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Mr. Willis of Ohio
"The Willises moved in to Number 53 on a Thursday, at 1.38 pm. Martha didn't know their names then, of course, so she had to write 'new occupants' in her notebook, but she knew that the youngest son was called 'Sammy,' because the older boy yelled at him to stop dawdling while they were unpacking." (4087 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  sam/dean  protective!sam  hurt!dean  neglectful!john  pov:outsider  angst  hurt/comfort  resentment  established!relationship  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:flawedamethyst  have:pdf 
october 2016 by elwarre
dissolvit ut glaciem
Fill for this prompt over at xmen-firstkink: "Charles wasn't disabled by the bullet, but he was captured by someone evil after he was left on the beach. He was tortured into insanity and winds up kind of like River from Firefly. So... powerful, dangerous, vulnerable, the whole shebang. It's a shock for Erik to see him again in DoFP, with Charles as this powerful but completely insane mutant. Charles has been able to heal over the last few years, but there's still some damage. Would love them to get together." (7211 words) bittersweet
charles_xavier  erik_lehnsherr  hank_mccoy  logan  pietro_maximoff  charles/erik  bamf!charles  telepath!charles  telekinetic!charles  hurt!charles  feral!charles  bottom!charles  guilty!erik  top!erik  protective!hank  mansion!fic  angst  telepathy  telekinesis  resentment  ust  first_time  x:futurepast  fandom:xmen 
september 2016 by elwarre
✢ Cold Streets, Warm Sheets
"Sam Winchester is thirteen when the motel manager comes knocking, and sixteen when his job gets him into trouble." (11,747 words) Part 1 of the Heartbreak series
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  gen  hooker!sam  hurt!sam  abused!sam  clueless!dean  clueless!john  asshole!john  neglectful!john  casefic  angst  heartbreaking  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  prostitution  underage  self_loathing  resentment  witches/wizards  clinic/hospital  series/verse  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:seeemrunning  have:pdf 
september 2016 by elwarre
"Amanda only wanted what was best for her son, and after Sarek’s death, she was certain that Vulcan was not it. However, she had never expected it to be Iowa either, or rather, a poor little boy from Riverside." (44,819 words)
james_kirk  spock  amanda_grayson  winona_kirk  samuel_kirk  leonard_mccoy  frank(startrek)  kirk/spock  kirk/omc  abused!kirk  lonely!kirk  jealous!kirk  jealous!spock  virgin!spock  neglectful!winona  friendship  character_study  academy!fic  grief  loneliness  abuse:child  resentment  jealousy  kink:virginity  first_time  st:preseries(aos)  fandom:startrek(aos)  author:notboldly 
august 2016 by elwarre
Quiet in my Town
"When Arthur falls off the grid, Eames finds him taking care of a teenage boy that apparently is his brother." (26,878 words) The noncon is past and non-graphic.
arthur(inception)  eames  arthur/eames  reluctant!arthur(inception)  bottom!arthur(inception)  understanding!eames  protective!eames  top!eames  angst  hurt/comfort  domesticity  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  resentment  ptsd  dreams/visions  established!relationship  fandom:inception  author:osaki_nana_707 
august 2016 by elwarre
✢ Dysfunction
"The dictionary definition of dysfunctional is “behaving or acting outside social norms”. Dean looked it up the first time Sam lobbed it at him. The dictionary definition … well. It fits. Look at where he's from, how he came up in the world, how he lives and is it really any surprise?" (22,005 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  sam/dean  sam/omc  dean/ofc  hurt!sam  pining!sam  hurt!dean  protective!dean  pining!dean  neglectful!john  clueless!john  angst  heartbreaking  domesticity  resentment  character_study  pining  first_time  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:morgan  have:pdf 
july 2016 by elwarre
Between the Lines of Fear and Blame
"In the hunt for Lucifer, Sam is hurt and Dean has to embark on a quest to find his brother in more ways than one." (44,364 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  bobby_singer  gen  hurt!sam  addict!sam  protective!dean  protective!bobby  angst  selfharm  self_loathing  resentment  addiction  demonblood  demons  dreams/visions  clinic/hospital  spn:season:5  fandom:spn  author:faye_dartmouth  need:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
✢ Tuesday Plays the Piper
"In a world where the population is barely holding steady, those of either gender who are capable of bearing children are considered a prized commodity. In all places beyond Westchester, their rights are few--and, with Erik Lehnsherr poised to tear down the gates of the city, even that last haven is on the brink of destruction. But, for Charles Xavier, the consequences of conquest may prove to be more personal than political. No one quite knows why Erik is so set on capturing his old friend and partner in the war against Shaw: Charles is no bearer, and he's disinclined to aid Erik in firmly establishing mutant supremacy once and for all. Charles, however, is all too aware of Erik's reasons. Erik knows things about him that no one else does--things which, if brought to light, would would mean surrendering far more than just a kingdom." (374,102 words) This is an incredible story. It's painful and honest and refuses to give any easy answers, but it rings all the more true for that, and the ending, as raw as it is, is very, very satisfying.
