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You Grow Up and You Lose Touch
"Peter always thought that when he had kids, there would be someone by his side. Instead, he has a mouthy mercenary acting as a chef every night for him and his newly adopted son and a narcissistic billionaire philanthropist paying child support on the sly. But Peter figures it isn’t all bad, especially when Miles loses that dullness in his eyes whenever Wade slips on the banana peels he ‘strategically’ places all over the apartment for Peter as a joke." (52,952 words)
peter_parker  wade_wilson  miles_morales  peterparker/wade  guardian!peterparker  bamf!peterparker  protective!peterparker  hurt!peterparker  kidnapped!peterparker  tortured!peterparker  ptsd!peterparker  bamf!wade  protective!wade  action  angst  domesticity  altered!reality  kidnapping  torture  escape/rescue  ptsd  slowburn  first_time  fandom:marvel  author:scarlett_starlett  have:pdf 
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You'll Lose the Blues in Chicago
Steve takes a second to feel relieved he’s not Dustin getting all sorts of arrested in places he shouldn’t be, then he goes back to staring. Steve hasn’t seen Billy Hargrove since high school. Three years ago. The cop is staring at them, looking back and forth. “So uh,” the cop says, “Are you boys…good? If you’re still willing to vouch for him, then I’ll need you to sign for him, Mr. Harrington.” “Steve,” Steve corrects absently, at the same time Billy corrects, "Princess." The cop coughs awkwardly, and Steve walks up to the front, signs for Billy like he’s a package, or he guesses, in trouble with the law. (99,815 words)
steve_harrington  billy_hargrove  nancy_wheeler  eleven  billy/steve  understanding!steveharrington  protective!steveharrington  ptsd!steveharrington  top!steveharrington  arrested!billy  asshole!billy  guilty!billy  protective!billy  understanding!billy  hurt!billy  abused!billy  pov:steveharrington  character_study  domesticity  hurt/comfort  confession/secrets  abuse:child  incarceration  ptsd  birthday/holiday  first_time  series/verse  fandom:strangerthings  author:lymricks 
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Chasing Ghosts
"Three years after the attack on London, Jim has overcome the psychological effects of his resurrection and is one of Starfleet's most respected captains. A brief leave on Earth for his brother's wedding reunited him with an old friend, and Jim is left to consider whether a ship alone is enough to make him happy." (16,674 words)
james_kirk  spock(prime)  winona_kirk  samuel_kirk  kirk/spock(prime)  pov:kirk  friendship  domesticity  first_time  fandom:startrek(aos)  author:museaway 
april 2018 by elwarre
✢ Wolf in the House
“What? It’s totally an improvement. He’s not scowling, or dating bad guys, or slinking around in unsanitary places. Still a bit paranoid, but what can you do. At least he’s a lot easier to get along with when you can buy his affections with ear rubs.” “And you always wanted a dog,” Sheriff added wryly. “And I always wanted a dog.” (33,481 words)
  stiles_stilinski  derek_hale  sheriff_stilinski  stiles/derek  understanding!stiles  protective!stiles  feral!derek  hurt!derek  ptsd!derek  protective!sheriffstilinski  understanding!sheriffstilinski  pov:derek  angst  hurt/comfort  domesticity  ptsd  self_loathing  recovery  preslash  fandom:teenwolf  author:joelawson  have:pdf 
april 2018 by elwarre
A Mental Archive of Love Unwanted
“You’re in love with him,” Isak says. “And he doesn’t know.” He thinks about denying it, to shrug it off like he has so many times before, but in the end, he’s too tired to lie and the fact is, he doesn’t want to. “I’m in love with him,” Even says, slumping back into the sofa. “And he doesn’t know.” Even moves into a new flat, gains new friends and tries not to have his heart broken. He nails the first two. (71,069 words) First in the series: Before, During, and After.
