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✢ Warden Tabris
"He hates the alienage. He hates the mud and the stench and the humans who come in like they own the place, barging into people’s homes looking for trouble or drunk and slumming, calling them all filthy knife-ears even while they leer and grope at all the women and girls. Aeoin Tabris is going to be a Grey Warden." (86,500 words)
  tabris(male)  zevran_arainai  alistair  morrigan  leliana  zevran/tabris(male)  rogue!tabris  clueless!tabris  hurt!tabris  protective!zevran  pining!zevran  jealous!zevran  protective!alistair  action  angst  friendship  issues:racism  issues:class  homophobia  noncon/dubcon  misunderstanding  confession/secrets  first_time  fandom:dragonage  author:ibi  have:pdf 
6 days ago by elwarre
Walk Softly and Carry a Big Axe
"Six months after the events of DA:II, the Champion of Kirkwall and his companion, the Tevinter Fugitive, are exploring the north coast of Ferelden. Magister Danarius, having foiled Fenris' attempts to kill him in Act II, returns to reclaim his property and captures Hawke instead. Fenris, with unexpected and largely unwanted aid from Anders and the help of the Hero of Ferelden, journeys through the chaotic world of Thedas to rescue his beloved. After numerous random encounters--with dangerous foes, new and old allies, and powerful magic--and after the startling discovery that their rivalry hid a much deeper connection, Fenris and Anders free Hawke from Danarius' clutches. However, Danarius did not sit idly by with the Champion in his hands. After his experimentation, a far greater evil rises to burn across the face of Thedas. Fenris and Anders are called on to survive unthinkable horrors and fight that which they once sought to save, to preserve the Maker's world itself." (278,515 words)
anders  fenris  zevran_arainai  isabela  hawke(male)  tabris(male)  morrigan  fenris/anders  fenris/zevran  fenris/hawke(male)  zevran/tabris(male)  bamf!fenris  possessed!fenris  hurt!fenris  guilty!anders  possessed!anders  understanding!zevran  jealous!zevran  kidnapped!hawke  dark!hawke  rogue!tabris  angst  action  military  kidnapping  demons  brainwashing/mindgames  noncon/dubcon  torture  possession  revenge  jealousy  fandom:dragonage  author:its_in_the_water  have:pdf 
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When Will These Scars Begin to Fade?
"Through everything he had never seen himself as a victim, he was just himself and his partner was just his partner and their life together was just what happened." (7213 words)
merlin  arthur  will(merlin)  merlin/arthur  merlin/will(merlin)  hurt!merlin  abused!merlin  raped!merlin  scarred!merlin  protective!arthur  understanding!arthur  pining!arthur  asshole!will(merlin)  abusive!will(merlin)  hurt/comfort  abuse:domestic  noncon/dubcon  self_loathing  escape/rescue  recovery  infidelity  first_time  fandom:merlin  author:caledonia 
11 weeks ago by elwarre
Our Little Secret
"A dark part of Sam's past comes back to haunt him in the form of an old family friend. A simple dinner at Bobby's spins out of control." (10,843 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  bobby_singer  gen  hurt!sam  understanding!dean  pov:sam  pov:dean  hurt/comfort  confession/secrets  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  revenge  fandom:spn  author:lastarael 
11 weeks ago by elwarre
Let Me Help
"The Narada incident has just been dealt with, and Kirk is realizing that he's in worse shape than he would like to admit." (111,306 words) Part 2 of Shades of Blue and Gold
james_kirk  spock  leonard_mccoy  kirk/spock  kirk/mccoy  bamf!kirk  hurt!kirk  ptsd!kirk  guilty!spock  protective!spock  protective!mccoy  friendship  hurt/comfort  ptsd  abuse:child(past)  tarsus_iv  hunger/starvation  noncon/dubcon  recovery  slowburn  preslash  series/verse  fandom:startrek(aos)  author:maifai 
january 2019 by elwarre
Fly Low Carrion Crow
"Kevin has fled Edgar Allan, leaving Nathaniel and Jean behind to bear the brunt of Riko's unstable temper. Long used to having little power and control, to using what little advantages he has, Nathaniel refuses to allow the abuses to continue - especially to allow his lover to pay the price for Kevin's cowardice or Riko's growing madness. He'll do whatever he has to do to keep the one person he cares about safe." (5381 words)
neil_josten  jean_moreau  ichirou_moriyama  neil/jean  neil/ichirou  raven!neil  smart!neil  protective!neil  hurt!neil  protective!jean  asshole!ichirou  pov:neil  character_study  angst  sports  noncon/dubcon  established!relationship  aftg:au:different!path  fandom:allforthegame  author:nekojita 
december 2018 by elwarre
"Merlin and Arthur are kidnapped by bandits. When Merlin is assaulted by a guard, he's forced to use his magic in front of Arthur." (7218 words)
merlin  arthur  merlin/arthur  bamf!merlin  hurt!merlin  kidnapped!merlin  raped!merlin  kidnapped!arthur  protective!arthur  understanding!arthur  angst  hurt/comfort  kidnapping  noncon/dubcon  magic!reveal  confession/secrets  preslash  fandom:merlin  author:wangler 
september 2018 by elwarre
Qui N’avance Pas, Recule
"Upon reaching a breaking point, a young Nathaniel flees the Nest with his partner in tow to start life anew as Neil in Marseille with Jean ever at his side. It’s not an easy life, not when they often have to lie and steal (or worse) to survive, but they’re together. Upon a dare, Andrew Minyard joined the FBI instead of going pro with Exy – and is still involved in the world of the Moriyamas, in tearing down their empire. Now he has the best chance to break apart its foundations, and to do that he needs the help of a certain pair of criminals." (36,004 words)
neil_josten  jean_moreau  andrew_minyard  neil/jean  neil/andrew  neil/andrew/jean  bamf!neil  criminal!neil  protective!neil  hurt!neil  raped!neil  bottom!neil  protective!jean  hurt!jean  criminal!jean  jealous!jean  top!jean  officer!andrew  jealous!andrew  drama  criminals/mafia  fbi/police  noncon/dubcon  abuse:child(past)  jealousy  polyamory  established!relationship  aftg:au:different!path  fandom:allforthegame  author:nekojita 
september 2018 by elwarre
Or Remain Unsaved
Something happened. A lot, a lot happened. He needs to remember what happened. It's important that he remembers this right. "You can't control me," Matt tells Killgrave. Killgrave smacks his lips. "It's not you that I'm controlling tonight." (2664 words)
matt_murdock  frank_castle  foggy_nelson  killgrave  matt/frank  hurt!matt  raped!matt  possessed!frank  pov:matt  heartbreaking  possession  brainwashing/mindgames  noncon/dubcon  fandom:daredevil  author:katbelle 
july 2018 by elwarre
The Years of John Doe
