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I'll Always Protect You
Prompt: "If anyone is up for it I have a rescue prompt idea where Peter (he is not in his spiderman suit) is taken as a hostage with a gun to the head along with a few other civilians. Peter is warning the criminals to let everyone go otherwise his fiance,Wade, will kill them all. They mock him and beat him up. Then a furious Deadpool saves Peter by the most badass way possible. Also I would love if someone write how unnervingly skilled Wade is as a mercenary. Please? Anyone?" (9899 words)
peter_parker  wade_wilson  peterparker/wade  kidnapped!peterparker  protective!wade  bamf!wade  possessive!wade  humor  schmoop  action  kidnapping  escape/rescue  established!relationship  fandom:marvel  author:willowsong 
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Patron Saint
"Peter is desperate. Hungry and alone on the streets, he's ready and willing to do anything to change his situation, even if just for a night. And sharing a stranger's bed would be no hardship, especially when the alternatives include dumpster-diving for dinner and sleeping, arms wrapped around him, beneath a chilly and indifferent sky. Then a man named Wade Wilson steps into his life." (58,036 words)
peter_parker  wade_wilson  peterparker/wade  homeless!peterparker  hooker!peterparker  hurt!peterparker  undercover!peterparker  pining!peterparker  protective!wade  undercover!wade  pining!wade  pov:peterparker  schmoop  humor  hurt/comfort  homelessness  hunger/starvation  prostitution  undercover  confession/secrets  pining  preslash  fandom:marvel  author:isadancurtisproduction  have:pdf 
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You Are The Space in My Bed
"There are rules, damn it. Number one: never sneak up on Peter while he’s napping or he will end up on the ceiling. Number two: stop trying to get in Peter’s pants. Wade stops listening after that one because he doesn’t like rules." (18,689 words) Shake it Out part 1
peter_parker  wade_wilson  johny_storm  peterparker/wade  hurt!peterparker  kidnapped!peterparker  bottom!peterparker  protective!wade  reluctant!wade  top!wade  humor  friendship  kidnapping  escape/rescue  slowburn  first_time  series/verse  fandom:marvel  author:sleeponrooftops 
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✢ I Think I Missed a Step
There’s a weird familiarity about the kid's tone and posture, and it’s true that Wade is pretty far from home today but he’s also certain he’d remember that baby-face if he’d seen it before. On the other hand, he has spent the better part of the past few years feeling like he’s missed a step, so this conversation isn’t exactly anything new. [[A hot guy is willingly talking to us. Go with it.]] [Don’t make an ass of yourself.] “Shaddup,” Wade grumbles, though Yellow has a point...OR Peter thinks Wade knows his secret identity, and Wade is really confused by the hot coed who keeps popping up and hanging out with him. (41,920 words) This is adorable
  peter_parker  wade_wilson  peterparker/wade  bamf!peterparker  pining!peterparker  clueless!wade  pining!wade  pov:wade  humor  schmoop  misunderstanding  mistaken!identity  slowburn  pining  hothothot  sex:shower  kink:switching  first_time  fandom:marvel  author:mokuyoubi  have:pdf 
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The Man at the Gate
"A rather irate man shows up at the prison gate demanding to see Daryl." (1811 words)
daryl_dixon  rick_grimes  harry_potter  harry/daryl  crack  humor  established!relationship  crossover  fandom:walkingdead  fandom:harrypotter  author:kingsholto 
29 days ago by elwarre
Legal Alien
"Normal people didn't have to worry about this sort of thing when they go on a holiday. They worry about things like losing their luggage, catching a cab or something similar. Not alien invasions. Harry, however, had never been normal. Then again, neither were these guys." (3150 words)
harry_potter  tony_stark  gen  humor  action  hp:postseries  crossover  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:marvel  author:whisperingdarkness 
4 weeks ago by elwarre
Strangers in Bars
"Everyone else was avoiding the strange man but Harry felt himself drawn to him. His loud, archaic speech and enthusiastic drinking seemed to be off-putting to most people but to the Gryffindor it felt comfortingly familiar how different the man was." (7709 words)
harry_potter  thor  tony_stark  gen  humor  crack  friendship  crossover  hp:postseries  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:marvel  author:whisperingdarkness 
4 weeks ago by elwarre
Misunderstandings and an Alien Invasion
"A giant of a man wearing what looked like the American flag as some sort of armour was storming towards him from the ground. From above, a red and gold flying metal robot dove towards them. And directly in front of him, an alien struggled through the wreckage of its hovercraft with a snarl and a deadly looking gun. Sometimes he had to pause a moment to wonder how he got himself into these situations." (13,556 words) Second in the Misunderstandings Series
harry_potter  tony_stark  thor  gen  bamf!harry  masterofdeath!harry  pov:harry  crack  humor  altered!reality  aliens  magic  series/verse  hp:postseries  crossover  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:marvel  author:aytheria 
4 weeks ago by elwarre
A Little Misunderstanding
“...it’s not in every world you get asked if you’re a pagan god. He was almost flattered ... but with two guns pointed at him, it was hardly a laughing matter anymore.” (15,390 words) First in the Misunderstandings Series