isak_valtersen  even_bech_naesheim  sana_bakkoush  linn_hansen  isak/even  clueless!isak  pining!isak  clueless!even  jealous!even  pining!even  pov:even  angst  schmoop  friendship  domesticity  misunderstanding  illness:mental  roommates  unrequited  slowburn  jealousy  pining  first_time  series/verse  skam:au:different!meeting  fandom:skam  author:chevythunder  have:pdf 
march 2018 by elwarre
Wands and Arrows
"Clint Barton's wife was the most terrifying person Natasha had ever met, including the Winter Soldier who had shown up one time and killed her charge by shooting through her." (8220 words)
harry_potter  clint_barton  hermione_granger  natasha_romanov  draco_malfoy  harry/clint  girl!harry  bamf!harry  masterofdeath!harry  protective!harry  parent!harry  parent!clint  humor  genderswap  domesticity  friendship  crack  established!relationship  pairings:unusual  crossover  hp:postseries  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:marvel  author:runic_purple_panda 
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✢ A Wild Heart's Desire
"If there's one thing Stiles Stilinski knows, it's that Deputy Derek Hale absolutely Does Not Like him. The only reason Derek even tolerates him is because their kids are worryingly codependent. So Stiles is understandably confused when a very feral Derek shows up in his backyard after a call gone wrong and proceeds to move in with him." (13,410 words) This is great.
  stiles_stilinski  derek_hale  stiles/derek  parent!stiles  understanding!stiles  magical!stiles  powers!stiles  officer!derek  parent!derek  feral!derek  humor  schmoop  domesticity  love/hate  misunderstanding  slowburn  first_time  tw:au:known!werewolves  tw:au:no!fire  fandom:teenwolf  author:mikkimouse  have:pdf 
february 2018 by elwarre
"Harry doesn't know exactly what's happening, but something isn't right between him and Professor Lupin, and he's determined to find out why. Will Snape be able to help?" (70,334 words - abandoned WIP)
harry_potter  severus_snape  sirius_black  remus_lupin  gen  hurt!harry  abused!harry  raped!harry  ptsd!harry  protective!severus  guardian!severus  dark!remus  angst  hurt/comfort  domesticity  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  ptsd  recovery  hp:year3  fandom:harrypotter  author:lastcrazyhorn  wip 
february 2018 by elwarre
✢ According to Plan
"The plan was very simple: go back in time, kill Kate, kill Gerard, never ever make contact with his parents, try to find a place within the Hale pack or not, but either way, live the rest of his life displaced and without the people he loves. Of course, as it always is with him these days, nothing goes according to plan." (16,363 words)
  stiles_stilinski  kate_argent  chris_argent  peter_hale  alan_deaton  stiles/peter  bamf!stiles  powers!stiles  magical!stiles  timetraveler!stiles  hunter!stiles  protective!stiles  good!kateargent  dark!deaton  pov:stiles  altered!reality  action  drama  domesticity  timetravel  magic  werewolves  hunters:organized  tw:postseries  tw:preseries  fandom:teenwolf  author:feelingsdusk  have:pdf 
january 2018 by elwarre
Ain't Saying He's a Gold-Digger
"Peter and Stiles hook up on a sugar daddy dating website. Here's the ensuing love story, told through chat screenshots and text messages." (longish and surprisingly adorable)
stiles_stilinski  peter_hale  scott_mccall  cora_hale  lydia_martin  derek_hale  stiles/peter  student!stiles  sub!stiles  rich!peter  top!peter  jealous!derek  schmoop  domesticity  text/email  prostitution  jealousy  kink:bdsm  kink:daddykink  first_time  tw:postseries  fandom:teenwolf  author:taylorpotato 
january 2018 by elwarre
We're All Totally Defenseless
"Chris briefly considers the idea that he doesn't know how tall fourteen year old boys are supposed to be but decides that he faintly remembers his brother being taller, and Tony pretty much lives on the median. Jim scrunches up in the car seat next to him. He hasn't spoken since confirming that yeah, he knew this guy, it was a friend of his mom's from way back when, now let him the fuck out. He might've looked about twelve, but his voice came out like he was forty." (8714 words)
james_kirk  christopher_pike  number_one  winona_kirk  pike/one  abused!kirk  adopted!kirk  guardian!pike  protective!pike  pov:pike  domesticity  hurt/comfort  abuse:child(past)  st:au:modern  fandom:startrek(aos)  author:justalittlebit 
january 2018 by elwarre
✢ We Might Be Hollow (But We're Brave)
"Andrew is looking to live his life in peaceful nothingness, but his new neighbor's cat won't stop sneaking onto his balcony. As much as he tries to not make it into something, Andrew finds himself drawn to the mysterious and tempting man next door. Neil is just trying to find a reason to not leave Palmetto after everyone else has moved on. But he never thought he would want to run toward something in favor of running away. (In a slightly different world, two people find themselves meeting in a softer setting and in just as much need of each other. A story about dealing with pasts, sharing secrets and a cat who is an asshole yet manages to charm everyone around it.)" (40,681 words) This is quiet and real and lovely.
