, who’s been coming in every day for caffeine he doesn’t need and bringing the increasing disaster in his life with him. Jared is a mess in all the ways Jensen is not and so Jensen offers to help Jared in the only way he knows how: by buying Jared a cup of coffee." (37,606 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  genevieve_cortese  chad_michael_murray  danneel_harris  jared/jensen  barista!jared  hurt!jared  bottom!jared  author!jensen  pining!jensen  top!jensen  hurt/comfort  angst  schmoop  abuse:domestic(past)  bakery/coffeeshop  issues:class  hothothot  kink:foodporn  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:dimpleforyourthoughts  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
Many Worlds
"Leave me alone, Jared," he slurs. The headache, thank fuck, is relaxing its vicious band around his temples, and he can think again. A little bit. "And stop calling me Dean." (5846 words)
sam_winchester  jensen_ackles  jared_padalecki  sam/jensen  jared/jensen  pining!sam  bottom!sam  pining!jensen  top!jensen  altered!reality  pwp  pining  hothothot  first_time  pairings:unusual  crossover  fandom:spn  fandom:rpf  author:wesleysgirl  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ The Broken Heart is Blind
"Jensen Ackles would be on top of the world, rising in the Pileggi organization and put in charge of the biggest deal in years, but all of the accomplishment is tarnished by the loss of his boyfriend Jared Padalecki. Jared broke his heart, left him for the Boss's son, but Jensen is beginning to believe he's not the only one keeping secrets." (17,785 words)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  chad_michael_murray  jared/jensen  vet!jared  protective!jared  hurt!jared  abused!jared  bottom!jared  secretagent!jensen  undercover!jensen  asshole!jensen  guilty!jensen  hurt!jensen  jealous!jensen  protective!jensen  orphan!jensen  top!jensen  hurt/comfort  angst  action  noncon/dubcon  abuse:domestic  criminals/mafia  undercover  spies/assassins  misunderstanding  jealousy  previous!relationship  fandom:rpf  author:dimeliora  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
"Jared made a promise to himself: if he's going to be this person, he is going to be fully aware of it. He isn't going to pretend Jensen will leave his wife any moment or that he means more than she does or that he can be upset about any of this when he's the one who came along and fucked everything up. He is taking what he can get." (8402 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  danneel_harris  genevieve_cortese  misha_collins  jared/jensen  jensen/danneel  pining!jared  hurt!jared  bottom!jared  pining!jensen  jealous!jensen  top!jensen  angst  infidelity  misunderstanding  birthday/holiday  pining  established!relationship  fandom:rpf  author:cherie_morte  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ Pangur Ban and the Very Friendly Viking
"Jensen is a plundering Viking. Jared is a monk who just wants to protect his precious books from the heathen invaders, but Jensen is less interested in the books than he is Jared." (5444 words)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  scribe!jared  monk!jared  kidnapped!jared  bottom!jared  warrior!Jensen  barbarian!jensen  chieftain!jensen  viking!jensen  kidnapper!jensen  protective!jensen  top!jensen  drama  historical  kidnapping  barbarians/nomads  hothothot  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:jay_tryfanstone  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ Book Knowledge
"Jared is a monk whose village is being invaded and taken over by raiding Vikings. Jensen is a Viking who is out to plunder something a bit different from his usual fare." (11,500 words) Part one of the Book Knowledge series
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  christian_kane  jared/jensen  monk!jared  reluctant!jared  kidnapped!jared  virgin!jared  bottom!jared  warrior!jensen  barbarian!jensen  chieftain!jensen  viking!jensen  kidnapper!jensen  top!jensen  historical  kidnapping  noncon/dubcon  misunderstanding  barbarians/nomads  kink:virginity  first_time  series/verse  fandom:rpf  author:morrezela  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ Uncommon Confusion
"It’s the day after Jensen has overtaken Jared’s town and conquered Jared himself. The Viking is nowhere to be found, and the guard left in his place isn't the most communicative bastard in the world." (2,575 words) Part two of the Book Knowledge series
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  tom_welling  jared/jensen  monk!jared  bottom!jared  barbarian!jensen  warrior!jensen  chieftain!jensen  viking!jensen  top!jensen  angst  historical  bonding/soulmates  issues:cults/religion  barbarians/nomads  established!relationship  fandom:rpf  author:morrezela  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ The Shortest Distance