harry_potter  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  castiel  gen  bamf!harry  masterofdeath!harry  pov:harry  humor  crack  altered!reality  demons  magic  series/verse  hp:postseries  crossover  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:spn  author:aytheria 
4 weeks ago by elwarre
All Hallow's Eve - New York
"Harry Potter had never really managed a normal, peaceful Halloween, so he really shouldn't have been surprised when he was suddenly displaced from the grocery store and found himself in front of a maniacally cackling man in a very dramatic outfit." (1698 words)
harry_potter  tony_stark  steve_rogers  masterofdeath!harry  gen  pov:harry  humor  crack  misunderstanding  birthday/holiday  crossover  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:marvel  author:whisperingdarkness 
4 weeks ago by elwarre
"Having met Michael Demiurgos twice, now, Chloe has already met him two more times than she’d like. Which is why she's less than thrilled when, literally out of nowhere, he starts soliciting her for information about the human race. But all is not as it seems, and as Chloe and Lucifer face new trials in their deepening relationship, Michael's repeated intrusions become curiouser and curiouser." (32,193 words) Second in the Illuminated series
chloe_decker  lucifer_morningstar  trixie_decker  lucifer/chloe  protective!lucifer  pov:chloe  humor  hurt/comfort  misunderstanding  established!relationship  series/verse  fandom:lucifer  author:ariaadagio  have:pdf 
7 weeks ago by elwarre
Just Like the Ocean Under the Moon
"When they find the alpha pack, Stiles is calling first dibs. Because trying to kill them all is one thing, but making Peter follow him around like a creepy undead puppy is unforgivable." (23,734 words)
stiles_stilinski  peter_hale  derek_hale  scott_mccall  stiles/peter  cursed!peter  pining!peter  humor  curse/spell  pining  sex:magic  first_time  fandom:teenwolf  author:rain_of_stars 
11 weeks ago by elwarre
The Perfect Scry
"The world is falling into winter. Camelot is falling into war. Arthur will do anything he can to keep his kingdom safe, and he will use whatever weapons are at hand - but, to his horror, his decisions turn out to have severe consequences for Merlin. Naturally, Arthur decides that it is his duty to protect his loyal servant from the shocking truth...." (50,728 words)
merlin  arthur  gen  bamf!merlin  arrested!merlin  pining!merlin  clueless!arthur  protective!arthur  pov:arthur  humor  angst  friendship  magic  confession/secrets  magic!reveal  incarceration  pining  ust  fandom:merlin  author:disalanglois 
november 2018 by elwarre
All its Splendid Glory
"In the two years and five months Merlin has known him, Arthur has been enchanted to love people he ordinarily wouldn’t nine times. Merlin simply never expects Arthur to be enchanted to love him." (8029 words)
merlin  arthur  gaius  merlin/arthur  protective!merlin  pining!merlin  cursed!arthur  pining!arthur  pov:merlin  humor  schmoop  curse/spell  pining  first_time  fandom:merlin  author:loz 
november 2018 by elwarre
Let's Start A War (A Nuclear War)
"The obligatory gay bar story. Stiles gets hit on and Derek goes berserk. Meanwhile, Scott is all-knowing and Danny is awesome." (5455 words)
stiles_stilinski  derek_hale  scott_mccall  stiles/derek  stiles/omc  clueless!stiles  jealous!derek  protective!derek  pining!derek  pov:stiles  humor  misunderstanding  pining  jealousy  preslash  fandom:teenwolf  author:saucery 
august 2018 by elwarre
Neither Here Nor There
“Oh!” He turned to Stiles. “Is he your new bodyguard?” Derek saw Stiles stiffen at that, wondering why, but before Stiles could open his mouth to insist that, why yes, Derek was his bodyguard like the brat he was, Derek spoke first. “I’m Mieczyslaw Stilinski’s bodyguard.” The confused look that crossed Scott’s face now was kind of annoying. Scott looked at Stiles, then back at Derek, and then at Stiles again. “I see…?” (26,143 words)
stiles_stilinski  derek_hale  vernon_boyd  lydia_martin  scott_mccall  stiles/derek  famous!stiles  undercover!stiles  hurt!stiles  kidnapped!stiles  bodyguard!derek  protective!derek  politician!sheriffstilinski  pov:derek  humor  action  kidnapping  escape/rescue  politics  mistaken!identity  undercover  slowburn  preslash  tw:au:known!werewolves  fandom:teenwolf  author:isthatbloodonhisshirt 
august 2018 by elwarre
For What It's Worth, I Think There's Nobody Like You
"AU. It's not exactly that Lydia wants to set Danny up with her high school friend, it's more that she doesn't want to deal with him, and she'd rather make Danny do it." (4443 words)
stiles_stilinski  danny_mahealani  lydia_martin  stiles/danny  clueless!stiles  pov:dannymahealani  humor  first_time  fandom:teenwolf  author:chash  tw:au:no!werewolves 
august 2018 by elwarre
Thanks for Nothing
"Jackson is not a nice person and he doesn't do nice things. So when he finds out Danny has a thing for Stiles, he definitely doesn't try to get them together. Really." (8062 words)
jackson_whittemore  stiles_stilinski  danny_mahealani  stiles/danny  pov:jackson  humor  friendship  first_time  fandom:teenwolf  author:queenitsy 
august 2018 by elwarre
Next Thursday
"In which Stiles Stilinski has a werewolf for a best friend, a support group for that, hot chocolate with Lydia Martin and Danny Mahealani every Thursday evening, and an extremely anticlimactic coming out experience." (18,210 words)
stiles_stilinski  danny_mahealani  lydia_martin  allison_argent  jackson_whittemore  stiles/danny  hurt!stiles  clueless!stiles  pining!stiles  pining!dannymahealani  pov:stiles  schmoop  humor  friendship  bakery/coffeeshop  misunderstanding  highschool  slowburn  pining  first_time  fandom:teenwolf  author:wldnst 