  neil_josten  andrew_minyard  nicky_hemmick  neil/andrew  coach!neil  understanding!neil  scarred!neil  bartender!andrew  ptsd!andrew  pining!andrew  angst  schmoop  domesticity  friendship  sports  permanent!injury  abuse:child(past)  scars  ptsd  pining  slowburn  first_time  aftg:au:different!path  fandom:allforthegame  author:stttmsbwa  have:pdf 
january 2018 by elwarre
The Night is Cold (But My Heart is Warm)
"on christmas eve, there's a boy on the streets, a dog for company and nothing else. andrew can't walk away. the family immediately loves him (and maybe thinks they're boyfriends)." (15,433 words)
neil_josten  andrew_minyard  neil/andrew  hurt!neil  homeless!neil  scarred!neil  understanding!andrew  schmoop  hurt/comfort  domesticity  birthday/holiday  homelessness  scars  preslash  aftg:au:different!path  fandom:allforthegame  author:fuechsli 
january 2018 by elwarre
Cpt C. Pike and C/ J.T. Kirk’s guide to unexpected Co-Habitation
"When the Admiralty first delivered their ultimatum, Chris Pike didn't know who ought to be more offended; Jim Kirk, for being treated as if he were incapable of being independent despite being twenty-two and a certified genius; or Chris himself, for not getting any choice in who lived in his spare bed room for the next twelve months dammit! Or: Things Captain Christopher Pike learns about both himself and Cadet James T Kirk during their (not so) brief period of (initially) forced co-habitation." (77,767 words)
christopher_pike  james_kirk  leonard_mccoy  philip_boyce  kirk/mccoy  protective!pike  smart!kirk  sick!kirk  scarred!kirk  protective!mccoy  pov:pike  academy!fic  domesticity  angst  illness  scars  abuse:child(past)  tarsus_iv  preslash  series/verse  fandom:startrek(aos)  author:insanesociopath 
october 2017 by elwarre
✢ Where the Dandelions Grow
"He never truly believed anything big would come from him and Daryl Dixon. It’d end with heartbreak on his part, because he made the mistake of letting his guard down, but this was the first time he actually paused. Considered the possibilities. Months following the defeat of the Saviors, Paul and Daryl try to move forward." (45,978 words) Thoughtful and quietly gorgeous.
  daryl_dixon  paul_rovia  maggie_greene  daryl/paul  protective!daryl  scarred!daryl  top!daryl  bottom!paul  character_study  domesticity  self_loathing  homophobia  abuse:child(past)  scars  hothothot  kink:manhandling  established!relationship  fandom:walkingdead  author:rendoe  have:pdf 
august 2017 by elwarre
A Certain Kind of Fool
"For Severus, everything changes when Harry and his children move into Hogwarts. Albus Severus has taken a liking to him and it seems Harry Potter has a secret." (38,700 words) This is all kinds of adorable.
harry_potter  severus_snape  albus_potter  harry/severus  professor!harry  parent!harry  grieving!harry  bottom!harry  pining!severus  reluctant!severus  jealous!severus  top!severus  pov:severus  friendship  domesticity  schmoop  grief  slowburn  pining  jealousy  hothothot  kink:rimming  first_time  hp:postseries  fandom:harrypotter  author:asnowyowl  need:pdf 
august 2017 by elwarre
✢ His Heart's Desire
"When Severus returns from a week away, Harry realises just how much he’s missed him." (5094 words) Part 2 of Fragile Hearts
  harry_potter  severus_snape  harry/severus  bottom!harry  top!severus  pov:harry  pwp  domesticity  hothothot  kink:fingering  kink:praisekink  established!relationship  hp:postseries  series/verse  fandom:harrypotter  author:writcraft  have:pdf 
july 2017 by elwarre
✢ The Beating of this Fragile Heart
"After the war, the last thing Severus Snape needs is the memory of a fleeting wartime kiss and a very persistent Harry Potter thwarting his plans to live a peaceful and solitary life. It’s only when Harry’s life is endangered that Severus is finally forced to confront his feelings head on." (33,139 words) Part 1 of Fragile Hearts
  harry_potter  severus_snape  harry/severus  auror!harry  hurt!harry  pining!harry  bottom!harry  reluctant!severus  protective!severus  pining!severus  possessive!severus  top!severus  pov:severus  hurt/comfort  domesticity  schmoop  confession/secrets  recovery  hothothot  kink:switching  kink:fingering  first_time  hp:postseries  series/verse  fandom:harrypotter  author:writcraft  have:pdf 
july 2017 by elwarre
Eleven Canticles of Tradition (How Harry Found Christmas)
"Draco wants a Muggle Christmas—Harry's Muggle Christmas. Harry tries to fabricate one, fails miserably, but still manages to find out what makes Christmas important to him along the way." (33,137 words) Warnings for intimations of past child neglect.