  charles_xavier  erik_lehnsherr  emma_frost  ororo_munroe  logan  raven  armando_munoz  hank_mccoy  angel_salvadore  charles/erik  charles/moira  royalty!charles  military!charles  smart!charles  bamf!charles  parent!charles  telepath!charles  protective!charles  kidnapped!charles  hurt!charles  depressed!charles  abused!charles  pregnant!charles  bottom!charles  royalty!erik  military!erik  parent!erik  kidnapper!erik  asshole!erik  clueless!erik  possessive!erik  protective!erik  top!erik  understanding!logan  understanding!hank  pov:charles  angst  dystopia  military  telepathy  abuse:child(past)  abuse:domestic  kidnapping  brainwashing/mindgames  abuse:emotional/psychological  depression  resentment  noncon/dubcon  issues:sexism  bonding/soulmates  love/hate  kink:mpreg  kink:tattoos  kink:manhandling  kink:marking  kink:switching  x:au:historical/fantasy  fandom:xmen  author:sperare  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
✢ Winchester and Sons - Teen Years Series
"This series explores the lives of the Winchesters through the eyes of the youngest member of the family, Sam, beginning in 1992 and continuing through Sam's graduation from high school. John Winchester's Journal is used as a road map." (58,461 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  azazel  gen  protective!sam  smart!sam  hurt!sam  abused!sam  protective!dean  hurt!dean  arrested!dean  abused!dean  abusive!john  asshole!john  hurt/comfort  angst  casefic  resentment  abuse:child  abuse:emotional/psychological  demons  fauns  ghosts  tulpas  incarceration  spn:preseries  series/verse  fandom:spn  author:safiyabat  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
✢ Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
"Jensen's a cop. Jared's the bartender at the bar across the street from his precinct. They fall in love. Only, it's not that simple. Jared 's still running from his past, and Jensen's a man who doesn't know how to accept the present." (26,075 words)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  christian_kane  chad_michael_murray  danneel_harris  jason_momoa  jared/jensen  jared/jason  jensen/danneel  bartender!jared  hurt!jared  addict!jared  guilty!jared  bottom!jared  officer!jensen  hurt!jensen  understanding!jensen  hurt/comfort  angst  character_study  infidelity  addiction  illness  fbi/police  clinic/hospital  self_loathing  resentment  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:crimsonepitaph  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
Like a Bee on a Window
"Omegas are kept by Alpha/Beta couples to keep house and bear children. Jared was raised in a liberal family with only his alpha father and an omega mother, who were equals in their relationship, but they died when Jared was sixteen. Jared is placed with an alpha/beta couple but when he gets pregnant it’s the last straw to help him gather the courage to escape from his abusive alpha. He escapes only to run straight into alpha Jensen’s arms." (80,007 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  christian_kane  jared/jensen  omega!jared  parent!jared  pregnant!jared  slave!jared  hurt!jared  abused!jared  bottom!jared  alpha!jensen  parent!jensen  protective!jensen  asshole!jensen  clueless!jensen  guilty!jensen  top!jensen  angst  heartbreaking  noncon/dubcon  slavery  clinic/hospital  abuse:child(past)  abuse:emotional/psychological  resentment  underage  kink:abo  kink:mpreg  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:ashtraythief  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ Two-Headed Boy
"Sam's life from sixteen to twenty-two years old. This is a story of the last days of innocence during a sweltering Southern summer when Sam is so in love with his brother, he can barely stand his touch. It's the pain between them through lies, through jealousy, through seeing each other with someone else. Theirs is a story of leaving and Stanford, of Dean feeling lost and Sam nearly losing himself without his brother. It's fire and reunion and a love never lost - ever-present and no longer deniable." (208,265 words) Part two of The Invisible Boy series.
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  jessica_moore  sam/dean  sam/omc  sam/jess  dean/ofc  student!sam  hurt!sam  pining!sam  jealous!sam  bottom!sam  depressed!sam  lonely!sam  anorexic!sam  protective!dean  clueless!dean  guilty!dean  jealous!dean  top!dean  top!jess  hurt/comfort  angst  depression  loneliness  resentment  selfharm  self_loathing  eating_disorder  issues:gender/sexuality  highschool  college  stanford  jealousy  pining  slowburn  hothothot  kink:switching  kink:crossdressing  kink:d/s  kink:rimming  kink:pegging  kink:brotherkink  kink:somnophilia  first_time  spn:preseries  series/verse  fandom:spn  author:dollylux  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ The Ballad of the Invisible Boy
"This is a story of adolescence. This is a love letter for the slow burn, for Led Zeppelin, for the 90s. This is the first of two sets of stories about how Sam and Dean didn’t fall in love. They never had to. It was always there, this desperation between them, like a real, breathing thing. When they came together, it was inevitable. As sure as continents colliding, as the phases of the moon and the life and death of stars. This isn’t a love story, but it’s a story of love." (57,490 words) Part one of The Invisible Boy series.
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  sam/ofc  dean/ofc  hurt!sam  depressed!sam  pining!sam  protective!dean  clueless!dean  hurt/comfort  angst  heartbreaking  depression  selfharm  self_loathing  resentment  pining  slowburn  unrequited  kink:voyeurism  kink:dirtytalk  kink:rimming  spn:preseries  series/verse  fandom:spn  author:dollylux  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre

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