august 2018 by elwarre
A Brief Introduction to Live Action Roleplaying
"Jackson tells Danny he's a werewolf. Danny gets werewolf advice from a stranger on the internet. Things escalate from there." (28,171 words)
stiles_stilinski  danny_mahealani  lydia_martin  jackson_whittemore  stiles/danny  pov:dannymahealani  humor  misunderstanding  mistaken!identity  casefic  slowburn  first_time  fandom:teenwolf  author:wldnst 
august 2018 by elwarre
Bad Dream
"Andrew has a nightmare about losing Neil, so Neil spends the rest of the night in Andrew's bed. The next morning, no one can find Neil and Andrew is no help." (4188 words)
andrew_minyard  neil_josten  neil/andrew  pov:andrew  humor  misunderstanding  schmoop  established!relationship  fandom:allforthegame  author:palmettofoxden 
july 2018 by elwarre
"If he’s on the Bus, he’s either a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent or a supervillain and, dressed like that, she figures he’s no supervillain." (1116 words)
skye(shield)  clint_barton  phil_coulson  clint/phil  pov:skye  humor  established!relationship  fandom:marvel  author:lanyon 
june 2018 by elwarre
The Pigeon Squawks at Midnight
"Phil Coulson is hiding something, and Agent Grant Ward, along with the most annoying hacker on the planet, is going to find out what it is, even if it - or he - kills them." (7215 words)
grant_ward  skye(shield)  phil_coulson  clint_barton  clint/phil  clueless!grant  clueless!skye  top!phil  bottom!clint  pov:grant  humor  misunderstanding  spies/assassins  kink:voyeurism  secret!relationship  established!relationship  fandom:marvel  author:saone 
june 2018 by elwarre
When Life Hands You Werewolves
"A month ago John's team rescued a former runner named Derek Hale. He's great to have on offworld missions--he's like a danger magnet; nobody else gets so much as a splinter. But there's just something different about him. John can't quite put his finger on it...." (4632 words)
john_sheppard  derek_hale  stiles_stilinski  mckay/sheppard  stiles/derek  scientist!stiles  pov:sheppard  humor  action  aliens  first_time  crossover  fandom:sga  fandom:teenwolf  author:uraneia 
june 2018 by elwarre
Push Notifications On
alvarez91: guys have you seen the new article about jean
lailah: NO tell me what's in it
alvarez91: i want you to imagine the most 'no homo' statement ever by a student athlete. and then i want you to imagine there's a two page spread written in that style. (or; jean and jeremy are no homo'd beyond belief by the press, the fans go wild, and somehow neil josten appears.) (4583 words)
jean_moreau  jeremy_knox  neil_josten  jean/jeremy  humor  text/email  industry:journalism  sports  fandom/fanfiction  secret!relationship  established!relationship  fandom:allforthegame  aftg:postseries  author:nebulousviolet 
june 2018 by elwarre
This Werewolf Business is Bullshit
"John Stilinski would like it noted, for the record, that this werewolf business is bullshit. He would also sleep better if he wasn't so perceptive." (1574 words)
sheriff_stilinski  stiles_stilinski  peter_hale  stiles/peter  smart!sheriffstilinski  pov:sheriffstilinski  humor  character_study  fbi/police  established!relationship  fandom:teenwolf  author:discontentedwinter 
june 2018 by elwarre
Last To Know
"Brett keeps getting wildly differing descriptions of Daredevil, and even his own mother seems concerned about the man's welfare. He's starting to suspect they all know something he doesn't." (1629 words)
brett_mahoney  matt_murdock  foggy_nelson  gen  undercover!matt  pov:brett  humor  undercover  fandom:daredevil  author:whitchry9 
may 2018 by elwarre
Bait and Switch
"Post-action tacos?” Tony suggested. “I’m thinking that place by Fordham. BattleBot, you in?” “Can’t,” the Soldier said, typing something into his phone. “I have a date.” Tony stopped talking for an entire three seconds. “You. Have a date.” The Soldier looked up and blinked, clearly nonplussed to find Sam and Tony both staring at him. “Yes.” “With who?” “My boyfriend.” “You have a boyfriend. You have a boyfriend?” Tony looked like he’d just walked into a lamppost, and then the lamppost had handed him a birthday present. (2650 words)
bucky_barnes  steve_rogers  tony_stark  sam_wilson  steve/bucky  protective!bucky  artist!steve  humor  misunderstanding  shrinkyclinks  established!relationship  fandom:marvel  author:galwednesday 
april 2018 by elwarre
Five Times Nyota Uhura Fucked Up with Jim Kirk and the First Time She Didn't
"Nyota has to admit that recently she might actually be beginning to like Kirk. Just a little bit. From time to time." (5035 words)
nyota_uhura  james_kirk  gaila  gen  pov:uhura  misunderstanding  humor  friendship  academy!fic  tarsus_iv  love/hate  fandom:startrek(aos)  author:thraesja 
april 2018 by elwarre
Five Space Pets Jim Brought Home and One Bones Let Him Keep
"Jim never really got to have a pet as a child and Leonard sympathizes, but this is starting to get ridiculous." (7314 words)
james_kirk  leonard_mccoy  hikaru_sulu  spock  kirk/mccoy  st:fiveyearmission  humor  crack  brainwashing/mindgames  sex:pollen  established!relationship  fandom:startrek(aos)  author:the_dala 
april 2018 by elwarre
Omega Online
"Newly imprinted Charles is having trouble dealing with his overly protective alpha—so in desperation he seeks advice in an omega chat room. Emma Frost is more than happy to help, Raven isn't helping at all, and Erik can't stand to be out of touch with Charles for more than five minutes at a time." (12,007 words) I usually avoid both a/b/o and mpreg, but this was funny and ridiculous. I enjoyed it.