harry_potter  draco_malfoy  ron_weasley  harry/draco  clueless!harry  protective!draco  protective!ron  angst  schmoop  domesticity  birthday/holiday  abuse:child(past)  kink:switching  established!relationship  hp:postseries  fandom:harrypotter  author:empathicsiren 
july 2017 by elwarre
"Harry is eight years old and is sent to live with Snape. Will Snape ever lighten up enough to notice Harry's problems?" (37,901 words) I don't normally like stories told from a child's perspective, but I quite enjoyed this one.
harry_potter  severus_snape  poppy_pomfrey  minerva_mcgonagall  albus_dumbledore  gen  hurt!harry  abused!harry  ptsd!harry  guardian!severus  protective!severus  understanding!severus  asshole!mcgonagall  guilty!mcgonagall  hurt/comfort  domesticity  schmoop  abuse:child  abuse:child(past)  ptsd  birthday/holiday  hp:prehogwarts  fandom:harrypotter  author:lily_elizabeth_snape  have:pdf 
june 2017 by elwarre
You Send Me (Honest You Do)
"As far as potion accidents go in general, and deaging incidents go in particular, Draco knew this could have been so much worse. Harry only lost about ten years, and all his memories are still intact. But the sight of him looking as if he’s stepped straight out of Draco’s Hogwarts memories has dredged up a whole mess of complicated feelings Draco thought he’d buried years ago, and Draco really doesn’t know what to do with any of it." (36,988 words) Fun and adorable.
harry_potter  draco_malfoy  ron_weasley  harry/draco  auror!harry  deaged!harry  clueless!harry  pining!harry  bottom!harry  auror!draco  clueless!draco  pining!draco  top!draco  pov:draco  humor  casefic  domesticity  friendship  potions_accident  pining  first_time  hp:postseries  fandom:harrypotter  author:firethesound 
june 2017 by elwarre
✢ The Ties That Bind
"After Andromeda dies, Harry and Draco are given joint custody of Teddy. They live together in Grimmauld Place and have to learn how to raise a child together. Harry gets anxious whenever Draco discusses how to discipline Teddy, and eventually reveals the truth about his childhood to Draco." (61,000 words) LOVED this
  harry_potter  draco_malfoy  teddy_lupin  hermione_granger  molly_weasley  narcissa_malfoy  harry/draco  auror!harry  parent!harry  bamf!harry  protective!harry  hurt!harry  clueless!harry  pining!harry  auror!draco  unspeakable!draco  parent!draco  understanding!draco  jealous!draco  clueless!draco  pining!draco  understanding!narcissa  domesticity  friendship  hurt/comfort  misunderstanding  abuse:child(past)  confession/secrets  slowburn  jealousy  pining  first_time  hp:postseries  fandom:harrypotter  author:phoenix_writing  have:pdf 
april 2017 by elwarre
✢ Rome Wasn't Built in a Day
"Five months ago, the battered remains of science and government emerged from a secret bunker outside Denver to deliver the cure and a way to kill huge herds of walkers in an instant – some kind of sonic blast that fries their brains with no harm to the living. The worst is over and it’s time to rebuild. Daryl has spent years longing for Rick, never imagining anything could come of it. But now that everything else has changed, maybe that will too." (10,696 words)
  daryl_dixon  rick_grimes  carol_peletier  daryl/rick  pining!daryl  clueless!daryl  bottom!daryl  pining!rick  clueless!rick  top!rick  pov:daryl  domesticity  pining  kink:d/s  sex:rough  first_time  wd:postseries  fandom:walkingdead  author:peggy_lane 
february 2017 by elwarre
✢ Shadows Where I Stand
