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✢ One Life Stand
"Stiles is used to selling himself to make ends meet. But it's getting harder to keep those ends meeting, and there's only so much of Stiles to go around. Until a too-fancy car shows up in his neighborhood, and he meets Derek Hale. All Derek wants is Stiles's time, someone to stay on his arm for events and smile for the cameras. It's the easiest job Stiles has ever had, the best-paying one he's ever had, and he's more than happy to sign up. Derek is everything and nothing Stiles expects him to be, with his tailored suits, sharp mind and his quiet way of caring. But it's just a job and Stiles never meant to fall in love." (84,278 words)
  stiles_stilinski  derek_hale  scott_mccall  allison_argent  jackson_whittemore  isaac_lahey  stiles/derek  scott/allison  student!stiles  hooker!stiles  pining!stiles  bottom!stiles  businessman!derek  pining!derek  top!derek  pov:stiles  schmoop  angst  misunderstanding  prostitution  college  issues:class  pining  pretend!relationship  first_time  fandom:teenwolf  author:vendelin  have:pdf 
march 2017 by elwarre
Those are the Days that Bind Us
His father wasn’t stupid. He was an officer of the law, trained to look for patterns. He confronted Stiles about werewolves and they shouted and Stiles tried to explain but his father was so, so, so mad, more mad than Stiles had ever seen him, ever in all his life and then his father looked at him and said, “It’s like you’re not my son anymore.” And Stiles broke. (52,171 words)
stiles_stilinski  derek_hale  sheriff_stilinski  allison_argent  scott_mccall  lydia_martin  jackson_whittemore  erica_reyes  vernon_boyd  alan_deaton  chris_argent  stiles/derek  stiles/omc  scott/allison  lydia/jackson  bamf!stiles  smart!stiles  magical!stiles  powers!stiles  protective!stiles  hurt!stiles  ptsd!stiles  pining!stiles  asshole!derek  guilty!derek  pining!derek  asshole!scott  pov:stiles  action  angst  hurt/comfort  magic  ptsd  eating_disorder  curse/spell  slowburn  pining  first_time  tw:postseries  fandom:teenwolf  author:s_a_m 
january 2017 by elwarre
Mindless Trinket
"The kingdom of Beacon is separated into the three Circles; The First Circle is the stronghold of the Court; the Second holds the key to trade and business among the majority of its people; the Third holds the dredges of humanity, barely able to live on the rationing during the war against the Argent armies. Stiles does what he must to survive and protect his loved ones, which begs the question: How much could the life of a whore be worth?" (66,871 words) First in an unfinished series, so the story is left open-ended. LOTS of warnings for Stiles's experiences in a dark world.
stiles_stilinski  derek_hale  erica_reyes  alan_deaton  vernon_boyd  melissa_mccall  scott_mccall  isaac_lahey  allison_argent  laura_hale  talia_hale  lydia_martin  adrian_harris  deucalion  kali  sheriff_stilinski  jackson_whittemore  stiles/derek  scott/allison  erica/boyd  lydia/jackson  hooker!stiles  hurt!stiles  abused!stiles  whipped!stiles  tortured!stiles  arrested!stiles  bottom!stiles  protective!derek  royalty!derek  pining!derek  top!derek  protective!erica  fairytale/fantasy  friendship  angst  prostitution  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  whipping  torture  incarceration  self_loathing  issues:class  fighting/sparring  underage  pining  kink:marking  first_time  series/verse  tw:au:no!fire  tw:au:historical/fantasy  fandom:teenwolf  author:thecriminal  have:pdf 
september 2016 by elwarre
✢ Golden Boy
"Apparently it still amuses his uncle to buy sex slaves for him, no matter how steadfastly he refuses to use them. Derek ducks into his tent with a resigned sigh, prepared to dress and reassign whatever new beauty Peter has bought him. They do make for loyal servants, so he can't really complain about Peter's 'gifts'. But it is annoying to deal with, to have to spend his evening sorting out a slave instead of being able to go right to bed. It's just something he has to learn to accept as a byproduct of serving alongside his uncle." (127,727 words) (noncon is not between derek/stiles)
  stiles_stilinski  derek_hale  erica_reyes  peter_hale  lydia_martin  vernon_boyd  scott_mccall  allison_argent  stiles/derek  scott/allison  slave!stiles  hurt!stiles  raped!stiles  protective!stiles  bottom!stiles  warrior!derek  military!derek  royalty!derek  protective!derek  hurt!derek  pining!derek  top!derek  angst  hurt/comfort  historical  action  slavery  prostitution  noncon/dubcon  military  misunderstanding  pining  kink:bdsm  first_time  tw:au:no!werewolves  tw:au:historical/fantasy  fandom:teenwolf  author:trilliath  have:pdf 
march 2016 by elwarre
✢ Salutations or Something
He needed an actual hobby outside of work where he would interact with actual people who did not live with him or talk to him through the internet or his phone. Like yoga? His stupid mind supplied in an annoyingly accurate imitation of Scott’s voice. Stiles sighed. Like yoga. “Fuck.” (155,407 words) First in the Posing Problems Verse.