charles_xavier  erik_lehnsherr  emma_frost  raven  charles/erik  omega!charles  pregnant!charles  alpha!erik  businessman!erik  protective!erik  jealous!erik  humor  schmoop  crack  text/email  jealousy  bonding/soulmates  kink:abo  kink:mpreg  established!relationship  x:au:modern  fandom:xmen  author:miss_aphelion 
april 2018 by elwarre
Tell Me With Your Body
“You can tie me up if you want,” Isak says seriously over breakfast. Even almost chokes on his coffee. (1308 words)
isak_valtersen  even_bech_naesheim  isak/even  humor  schmoop  hothothot  kink:dirtytalk  established!relationship  fandom:skam  author:withoutwords 
april 2018 by elwarre
I Get By
“So…” Even starts, and it’s only now that Isak notices that his expression is a little haunted. “I’m not totally sure, but it’s possible that Eskild just saw me naked.” Or: Four times Isak’s friends were way too invested in his sex life, and one time they regretted it. (5347 words)
isak_valtersen  even_bech_naesheim  magnus_fossbakken  eskild_tryggvason  pov:isak  humor  friendship  established!relationship  fandom:skam  author:diamondjacket 
march 2018 by elwarre
Help a Brother Out
“Do you ever go down on Even?” Judging by the way Isak’s eyes bug out of his skull and how he almost chokes on his sandwich, Magnus probably should have eased into the topic a little more. “Um, what?” Yeah, he definitely should have. But it’s too late now. (2001 words)
magnus_fossbakken  isak_valtersen  isak/even  magnus/vilde  pov:magnus(skam)  humor  friendship  established!relationship  fandom:skam  author:diamondjacket 
march 2018 by elwarre
Orthopedic Bodyswap
"Of course Derek has no idea how much work it takes to convince people you are a remorseless force of nature when you’re five foot two and cute as a button, and he’s going to ruin it all by wandering around looking like that." (658 words) I quite enjoyed this little oneshot.
lydia_martin  derek_hale  gen  pov:lydia  humor  bodyswap  fandom:teenwolf  author:betty 
march 2018 by elwarre
"Neil receives a head injury during a game and wakes up speaking with an English accent. Andrew... is not exactly pleased with the situation, even though the Foxes are delighted about the change." (3520 words)
neil_josten  andrew_minyard  matt_boyd  neil/andrew  hurt!neil  clueless!neil  possessive!andrew  humor  crack  established!relationship  fandom:allforthegame  author:nekojita 
march 2018 by elwarre
The Soldier and the Hero
"When Loki's Staff spat out a girl with a lightning bolt scar, HYDRA were not expecting things to go downhill so fast. They certainly weren't expecting their new unknown to run off with the Winter Soldier." (37,844 words - WIP series)
harry_potter  bucky_barnes  natasha_romanov  tony_stark  steve_rogers  harry/bucky  bamf!harry  girl!harry  protective!harry  bamf!bucky  protective!bucky  altered!reality  magic  character_study  humor  action  escape/rescue  recovery  first_time  pairings:unusual  series/verse  crossover  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:marvel  author:tsume_yuki 
march 2018 by elwarre
Wands and Arrows
"Clint Barton's wife was the most terrifying person Natasha had ever met, including the Winter Soldier who had shown up one time and killed her charge by shooting through her." (8220 words)
harry_potter  clint_barton  hermione_granger  natasha_romanov  draco_malfoy  harry/clint  girl!harry  bamf!harry  masterofdeath!harry  protective!harry  parent!harry  parent!clint  humor  genderswap  domesticity  friendship  crack  established!relationship  pairings:unusual  crossover  hp:postseries  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:marvel  author:runic_purple_panda 
march 2018 by elwarre
✢ Fantastic Elves and Where to Find Them
"Harry is an elf. No, he's not a bloody house elf. He lived in a place where they had got him confused with a house elf for nearly six years. They had him doing all the chores and he slept in a cupboard. Not a particularly cheerful cupboard, either. But he's not a house elf. He's a regular elf, thank you. Come on, people. It's like you're not wizards or something. PreHogwarts, NOT a creature fic. Character study." (36,731 words) Sequel: The Handbook of Elf Psychology
  harry_potter  draco_malfoy  gen  independent!harry  smart!harry  elf!harry  abandoned!harry  pov:harry  character_study  humor  magic  elves  abandonment  cabin/wilderness  series/verse  fandom:harrypotter  author:evansentranced  have:pdf 
february 2018 by elwarre
Handsome Hobo
"Derek should probably stop rummaging through garbage if he doesn't want people to assume he's homeless." (8853 words)
stiles_stilinski  derek_hale  scott_mccall  stiles/derek  protective!stiles  clueless!stiles  professor!derek  humor  misunderstanding  mistaken!identity  homelessness  tw:au:no!werewolves  fandom:teenwolf  author:relenafanel 
february 2018 by elwarre
✢ A Wild Heart's Desire
"If there's one thing Stiles Stilinski knows, it's that Deputy Derek Hale absolutely Does Not Like him. The only reason Derek even tolerates him is because their kids are worryingly codependent. So Stiles is understandably confused when a very feral Derek shows up in his backyard after a call gone wrong and proceeds to move in with him." (13,410 words) This is great.