"After the events of "This Sorrowful Life," Rick wakes up in the hospital with the name of the man he can't live without forgotten on his lips and a doctor telling him that the last two years have been a dream. He then begins the long, arduous process of readjusting to life in the real world, but he can't get the image of the beautiful archer out of his head and soon signs start to appear that the dream may actually be real. Could Rick actually find his hunter? Could they actually have a shot at a happy ending? And will Rick finally be able to tell Daryl that he is the love of his life?" (126,990 words)
  rick_grimes  daryl_dixon  shane_walsh  lori_grimes  merle_dixon  carol_peletier  carl_grimes  maggie_greene  beth_greene  hershel_greene  glenn_rhee  daryl/rick  lori/shane  merle/michonne  glenn/maggie  officer!rick  parent!rick  clueless!rick  pining!rick  bartender!daryl  parent!daryl  pining!daryl  understanding!shane  pov:rick  angst  domesticity  altered!reality  dreams/visions  self_loathing  pining  slowburn  hothothot  kink:switching  sex:rough  first_time  wd:au:no!walkers  fandom:walkingdead  author:skarlatha  have:pdf 
february 2017 by elwarre
✢ Pizza Verse
"In an alternate universe, Harvey's still a lawyer but Mike's not a pot runner -- he's a deliveryman for Rollo's Pizza and Ribs, which happens to be Harvey's favorite pizza place. Once Harvey finds out his pizza guy is a genius, Mike's life takes a few turns he would not have expected..." (65,613 words)
  mike_ross  harvey_specter  donna_paulsen  kyle_durant  harvey/mike  smart!mike(suits)  pining!harvey  schmoop  domesticity  friendship  pining  first_time  series/verse  fandom:suits  author:closer 
february 2017 by elwarre
✢ Soul Meets Body
"Right from the beginning, Clint Barton was a source of complications and headaches." (52,551 words) Schmoopier than the tags make it sound, but the angst and warnings are definitely relevant.
  clint_barton  phil_coulson  maria_hill  clint/phil  bamf!clint  trans!clint  protective!clint  pregnant!clint  deaf!clint  hurt!clint  ptsd!clint  protective!phil  understanding!phil  pining!phil  angst  hurt/comfort  domesticity  issues:gender/sexuality  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  ptsd  disability  slowburn  pining  first_time  series/verse  fandom:marvel  author:shadowen 
february 2017 by elwarre
✢ Not What I Was Expecting (So Much Better)
"Erik, the single father, hires Charles, the grad student with the slightly shady past, to be his manny." (4285 words) This is adorable.
  charles_xavier  erik_lehnsherr  charles/erik  student!charles  nanny!charles  sick!charles  parent!erik  sick!erik  pining!erik  pov:erik  humor  schmoop  domesticity  illness  college  pining  preslash  fandom:xmen  author:lazulisong 
january 2017 by elwarre
The kid stilled, his eyes going sharp in a way that made James want to reach for his weapon. He remembered he didn’t have one, then remembered he was talking to a 12 year old the size of a cocker spaniel and he didn’t need a weapon anyway. “Give me access to MI6’s computers and I could take over the world,” the boy said softly. “Not exactly what we’re trying to accomplish, but an interesting option all the same,” James said, pursing his lips. “What’s your name?” “Why?” “Because, if I’m going to recruit you that’s something I’ll need to know.” (92,682 words) Part 2 of Jealous Gods
q(bond)  james_bond  mycroft_holmes  sherlock_holmes  john_watson  victor_trevor  m(bond)  james_moriarty  sebastian_moran  q/bond  john/sherlock  smart!q  hacker!q  protective!q  sick!q  hurt!q  kidnapped!q  tortured!q  pining!q  holmes!q  bamf!bond  protective!bond  hurt!bond  pining!bond  reluctant!bond  protective!mycroft  kidnapped!johnwatson  clueless!johnwatson  protective!sherlock  clueless!sherlock  action  origin_story  domesticity  spies/assassins  cps/fostercare  abuse:child(past)  kidnapping  torture  escape/rescue  illness  recovery  slowburn  pining  first_time  series/verse  crossover  sherlock:au:teenlock  fandom:sherlock  fandom:bond  author:xiaq  have:pdf 