"Mary Hatford dies not in California, but along the Canadian border, sending Nathaniel nameless and running scared. Call it luck, call it a twist of fate, call it whatever you want, but Nathaniel tumbles onto the streets of Detroit and right into the hands of one Natalie Shields. Ash covered, burnt and bloody, and completely alone, Nathaniel finds himself becoming someone new with the help of this raven-haired girl he should know not to trust. Going by John Doe, he's mute and ruthless and a member of the Detroit Bloodhounds. Natalie and John fight and they lie and they attempt to face their own demons. They find unexpected allies in each other and John finds that he's breaking the promises he made his mother left and right. The only question is, will it be worth it? John doesn't know, and he isn't even sure if he'll live long enough to find out." (18,780 words)
neil_josten  renee_walker  gen  bamf!neil  hurt!neil  abused!neil  scarred!neil  raped!neil  pstd!neil  mute!neil  streetkid!neil  student!neil  adopted!neil  bamf!renee  protective!renee  hurt!renee  streetkid!renee  student!renee  adopted!renee  pov:neil  pov:renee  friendship  character_study  angst  abuse:child(past)  permanent!injury  disability  noncon/dubcon  ptsd  streetkids  cps/fostercare  highschool  aftg:preseries  fandom:allforthegame  author:story_telling_sage  have:pdf 
july 2018 by elwarre
The Oceans Shall Freeze
"Even, the Berserker, has never wanted for anything, content with living out his days in solitude and blood. When his hoard makes a pit stop at a small Jutland village for the first time in years, he wants. So he takes. Isak has never known a life outside of his village. Now he must learn the new ways of the North in order to survive the seemingly endless winter. Can their hearts melt the ice that divides them?" (121,513 words)
isak_valtersen  even_bech_naesheim  eva_mohn  chris_schistad  vilde_lien  nikolai_magnusson  jonas_vasquez  isak/even  slave!isak  kidnapped!isak  hurt!isak  hypothermic!isak  virgin!isak  bottom!isak  viking!even  bamf!even  kidnapper!even  protective!even  possessive!even  jealous!even  top!even  historical  drama  angst  slavery  kidnapping  noncon/dubcon  whipping  hypothermia  issues:cults/religion  slowburn  jealousy  kink:virginity  kink:rimming  first_time  skam:au:historical/fantasy  fandom:skam  author:disconight  author:realityiwanted  have:pdf 
june 2018 by elwarre
Call Me Neil
"Andrew is 13 and his life is already a living hell. He decides to call a crisis hotline, but ends up dialing the wrong number. Instead, he is on the phone to a boy his age who calls himself Neil. They become friends and talk regularly, until one day Neil needs Andrew's help." (16,678 words)
neil_josten  andrew_minyard  neil/andrew  understanding!neil  grieving!neil  hurt!andrew  protective!andrew  angst  character_study  friendship  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  selfharm  slowburn  preslash  fandom:allforthegame  aftg:au:different!path  author:bakadoll 
june 2018 by elwarre
✢ You Say I'm a Dreamer
"Neil Josten wouldn’t say his life was very magical.
His dreams on the other hand. They always seem too real. And then there's the fact that he finds himself returning to one person's dreams." (58,530 words) I quite enjoyed this one.
  neil_josten  andrew_minyard  kevin_day  neil/andrew  powers!neil  protective!neil  hurt!neil  tortured!neil  scarred!neil  protective!andrew  hurt!andrew  drugged!andrew  pov:neil  angst  action  dreams/visions  torture  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  drugs:prescription  confession/secrets  misunderstanding  slowburn  first_time  fandom:allforthegame  author:idnis  have:pdf 
may 2018 by elwarre
It Seems You've Set it Running Free
The sound of an animal breathing, heavy and low, sounded through the dark forest. Neil dared to lift his head. He saw a large, light brown wolf standing in front of him, its hot breath curling up from its nose like smoke. ‘Are you going to eat me?’ Neil asked, his own breath also visible in the air while he slowly pushed himself up. In response, the wolf took a step closer, baring its teeth, a low rumble sounding through its body.(62,393 words)
neil_josten  andrew_minyard  allison_reynolds  renee_walker  nathan_wesninski  neil/andrew  hurt!neil  abused!neil  scarred!neil  werewolf!andrew  protective!andrew  pov:neil  fairytale/fantasy  action  magic  werewolves  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  revenge  first_time  aftg:au:historical/fantasy  fandom:allforthegame  author:idnis  have:pdf 
may 2018 by elwarre
✢ To Know Him
"Recently orphaned, Matthew Murdock is in high demand. And this time, Stick isn't the one to find him." (19,474 words - first in a wip series) Sooo good, and a really interesting world. I can't wait to read more.
  matt_murdock  natasha_romanov  wilson_fisk  bucky_barnes  clint_barton  stick  matt/natasha  matt/fisk  bamf!matt  assassin!matt  hurt!matt  tortured!matt  raped!matt  bamf!natasha  protective!natasha  pov:matt  pov:natasha  action  character_study  spies/assassins  brainwashing/mindgames  torture  noncon/dubcon  fighting/sparring  blackmail  previous!relationship  series/verse  crossover  fandom:marvel  fandom:daredevil  author:withthekeyisking  have:pdf 
may 2018 by elwarre
And If Your Glass Heart Should Crack
"Chris sometimes feels as though he's the only one who can see how broken Isak Valtersen is. And so he attempts to piece him back together, even when it feels hopeless." (13,882 words) Companion Piece to "All That You Can't Leave Behind"
chris_schistad  isak_valtersen  isak/even  protective!chris_schistad  hurt!isak  ptsd!isak  pov:chris_schistad  character_study  angst  friendship  noncon/dubcon  homophobia  ptsd  abuse:emotional/psychological  brainwashing/mindgames  self_loathing  fighting/sparring  fandom:skam  author:disconight  have:pdf 
march 2018 by elwarre
All That You Can't Leave Behind
"Isak looks at Even, with that soft and quiet adoration, the way he used to look at Jonas. This should be a good thing, right? No straight guy wants their best friend to be in love with them. Or: Jonas finds himself in a downward spiral when he realises his feelings for Isak were never purely platonic. When a painful event from their first year rears its ugly head, he manipulates the situation to his advantage." (107,802 words)
isak_valtersen  jonas_vasquez  even_bech_naesheim  eva_mohn  chris_schistad  isak/even  hurt!jonas  guilty!jonas  pining!jonas  jealous!jonas  asshole!jonas  addict!jonas  hurt!isak  raped!isak  ptsd!isak  protective!even  pov:jonas  angst  dark  hurt/comfort  friendship  noncon/dubcon  brainwashing/mindgames  abuse:emotional/psychological  drugs:recreational  addiction  illness:mental  ptsd  jealousy  unrequited  homophobia  self_loathing  selfharm  recovery  established!relationship  fandom:skam  author:disconight  have:pdf 
march 2018 by elwarre
Will You Still Call Me Superman?