"The year is 1935 and the Great Plains are hurting. Beaten down, dirt and dust-laden, the people of these Plains live in a constant haze. Jared is twenty years old and struggling to keep his adoptive family alive and cared for. When his husband Cole died, much of the faith in this land died with him, though they have stayed because this is their land. They stay because they belong here. Cole’s cousin arrives in from Montana two years too late, seeking to uproot his kin and change their lives. With nature against man and man against nature, no one remains the same." (27,109 words)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  jared/omc  cowboy!jared  hurt!jared  grieving!jared  bottom!jared  cowboy!jensen  protective!jensen  top!jensen  hurt/comfort  heartbreaking  angst  historical  grief  farm/ranch  cowboys  noncon/dubcon  homophobia  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:compo67  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
Gotta See a Man About a Thing
"Set in the 1920's, for the prompt Jared is a prostitute in a brothel. Jensen his regular client from the Working Hard for the Money v3 commentfic meme." (9843 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  hooker!jared  hurt!jared  bottom!jared  protective!jensen  jealous!jensen  pining!jensen  top!jensen  angst  historical  prostitution  jealousy  pining  slowburn  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:dugindeep  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
Escape to the Future
"Detective Jensen Ackles, pride of the Chicago Police Force’s special crime unit is asked by Captain Jeffrey Morgan to investigate the newest serial killings to hit the Windy City. The only problem – the killer escaped capture before and left only one victim alive, Jensen’s lover and life partner Jared Padalecki-Ackles. Can they find the Crimson Killer before he strikes again?" (99,774 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jeff_morgan  samantha_ferris  christian_kane  steve_carlson  sophia_bush  tom_welling  misha_collins  jared/jensen  author!jared  hurt!jared  kidnapped!jared  raped!jared  tortured!jared  drugged!jared  bottom!jared  officer!jensen  detective!jensen  understanding!jensen  protective!jensen  top!jensen  angst  drama  dark  casefic  kidnapping  torture  noncon/dubcon  drugs:nonconsensual  homophobia  issues:cults/religion  fbi/police  clinic/hospital  kink:bdsm  kink:foodporn  established!relationship  fandom:rpf  author:dark_shadows85  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
Given and Taken in Ink
"Author Jared Padalecki has created a sheltered existence for himself, believing that he's happy half-living his safe life. He hides behind his pen name so few people know the real Jared, as he protects himself from others finding out his books aren't 100% fiction. His new neighbour, Jensen Ackles, knows there's something different about Jared and pushes until he has no choice but to let Jensen in. When Jared's carefully constructed life collapses around him will Jensen even care who Jared really is or will Jared's worries become reality?" (30,793 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  sandra_mccoy  chad_michael_murray  jared/jensen  jared/chad  famous!jared  author!jared  hermit!jared  hurt!jared  bottom!jared  actor!jensen  guilty!jensen  top!jensen  angst  schmoop  industry:film  homophobia  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:marishna 
april 2016 by elwarre
It Takes a Lot of Water
"This is an AU where humans are split in two categories: powerful, dominant Masters and submissive, fertile breeders. First breeders and second breeders occupy each household in a precarious balance. This is Jared's household and his story. Reads like a/b/o." (156,891 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  misha_collins  jared/jensen  jared/omc  slave!jared  pregnant!jared  hurt!jared  whipped!jared  abused!jared  raped!jared  tortured!jared  bottom!jared  protective!jensen  clueless!jensen  guilty!jensen  top!jensen  altered!reality  angst  hurt/comfort  dark  scifi  timetravel  slavery  torture  whipping  noncon/dubcon  abuse:child  abuse:emotional/psychological  witches/wizards  demon_deal  slowburn  kink:abo  kink:mpreg  first_time  series/verse  fandom:rpf  author:compo67  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
Like a Bee on a Window