january 2017 by elwarre
Something Keeps Pulling Me Back to You
"Daryl Dixon sat on the steps of his porch, elbows resting on knees as he sharpened his knife. Katydids called around him in a chorus of chirping crickets, the sound only interrupted by the rhythmic scratch of metal on stone. The heavy air—a sure sign rain was coming, Daryl predicted—felt moist and honeyed against his bare arms. The evening was calm. Peaceful, even. Peaceful, that was, until Jesus appeared. AU after 6x11. Slow burn." (64,037 words)
daryl_dixon  paul_rovia  rick_grimes  michonne  tara_chambler  daryl/paul  clueless!daryl  pining!daryl  pining!paul  pov:daryl  schmoop  friendship  domesticity  abuse:child(past)  slowburn  pining  kink:switching  kink:rimming  first_time  wd:season:6  fandom:walkingdead  author:waredness 
january 2017 by elwarre
Brush Strokes
"Dean and Sam through the eyes of a neighbor with a lot of curiosity about the worrying boys upstairs." (2000 words) Sequel to: "Sin's a Curse and the Cure is Worse"; Sequel: "What You See When My Eyes Close"
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  sam/dean  hurt!sam  abused!sam  raped!sam  protective!dean  pov:outsider  angst  hurt/comfort  domesticity  art/photography  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  recovery  underage  established!relationship  spn:preseries  series/verse  fandom:spn  author:mya_rofki  have:pdf 
december 2016 by elwarre
✢ The New Neighbor
"In small towns like Lebanon people talk and my little grocery store was the center of the town's gossip. And Dean was the most exciting thing that had happened here in years." (2026 words)
  dean_winchester  gen  protective!dean  pov:outsider  schmoop  domesticity  bunker  fandom:spn  author:emebalia 
november 2016 by elwarre
The Best Gift of All
"Sam runs away from and abusive relationship, taking his daughter with him. On the road and trying to get as far as possible on limited funds, his car breaks down. Against his better judgment, Dean, a mostly retired hunter and the town mechanic, offers to let them stay with him until repairs can be made." (134,811 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  sam/dean  parent!sam  protective!sam  hurt!sam  abused!sam  mechanic!dean  protective!dean  hurt!dean  hurt/comfort  angst  domesticity  abuse:domestic  permanent!injury  escape/rescue  first_time  series/verse  spn:au:not!brothers  fandom:spn  author:virtualpersonal  have:pdf 
october 2016 by elwarre
✢ Lessons Learned
"Six years later, and the hunt is over for Sam and Dean. But it's just beginning for Michael, and he goes looking for the guys who helped him all those years ago."
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  sam/dean  bamf!sam  parent!sam  protective!sam  hurt!sam  bamf!dean  protective!dean  parent!dean  hurt/comfort  angst  pov:outsider  domesticity  permanent!injury  disability  revenge  demons  established!relationship  spn:postseries  fandom:spn  author:lyra_wing  need:pdf 
october 2016 by elwarre
✢ Shattered
"Sam didn't look for Dean the year they were apart. He didn't now he was supposed to. AU version of the events of the year between Season 7 and Season 8. Now a two shot, by request, with Dean bringing Sam home." (5741 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  jody_mills  sam/jody  parent!sam  depressed!sam  hurt!sam  guilty!sam  hurt!dean  guilty!dean  angst  hurt/comfort  domesticity  purgatory  misunderstanding  depression  recovery  pairings:unusual  spn:season:8  fandom:spn  author:dragonflybeach  need:pdf 
october 2016 by elwarre
Between Nowhere and Goodbye
"Sue Lee, she believed, was one of the first ones who actually saw the new neighbors and their car on her block."
