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✢ The Husbandman
"All his life, Jensen has been followed around by a pack of dogs. What nobody ever told him was that it was a sign of the mystical favor of the huntsman." (10,500 words plus timestamp)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  powers!jared  hunter!jared  top!jared  blacksmith!jensen  reluctant!jensen  bottom!jensen  fairytale/fantasy  bonding/soulmates  first_time  series/verse  fandom:rpf  author:morrezela  have:pdf 
september 2016 by elwarre
✢ Man in a Candy Store
"Jensen is an embittered huntsman out to rid the world of evil magic users, and the good mage Jared is on his hit list." (6,500 words plus a bunch of timestamps)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  chad_michael_murray  jared/jensen  magical!jared  powers!jared  bottom!jared  hunter!jensen  top!jensen  fairytale/fantasy  humor  magic  bonding/soulmates  first_time  series/verse  fandom:rpf  author:morrezela  have:pdf 
september 2016 by elwarre
Lorem Ipsum
"Jensen can do magic, mostly by accident. Once he starts college he thinks he's got his powers under control, but that's until he meets Jared and things starts to get out of hand." (5000 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  powers!jared  magical!jared  student!jared  powers!jensen  magical!jensen  student!jensen  schmoop  crack  humor  magic  college  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:jeyhawk  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
"Jared really can’t help his dirty thoughts, not when the meeting is so boring and Jensen so pretty. And if he has to suffer through this, well he’ll make sure Jensen is right there with him." (4190 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  powers!jared  telepath!jared  superhero!jared  bottom!jared  powers!jensen  superhero!jensen  top!jensen  humor  pwp  superheroes  telepathy  kink:dirtytalk  established!relationship  fandom:rpf  author:ashtraythief  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
I Have a Voice that is My Savior
"Jared has been talking to a boy since he was four years old. Only trouble is, the boy is in his head." (4000 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  genevieve_cortese  chad_michael_murray  jared/jensen  powers!jared  powers!jensen  college  bonding/soulmates  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:sweet_lyri 
june 2016 by elwarre
Gemini Ecliptic
"The battle high above the Academy brought Gemini into the public eye, but now they find themselves in the midst of a game of mystery and danger. As their abilities continue to develop at a shocking pace, new threats emerge from unexpected places. As they struggle to finally give humanity the edge in a war of extinction, shadows threaten to eclipse them and their allies, both old and new." (96,155 words) sequel to "Gemini Rising"
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  powers!jared  empath!jared  telekinetic!jared  telepath!jared  powers!jensen  empath!jensen  telekinetic!jensen  telepath!jensen  scifi  spacetravel  military  telepathy  telekinesis  bonding/soulmates  established!relationship  series/verse  fandom:rpf  author:aletheo  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
✢ Gemini Rising
"In the three-thousand years after Terra, humanity flourished in a Golden Age of prosperity and happiness. Until the silicates. No means to communicate, no method for diplomacy, mankind fought back against the onslaught with all they had, but they were slowly losing the war. At the brink of extinction, man's greatest hope lies with two young men who's extraordinary abilities have shockingly and violently awoken." (107,700 words) Sequel: "Gemini Ecliptic"
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jeff_morgan  samantha_ferris  michael_rosenbaum  tom_welling  christian_kane  alona_tal  erica_durance  misha_collins  chad_michael_murray  jared/jensen  bamf!jared  powers!jared  telekinetic!jared  empath!jared  telepath!jared  doctor!jared  bottom!jared  bamf!jensen  powers!jensen  empath!jensen  telepath!jensen  telekinetic!jensen  top!jensen  drama  action  scifi  spacetravel  telekinesis  telepathy  military  dreams/visions  cabin/wilderness  bonding/soulmates  first_time  series/verse  fandom:rpf  author:aletheo  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
Chasing Darkness
"Discharged from the military after the war and unable to find a regular job, Jensen and Dani end up on JD’s mining planet Wora. It’s one of the most hostile environments in the Old Galaxy, but the pay is astronomical. The job sounds easy enough: protect the miners. While battling the demons of his past, Jensen meets Jared, a beautiful, sought after companion, who is isolated by his own secrets. Jared had come to Wora, dragged by Chad, with the need to make some serious money. It doesn’t take Jensen long to figure out Jared’s secret and he has to decide how much he’s willing to risk to protect him." (85,000 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  danneel_harris  chad_michael_murray  jeff_morgan  jared/jensen  jared/omc  powers!jared  hooker!jared  bottom!jared  powers!jensen  military!jensen  bamf!jensen  protective!jensen  top!jensen  action  angst  schmoop  scifi  prostitution  dreams/visions  self_loathing  military  spacetravel  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:ashtraythief  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
