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"The Archdemon defeated, the Blight ended, a dysfunctional family drifts apart, and in breaking finds many of them were closer than they realized. A series of shorts dealing with the immediate aftermath of the Blight and the breaking of the party." (23,272 words) Sequel: Nations and Ages
zevran_arainai  amell(male)  leliana  zevran/amell(male)  hurt!zevran  hurt!amell  understanding!amell  character_study  schmoop  hurt/comfort  recovery  established!relationship  series/verse  fandom:dragonage  author:raidho  need:pdf 
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✢ Climbing on Clouds
"A Warden comes home with the Blight on his heels, an army in tow, and a love and a war he will not lose. His choices are not easy, but city elves are survivors—and he will do what he must to survive." (124,859 words) Sequel to The Beak of the Crow
  tabris(male)  zevran_arainai  leliana  morrigan  alistair  zevran/tabris(male)  bamf!tabris  protective!tabris  hurt!tabris  arrested!tabris  raped!tabris  protective!zevran  hurt!zevran  grieving!zevran  angst  action  heartbreaking  grief  issues:class  issues:racism  incarceration  noncon/dubcon  abuse:child(past)  established!relationship  series/verse  fandom:dragonage  author:kage  have:pdf 
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The Beak of the Crow
"When the Warden falls to a rare Crow poison, it's up to Zevran and Leliana to find the antidote before it's too late. Set after the armies have been gathered and Eamon revived, and before the Landsmeet is called. Mild violence. Zevran/M!CE." (38,494 words)
zevran_arainai  tabris(male)  leliana  zevran/tabris(male)  protective!zevras  hurt!tabris  poisoned!tabris  understanding!leliana  pov:zevran  hurt/comfort  angst  poison  established!relationship  series/verse  fandom:dragonage  author:kage 
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Corvus, Roosting
"A series of vignettes following Zevran as he falls in with the crazy people following the dictates of a surprisingly alluring mage. A Blight isn't enough to quash the impulses of a determined rake, or make a camp full of dysfunctional misfits get along easily." (35,109 words - wip, probably abandoned)
zevran_arainai  surana(male)  alistair  leliana  zevran/surana(male)  pining!zevran  clueless!surana  pov:zevran  angst  action  issues:class  issues:racism  self_loathing  pining  first_time  fandom:dragonage  author:patchworkgirl  wip 
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Tabris, Hero of Ferelden
"Niko manages to get out of the wedding he never wanted, though at a terrible cost that he'd trade it back for. Now he does his family proud, while still leaving them behind to face their demons without him. Thrust into a role of leadership, he'll struggle across the country to unite an army, discovering new friends, long lost friends, and the complications of romance along the way." (142,830 words)
tabris(male)  zevran_arainai  alistair  leliana  morrigan  zevran/tabris(male)  rogue!tabris  bamf!tabris  arrested!tabris  understanding!tabris  protective!zevran  protective!alistair  arrested!alistair  action  friendship  incarceration  escape/rescue  issues:racism  first_time  fandom:dragonage  author:renegadewolf 
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✢ Warden Tabris
"He hates the alienage. He hates the mud and the stench and the humans who come in like they own the place, barging into people’s homes looking for trouble or drunk and slumming, calling them all filthy knife-ears even while they leer and grope at all the women and girls. Aeoin Tabris is going to be a Grey Warden." (86,500 words)
  tabris(male)  zevran_arainai  alistair  morrigan  leliana  zevran/tabris(male)  rogue!tabris  clueless!tabris  hurt!tabris  protective!zevran  pining!zevran  jealous!zevran  protective!alistair  action  angst  friendship  issues:racism  issues:class  homophobia  noncon/dubcon  misunderstanding  confession/secrets  first_time  fandom:dragonage  author:ibi  have:pdf 
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Tales of a Tiny Angry Warden
"To put it simply, the newest Grey Warden recruit is a pain in the arse." (21,546 words - wip, likely abandoned)
alistair  zevran_arainai  surana(male)  leliana  alistair/surana(male)  zevran/surana(male)  pov:alistair  pov:zevran  angst  character_study  fandom:dragonage  author:andyao3  wip 
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Andraste's Kiss
"Kmeme prompt: Zevran and Alistair are in a room. There weapons are gone and neither of them can pick locks. The room has only one door very heavy door, no windows, a bed and a jar of oil on the nightstand. Not too odd yeah? Only problem, they have both been dosed with a strong aphrodisiac." (20,087 words)
zevran_arainai  alistair  leliana  alistair/zevran  protective!zevran  drugged!zevran  bottom!zevran  kidnapped!alistair  tortured!alistair  drugged!alistair  top!alistair  virgin!alistair  pov:zevran  angst  hurt/comfort  drugs:nonconsensual  kidnapping  torture  escape/rescue  hothothot  first_time  fandom:dragonage  author:runsinthefamily 
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✢ Unraveled
"Written for the prompt: Zevran gets a bad tangle in his hair and Alistair helps him get it out." (44,358 words) This is really great.
  alistair  zevran_arainai  leliana  isabela  alistair/zevran  clueless!alistair  top!alistair  bamf!zevran  pining!zevran  bottom!zevran  pov:alistair  schmoop  hurt/comfort  friendship  misunderstanding  confession/secrets  spies/assassins  first_time  fandom:dragonage  author:somanyjacks  have:pdf 
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abuse:child(past)  action  alistair  alistair/surana(male)  alistair/zevran  amell(male)  angst  arrested!alistair  arrested!tabris  author:andyao3  author:dragonflies_and_katydids  author:ibi  author:kage  author:patchworkgirl  author:queercyberpunk  author:raidho  author:renegadewolf  author:runsinthefamily  author:somanyjacks  bamf!tabris  bamf!zevran  blackmail  bottom!zevran  character_study  clueless!alistair  clueless!surana  clueless!tabris  confession/secrets  dom!alistair  drugged!alistair  drugged!zevran  drugs:nonconsensual  escape/rescue  established!relationship  fandom:dragonage  first_time  friendship  grief  grieving!zevran  guilty!alistair  have:pdf  heartbreaking  homophobia  hothothot  hurt!amell  hurt!tabris  hurt!zevran  hurt/comfort  incarceration  isabela  issues:class  issues:racism  jealous!zevran  kidnapped!alistair  kidnapping  kink:bdsm  kink:manhandling  kink:marking  kink:voyeurism  leliana  leliana/tabris(female)  misunderstanding  morrigan  need:pdf  noncon/dubcon  pining  pining!alistair  pining!zevran  poison  poisoned!tabris  possessive!alistair  pov:alistair  pov:zevran  protective!alistair  protective!tabris  protective!zevran  protective!zevras  ptsd  ptsd!zevran  raped!tabris  recovery  reluctant!alistair  rogue!tabris  scarred!zevran  scars  schmoop  self_loathing  series/verse  sex:rough  spies/assassins  sub!zevran  surana(male)  tabris(female)  tabris(male)  top!alistair  torture  tortured!alistair  understanding!amell  understanding!leliana  understanding!tabris  understanding!zevran  virgin!alistair  wip  zevran/amell(male)  zevran/surana(male)  zevran/tabris(male)  zevran_arainai   

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