"He really doesn't understand why people can't act like decent human beings. Or, Foggy takes care of the people he loves." (2811 words)
foggy_nelson  matt_murdock  marci_stahl  matt/foggy  ptsd!matt  understanding!foggy  protective!foggy  pov:foggy  hurt/comfort  ptsd  noncon/dubcon  first_time  fandom:daredevil  author:glorious_spoon 
february 2018 by elwarre
Remedy for the Malady
"Erik Lehnsherr is in love with his childhood best friend, Charles Xavier. But Charles is harboring dark secrets and spiraling out of control, trapped in a vicious cycle of self-hatred and loathing. While his mother and step-father try to keep him isolated and submit him to the warped teachings and guidance of the Catholic priest, Father Shaw. Erik has to learn that love won't be enough to save Charles while trying to help him defeat the demons both inside his head and without." (37,003 words - abandoned wip)
erik_lehnsherr  charles_xavier  raven  irene_adler(xmen)  sebastian_shaw  kurt_marko  sharon_marko  charles/erik  raven/irene  hurt!charles  ptsd!charles  abused!charles  protective!erik  pining!erik  priest!shaw  abusive!kurt(xmen)  pov:erik  angst  friendship  issues:cults/religion  homophobia  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  confession/secrets  ptsd  pining  preslash  fandom:xmen  author:waitfornight  wip 
february 2018 by elwarre
To Make a Happy Life
"Matt and Foggy move forward, learn to communicate, get to truly know each other, and possibly fall in love in the process. Not necessarily in that order." (71,707 words - WIP series)
matt_murdock  foggy_nelson  karen_page  jessica_jones  stick  matt/foggy  drugged!matt  protective!foggy  pining!foggy  asshole!stick  abusive!stick  friendship  angst  confession/secrets  drugs:nonconsensual  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  underage  touchstarvation  pining  first_time  series/verse  fandom:daredevil  author:katbelle  wip 
february 2018 by elwarre
"Harry doesn't know exactly what's happening, but something isn't right between him and Professor Lupin, and he's determined to find out why. Will Snape be able to help?" (70,334 words - abandoned WIP)
harry_potter  severus_snape  sirius_black  remus_lupin  gen  hurt!harry  abused!harry  raped!harry  ptsd!harry  protective!severus  guardian!severus  dark!remus  angst  hurt/comfort  domesticity  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  ptsd  recovery  hp:year3  fandom:harrypotter  author:lastcrazyhorn  wip 
february 2018 by elwarre
In Memory
"What if someone followed Hagrid the night he delivered Harry to the Dursleys? How would Harry's life have been different? AU that follows Harry as he grows up with the abusive Dursleys, and continues to his time at Hogwarts." (73,039 words - abandoned WIP)
harry_potter  draco_malfoy  lucius_malfoy  harry/draco  bamf!harry  slytherin!harry  hurt!harry  abused!harry  scarred!harry  clueless!draco  protective!lucius  angst  drama  politics  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  scars  preslash  hp:year1  fandom:harrypotter  author:becka  wip 
january 2018 by elwarre
✢ Could Frame Thy Mortal
"It’s normal. Spending every waking second watching Hale is normal. In many ways, Hale is his whole universe: tracking his movements, waiting for what he does next, wondering what he’s thinking. The only outside stimulation he gets otherwise is the shower visits, and even then it’s only when Chris is the one taking him that he gets any engagement. Stiles knows Hale like he knows the water pipe. The sixty two bars that line the side of their cage. Like the minute of cold water that hits Stiles’ skin before the heat finally comes in the shower block." Held in an Argent facility, never knowing who he can trust, Stiles pays for his survival with the only currency he has. (42,271 words) Dark and difficult and so well-written.
  stiles_stilinski  peter_hale  chris_argent  stiles/peter  stiles/chris  creature!stiles  bamf!stiles  kidnapped!stiles  hurt!stiles  raped!stiles  protective!stiles  kidnapped!peter  protective!peter  possessive!peter  dark  action  mystery  kidnapping  noncon/dubcon  brainwashing/mindgames  escape/rescue  werewolves  first_time  fandom:teenwolf  author:alternativename  have:pdf 
january 2018 by elwarre
Raven!Neil Series
"AU where Nathaniel was caught and sold to the Ravens after his mother's death. He escapes and joins the Foxes as Neil Josten, but when Andrew is sent to Easthaven, Riko threatens him with Proust if Nathaniel doesn't return." (3938 words)
neil_josten  andrew_minyard  neil/andrew  protective!neil  hurt!neil  raped!neil  tortured!neil  raven!neil  protective!andrew  understanding!andrew  hurt/comfort  dark  noncon/dubcon  torture  escape/rescue  established!relationship  series/verse  aftg:au:different!path  fandom:allforthegame  author:modernpatroclus 
january 2018 by elwarre
"The Fae king and queens have gone away, closing the knowes behind them and abandoning their offspring to the mortal world. As the Fae have spread far and wide, their bloodlines thinning if not vanishing forever as they flee from mortal persecution... two Fae have found a way to reopen the knowes - Kayleigh Day and Tetsuji Moriyama. The Fae regroup once more, the balance of power shifted amongst them, and 'changelings' appear now and then in the mortal population. Andrew Doe is one of those changelings, a young child suffering in the foster system, shunned by his peers for some reason and hearing voices in his head. Alex - the latest name gifted to him by a charm - is on the run along with his mother from his father, using their talents as shadow walkers to slide between worlds and stay one step ahead of the powerful Fae. Except even that is not enough anymore. Except that's not Alex's only talent." (291,539 words)
neil_josten  andrew_minyard  kevin_day  renee_walker  neil/andrew  fae!neil  bamf!neil  hurt!neil  kidnapped!neil  tortured!neil  raped!neil  whipped!neil  ptsd!neil  scarred!neil  fae!andrew  bamf!andrew  asshole!andrew  drugged!andrew  protective!andrew  ptsd!andrew  pining!andrew  action  fairytale/fantasy  magic  fairies  reincarnation  abuse:child(past)  kidnapping  noncon/dubcon  torture  whipping  escape/rescue  drugs:nonconsensual  ptsd  scars  bonding/soulmates  first_time  aftg:au:no!exy  aftg:au:historical/fantasy  fandom:allforthegame  author:nekojita  have:pdf 
january 2018 by elwarre
No Mourners, No Funerals
"In Ketterdam’s pleasure district you can find anyone. A wayward son trying to escape his past. A pampered noblewoman who chose a different life. A recovering addict who can’t turn down a bet. A stranded pirate in need of a boat. A deserter who is looking for a place to belong. A Grisha assassin who wants to be a better person. A convict looking to regain her life. A runaway who has become a killer. A survivor who has become something worse. These fractured isolationists must cooperate and trust each other to achieve their goals. An impossible heist with a big payout. A revenge scheme years in the making. A high stakes con that could start a war if it goes wrong. They probably deserve better, but if they got what they deserved then they wouldn’t be Foxes. A Six of Crows AU where the Foxes are a gang, Neil’s good at disappearing, and Andrew Minyard is the Bastard of the Barrel." (145,693 words)
neil_josten  andrew_minyard  renee_walker  nicky_hemmick  neil/andrew  criminal!neil  thief!neil  homeless!neil  hurt!neil  kidnapped!neil  clueless!neil  criminal!andrew  protective!andrew  reluctant!andrew  pining!andrew  action  criminals/mafia  spies/assassins  prostitution  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  kidnapping  escape/rescue  revenge  first_time  fandom:allforthegame  fairytale/fantasy  aftg:au:historical/fantasy  aftg:au:no!exy  author:gluupor  have:pdf 
january 2018 by elwarre
