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Push Notifications On
alvarez91: guys have you seen the new article about jean
lailah: NO tell me what's in it
alvarez91: i want you to imagine the most 'no homo' statement ever by a student athlete. and then i want you to imagine there's a two page spread written in that style. (or; jean and jeremy are no homo'd beyond belief by the press, the fans go wild, and somehow neil josten appears.) (4583 words)
jean_moreau  jeremy_knox  neil_josten  jean/jeremy  humor  text/email  industry:journalism  sports  fandom/fanfiction  secret!relationship  established!relationship  fandom:allforthegame  aftg:postseries  author:nebulousviolet 
june 2018 by elwarre
✢ Coin Toss Universe
"A sort-of AU set during the single year of post-college pro-level where Andrew and Neil play for separate teams and the eight week period where their ‘rivalry’ was all anyone could talk about." (17,132 words)
  neil_josten  andrew_minyard  neil/andrew  athlete!neil  protective!neil  athlete!andrew  pov:outsider  character_study  sports  industry:journalism  misunderstanding  issues:racism  homophobia  secret!relationship  established!relationship  series/verse  aftg:postseries  fandom:allforthegame  author:sashasea 
march 2018 by elwarre
The Long Way Down
"It stops being about Neil entirely, and it starts being about this: Andrew is really, really fucking tired." (8412 words - WIP series)
andrew_minyard  neil_josten  neil/andrew  athlete!neil  athlete!andrew  pov:andrew  angst  homophobia  sports  industry:journalism  secret!relationship  established!relationship  series/verse  aftg:postseries  fandom:allforthegame  author:ilgaksu 
january 2018 by elwarre
✢ Papers in the Roadside
"Non-Starfleet AU. Jim owns a small bar in Chicago, keeps on picking up strays and taking care of everyone no matter how hard it makes his own life. Spock is a journalist writing feature articles for the Chicago Tribune; he depicts the world with uncanny skill, but hides more than one personal drama and is possibly under surveillance from the Vulcan royal family. They meet by accident just before their lives start to spin out of control." (49,637 words)
  james_kirk  spock  gaila  nyota_uhura  leonard_mccoy  pavel_chekov  hikaru_sulu  kirk/spock  bartender!kirk  orphan!kirk  pining!kirk  journalist!spock  angst  friendship  misunderstanding  industry:journalism  issues:class  slowburn  pining  kink:switching  first_time  st:au:non-starfleet  fandom:startrek(aos)  author:kianspo  have:pdf 
december 2016 by elwarre
Shipwrecked by the Laughter of the Gods
"Jared Padalecki had his plan all carefully laid out - Fuck the guy, keep him facing the cameras, then collect the money and run like hell. It was a simple job really. He wasn't too worried. And they were going to pay him so well... Jensen Ackles prided himself for his excellent judgment of truth and character. It had served him well so far, and he had no reasons to doubt otherwise. So when Jensen meets Jared, he thinks he has him all figured out..." (36,000 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jeff_morgan  danneel_harris  jared/jensen  athlete!jared  coach!jared  hooker!jared  criminal!jared  hurt!jared  guilty!jared  bottom!jared  journalist!jensen  rich!jensen  protective!jensen  guilty!jensen  top!jensen  hurt/comfort  angst  prostitution  blackmail  issues:class  industry:journalism  sports  permanent!injury  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:cyndrare  need:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
Elements of Journalism, or: How to Find Friends and Alienate Your Superiors
"Sam Winchester needs a job. He's a news reporter who recently stepped down from his comfortable position with the Los Angeles Times after his mix-up in a questionable case of journalism ethics. Luckily for him, his brother and Bobby think they can snag him a job at the New Eldritch Herald, a small-town newspaper in the middle of Kansas. And they do. And Sam meets Castiel Novak: the photography editor who everyone agrees resembles the Grumpy Cat meme. Several things happen after that: Sam and Cas develop a friendship, Cas keeps photographing everything, Dean and Sam try to figure out how to be brothers again, Sam starts to realize Editor-in-Chief Michael Alef sort of hates him, and everyone partakes in a hefty dose of vigilante journalism." (72,649 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  castiel  charlie_bradbury  kevin_tran  rufus_turner  bobby_singer  sam/castiel  journalist!sam  guilty!sam  protective!dean  photographer!castiel  human!castiel  hurt/comfort  action  humor  friendship  industry:journalism  art/photography  preslash  spn:au:no!supernatural  fandom:spn  author:story_monger  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