✢ Superheroes Suck, or, The Unfortunately Extraordinary Life of Jensen Ackles
"Jensen hates superheroes. Having grown up with not one, but two, of them in the family, he's more than aware of just how much having a spandex-clad alter ego can cock up the rest of your life. Luckily, his own powers tend towards the more passive, hippie florist side of things which - while embarrassing - means that all that superhero crap is someone else's problem. Or it would, if not for the frequent interference of superhero-obsessed friends, hostage situations, hotshot new superheroes and irritating relatives. Not to mention a boyfriend who has the uncanny ability to go missing whenever bad things are going down somewhere else in the city. Sometimes, Jensen's life is kind of bullshit." (33,055 words plus timestamp)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  steve_carlson  christian_kane  jared/jensen  bamf!jared  powers!jared  geek!jared  top!jared  powers!jensen  florist!jensen  bartender!jensen  bottom!jensen  action  angst  schmoop  humor  superheroes  gardens  undercover  fbi/police  hothothot  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:cleflink  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
The Gifted
"Jensen is one of the ‘gifted.’ Most of the world doesn’t know that his kind exists because the government hunts them down and takes them to a training facility. He’s treated well, but even a gilded cage is still a cage. Just ask the feral murderer that lives at the edge of the compound." (17,375 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  powers!jared  protective!jared  possessive!jared  feral!jared  hurt!jared  abused!jared  top!jared  powers!jensen  protective!jensen  hurt!jensen  bottom!jensen  action  friendship  incarceration  illness:mental  escape/rescue  cabin/wilderness  bonding/soulmates  kink:manhandling  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:morrezela  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
✢ This Hell We've Made
"Except for the fact that they were both born with remarkable superhuman abilities, and a seething mutual dislike, Jared and Jensen have nothing in common. Turns out, though, that they may also be the only ones who can save each other from themselves." (68,362 words)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jeff_morgan  sandra_mccoy  misha_collins  tom_welling  chad_michael_murray  jared/jensen  bamf!jared  superhero!jared  powers!jared  empath!jared  protective!jared  hurt!jared  virgin!jared  reluctant!jared  bottom!jared  bamf!jensen  superhero!jensen  powers!jensen  protective!jensen  hurt!jensen  abused!jensen  ptsd!jensen  top!jensen  hurt/comfort  angst  humor  action  superheroes  abuse:child(past)  prostitution  selfharm  cps/fostercare  ptsd  fighting/sparring  love/hate  bonding/soulmates  hothothot  kink:dirtytalk  kink:virginity  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:bewaretheides15  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
Not a Nashville Party
"J2, R, non-AU, total ignoring of wives and reality. In which Jared and Jensen can actually read each others' minds, much to their confusion." (975 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  actor!jared  powers!jared  telepath!jared  actor!jensen  powers!jensen  telepath!jensen  schmoop  telepathy  industry:film  on_set(spn)  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:poor_choices  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
What Jensen Wants
" An on-set accident leaves Jared able to hear Jensen’s thoughts. He’s more than a little surprised as what Jensen’s thinking about. Based loosely on the premise of the movie What Women Want." (4600 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  sandra_mccoy  jared/jensen  jared/sandy  actor!jared  powers!jared  telepath!jared  psychic!jared  bottom!jared  actor!jensen  top!jensen  humor  telepathy  industry:film  on_set(spn)  kink:dirtytalk  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:azraelz_angel 
may 2016 by elwarre
✢ An Aura of Colored Sprinkles
"Jared, part-time hooker and demon-fighting wizard, spends most of his nights either entertaining clients or hunting the increasing number of demons that roam the city. Some nights he does both. After successfully ridding the streets of yet another demon, Jared uses his abilities to rescue actor Jensen Ackles from certain death. He promptly gets roped into becoming Jensen's bodyguard by Jensen's surly werewolf best friend. Jensen's ignorance of Jared's new responsibility doesn't make the job any easier, nor does the secret Jensen is keeping: werewolves are one thing, but dragons aren't even supposed to exist." (35,040 words)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  aldis_hodge  christian_kane  jared/jensen  jared/jensen/chris  wizard!jared  magical!jared  powers!jared  hooker!jared  homeless!jared  dragon!jensen  creature!jensen  magical!jensen  powers!jensen  possessive!jensen  actor!jensen  angst  action  magic  homelessness  prostitution  industry:film  werewolves  dragons  witches/wizards  demons  bonding/soulmates  kink:threesome  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:walking_tornado  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