"Upon Mary Hatford's death, Nathaniel Wesninski makes the call to his uncle Stuart rather than continuing on the run and ending up in Milport, Nevada. Upon graduating university, Andrew Minyard turns down all offers of a professional Exy career and muddles through a 'normal' life, until the boredom and inanity of it all wears him down and he accepts an offer of a break to spend some time with his cousin Nicky in Stuttgart, Germany. There he meets Abram Hatford, a handsome and broken young man who has more in common with Andrew than he suspects, and nothing's normal anymore." (341,918 words)
neil_josten  andrew_minyard  nicky_hemmick  stuart_hatford  nathan_wesninski  neil/andrew  mob!neil  criminal!neil  bamf!neil  protective!neil  kidnapped!neil  hurt!neil  sick!neil  scarred!neil  bodyguard!andrew  bamf!andrew  protective!andrew  hurt!andrew  kidnapped!andrew  pining!andrew  action  drama  criminals/mafia  bodyguards/security  spies/assassins  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  torture  scars  kidnapping  revenge  illness  birthday/holiday  languages:multiple  pining  slowburn  first_time  aftg:au:different!path  fandom:allforthegame  author:nekojita  have:pdf 
october 2017 by elwarre
Drips, Ripples, and Waves
"Alec becomes a pawn in a Warlock’s game of revenge, and Magnus doesn’t realise until it’s too late that they’re playing at all." (2061 words)
alec_lightwood  magnus_bane  alec/magnus  hurt!alec  possessed!alec  clueless!magnus  dark  heartbreaking  noncon/dubcon  possession  kink:virginity  first_time  fandom:shadowhunters  author:foreverbright 
october 2017 by elwarre
The Way Glass Warps
"Kirk lands in the alternate timeline's version of the Mirrorverse, where he finds himself in the middle of what Mirror!Spock thinks is a prearranged and consensual BDSM scene. Jim can't blow his cover so he endures it, finding himself further humiliated by enjoying parts of it. But everything falls apart when Mirror!Spock realizes something's wrong." (11,237 words) Wow, so take the warnings seriously on this one
james_kirk  spock  kirk/spock  hurt!kirk  raped!kirk  mirror!spock  guilty!spock  protective!spock  angst  dark  noncon/dubcon  kink:rapefantasy  bonding/soulmates  first_time  st:mirrorverse  fandom:startrek(aos)  author:trieduntrue 
october 2017 by elwarre
Schrödinger's Romance
"It could be a relationship, it could not be. You can assume either until you see for sure the results." We all know those moments. Those moments when your family all gathers around you and asks "So, do you have a boyfriend yet?". Bucky knows these moments all too well and, quite frankly, he's sick to death of them. Unfortunately, being a 21 year old college student makes it harder for him to come up with excuses, and with Christmas coming up he needs to think of a way out fast. A chance encounter with a stranger through an old library textbook could just be the kind of miracle he needs to make it through the holidays with his last shreds of sanity intact. (192,220 words)
bucky_barnes  clint_barton  darcy_lewis  natasha_romanov  tony_stark  brock_rumlow  steve/bucky  steve/peggy  clint/natasha  musician!bucky  hurt!bucky  drugged!bucky  pining!bucky  artist!steve  orphan!steve  protective!steve  pining!steve  protective!clint  friendship  confession/secrets  abuse:domestic(past)  noncon/dubcon  bullying  homophobia  drugs:nonconsensual  birthday/holiday  college  pretend!relationship  slowburn  pining  first_time  author:the_stonedsoldier 
august 2017 by elwarre
Now My Neck is Open Wide
"Six months post-war, Harry meets Grayson Wenke, a famous Quidditch player. Harry believes he's found the love of his life, and a Happily Ever After ending suitable for the storybooks. When Grayson slowly goes from Prince Charming to a monster behind closed doors, Harry finds himself trapped, and alone, and fearing for his life. When Harry realizes he's pregnant, the opportunity for escape - and a real Happily Ever After - presents itself as none other than Draco Malfoy. The only question is if Harry is brave enough to take a chance, and strong enough to heal." (75,061 words)
harry_potter  draco_malfoy  harry/draco  harry/omc  hurt!harry  abused!harry  raped!harry  pregnant!harry  parent!harry  bottom!harry  author!draco  punk!draco  protective!draco  pining!draco  top!draco  angst  hurt/comfort  abuse:domestic  abuse:emotional/psychological  noncon/dubcon  self_loathing  pining  kink:piercings  kink:tattoos  kink:mpreg  first_time  hp:postseries  fandom:harrypotter  author:ladyslytherin 
august 2017 by elwarre
No Sign of Love
"Outed by the Daily Prophet, Harry escapes the Wizarding World and ends up on the streets. Desperate and in fear for his life, he Apparates to 'somewhere safe' and winds up in the entryway of the last person he expected to see." (52,374 words)
harry_potter  severus_snape  draco_malfoy  luna_lovegood  harry/severus  homeless!harry  hurt!harry  reluctant!harry  protective!severus  pining!severus  healer!draco  angst  hurt/comfort  friendship  self_loathing  homophobia  homelessness  hunger/starvation  noncon/dubcon  slowburn  pining  first_time  hp:postseries  fandom:harrypotter  author:asecretchord  have:pdf 
august 2017 by elwarre
✢ Nights of Gethsemane
"Harry is a prisoner of the Dark Lord and Snape his prison guard. Completely cut off from the outside world, Harry struggles to hold himself intact as he is forced to rely on Snape for everything. Yet Snape may not be all that he appears." (350,000 words) Sequel: Invictus
  harry_potter  severus_snape  lucius_malfoy  hermione_granger  ginny_weasley  bellatrix_lestrange  harry/severus  harry/ginny  hurt!harry  kidnapped!harry  whipped!harry  tortured!harry  raped!harry  drugged!harry  hallucinating!harry  virgin!harry  bottom!harry  protective!severus  guilty!severus  undercover!severus  possessive!severus  top!severus  pov:harry  drama  action  mystery  kidnapping  whipping  torture  noncon/dubcon  drugs:nonconsensual  hallucinations  dreams/visions  undercover  escape/rescue  hothothot  sex:rough  kink:piercings  kink:toys  kink:rimming  kink:virginity  first_time  series/verse  fandom:harrypotter  author:kibatsu  have:pdf 
july 2017 by elwarre
More First Than Sun, More Last Than Star
"A knight of Summer is sent to retrieve the prince from Winter. The knight is broken and the prince has ripped his own heart out. A fairy tale with a flowing narrative and a dash of darkness." (11,991 words)
charles_xavier  erik_lehnsherr  raven  emma_frost  charles/erik  charles/emma  royalty!charles  powers!charles  hurt!charles  kidnapped!charles  military!erik  hurt!erik  royalty!raven  fairytale/fantasy  pov:erik  kidnapping  escape/rescue  magic  military  noncon/dubcon  x:au:historical/fantasy  fandom:xmen  author:etirabys  deleted!fic  have:pdf 
june 2017 by elwarre
✢ To Trust
"Harry Potter is located in London in the dead of night. How exactly did he end up there, and what has he been doing? Well, any kid with half a brain knows not to talk to strangers." (74,744 words)
  harry_potter  severus_snape  albus_dumbledore  gen  adopted!harry  hurt!harry  homeless!harry  streetkid!harry  abused!harry  raped!harry  guardian!severus  protective!severus  understanding!severus  angst  hurt/comfort  homelessness  streetkids  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  prostitution  underage  hunger/starvation  selfharm  hp:prehogwarts  fandom:harrypotter  author:abie  have:pdf 
june 2017 by elwarre
Become a Bar Mitzvah
"Dad has him sit in the backseat. They sit in the backseat when Mom’s not home and the garage door is shut with the clicker. Dad lets Jake click it." (2639 words)
jake_peralta  amy_santiago  gina_linetti  roger_peralta  jake/amy  hurt!jake  abused!jake  understanding!amy  protective!gina  character_study  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  prostitution  underage  confession/secrets  fandom:brooklyn99  author:pinkejessman  have:pdf 
june 2017 by elwarre
Breaking Forward
"HP&OP. The professors no longer can scare Harry with talk of lost points, detentions or Quidditch suspensions. He's been beaten down for far too long, and he finally has reached his limit." (114,679 words) Seriously dark!Ron in this one, though in a way that comes across believable. Heed the warnings.