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  gen  bamf!sam  hurt!sam  bamf!dean  hurt!dean  pov:outsider  casefic  domesticity  magical_realism  ghosts  clinic/hospital  fandom:spn  author:fourtenpm 
september 2016 by elwarre
Can't Take the Sky
"Sam’s brought to yet another foster home but this time he finds a friend. Of course, he also finds an enemy and something other-worldy he wasn’t quite prepared to accept. (Non-brothers)" (50,563 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  sam/dean  hurt!sam  abused!sam  protective!dean  casefic  hurt/comfort  angst  schmoop  domesticity  friendship  abuse:child  cps/fostercare  fostersiblings/stepsiblings  ghosts  slowburn  first_time  spn:au:not!brothers  fandom:spn  author:saucyminx  have:pdf 
september 2016 by elwarre
Life As We Know It
"In which Dean gets cooking tips from Crowley, Sam does some carpentering and Cas loves to text. In other words: A pretty normal day at the bunker." (oneshot)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  castiel  crowley  gen  clueless!castiel  humor  crack  domesticity  bunker  text/email  spn:season:10  spn:ep:10.10(hunter_games)  fandom:spn  author:frozen_delight 
september 2016 by elwarre
✢ Us Against the World
"At the age of 10, Jensen had a car accident that changed his life forever. Now at the age of 30 he is trying to branch out on his own for the first time. Jared is abused and mistreated by his widowed father. Friendless and alone, he meets Jensen when the older man moves into one of his father’s apartments. Can Jensen and Jared change their lives? Together they have a chance." (19,203 words)
  jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  protective!jared  hurt!jared  abused!jared  bottom!jared  protective!jensen  hurt!jensen  top!jensen  hurt/comfort  angst  schmoop  domesticity  abuse:domestic  illness:mental  disability  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:annie46  have:pdf 
september 2016 by elwarre
Life is What Happens to You While You're Waiting for it to Start
"It wasn’t your typical boy meets girl story; like it was supposed to be. It was more like, boy meets girl, gets screwed over by girl, gets drunk and accidentally stumbles into a gay bar and ends up pretending, to everyone, to be married to the bar tender." (25,000 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  homeless!jared  bartender!jared  bottom!jared  architect!jensen  top!jensen  angst  schmoop  domesticity  homelessness  homophobia  pretend!relationship  first_time  fandom:rpf  author:sasskitten 
september 2016 by elwarre
✢ Erase the Dream (Rewrite the Scene)
"So this fic began MONTHS ago, as a Dean POV companion piece to I Already Know (On With the Show)--(This fic will probably make more sense if you've read that already, eep.) It was also completely written months ago. At least one month. Maybe a little bit more. Anyway, i hated it and screamed at it and procrastinated and finally (FINALLY) i have reached the point where it's not going to get any better. Er...ENJOY! " (6626 words) Sequel to "I Already Know (On With the Show)"
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  lisa_braeden  sam/dean  dean/lisa  punk!sam  baker!sam  undercover!sam  protective!sam  hurt!sam  mechanic!dean  protective!dean  hurt!dean  hurt/comfort  angst  domesticity  undercover  samulet  ptsd  bakery/coffeeshop  kink:piercings  established!relationship  series/verse  spn:season:6  spn:postseries  fandom:spn  author:queenklu  have:pdf 
september 2016 by elwarre
✢ The Pleasantness of Employment
"Modern AU. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of two lively toddlers must be in want of a babysitter. This truth is so fixed in Erik's mind that when his children mysteriously turn up fed and entertained, he doesn't question where the care comes from, so long as it is continuous, or at least he doesn't question it until the caretaker turns out to be his handsome neighbour. Sadly, his attempts at romancing said neighbour are undermined by—no, never mind, it's easier to list things that don't undermine his romancing attempts, and those are the weather and meteor showers." (32,028 words)
  charles_xavier  erik_lehnsherr  moira_mactaggert  raven  steve_rogers  magda_eisenhardt  emma_frost  charles/erik  nanny!charles  author!charles  designer!erik  parent!erik  asshole!erik  pining!erik  humor  schmoop  domesticity  industry:fashion  industry:film  misunderstanding  pining  first_time  x:au:modern  x:au:no!mutants  fandom:xmen  author:keire_ke  have:pdf 
september 2016 by elwarre
Quiet in my Town
"When Arthur falls off the grid, Eames finds him taking care of a teenage boy that apparently is his brother." (26,878 words) The noncon is past and non-graphic.