Semiautomagic AU Verse
"When Chris Kane, detective with the Special Investigations Unit, asks Jensen to consult on a gruesome murder case, Jensen doesn't know what he's getting himself into. Within days he has to find the killer, solve the case and try to stay alive, as apparently more than one powerful creature is interested in the outcome of this case. Or rather with the case never being solved." (79,071 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  christian_kane  steve_carlson  chad_michael_murray  samantha_ferris  jared/jensen  chris/steve  bamf!jared  powers!jared  creature!jared  vampire!jared  protective!jared  pining!jared  bamf!jensen  powers!jensen  wizard!jensen  magical!jensen  reluctant!jensen  hurt!jensen  action  humor  drama  magic  vampires  dragons  witches/wizards  fairies  clinic/hospital  fbi/police  pining  slowburn  preslash  series/verse  crossover  fandom:rpf  fandom:dresdenfiles  author:cala  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ Let it Burn
"Of all the ways Jensen Ackles could choose to die, being burned at the stake for being a witch, definitely doesn't rate in his top 50." (3200 words)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jeff_morgan  jared/jensen  powers!jared  magical!jared  druid!jared  protective!jared  top!jared  tailor!jensen  hurt!jensen  kidnapped!jensen  bottom!jensen  hurt/comfort  schmoop  historical  kidnapping  witches/wizards  magic  hothothot  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:ephermeralk  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
"Jared and Jensen are angels in God's army who can't stand each other. During some supposedly restful downtime, it comes to the attention of someone very important." (19,117 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  chad_michael_murray  metatron  jared/jensen  powers!jared  angel!jared  military!jared  girl!jared  powers!jensen  angel!jensen  military!jensen  humor  crack  angst  historical  genderswap  self_loathing  military  issues:cults/religion  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:fourfreedoms  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
And Her Lips Were Cherry Red
"After separating from his lover of five years, psychic Jared Padalecki finds himself at loss for what to do, but a plea from help from the FBI turns his life around and soon Jared and his estranged lover find themselves knee-deep in mystery, murders and ghosts with a very real threat towards their lives hanging over their heads. Can they unravel the truth before it's too late, or will their separation turn out to be of the terminal kind?" (46,000 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  chad_michael_murray  orlando_bloom  jared/jensen  powers!jared  psychic!jared  hurt!jared  artist!jensen  kidnapped!jensen  mystery  drama  angst  fbi/police  serial_killers  ghosts  previous!relationship  fandom:rpf  author:jeyhawk  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ Unto Thy Soul With Hoops of Steel
"Jared and Jensen each deal with their families, Jared meets Jensen’s parents, and something surprising happens that makes them wonder if they’re really so alone, after all." (10,000 words) Sequel to "Give Thy Thoughts No Tongue"
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  powers!jared  telepath!Jared  student!jared  powers!jensen  telekinetic!jensen  student!jensen  humor  angst  telepathy  telekinesis  college  sex:phone  kink:dirtytalk  established!relationship  series/verse  fandom:rpf  author:queerly_it_is  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ Give Thy Thoughts No Tongue
"Okay, so basically Jared is not Charles Xavier and Jensen is not Eric Lehnsherr, but they have superpowers, meet and fall in love anyway. I have already deemed this a ‘verse. There will be more. Title from William Shakespeare." (3200 words) Sequel: "Unto Thy Soul with Hoops of Steel"
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  student!jared  powers!jared  telepath!jared  student!jensen  powers!jensen  telekinetic!jensen  humor  angst  telepathy  telekinesis  college  kink:dirtytalk  hothothot  first_time  series/verse  fandom:rpf  author:queerly_it_is  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
How to Kill a Boy on the First Date
"AU. In which Jared is the Slayer: the one person in all the world who wields the strength and skills to stand against the vampires, the demons, and the blah blah blah - it's all in the handbook - and he would really, really like to go out with Jensen Ackles." (10,000 words) Sequel: "Chosen"