harry_potter  severus_snape  draco_malfoy  blaise_zabini  ginny_weasley  hermione_granger  ron_weasley  colin_creevey  albus_dumbledore  harry/sirius  hermione/ron  ron/colin  slytherin!harry  adopted!harry  hurt!harry  abused!harry  raped!harry  protective!severus  guardian!severus  protective!draco  protective!blaise  drugged!hermione  raped!hermione  asshole!ron  dark!ron  abusive!ron  dark!sirius  abusive!sirius  guilty!dumbledore  hurt/comfort  friendship  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  drugs:nonconsensual  confession/secrets  hp:year5  fandom:harrypotter  author:lastcrazyhorn 
june 2017 by elwarre
Dragon Singer
"When Charlie Weasley begins working at the Romanian reserve, he has no idea what a Dragon Singer is or how important the one that lives there will soon be to him." (51,296 words) An unusual and interesting story. Note the warnings - the first chapter is quite dark, but the story lightens up significantly after that.
harry_potter  charlie_weasley  sirius_black  severus_snape  albus_dumbledore  harry/charlie  sirius/severus  bamf!harry  creature!harry  dragonrider!harry  feral!harry  hurt!harry  abused!harry  raped!harry  kidnapped!harry  protective!charlieweasley  protective!sirius  protective!severus  asshole!dumbledore  action  hurt/comfort  humor  dragons  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  kidnapping  escape/rescue  underage  slowburn  bonding/soulmates  first_time  fandom:harrypotter  author:nahiel  have:pdf 
may 2017 by elwarre
Put a Price on My Soul
"Harry has become used to being a whore in the crapsack Wizarding World that’s now governed by Voldemort. Everything changes when Malfoy becomes his new pimp." (11,912 words)
harry_potter  draco_malfoy  lavender_brown  ron_weasley  harry/draco  hooker!harry  hurt!harry  bottom!harry  pimp!draco  protective!draco  top!draco  angst  prostitution  noncon/dubcon  abuse:domestic  escape/rescue  first_time  hp:au:voldemort!wins  fandom:harrypotter  author:lamerezouille  have:pdf 
may 2017 by elwarre
Wolf Series
"After his fifth year, Harry dropped out of his life and spent a year in muggle London's seamy underbelly. In this Part, Remus Lupin finally manages to find him, and Harry must decide whether to give up what little peace he's found and return to Hogwarts. But as usual, events conspire to make Harry's choice for him. Eventually Draco/Harry." I'm of mixed feelings on this one. On the one hand, the writing is excellent and captures Harry's dissociation perfectly. On the other, triggers ABOUND, and their in-story effects are mainly ignored. All in all probably wouldn't have read if I'd seen the tags ahead of time; still, I'm glad I did.
harry_potter  draco_malfoy  severus_snape  remus_lupin  hermione_granger  ron_weasley  lucius_malfoy  albus_dumbledore  harry/draco  harry/severus  harry/lucius  harry/voldemort  harry/ron  harry/omc  draco/voldemort  hermione/ron  bamf!harry  smart!harry  hooker!harry  addict!harry  creature!harry  werewolf!harry  crossdressing!harry  hurt!harry  raped!harry  tortured!harry  bottom!harry  asshole!draco  guilty!draco  jealous!draco  possessive!draco  top!draco  protective!severus  understanding!severus  reluctant!severus  top!severus  pining!ron  top!ron  pov:harry  angst  drama  prostitution  addiction  drugs:recreational  abuse:domestic  noncon/dubcon  torture  animal_transformation  werewolves  jealousy  breakup  kink:rimming  kink:switching  kink:powerbottom  kink:piercings  kink:crossdressing  kink:gangbang  first_time  fandom:harrypotter  author:colibri  have:pdf 
may 2017 by elwarre
"AU The Dursleys taught Harry to fear and hate magic and all things magical including himself. Now how long will it take the wizarding world see the damage done? And can they ever hope to fix it? Disturbing." (106,473 words - WIP) All the warnings. Heed them. This is DARK. It's also well-written and psychologically compelling, and, IMO, worth the read.
harry_potter  severus_snape  fred_weasley  george_weasley  charlie_weasley  minerva_mcgonagall  albus_dumbledore  dudley_dursley  vernon_dursley  petunia_dursley  gen  hurt!harry  abused!harry  raped!harry  whipped!harry  clueless!severus  protective!severus  clueless!dumbledore  protective!dumbledore  guilty!dudley  dark  angst  misunderstanding  abuse:child  brainwashing/mindgames  abuse:emotional/psychological  hunger/starvation  noncon/dubcon  whipping  eating_disorder  escape/rescue  clinic/hospital  recovery  birthday/holiday  hp:year1  fandom:harrypotter  author:dreamfall  wip 
may 2017 by elwarre
✢ Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
"When the worst case scenario is just the beginning of the fall, when you can lose all you loved and still keep losing more, when all you thought you'd be has become a mockery, when you have hit the rocky bottom, that is where, sometimes, you can find the strength to triumph at last." (36,540 words) This is seriously dark and seriously excellent.
  harry_potter  severus_snape  lucius_malfoy  hermione_granger  draco_malfoy  narcissa_malfoy  bellatrix_lestrange  pansy_parkinson  harry/severus  harry/hermione  bamf!harry  slave!harry  hurt!harry  tortured!harry  whipped!harry  raped!harry  creature!severus  ghost!severus  undercover!hermione  activist!hermione  dark  deathfic  activism/revolution  slavery  torture  whipping  drowning/waterboarding  noncon/dubcon  undercover  ghosts  established!relationship  hp:au:voldemort!wins  fandom:harrypotter  author:cluegirl  have:pdf 
may 2017 by elwarre
The Masks of Real Heroes
"One desperate decision has unimaginable consequences. When Harry received his letter at eleven, he turned down the offer to attend Hogwarts. He had to; it was his only chance to escape. Five years later and, in the brief moments he recalls his decision, he feels nothing but regret. Until an incident causes the opportunity to arise once more, and he is finally given the chance to escape that which has smothered him for so long." (272,230 words) Part 1 of From Slips to Steps
harry_potter  draco_malfoy  neville_longbottom  hermione_granger  blaise_zabini  pansy_parkinson  ron_weasley  luna_lovegood  ginny_weasley  minerva_mcgonagall  severus_snape  remus_lupin  sirius_black  albus_dumbledore  narcissa_malfoy  lucius_malfoy  harry/draco  harry/omc  bamf!harry  smart!harry  protective!harry  hurt!harry  abused!harry  raped!harry  ptsd!harry  hypothermic!harry  protective!draco  understanding!draco  grieving!draco  protective!narcissa  hurt!narcissa  bwl!neville  friendship  action  hurt/comfort  grief  abuse:child  hunger/starvation  touchstarvation  noncon/dubcon  underage  ptsd  hypothermia  confession/secrets  revenge  languages:multiple  birthday/holiday  slowburn  first_time  series/verse  hp:au:not!bwl  hp:au:different!hogwarts  fandom:harrypotter  author:aelys_althea  have:pdf 
may 2017 by elwarre
Skin Deep
"Harry and his friends create a new type of magic embodied in Harry’s tattoos to keep him protected from his uncle. When the new magic works Harry is removed to Hogwarts where Dumbledore finally tells him the truth. Severitus. Written PreHBP HarryBill." (231,238 words) An engaging story despite some OOC elements and disjointed moments.