  stiles_stilinski  derek_hale  stiles/derek  parent!stiles  understanding!stiles  magical!stiles  powers!stiles  officer!derek  parent!derek  feral!derek  humor  schmoop  domesticity  love/hate  misunderstanding  slowburn  first_time  tw:au:known!werewolves  tw:au:no!fire  fandom:teenwolf  author:mikkimouse  have:pdf 
february 2018 by elwarre
"In which Stiles follows Scott into his Spanish study group, takes one look at the hot nerd who runs it and then decides to stay... even though he doesn't actually speak Spanish." (7742 words)
stiles_stilinski  derek_hale  scott_mccall  stiles/derek  student!stiles  pining!stiles  clueless!stiles  student!derek  librarian!derek  pining!derek  clueless!derek  pov:stiles  schmoop  humor  bookstore/library  highschool  pining  preslash  fandom:teenwolf  author:yodasyoyo 
february 2018 by elwarre
Dumpster Diving
He stares at her back as she works over the sink. Watches as she hums quietly to herself like there isn't a strange man behind her bleeding out on her living room couch. Like she has strange men bleed out on her living room couch every day. “Look, um. Claire, right? Okay. Don’t take this the wrong way, Claire, but you found a man bleeding to death in the trash and your first instinct wasn't to call 911?” (3532 words)
clint_barton  claire_temple  matt_murdock  gen  undercover!clint  hurt!clint  undercover!matt  hurt!matt  pov:clint  humor  undercover  crossover  fandom:marvel  fandom:daredevil  author:youatemytailor 
february 2018 by elwarre
Not All Those Who Wander
"Matt has a super important meeting in Sta-no, Avenger Tower that he's running late for. But finding it in Tony Stark's futuristic nightmare of a non-ADA compliant building might be a problem." (2257 words)
matt_murdock  foggy_nelson  clint_barton  tony_stark  gen  humor  disability  crossover  fandom:marvel  fandom:daredevil  author:prettybirdy979 
february 2018 by elwarre
Calamity Physics
“Damn it, Matt! Stop saying crazy things because of drugs!" Or: why Matt’s heightened senses and prescription painkillers don’t mix. (2866 words)
matt_murdock  foggy_nelson  karen_page  gen  hurt!matt  drugged!matt  hallucinating!matt  protective!foggy  pov:matt  humor  drugs:prescription  hallucinations  clinic/hospital  fandom:daredevil  author:beguile 
february 2018 by elwarre
Thorns for Flowers
"Hawkeye don't mind working with Daredevil, really. He's a good guy to know and clearly cares about Hell's Kitchen. Clint Barton would like Daredevil better if the guy was a little less ableist about Clint's hearing loss." (7293 words)
clint_barton  matt_murdock  natasha_romanov  gen  bamf!matt  pov:clint  action  humor  misunderstanding  disability  crossover  fandom:marvel  fandom:daredevil  author:valkirin 
february 2018 by elwarre
The Curiosity Game
"Clint Barton knows that boredom is dangerous; it tends to lead to him doing stupid things. Stupid things like making bets with Tony Stark about which one of them can find and befriend the Daredevil of Hell's Kitchen first." (14,557 words)
matt_murdock  clint_barton  tony_stark  natasha_romanov  gen  bamf!matt  hurt!matt  understanding!tony  humor  action  disability  crossover  fandom:daredevil  fandom:marvel  author:artemisrayne 
february 2018 by elwarre
God, You're Weird
The dumpster smells like shit. Seems fitting, Jessica thinks. She probably belongs here. She can feel her broken camera digging into her hip. And something else, actually. Devil horns? What the fuck? “Uh, buddy," she says carefully, "I don’t think this dumpster is big enough for the both of us.” “I was here first,” the devil says, into a face full of garbage. (2339 words)
jessica_jones  matt_murdock  claire_temple  gen  hurt!matt  pov:jessica  humor  friendship  fandom:marvel  fandom:daredevil  author:youatemytailor 
february 2018 by elwarre
The Defenders Casefiles
"With the amount of legal trouble they get into, it was bound to happen. Matt Murdock meets Luke, Jessica, and Danny before they ever meet Daredevil. He helps, he lawyers, he smiles adorably. But when they find out just who wears the horns at night, Matt has some explaining to do." (10,567 words)
matt_murdock  foggy_nelson  frank_castle  luke_cage  jessica_jones  danny_rand  gen  bamf!matt  undercover!matt  humor  character_study  undercover  series/verse  fandom:daredevil  fandom:marvel  author:twoseas 
february 2018 by elwarre
Look the Devil in the Face
"It's increasingly becoming a world where the unbelievable happens every day. The Avengers team includes a defrosted World War Two solider, a giant green rage monster and a man who might be a God; and they battle aliens and magic on a regular basis. It's not too far fetched to believe the Devil walks Hell's Kitchen. Matt, on the other hand, hasn't realised exactly why his new battle buddies seem terrified of him. It's not like they've even heard the rumors about him being the Devil... right?" (3412 words)
matt_murdock  foggy_nelson  tony_stark  clint_barton  natasha_romanov  gen  bamf!matt  hurt!matt  pov:matt  humor  misunderstanding  mistaken!identity  crossover  fandom:marvel  fandom:daredevil  author:prettybirdy979 
february 2018 by elwarre
✢ Say You Don't Know Me
"Daredevil is kind of dark and broody. He doesn't want anyone to know his real name, he never smiles, and he has kind of a loner attitude. Matt Murdock, on the other hand, is completely unrecognizable to Jessica the first time she really sees him." (2961 words)
  jessica_jones  matt_murdock  foggy_nelson  luke_cage  danny_rand  matt/foggy  hurt!matt  undercover!matt  pov:jessica  humor  friendship  confession/secrets  disability  undercover  established!relationship  fandom:marvel  fandom:daredevil  author:showmeahero  have:pdf 
february 2018 by elwarre
Double Blind
"Matt comes to, flat on his back, with Iron Man and Hawkeye hovering over him. “Oh fuck,” Stark says, less than comfortingly." (2381 words)
matt_murdock  foggy_nelson  tony_stark  clint_barton  matt/foggy  hurt!matt  clueless!tony  clueless!clint  humor  misunderstanding  disability  crossover  fandom:marvel  fandom:daredevil  author:smilebackwards 
february 2018 by elwarre
The Brotastic Adventures of the Avengers and the Long Suffering Foggy Nelson
"Where Foggy accidentally becomes bros with the Avengers, Foggy and Matt talk it out, and the Avengers and Matt don't seem to grasp the concept that the "s" in "friends" is there for a reason." (28,484 words)
fandom:marvel  fandom:daredevil  foggy_nelson  matt_murdock  karen_page  clint_barton  natasha_romanov  matt/foggy  hurt!foggy  kidnapped!foggy  pining!foggy  protective!matt  undercover!matt  jealous!matt  pining!matt  schmoop  humor  friendship  misunderstanding  kidnapping  escape/rescue  undercover  jealousy  first_time  series/verse  crossover  author:cosmicocean 
february 2018 by elwarre
✢ The Handbook of Elf Psychology
"Sequel to Fantastic Elves and Where to Find Them! Harry is captured by wizards and brought to a castle. The wizards are obnoxious, but there's a lovely wood nearby which is quaintly named the "Forbidden" Forest. Harry thinks that's adorable." (99,261 words) This is delightful.