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  chad_michael_murray  danneel_harris  jeff_morgan  genevieve_cortese  jared/jensen  bamf!jared  powers!jared  hunter!jared  buffy!jared  student!jared  protective!jared  student!jensen  hurt!jensen  angst  action  humor  vampires  highschool  first_time  series/verse  crossover  fandom:rpf  fandom:buffy  author:transfixeddream 
march 2016 by elwarre
We Could Be Heroes (Just For One Day)
"AU. Jared Padalecki is not your run of the mill high school student: for one thing, he’s gay, and for another, he’s an empath. The first thing has made life at school hell, and when the new kid transfers, it looks like it’s going to get worse… but maybe Jensen isn’t what meets the eye, either. (otherwise known as the gay teenage superhero!au)." (26,500 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  student!jared  powers!jared  superhero!jared  student!jensen  powers!jensen  superhero!jensen  jealous!jensen  humor  angst  superheroes  highschool  homophobia  jealousy  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:alasse 
march 2016 by elwarre
✢ A Choir of Angels Inside My Lungs
Prompt: "Jared is one of the highest level empaths in the nation. Everyday, he's driven a little more mad by everybody's emotions- until he meets Jensen. Jensen is almost entirely without emotions-the only time he can feel anything is when he's slicing into his next victim...And maybe when he's fucking the tall, floppy-haired kid who's following him around like he's some kind of hero." (21,351 words)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  misha_collins  osric_chau  stephen_amell  katie_cassidy  genevieve_cortese  jared/jensen  jared/misha  jared/stephen  powers!jared  psychic!jared  empath!jared  hurt!jared  bottom!jared  powers!jensen  dark!jensen  protective!jensen  possessive!jensen  top!jensen  dark!misha  dark  casefic  illness:mental  mental_institution  serial_killers  fbi/police  abuse:domestic  kink:d/s  kink:exhibitionism  sex:phone  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:all_the_damned_vampires  have:pdf 
march 2016 by elwarre

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abuse:child(past)  abuse:domestic  abused!jared  abused!jensen  action  actor!jared  actor!jensen  aldis_hodge  alona_tal  angel!jared  angel!jensen  angst  artist!jensen  author:alasse  author:aletheo  author:all_the_damned_vampires  author:ashtraythief  author:azraelz_angel  author:bewaretheides15  author:cala  author:cleflink  author:ephermeralk  author:fourfreedoms  author:jeyhawk  author:keep_waking_up  author:morrezela  author:poor_choices  author:queerly_it_is  author:sweet_lyri  author:transfixeddream  author:walking_tornado  bamf!jared  bamf!jensen  bartender!jensen  blacksmith!jensen  bonding/soulmates  bottom!jared  bottom!jensen  buffy!jared  bullied!jensen  bullying  cabin/wilderness  casefic  chad_michael_murray  chris/steve  christian_kane  clinic/hospital  college  cps/fostercare  crack  creature!jared  creature!jensen  crossover  danneel_harris  dark  dark!jensen  dark!misha  demons  doctor!jared  dragon!jensen  dragons  drama  dreams/visions  druid!jared  empath!jared  empath!jensen  erica_durance  escape/rescue  established!relationship  fairies  fairytale/fantasy  fandom:buffy  fandom:dresdenfiles  fandom:rpf  fbi/police  feral!jared  fighting/sparring  first_time  florist!jensen  friendship  gardener!jared  gardens  geek!jared  genderswap  genevieve_cortese  ghosts  girl!jared  have:pdf  highschool  historical  homeless!jared  homelessness  homophobia  hooker!jared  hothothot  humor  hunter!jared  hunter!jensen  hurt!jared  hurt!jensen  hurt/comfort  illness:mental  incarceration  industry:film  issues:cults/religion  jared/jensen  jared/jensen/chris  jared/misha  jared/omc  jared/sandy  jared/stephen  jared_padalecki  jealous!jensen  jealousy  jeff_morgan  jensen_ackles  jim_beaver  katie_cassidy  kidnapped!jensen  kidnapping  kink:d/s  kink:dirtytalk  kink:exhibitionism  kink:manhandling  kink:threesome  kink:virginity  love/hate  magic  magical!jared  magical!jensen  mental_institution  metatron  michael_rosenbaum  military  military!jared  military!jensen  misha_collins  mystery  on_set(spn)  orlando_bloom  orphan!jared  orphan!jensen  osric_chau  pining  pining!jared  possessive!jared  possessive!jensen  powers!jared  powers!jensen  preslash  previous!relationship  prostitution  protective!jared  protective!jensen  psychic!jared  ptsd  ptsd!jensen  pwp  pyrokinetic!jensen  reluctant!jared  reluctant!jensen  samantha_ferris  sandra_mccoy  schmoop  scifi  selfharm  self_loathing  serial_killers  series/verse  sex:phone  shy!jensen  slowburn  spacetravel  stephen_amell  steve_carlson  student!jared  student!jensen  superhero!jared  superhero!jensen  superheroes  tailor!jensen  telekinesis  telekinetic!jared  telekinetic!jensen  telepath!jared  telepath!jensen  telepathy  tom_welling  top!jared  top!jensen  touchstarvation  undercover  understanding!jared  vampire!jared  vampires  virgin!jared  werewolves  witches/wizards  wizard!jared  wizard!jensen   

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