Only When I Breathe
"Author Jared Padalecki is notoriously reclusive, hiding away from his fame in a cabin in the woods. Reporter Jensen Ackles is trying to salvage his career, it seemed like going undercover to get the inside scoop on the author would do just that. He never planned on feeling anything for the man but that was just the way life worked sometimes." (38,145 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  christian_kane  jared/jensen  hermit!jared  author!jared  hurt!jared  bottom!jared  journalist!jensen  guilty!jensen  top!jensen  hurt/comfort  angst  abuse:child(past)  cabin/wilderness  industry:journalism  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:saucyminx  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
Gimme Danger
"Jared Padalecki -- professional skater: talented, good-looking, insufferably arrogant. Jensen Ackles, writer for Transworld Skateboarding magazine, isn't to happy when he has to interview the one and only Jared, who thinks he's God's gift to the skate world. And leave it to Jensen to be attracted to someone he hates. But will he learn that it's all just a front? What's the reason for Jared's cockiness and can Jensen learn to live with it?" (21,267 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  sophia_bush  jeff_morgan  chad_michael_murray  jared/jensen  athlete!jared  skater!jared  famous!jared  hurt!jared  bottom!jared  journalist!jensen  protective!jensen  top!jensen  hurt/comfort  angst  issues:class  industry:journalism  sports  permanent!injury  love/hate  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:the_acid_quill  need:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ Standing on the Edge of Nothing
"San Francisco, 1924. Five years after the worst day of his life, Sam Winchester's still hustling for a living, still searching for his missing brother, and on the track of a story so big it might just break him." (41,000 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  castiel  sam/dean  journalist!sam  undercover!sam  hurt!sam  protective!sam  hurt!dean  protective!dean  reluctant!dean  dark!castiel  dark  angst  historical  issues:cults/religion  issues:racism  homophobia  undercover  industry:journalism  cabin/wilderness  previous!relationship  spn:au:historical/fantasy  fandom:spn  author:jay_tryfanstone  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ Supernatural Born Killers
"Movie retell of Natural Born Killers with a Supernatural twist. This is the story of Sam and Dean Winchester, two of the most dangerous men in America. The media frenzy surrounding them and their recent capture has exploded. The world is dying to know more about the two most famous serial killers - sorry, mass murderers - and the Winchesters are just dying to share. Dark, twisted, violent and bursting with wincest like whoa! Nothing can stop fate and anyone who gets in their way is going to find that out." (33,950 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  victor_henriksen  bela_talbot  sam/dean  bamf!sam  dark!sam  protective!sam  possessive!sam  criminal!sam  arrested!sam  hurt!sam  raped!sam  abused!sam  bamf!dean  dark!dean  protective!dean  possessive!dean  criminal!dean  arrested!dean  hurt!dean  abused!dean  raped!dean  abusive!john  asshole!john  journalist!bela  action  dark  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  interrogation  incarceration  fbi/police  industry:journalism  escape/rescue  serial_killers  criminals/mafia  hothothot  kink:switching  kink:bloodplay  established!relationship  spn:au:criminals/mafia  fandom:spn  author:sugarbucket24  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
The Badge of His Identity
"Jensen Ackles is for Jared the perfect way to rise to the rank of most sought-after courtesan of his time. But when Jensen becomes a lot more than that and carves himself a special place in his life, Jared's not sure he can handle the pressure. This is Jensen and Jared's lives, over the course of ten years ; how they find themselves and each other, and make it work." (70,000 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jeff_morgan  felicia_day  misha_collins  jared/jensen  parent!jared  hooker!jared  hurt!jared  raped!jared  whipped!jared  spanked!jared  rich!jared  famous!jared  bottom!jared  parent!jensen  protective!jensen  journalist!jensen  top!jensen  activist!jensen  drama  historical  industry:journalism  activism/revolution  issues:class  prostitution  noncon/dubcon  whipping  kink:spanking  kink:gangbang  kink:doublepenetration  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:siriala  have:pdf 
march 2016 by elwarre

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