  harry_potter  draco_malfoy  severus_snape  sirius_black  gen  bamf!harry  smart!harry  elf!harry  protective!harry  independent!harry  abandoned!harry  humor  friendship  magic  elves  abandonment  cabin/wilderness  series/verse  fandom:harrypotter  author:evansentranced  have:pdf 
january 2018 by elwarre
✢ The Continuing Adventures of the Nine-Nine
"A series of short, ridiculous, mostly plotless stories featuring the Foxes as the cops of the Ninety-Ninth Precinct." (8,806 words) These are so much fun.
  neil_josten  andrew_minyard  kevin_day  allison_reynolds  nicky_hemmick  neil/andrew  officer!neil  officer!andrew  humor  crack  schmoop  fbi/police  secret!relationship  series/verse  crossover  aftg:au:no!exy  fandom:allforthegame  fandom:brooklyn99  author:gluupor 
january 2018 by elwarre
That Which You Cannot Undo
"By twenty-eight, Stiles has resigned himself to a quiet life of working in his magic shop, selling Jackson Whittemore fart-inducing tea, and looking after his goddaughter. It's a good life. But the quiet goes to hell when his sister, Lydia, shows up with a crispy werewolf in her trunk and a bite mark on her shoulder, because hard on her heels comes the hottest person Stiles has ever seen, and he happens to be looking for his uncle. You know, the dead guy Stiles helped Lydia bury last night. (Or: the Pracitical Magic AU nobody asked for.)" (28,181 words)
stiles_stilinski  derek_hale  lydia_martin  peter_hale  stiles/derek  witch!stiles  powers!stiles  magical!stiles  bottom!stiles  top!derek  possessed!lydia  pov:stiles  humor  angst  magic  witches/wizards  kink:knotting  first_time  fandom:teenwolf  author:uraneia  have:pdf 
january 2018 by elwarre
Hilary Duff Lyric Redacted
Stiles hadn’t been in Beacon Hills in five years, hadn’t seen Derek in nearly as long, when he got the text: New number: (+530) 365-2421 -or- An abundance of overeating and geekery, dangerous caffeine/sugar cereal addictions, surprise werewolves, bird insults, purple-eyed shrimp, reincarnated serial killers (it's cool, he has a leash), poorly played professional baseball, and a love story. In that order. (40,096 words)
stiles_stilinski  derek_hale  stiles/derek  student!stiles  powers!stiles  magical!stiles  possessive!derek  schmoop  humor  college  slowburn  kink:switching  first_time  tw:postseries  fandom:teenwolf  author:calrissian18 
january 2018 by elwarre
It's a Kind of Magic
Alec frowns at a point just over Magnus’ shoulder, and then his eyes widen. “Magnus… did your house plant just wave at me?” Magnus freezes. He whirls around and glares, hissing, “Figmund, you promised.” Figmund wiggles its leaves unrepentantly. (10,910 words)
alec_lightwood  magnus_bane  ragnor_fell  catarina_loss  alec/magnus  mundane!alec  pining!alec  sick!magnus  pining!magnus  schmoop  humor  magic  illness  pining  first_time  fandom:shadowhunters  author:thealmostrhetoricalquestion 
october 2017 by elwarre
Messy Lairs
"Magnus may have a little problem controlling himself when he and Alec are getting it on. People are starting to notice how messy his apartment has gotten." (2088 words)
alec_lightwood  magnus_bane  isabelle_lightwood  clary_fray  alec/magnus  humor  magic  established!relationship  fandom:shadowhunters  author:kuro1neko2kun 
september 2017 by elwarre
✢ Silhouette
"After a mission in Mexico goes wrong, SHIELD Agents Barnes and Rogers are given the job of hunting down the notorious Hawkeye and the Black Widow, the only problem being: no one even knows what they look like. On the other side of the law, Clint's enjoying messing with their new SHIELD shadows, especially seeing how close he can get to Agent Barnes without him realising, but he makes the mistake of getting attached, and that makes everything more complicated." (105,874 words)
  bucky_barnes  clint_barton  natasha_romanov  steve_rogers  clint/bucky  secretagent!bucky  hurt!bucky  assassin!clint  undercover!clint  deaf!clint  bamf!clint  protective!clint  kidnapped!clint  hurt!clint  tortured!clint  electrocuted!clint  assassin!natasha  protective!natasha  pov:bucky  pov:clint  action  humor  spies/assassins  undercover  kidnapping  torture  electrocution  escape/rescue  revenge  slowburn  first_time  fandom:marvel  author:mariana_oconnor  have:pdf 
september 2017 by elwarre
If You are Prepared: The Truth About Harry
"Dumbledore has a plan to keep Severus and the boy safe." (15,001 words) First in the Road to Hell series. Additional warning for lustful!Snape, though no underage occurs.