harry_potter  severus_snape  bill_weasley  hermione_granger  ron_weasley  draco_malfoy  poppy_pomfrey  remus_lupin  albus_dumbledore  harry/bill  smart!harry  bamf!harry  professor!harry  healer!harry  undercover!harry  protective!harry  hurt!harry  abused!harry  raped!harry  ptsd!harry  amnesiac!harry  bottom!harry  protective!billweasley  top!billweasley  parent!severus  protective!severus  understanding!draco  bamf!hermione  protective!hermione  asshole!dumbledore  dark!dumbledore  arrested!dumbledore  hurt/comfort  angst  friendship  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  hunger/starvation  ptsd  amnesia  undercover  fighting/sparring  animal_transformation  kink:tattoos  kink:exhibitionism  kink:switching  established!relationship  hp:postseries  fandom:harrypotter  author:vingilot 
may 2017 by elwarre
Harry Potter and the Pureblood Prince
"When Draco comes to live with Harry and his relatives for the summer after fifth year, Harry thinks life at Privet Drive has reached an all-time low. Little does either boy know what surprises lie in store for them, as unexpected discoveries will be made and long-held preconceptions will be called into question." (252,255 words) Tagged as gen because the paired relationships are incredibly minor to the story.
harry_potter  draco_malfoy  hermione_granger  ron_weasley  luna_lovegood  ginny_weasley  neville_longbottom  albus_dumbledore  vernon_dursley  petunia_dursley  dudley_dursley  fred_weasley  george_weasley  gen  harry/luna  hermione/ron  bamf!harry  hurt!harry  abused!harry  whipped!harry  raped!harry  bamf!draco  protective!draco  clueless!draco  bullied!draco  hurt!draco  asshole!dumbledore  dark!dumbledore  angst  friendship  action  abuse:child  whipping  hunger/starvation  noncon/dubcon  bullying  torture  revenge  escape/rescue  permanent!injury  hp:year6  fandom:harrypotter  author:obsessionist  have:pdf 
april 2017 by elwarre
Bleeding Clown
"Harry receives a diary from Dumbledore but when he writes in it, he receives an unexpected response. Who is this correspondent? Abused!Harry rescued from Dursleys, Mentor!Snape." (89,039 words - WIP - left off ch30)
harry_potter  severus_snape  draco_malfoy  albus_dumbledore  gen  hurt!harry  abused!harry  raped!harry  ptsd!harry  addict!harry  sick!harry  poisoned!harry  protective!severus  clueless!draco  angst  confession/secrets  abuse:child  hunger/starvation  noncon/dubcon  addiction  drugs:recreational  illness  poison  selfharm  ptsd  escape/rescue  fandom:harrypotter  author:parselslyth  wip 
april 2017 by elwarre
Prometheus Bound
"Harry survives an unbearable summer and returns to Hogwarts to learn secrets about himself that he really could have done without. He’s lost his sight, all illusions about his parentage, and now will he lose himself." (172,430 words) Lots of warnings on this one, but a well-written and intriguing story nonetheless.
harry_potter  severus_snape  albus_dumbledore  draco_malfoy  hermione_granger  neville_longbottom  ron_weasley  remus_lupin  ginny_weasley  gen  bamf!harry  protective!harry  hurt!harry  abused!harry  whipped!harry  raped!harry  blind!harry  ptsd!harry  lonely!harry  arrested!harry  parent!severus  protective!severus  guilty!severus  understanding!draco  protective!hermione  asshole!ron  pov:harry  angst  action  hurt/comfort  abuse:child  whipping  hunger/starvation  incarceration  noncon/dubcon  ptsd  self_loathing  selfharm  loneliness  permanent!injury  disability  confession/secrets  hp:year6  fandom:harrypotter  author:dius_corvus  need:pdf 
april 2017 by elwarre
The Oxyuranus Perspective
"When Draco gets stuck in his Animagus form, and only Harry can help him, he hides in Harry's trunk on his way to the Dursleys for the Summer. However, what will happen when he learns more about the Boy-Who-Lived than what he ever thought possible? Will it change his perspective? Post!OotP. Ignores HBP." (4992 words)
harry_potter  draco_malfoy  vernon_dursley  gen  hurt!harry  abused!harry  raped!harry  creature!draco  protective!draco  pov:draco  angst  confession/secrets  animal_transformation  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  fandom:harrypotter  author:silvershadowwolf 
march 2017 by elwarre
A Secret History
"A secret history is a version of history at odds with commonly accepted historical narrative, a history claimed to have been deliberately suppressed or fogotten. Harry Potter, struggling to make a life for himself after the war, is about to discover his." (mid-length)
harry_potter  draco_malfoy  hermione_granger  severus_snape  ron_weasley  arthur_weasley  harry/draco  hurt!harry  amnesiac!harry  abused!harry  raped!harry  ptsd!harry  understanding!draco  protective!draco  dark!arthurweasley  angst  hurt/comfort  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  underage  amnesia  ptsd  recovery  established!relationship  hp:postseries  fandom:harrypotter  author:warholhp  have:pdf 
march 2017 by elwarre
Like an Arrow through a Flock of Doves
"When he takes the rap for a crime committed by Barney and the Swordsman, Clint is charged as an adult at 17 and spends the next four years of his life without protection in prison. Enter one Neal Caffrey, who knows how to charm his way to whatever he wants or needs, and Clint's life gets a lot more interesting. Pretty much, the story of Clint in prison, Clint getting out, and Clint, like always, finding his way to SHIELD, and Phil." (62,883 words) PLEASE note the warnings on this. The first half of this was too much for me, but the recovery section was enjoyable to read.
clint_barton  phil_coulson  neal_caffrey  peter_burke  elizabeth_burke  tony_stark  natasha_romanov  steve_rogers  bruce_banner  thor  clint/phil  hurt!clint  arrested!clint  abused!clint  tortured!clint  raped!clint  homeless!clint  ptsd!clint  protective!clint  protective!phil  clueless!phil  guilty!phil  understanding!phil  protective!neal  pov:clint  angst  hurt/comfort  friendship  incarceration  abuse:domestic  noncon/dubcon  kink:gangbang  torture  crucifixion  permanent!injury  homelessness  hunger/starvation  ptsd  clinic/hospital  recovery  slowburn  kink:tattoos  first_time  crossover  fandom:marvel  fandom:whitecollar  author:hoosierbitch  author:arsenic  have:pdf 
march 2017 by elwarre
Skin and Bones
"Written for a prompt on the kink meme that suggested Emma Frost implanting a hideous compulsion in Erik's head; not completely carried out because Charles can take care of himself when threatened, but still terrifying. But not enough to break them apart, because they won't let that happen. Aftermath, Erik and Charles holding each other, hope." (3701 words) The possession tag isn't quite accurate, but it's the closest I've got.