  stiles_stilinski  derek_hale  erica_reyes  laura_hale  scott_mccall  allison_argent  kate_argent  sheriff_stilinski  vernon_boyd  isaac_lahey  stiles/derek  scott/allison  stiles/ofc  bamf!stiles  smart!stiles  powers!stiles  magical!stiles  clueless!stiles  auditor!stiles  abused!stiles  hurt!stiles  kidnapped!stiles  ptsd!stiles  bottom!stiles  officer!derek  guilty!derek  protective!derek  top!derek  angst  action  schmoop  magic  abuse:domestic(past)  kidnapping  ptsd  fbi/police  confession/secrets  misunderstanding  slowburn  hothothot  kink:rimming  first_time  series/verse  fandom:teenwolf  author:ravingrevolution  have:pdf 
march 2016 by elwarre

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abuse:child  abuse:domestic(past)  abused!stiles  action  adrian_harris  alan_deaton  allison_argent  angst  animal_shelter  arrested!sheriffstilinski  arrested!stiles  asshole!derek  asshole!scott  auditor!stiles  author:discontentedwinter  author:ebjameston  author:ravingrevolution  author:s_a_m  author:thecriminal  author:trilliath  author:vendelin  bamf!isaac  bamf!stiles  blackmail  bottom!stiles  breakup  businessman!derek  casefic  chris/peter  chris_argent  claudia_stilinski  clueless!stiles  college  confession/secrets  cora_hale  cps/fostercare  curse/spell  derek_hale  deucalion  eating_disorder  erica/boyd  erica_reyes  escape/rescue  fairytale/fantasy  famous!derek  fandom:teenwolf  fbi/police  feral!derek  fighting/sparring  first_time  friendship  guilty!derek  have:pdf  historical  homeless!stiles  homelessness  hooker!stiles  hothothot  hunger/starvation  hurt!derek  hurt!stiles  hurt/comfort  illness  incarceration  isaac_lahey  issues:class  jackson_whittemore  jordan_parrish  kali  kate_argent  kidnapped!derek  kidnapped!stiles  kidnapping  kink:bdsm  kink:marking  kink:rimming  kira_yukimura  laura_hale  lydia/jackson  lydia_martin  magic  magical!stiles  malia_tate  melissa/jordan  melissa_mccall  military  military!derek  misunderstanding  noncon/dubcon  officer!derek  orphan!stiles  peter_hale  pining  pining!derek  pining!stiles  politicalfixer!stiles  politics  pov:stiles  powers!stiles  president!talia  pretend!relationship  prostitution  protective!derek  protective!erica  protective!melissa  protective!stiles  ptsd  ptsd!stiles  rafael_mccall  raped!stiles  revenge  royalty!derek  schmoop  scott/allison  scott_mccall  self_loathing  series/verse  sheriff_stilinski  sick!stiles  slave!stiles  slavery  slowburn  smart!stiles  spies/assassins  stiles/derek  stiles/ofc  stiles/omc  stiles_stilinski  streetkid!stiles  streetkids  student!stiles  talia_hale  top!derek  torture  tortured!derek  tortured!stiles  tw:au:historical/fantasy  tw:au:no!fire  tw:au:no!werewolves  tw:postseries  underage  understanding!scott  vernon_boyd  warrior!derek  whipped!stiles  whipping   

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