harry_potter  severus_snape  gen  pov:severus  pov:harry  humor  character_study  preslash  hp:year5  series/verse  fandom:harrypotter  author:cybele  have:pdf 
august 2017 by elwarre
Electricity in the Contact
"In which Derek has been invited to the Greater Pacific Northwest Alpha Symposium (that's not what it's called, Stiles, stop saying that), and showing up unattached would mean an arranged marriage. When the rest of the pack objects, he agrees to let Stiles come along to pose as his mate. Derek is reasonably sure that he's not going to make it out of this weekend alive." (27,067 words)
stiles_stilinski  derek_hale  scott_mccall  stiles/derek  pining!stiles  clueless!stiles  bottom!stiles  pining!derek  clueless!derek  top!derek  pov:derek  humor  schmoop  misunderstanding  pretend!relationship  pining  hothothot  kink:scentmarking  kink:knotting  first_time  tw:postseries  fandom:teenwolf  author:ladyblahblah 
august 2017 by elwarre
✢ The Light More Beautiful
"Thirteen years after Draco accepts Potter's help escaping the horror of his sixth year, he returns to England where he makes the unfortunate discovery that Potter is still as obnoxious as ever. And worse, more than a decade overseas hasn't been enough to dim Draco's obsession with him." (81,255 words)
  harry_potter  draco_malfoy  pansy_parkinson  luna_lovegood  ron_weasley  hermione_granger  harry/draco  pansy/luna  hermione/ron  auror!harry  bamf!harry  hurt!harry  scarred!harry  werewolf!harry  motorcycle!harry  possessive!harry  top!harry  auror!draco  pining!draco  bottom!draco  pov:draco  friendship  humor  casefic  potions_accident  werewolves  scars  love/hate  pining  hothothot  sex:pollen  sex:rough  sex:shower  kink:manhandling  kink:knotting  kink:rimming  kink:switching  first_time  hp:year6  hp:postseries  fandom:harrypotter  author:firethesound 
august 2017 by elwarre
✢ A Convenient Impracticality
"Somehow Harry ends up agreeing to a fake relationship with his ex-nemesis-turned-friendly-acquaintance-with-benefits, except for some reason it involves an awful lot of actual dating and, sadly, not much sex. Confused? Harry is too, but when has anything with Draco Malfoy ever been as straightforward as it seems?" (38,536 words) This is adorable.
  harry_potter  draco_malfoy  hermione_granger  pansy_parkinson  ron_weasley  harry/draco  auror!harry  clueless!harry  virgin!harry  pining!harry  auror!draco  virgin!draco  humor  schmoop  pretend!relationship  breakup  pining  kink:virginity  first_time  established!relationship  hp:postseries  fandom:harrypotter  author:firethesound 
august 2017 by elwarre
Magic Bullet
"Derek's only comfort over the past few years has been a novel written by his favorite author. When he decides to teach it at an entry level university course he doesn't expect a fiery student to disagree with everything he says..." (10,346 words)
derek_hale  stiles_stilinski  erica_reyes  stiles/derek  author!stiles  pining!stiles  professor!derek  clueless!derek  pining!derek  reluctant!derek  humor  schmoop  mistaken!identity  college  pining  student/teacher  first_time  tw:au:no!werewolves  fandom:teenwolf  author:matildajones 
august 2017 by elwarre
Kiss on Cheek: One Galleon
"Draco and Harry can't keep their hands off each other, and Daphne is up to here with them." (1900 words) Second in the Arthur and the Lust Leaks series.
daphne_greengrass  draco_malfoy  harry_potter  harry/draco  pov:daphne  humor  kink:exhibitionism  established!relationship  hp:postseries  series/verse  fandom:harrypotter  author:magpie_fngrl 
july 2017 by elwarre
✢ The Full Monty
"Harry poses for a naked Auror calendar and Draco goes batshit crazy with lust." (9860 words) First in the Arthur and the Lust Leaks series. Hilarious and hot.
  harry_potter  draco_malfoy  daphne_greengrass  harry/draco  auror!harry  bottom!harry  lawyer!draco  top!draco  pov:draco  humor  magic  hothothot  sex:rough  sex:office  first_time  hp:postseries  series/verse  fandom:harrypotter  author:magpie_fngrl  have:pdf 
july 2017 by elwarre
"When Snape's mother dies, an unexpected clause in her will requires him to get married or forget about inheriting Prince Manor. He despairs - until a highly convenient possibility arises." (16,590 words) Gets a little sappy/OOC near the end, but an enjoyable and amusing story nonetheless.