charles_xavier  erik_lehnsherr  emma_frost  charles/erik  hurt!charles  raped!charles  bottom!charles  possessed!erik  guilty!erik  raped!erik  top!erik  pov:erik  angst  hurt/comfort  possession  noncon/dubcon  mansion!fic  established!relationship  fandom:xmen  author:luninosity 
march 2017 by elwarre
✢ Amateur Cartography
"Sebastian's his father's son, with every family tie and keeping-the-mafia-partners-happy duty that entails. He shouldn't be looking at Chris. He shouldn't want to let Chris sketch his hands. He shouldn't, above all, let himself fall in love with Chris. He is looking, and he does want to, and he's falling in love." (96,750 words) Warnings for past underage and extremely dubious consent.
  chris_evans  sebastian_stan  anthony_mackie  chris/sebastian  artist!chris_evans  kidnapped!chris_evans  protective!chris_evans  top!chris_evans  mob!sebastian  criminal!sebastian  hooker!sebastian  musician!sebastian  protective!sebastian  hurt!sebastian  drugged!sebastian  abused!sebastian  angst  action  hurt/comfort  schmoop  criminals/mafia  art/photography  music/dance  languages:multiple  kidnapping  abuse:domestic  prostitution  noncon/dubcon  drugs:recreational  drugs:nonconsensual  escape/rescue  slowburn  first_time  fandom:marvel(rpf)  author:luninosity  author:monstrousregiment  have:pdf 
march 2017 by elwarre
✢ Bleed into Me
"Stiles knows that the past can stay the past, just never look back. Never question the hows and whens, lean back and enjoy your teenage life. Fix your Jeep, meet your friends, pursue your crush. And when you wake up in the middle of the night, never go down to the kitchen. Some lines should never be crossed, yes, some things never be said. It doesn't matter. The story has already begun." (197,790 words) Not for the faint of heart - take the author's warnings seriously. Great psychological horror.
  stiles_stilinski  derek_hale  theo_raeken  malia_tate  scott_mccall  lydia_martin  kira_yukimura  sheriff_stilinski  stiles/derek  stiles/theo  stiles/malia  protective!stiles  pining!stiles  hurt!stiles  tortured!stiles  raped!stiles  ptsd!stiles  bottom!stiles  protective!derek  clueless!derek  pining!derek  jealous!derek  possessed!derek  guilty!derek  top!derek  possessed!theo  lucifer!theo  powers!theo  dark!theo  asshole!theo  abusive!theo  possessive!theo  jealous!theo  top!theo  protective!scott  clueless!sheriffstilinski  dark  horror  meta  mystery  possession  torture  noncon/dubcon  abuse:emotional/psychological  brainwashing/mindgames  demon_deal  clinic/hospital  pining  jealousy  underage  preslash  series/verse  fandom:teenwolf  author:weesageechak  have:pdf 
march 2017 by elwarre
Breathing Smoke
"Stiles closed his eyes, breathing in and out with careful slowness. He wasn’t crying. He couldn’t let himself cry. He couldn’t let anyone see. No one could see, he remembered. This didn’t come with scars." (109,488 words)
stiles_stilinski  derek_hale  lydia_martin  jackson_whittemore  sheriff_stilinski  scott_mccall  alan_deaton  allison_argent  stiles/derek  stiles/ofc  powers!stiles  magical!stiles  bamf!stiles  parent!stiles  hurt!stiles  raped!stiles  possessed!stiles  guilty!stiles  ptsd!stiles  protective!derek  smart!lydia  bamf!lydia  action  angst  hurt/comfort  possession  magic  fairies  unicorns  noncon/dubcon  ptsd  selfharm  self_loathing  revenge  underage  first_time  fandom:teenwolf  author:kindreturnany  have:pdf 
march 2017 by elwarre
"When Esca is captured by the Romans, his owners break him and use him until he is a perfect slave. When Marcus leads his men into battle, he is wounded, but not enough to be discharged. His men, completely loyal and grateful, buy him a body slave to help him while he recovers." (60,186 words)
esca_mac_cunoval  marcus_aquila  esca/marcus  historical  hurt/comfort  military  slavery  noncon/dubcon  slowburn  kink:switching  first_time  fandom:eagle  author:moiraine  have:pdf 
february 2017 by elwarre
✢ A Different Kind
"Set in a world where scents hold powerful magic, omegas are marginalized and despised, and are treated as slaves. Born into the noble Seguin family, Tyler was sold off to a life of captivity once he presented. Now, the defiant omega finds himself under the supervision of a soft-spoken Knight-Captain, alpha Jamie Benn, who doesn’t let any of his junior knights take advantage of omegas. Not only that, but Jamie seems to care about Tyler’s opinions, wants to change the world…if the system would only let him. When the world turns on its head, though, Tyler will do whatever it takes to prove he deserves his life and his freedom, and maybe a little more. A story about defying convention, learning to trust, daring to hope, and proving them wrong." (118,222 words)

I enjoyed this way more than I expected to - very different from your typical a/b/o story. Note: the noncon is a nongraphic part of the social system, not something that occurs graphically inside this story.
  jamie_benn  tyler_seguin  jamie/tyler(hockey)  fairytale/fantasy  action  friendship  slavery  activism/revolution  military  noncon/dubcon  escape/rescue  magic  dragons  love/hate  slowburn  kink:knotting  kink:abo  kink:switching  first_time  crossover  fandom:hockey(rpf)  fandom:dragonage  author:nuanta  have:pdf 
february 2017 by elwarre
Under New Management
"Fili's life is pretty good -- he's doing well at university, he gets on well with his uncle and guardian Thorin, and he's never likely to know what it's like to be poor or unwanted. Then Thorin takes in a foster child -- Kili Oakenshield, a long-lost relative whose past is a total mystery. Suddenly, Fili's life gets a whole lot more complicated. But maybe it gets better, too." (552,117 words) Lots of warnings, but nothing graphically shown.