"Omegas are kept by Alpha/Beta couples to keep house and bear children. Jared was raised in a liberal family with only his alpha father and an omega mother, who were equals in their relationship, but they died when Jared was sixteen. Jared is placed with an alpha/beta couple but when he gets pregnant it’s the last straw to help him gather the courage to escape from his abusive alpha. He escapes only to run straight into alpha Jensen’s arms." (80,007 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  christian_kane  jared/jensen  omega!jared  parent!jared  pregnant!jared  slave!jared  hurt!jared  abused!jared  raped!jared  bottom!jared  alpha!jensen  parent!jensen  protective!jensen  asshole!jensen  clueless!jensen  guilty!jensen  top!jensen  angst  heartbreaking  noncon/dubcon  slavery  clinic/hospital  abuse:child(past)  abuse:emotional/psychological  resentment  underage  kink:abo  kink:mpreg  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:ashtraythief  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
Yours By Any Other Name
"Jensen gets jealous after watching Jared make out with an actress on set most of the day. Jensen then proceeds to show Jared he belongs to Jensen no matter who he is--especially if he's Dean Winchester." (3491 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  actor!jared  bottom!jared  actor!jensen  possessive!jensen  jealous!jensen  top!jensen  pwp  on_set(spn)  jealousy  hothothot  kink:bdsm  kink:rapefantasy  established!relationship  fandom:rpf  author:nyxocity  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ What You Should Know
"Jared is a mechanic in a small Texan town with a big secret. Jensen, a Staff Sergeant in the US Marine Corps, is that secret." (16,753 words)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  mechanic!jared  shy!jared  bottom!jared  bamf!jensen  military!jensen  hurt!jensen  tortured!jensen  top!jensen  angst  homophobia  military  torture  hothothot  kink:tattoos  first_time  established!relationship  fandom:rpf  author:sonofabiscuit77  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
Shipwrecked by the Laughter of the Gods
"Jared Padalecki had his plan all carefully laid out - Fuck the guy, keep him facing the cameras, then collect the money and run like hell. It was a simple job really. He wasn't too worried. And they were going to pay him so well... Jensen Ackles prided himself for his excellent judgment of truth and character. It had served him well so far, and he had no reasons to doubt otherwise. So when Jensen meets Jared, he thinks he has him all figured out..." (36,000 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jeff_morgan  danneel_harris  jared/jensen  athlete!jared  coach!jared  hooker!jared  criminal!jared  hurt!jared  guilty!jared  bottom!jared  journalist!jensen  rich!jensen  protective!jensen  guilty!jensen  top!jensen  hurt/comfort  angst  prostitution  blackmail  issues:class  industry:journalism  sports  permanent!injury  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:cyndrare  need:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
Only When I Breathe
"Author Jared Padalecki is notoriously reclusive, hiding away from his fame in a cabin in the woods. Reporter Jensen Ackles is trying to salvage his career, it seemed like going undercover to get the inside scoop on the author would do just that. He never planned on feeling anything for the man but that was just the way life worked sometimes." (38,145 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  christian_kane  jared/jensen  hermit!jared  author!jared  hurt!jared  bottom!jared  journalist!jensen  guilty!jensen  top!jensen  hurt/comfort  angst  abuse:child(past)  cabin/wilderness  industry:journalism  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:saucyminx  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
Gimme Danger
"Jared Padalecki -- professional skater: talented, good-looking, insufferably arrogant. Jensen Ackles, writer for Transworld Skateboarding magazine, isn't to happy when he has to interview the one and only Jared, who thinks he's God's gift to the skate world. And leave it to Jensen to be attracted to someone he hates. But will he learn that it's all just a front? What's the reason for Jared's cockiness and can Jensen learn to live with it?" (21,267 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  sophia_bush  jeff_morgan  chad_michael_murray  jared/jensen  athlete!jared  skater!jared  famous!jared  hurt!jared  bottom!jared  journalist!jensen  protective!jensen  top!jensen  hurt/comfort  angst  issues:class  industry:journalism  sports  permanent!injury  love/hate  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:the_acid_quill  need:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