harry_potter  severus_snape  harry/severus  clueless!harry  professor!harry  bottom!harry  top!severus  humor  angst  misunderstanding  sexual!dysfunction  pretend!relationship  first_time  hp:postseries  fandom:harrypotter  author:moth 
july 2017 by elwarre
✢ Everything Under the Moon
“Just go in and buy him something and attach a note that says, like, I don’t know,” she flips a curl over her shoulder, “let’s bone.” Derek looks up at the sky and purses his lips. Doesn’t dignify that with a response. There’s no way in hell Derek is going to attach some dinky little note to Stiles’ gift that is either as crass as Erica’s suggestion or as humiliating as something he could come up with himself – no fucking way in hell. But she does have a point. Stiles’ birthday is coming and Derek is shit out of luck and shit out of ideas for ways to make Stiles see him as anything more than just Derek. The way Stiles looks at him sometimes, it’s like he has no fucking idea. (19,892 words) Fun and funny and marvelous.
  stiles_stilinski  derek_hale  stiles/derek  magical!stiles  powers!stiles  witch!stiles  bamf!stiles  kidnapped!stiles  clueless!derek  protective!derek  pining!derek  humor  schmoop  birthday/holiday  magic  witches/wizards  mummies  unicorns  kidnapping  pining  first_time  tw:postseries  fandom:teenwolf  author:standinginanicedress  have:pdf 
july 2017 by elwarre
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powers!dean  powers!jared  powers!jensen  powers!sam  powers!stiles  pranks  pregnant!charles  preslash  pretend!relationship  previous!relationship  professor!charles  professor!derek  professor!harry  professor!stiles  prostitution  protective!arthur  protective!arthur(inception)  protective!blaise  protective!bruce  protective!bucky  protective!charles  protective!charlieweasley  protective!clint  protective!dean  protective!derek  protective!eames  protective!erik  protective!foggy  protective!harry  protective!jared  protective!jensen  protective!kirk  protective!lucifer  protective!matt  protective!mccoy  protective!merlin  protective!natasha  protective!oliver  protective!peter  protective!peterparker  protective!phil  protective!raven  protective!sam  protective!samwilson  protective!severus  protective!sheriffstilinski  protective!sirius  protective!spock  protective!steve  protective!stevemcgarrett  protective!stiles  protective!tony  protective!wade  psychic!jared  psychic!sam  ptsd  ptsd!bucky  ptsd!clint  ptsd!harry  ptsd!jensen  ptsd!kirk  ptsd!peterparker  ptsd!sam  punk!jared  punk!jensen  purgatory  pwp  q(bond)  q/bond  ragnor_fell  raped!harry  raped!jensen  raped!kirk  raven  reapers  recovery  reincarnation  religious!steve  reluctant!danny  reluctant!dean  reluctant!derek  reluctant!eames  reluctant!jared  reluctant!jensen  reluctant!peterparker  reluctant!sam  reluctant!severus  reluctant!wade  remus_lupin  remy_lebeau  renee_walker  revenge  rich!derek  rich!eames  rich!jensen  rick/michonne  rick_grimes  roadtrip  ron_weasley  roommates  roxy(kingsman)  royalty!derek  ruby  rufus_turner  sam/brady  sam/castiel  sam/dean  sam/dean/castiel  sam/dean/kevin  sam/dean/stiles  sam/jess  sam/jo  sam/ofc  sam/omc  samantha_ferris  samuel_kirk  samwilson/claire  sam_wilson  sam_winchester  sandra_mccoy  scarred!harry  scarred!kirk  scars  schmoop  scientist!stiles  scott_mccall  sean_cassidy  secret!relationship  secretagent!bucky  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telepath!jared  telepath!sam  telepathy  text/email  theodore_nott  therapist!jared  thief!arthur(inception)  thief!cobb  thief!jared  thief!jensen  thief!stiles  thomas_leighton  thor  timetravel  timetraveler!logan  timetraveler!severus  tom_welling  tony/matt  tony_stark  top!castiel  top!dean  top!derek  top!draco  top!eames  top!erik  top!foggy  top!harry  top!harryhart  top!jared  top!jensen  top!jess  top!mccoy  top!phil  top!sam  top!severus  top!spock  top!stevemcgarrett  top!tony  top!wade  top!zach  torture  tortured!clint  tortured!harry  tortured!kirk  tortured!peterparker  tortured!stiles  trials  trickster!gabriel  tricksters  trixie_decker  tw:au:historical/fantasy  tw:au:known!werewolves  tw:au:no!fire  tw:au:no!werewolves  tw:postseries  tw:season:2  tw:season:3  tyler_hoechlin  tyler_posey  tyson_brady  underage  undercover  undercover!clint  undercover!dean  undercover!harry  undercover!jensen  undercover!matt  undercover!peterparker  undercover!sam  undercover!stiles  undercover!wade  understanding!arthur(inception)  understanding!bobby  understanding!clint  understanding!dean  understanding!eames  understanding!foggy  understanding!jared  understanding!jensen  understanding!jess  understanding!john  understanding!mccoy  understanding!neville  understanding!phil  understanding!sam  understanding!severus  understanding!steve  understanding!stiles  understanding!tony  understanding!wade  unfinished  unicorns  unmagicked!harry  ust  vampire!jared  vampires  venom  vernon_boyd  vet!jared  victor_henriksen  virgin!draco  virgin!harry  virgin!jared  virgin!jensen  virgin!severus  virgin!stiles  voodoo  voyeur!castiel  voyeur!sam  wade_wilson  waiter!jared  waiter!jensen  wardsmith!harry  wd:au:no!walkers  werecat!jared  werewolf!harry  werewolf!mccoy  werewolf!stiles  werewolves  wincest!discovered  winona_kirk  wip  witch!stiles  witches/wizards  wizard!dean  wizard!jensen  wizard!sam  x:au:modern  x:au:no!mutants  x:firstclass  x:futurepast  zachariah  zachary_quinto  zoe_saldana  zombies   

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