fili  kili  thorin_oakenshield  bilbo_baggins  dwalin  gen  bilbo/thorin  student!fili  protective!fili  understanding!fili  sick!fili  hurt!kili  abused!kili  raped!kili  ptsd!kili  illiterate!kili  protective!thorin  protective!bilbo  protective!dwalin  pov:fili  angst  hurt/comfort  friendship  recovery  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  prostitution  ptsd  illness  clinic/hospital  illiteracy  fostersiblings/stepsiblings  cps/fostercare  lotr:au:modern  fandom:lotr  author:frostyjack  have:pdf 
february 2017 by elwarre
✢ Snake Eyes
"There's a lot of expectation attached to Steve Rogers' name. It's taken him years to prove his own worth - that he's made it so far in the USNA on his own merit and not just because of his father. He's close though - there are only a few more months until he graduates and gets to stand on his own two feet. It's taken a lot of effort to get there, and a lot of sacrifices.Bucky's beyond the point of expectation. When your father and grandfather have both been President - and your mother nurses political ambitions of her own - brilliance is a foregone conclusion. He's just counting down the final months of his confinement to the glass cage of the White House and he's determined to put that whole world behind him. But as the days standing between them and their dreams dwindle, Steve comes to realize he might have made one sacrifice too many, and Bucky learns that his freedom comes at a cost he's never going to be able to pay. Marvel/Political Animals AU" (159,983 words)
  bucky_barnes  steve_rogers  clint_barton  sam_wilson  nick_fury  brock_rumlow  natasha_romanov  darcy_lewis  sharon_carter  tony_stark  steve/bucky  clint/natasha  hurt!bucky  addict!bucky  alcoholic!bucky  abused!bucky  anorexic!bucky  drugged!bucky  bottom!bucky  clueless!steve  hurt!steve  guilty!steve  jealous!steve  protective!steve  top!steve  bamf!clint  bodyguard!clint  protective!clint  bodyguard!samwilson  dancer!natasha  protective!natasha  angst  dark  friendship  politics  military  bodyguards/security  music/dance  abuse:domestic  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  selfharm  eating_disorder  drugs:recreational  drugs:nonconsensual  addiction  fighting/sparring  infidelity  jealousy  sex:shower  established!relationship  series/verse  fandom:marvel  author:boopboop  have:pdf 
february 2017 by elwarre
Gag Order
Louis set his hand on Mike’s shoulder and gave him a firm shake. “Get command of yourself. You can do this. Just remember: whatever Sandor wants, Sandor gets. Be accommodating. Get this guy signed.” He waved a hand in front of Mike’s face. “Hello. Did you hear what I just said? What are you going to be?” Mike blinked. “Accommodating?” “That’s the spirit. Now, get on that chopper. I’ve got to get back to the office.” (66,308 words) Sequel: Summons and Complaint
mike_ross  harvey_specter  louis_litt  harvey/mike  hurt!mike(suits)  raped!mike(suits)  whipped!mike(suits)  bottom!mike(suits)  protective!harvey  guilty!harvey  top!harvey  angst  hurt/comfort  blackmail  stalkers  noncon/dubcon  escape/rescue  clinic/hospital  whipping  series/verse  first_time  fandom:suits  author:joni_beloni 
february 2017 by elwarre
"He was glad Bones was dating again. He was. Really. But what Jim thought was good for Bones turned out to be oh, so wrong for Jim." (23,000 words)
james_kirk  leonard_mccoy  kirk/mccoy  mccoy/omc  hurt!kirk  clueless!kirk  jealous!kirk  bottom!kirk  pining!mccoy  protective!mccoy  top!mccoy  pov:kirk  angst  hurt/comfort  friendship  academy!fic  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  misunderstanding  clinic/hospital  slowburn  jealousy  pining  first_time  fandom:startrek(aos)  author:d8rkmessngr  have:pdf 
february 2017 by elwarre
I Look Inside Myself
"Stiles blocks most of it out. He limps away after but doesn’t (refuses to) think about why; his face hurts, his lip bleeds, his head aches, and his vision blurs – he focuses on the things he can see, on the things his dad will see, and he forgets everything else. Go figure Gerard would have the worst kinds of people working for him." (4593 words) Check the warnings on this one - the noncon isn't graphic but it's the main theme of the story.
stiles_stilinski  peter_hale  gen  hurt!stiles  raped!stiles  ptsd!stiles  protective!peter  pov:stiles  angst  noncon/dubcon  ptsd  revenge  tw:season:2  fandom:teenwolf  author:quietlyintoemptyspaces  have:pdf 
february 2017 by elwarre
✢ Soul Meets Body
"Right from the beginning, Clint Barton was a source of complications and headaches." (52,551 words) Schmoopier than the tags make it sound, but the angst and warnings are definitely relevant.
  clint_barton  phil_coulson  maria_hill  clint/phil  bamf!clint  trans!clint  protective!clint  pregnant!clint  deaf!clint  hurt!clint  ptsd!clint  protective!phil  understanding!phil  pining!phil  angst  hurt/comfort  domesticity  issues:gender/sexuality  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  ptsd  disability  slowburn  pining  first_time  series/verse  fandom:marvel  author:shadowen 
february 2017 by elwarre
✢ Perfect Blue Buildings
"She's just a child, Chris thinks, about the same age as his own daughter, in an oversized leather jacket with a cropped tee under it. She's wearing daisy dukes and hi tops, her hair loose over her shoulder and she wears her make up like armour. Beside her the boy is agitated, drumming his fingers on the table. Like her he is dressed in thrift store white trash, battered knock off vans, a denim jacket that doesn't quite fit, with ragged cuffs and missing buttons, jeans that are at least a size too large, and a "wonderbread" tee where the neck is torn to reveal a splatter of moles. He has eyes that are a shade darker than those of a wolf." (7723 words) AU: the writing here is beautiful and haunting, and the characterization of Lydia is especially poignant. Lots of warnings, but nothing is explicitly shown.
  stiles_stilinski  lydia_martin  derek_hale  peter_hale  sheriff_stilinski  chris_argent  melissa_mccall  rafael_mccall  stiles/derek  lydia/peter  pov:outsider  dark  character_study  heartbreaking  abuse:child  kidnapping  incarceration  noncon/dubcon  escape/rescue  bonding/soulmates  underage  established!relationship  fandom:teenwolf  author:darkathena  have:pdf 
february 2017 by elwarre
All of Himself
"No, and the third voice sounds like the dragon’s roar echoing through him, like the flow of magic in his veins held back too long. He is still himself. All of himself. He opens his eyes, and they are golden." (12,311 words) Attempted noncon not between main pairing.
merlin  arthur  mordred  uther  merlin/arthur  bamf!merlin  magical!merlin  powers!merlin  hurt!merlin  clueless!arthur  guilty!arthur  hurt/comfort  action  magic  misunderstanding  noncon/dubcon  recovery  preslash  fandom:merlin  author:stormdancer 
january 2017 by elwarre
Between Scylla and Charybdis
"Sam Wilson has been witness to a lot of things he wishes he could unsee. Civilian families shot dead in their cars because of miscommunications at checkpoints. Riley’s body spiralling to the ground in a smoke-plumed plummet. His own face in his bathroom mirror after waking up hung-over as hell at two in the afternoon, the day after the anniversary of Riley’s death, year after year after year. And now, in an abandoned bunker on the outskirts of Boston, a seemingly unremarkable manila folder at the bottom of a filing cabinet." (21,683 words) Check the warnings on this one
sam_wilson  bucky_barnes  steve_rogers  gen  understanding!samwilson  hurt!bucky  ptsd!bucky  clueless!steve  pov:samwilson  angst  hurt/comfort  friendship  confession/secrets  noncon/dubcon  ptsd  revenge  roadtrip  fandom:marvel  author:refusals  have:pdf 
january 2017 by elwarre
Nothing is that Simple
"Arthur is a street hustler. Eames is the cop who is either exploiting him or trying to save him depending on how you look at it." (2900 words)
arthur(inception)  eames  arthur/eames  hooker!arthur(inception)  bottom!arthur(inception)  officer!eames  top!eames  prostitution  noncon/dubcon  fbi/police  established!relationship  fandom:inception  author:lenore 
january 2017 by elwarre
How it Adds Up
"When Bucky remembers that he used to turn tricks for money in the 1930s, he realizes the Bucky Barnes that Steve believes in is a lie. He's always been the worthless, degenerate creature Hydra told him he was. He just has to make Steve understand that." (6966 words)
bucky_barnes  steve_rogers  natasha_romanov  clint_barton  steve/bucky  bucky/omc  hurt!bucky  ptsd!bucky  raped!bucky  hooker!bucky  clueless!steve  understanding!steve  protective!natasha  understanding!natasha  protective!clint  pov:bucky  character_study  angst  hurt/comfort  prostitution  noncon/dubcon  ptsd  self_loathing  previous!relationship  fandom:marvel  author:brighteyedjill 
january 2017 by elwarre
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