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author:the_acid_quill  author:tipsy_kitty  author:topaz119  author:veronamay  author:wesleysgirl  author:yahnknshadows  bakery/coffeeshop  bamf!jared  bamf!jensen  barbarian!jensen  barbarians/nomads  barista!jared  barista!jensen  bartender!jared  bartender!jensen  beach/island  birthday/holiday  blackmail  bodyguard!jared  bodyguard!jensen  bodyguards/security  bonding/soulmates  bookstore/library  bottom!jared  bottom!jensen  bottom!sam  bouncer!jared  bountyhunter!jensen  bulimic!jensen  bullied!jared  bullied!jensen  bullying  businessman!jensen  cabin/wilderness  casefic  chad/chris  chad_michael_murray  chieftain!jensen  christian_kane  clinic/hospital  clueless!jared  clueless!jensen  clumsy!jared  coach!jared  college  cowboy!jared  cowboy!jensen  cowboys  cps/fostercare  crack  creature!jared  creature!jensen  criminal!jared  criminal!jensen  criminals/mafia  crossdressing!jared  crossover  curse/spell  danneel_harris  dark  dark!jared  dark!jeff  dark!jensen  dark!misha  deleted!fic  demon_deal  depressed!jared  depressed!jensen  depression  detective!jensen  director!jensen  disability  doctor!jared  doctor!jensen  dom!jared  dom!jensen  domesticity  dragon!jensen  drama  dreams/visions  driver!jensen  drugged!jared  drugs:nonconsensual  dystopia  eating_disorder  empath!jared  empath!jensen  erica_durance  escape/rescue  established!relationship  fairytale/fantasy  famous!jared  fandom:rpf  fandom:spn  farm/ranch  fbi/police  felicia_day  fighting/sparring  first_time  fostersiblings/stepsiblings  friendship  genevieve_cortese  ghosts  god!jensen  gods/goddesses  grief  grieving!jared  grieving!jensen  guilty!jared  guilty!jensen  hallucinating!jared  hallucinations  have:pdf  heartbreaking  hermit!jared  highschool  historical  homeless!jared  homelessness  homophobia  hooker!jared  hothothot  humor  hunger/starvation  hunter!jensen  hurt!jared  hurt!jensen  hurt/comfort  hypothermia  illness  illness:mental  incarceration  industry:film  industry:journalism  industry:porn  infidelity  interrogation  issues:class  issues:cults/religion  issues:gender/sexuality  jared/chad  jared/chris  jared/jeff  jared/jensen  jared/jensen/chris  jared/jensen/jeff  jared/jensen/omc  jared/misha  jared/omc  jared/padalecki  jared/sandy  jared/stephen  jared_padalecki  jealous!jared  jealous!jensen  jealousy  jeff_morgan  jensen/danneel  jensen/jeff  jensen/omc  jensen_ackles  jim_beaver  journalist!jared  journalist!jensen  katie_cassidy  kidnapped!jared  kidnapped!jensen  kidnapper!jensen  kidnapping  kink:abo  kink:bdsm  kink:bloodplay  kink:breathplay  kink:crossdressing  kink:d/s  kink:dirtytalk  kink:doublepenetration  kink:enema  kink:exhibitionism  kink:foodporn  kink:gangbang  kink:humiliation  kink:knotting  kink:lingerie  kink:manhandling  kink:mpreg  kink:piercings  kink:rapefantasy  kink:rimming  kink:roleplay  kink:spanking  kink:switching  kink:tattoos  kink:threesome  kink:toys  kink:virginity  kink:voyeurism  landlord/tenant  lawyer!jensen  lolita!jared  love/hate  magic  magical!jared  magical_realism  mark_pellegrino  mechanic!jared  mechanic!jensen  mental_institution  merpeople  merperson!jared  michael_rosenbaum  mike/tom  military  military!jared  military!jensen  misha_collins  misunderstanding  mob!jensen  monk!jared  mpd/did  music/dance  mute!jared  mystery  need:pdf  noncon/dubcon  officer!jensen  omega!jared  on_set(spn)  orphan!jared  orphan!jensen  osric_chau  pairings:unusual  parent!jared  parent!jensen  permanent!injury  photographer!jared  pining  pining!jared  pining!jensen  pining!sam  pornstar!jared  pornstar!jensen  possessive!jensen  powers!jared  powers!jensen  pregnant!jared  pretend!relationship  previous!relationship  priest!jensen  professor!jared  prostitution  protective!jared  protective!jensen  protective!sophia  psychic!jared  ptsd  ptsd!jared  ptsd!jensen  punk!jensen  pwp  raped!jared  recovery  religious!jensen  reluctant!jared  reluctant!jensen  resentment  revenge  rich!jared  rich!jensen  roommates  royalty!jensen  sam/jensen  samantha_ferris  sam_winchester  sandra_mccoy  schmoop  scifi  scribe!jared  secretagent!jared  secretagent!jensen  secretary!jared  selfharm  self_loathing  serial_killers  series/verse  servant!jared  sex:beach  sex:car  sex:church  sex:phone  sex:rough  sex:shower  shy!jared  shy!jensen  sick!jared  skater!jared  skater!jensen  slave!jared  slavery  slowburn  sophia_bush  spacetravel  spanked!jared  spies/assassins  sports  stalkers  stepfather/stepson  stephen_amell  steve_carlson  stockholm_syndrome  streetkid!jared  streetkid!jensen  streetkids  stripper!jared  stripping  student!jared  student!jensen  sub!jared  superhero!jared  superhero!jensen  superheroes  tattooartist!jensen  telekinesis  telekinetic!jared  telekinetic!jensen  telepath!jared  telepath!jensen  telepathy  text/email  theater  timetravel  tom_welling  top!christian  top!jared  top!jeff  top!jensen  torture  tortured!jared  tortured!jensen  touchstarvation  underage  undercover  undercover!jensen  understanding!jared  understanding!jensen  vampire!jensen  vampires  vet!jared  viking!jensen  virgin!jared  warrior!jensen  werewolf!jensen  werewolves  whipped!jared  whipping  wip  witches/wizards   

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