arthur(inception)  eames  arthur/eames  reluctant!arthur(inception)  bottom!arthur(inception)  understanding!eames  protective!eames  top!eames  angst  hurt/comfort  domesticity  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  resentment  ptsd  dreams/visions  established!relationship  fandom:inception  author:osaki_nana_707 
august 2016 by elwarre
Cat's Cradle
"My version of curtain fic, with human furniture, the Outback Steakhouse, and brutal, loving BDSM." (4300 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  sam/dean  sub!sam  spanked!sam  bottom!sam  dom!dean  top!dean  domesticity  pwp  hothothot  kink:bdsm  kink:spanking  established!relationship  spn:postseries  fandom:spn  author:saltandbyrne  have:pdf 
july 2016 by elwarre
When I Look at You (And You Hold My Hand)
"Enjoying a rare night alone in the bunker, Dean and Sam remember how some of their friends found out about their relationship, and wonder if anyone knew and didn't say anything. Reveals are told through outsider points of view, and some react better than others." (11,000 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  jody_mills  kevin_tran  castiel  crowley  garth_fitzgerald  sam/dean  hurt!sam  protective!dean  hurt/comfort  friendship  domesticity  pov:outsider  wincest!discovered  jody_finds_out  kevin_finds_out  bunker  established!relationship  spn:season:8  fandom:spn  author:verucasalt123  have:pdf 
july 2016 by elwarre
In a Little Bit of Trouble (and I'm in Real Deep)
Prompt: “Big, bad mob boss!Jared knows that his shy accountant and lover is actually an FBI agent. ...Would love a happy ending, minimal angst, focus on Jared thinking Jensen's little attempts at subterfuge are actually kind of cute.” (2,450 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  chad_michael_murray  jared/jensen  criminal!jared  mob!jared  top!jared  secretagent!jensen  undercover!jensen  bottom!jensen  humor  schmoop  domesticity  undercover  spies/assassins  fbi/police  criminals/mafia  established!relationship  fandom:rpf  author:jellybean_slash 
july 2016 by elwarre
✢ A Hundred Days (and Counting)
"Jim is like quicksilver. He’s constantly moving, always on the go, always two steps ahead of everybody and always out of reach. He’s not something to have. He’s not somebody you could ever own or call yours. Jim is just made to let go, and letting go is the one thing McCoy sucks at the most. But maybe, McCoy realizes, Jim doesn’t want to let him go either." (29,811 words) Part of the Unaware Verse
  james_kirk  leonard_mccoy  christopher_pike  kirk/mccoy  hurt!kirk  protective!mccoy  pov:mccoy  angst  friendship  domesticity  academy!fic  preslash  series/verse  fandom:startrek(aos)  author:hope_calaris  author:rei17  need:pdf 
july 2016 by elwarre
The Point (and a Bump on the Head)
"The Impala is parked in the middle of nowhere at midnight. This is the point. (Part of the Chicago verse.)" (761 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  sam/dean  bottom!sam  top!dean  pwp  schmoop  domesticity  hothothot  sex:car  established!relationship  series/verse  fandom:spn  author:compo67 
july 2016 by elwarre
"Through endless moves, personal grief, and career highs and lows, Jared and Jensen have built a solid relationship. What happens in the aftermath of one seemingly random interaction will change their lives forever." (16,366 words)
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  jared/jensen  hurt!jared  depressed!jared  kidnapped!jared  raped!jared  protective!jensen  hurt/comfort  domesticity  noncon/dubcon  kidnapping  stalkers  illness:mental  depression  established!relationship  fandom:rpf  author:framedhim 
july 2016 by elwarre
✢ Dysfunction
"The dictionary definition of dysfunctional is “behaving or acting outside social norms”. Dean looked it up the first time Sam lobbed it at him. The dictionary definition … well. It fits. Look at where he's from, how he came up in the world, how he lives and is it really any surprise?" (22,005 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  sam/dean  sam/omc  dean/ofc  hurt!sam  pining!sam  hurt!dean  protective!dean  pining!dean  neglectful!john  clueless!john  angst  heartbreaking  domesticity  resentment  character_study  pining  first_time  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:morgan  have:pdf 
july 2016 by elwarre
Stand Fast in Your Enchantments
"Stiles knew damn well what a pissed-off wolf sounded like, and every hair on the back of his neck was telling him that somewhere in this room was a very pissed-off werewolf." An AU in which Derek is feral, Stiles is magical, and they eat a lot of fast food. (76,956 words)
stiles_stilinski  derek_hale  allison_argent  scott_mccall  sheriff_stilinski  alan_deaton  lydia_martin  stiles/derek  powers!stiles  magical!stiles  kidnapped!stiles  hurt!stiles  bottom!stiles  protective!derek  kidnapped!derek  hurt!derek  feral!derek  mute!derek  top!derek  pov:stiles  action  domesticity  magic  kidnapping  cabin/wilderness  curse/spell  escape/rescue  recovery  slowburn  kink:tattoos  kink:marking  kink:scentmarking  kink:rimming  kink:switching  first_time  fandom:teenwolf  author:devildoll  author:rahciach 
june 2016 by elwarre
Better Homes and Gardens
"After getting whammied on a hunt, Dean wakes up a househusband in Lawrence married to his little brother. Trapped in this world where down is up and up is completely fucked, Dean desperately tries to figure out a way to get back to a world that makes sense without completely losing his mind in the process. Featuring: spice gardens, bridge clubs, and the power of incestuous, gay love." (14,767 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  castiel  meg_masters  sam/dean  meg/castiel  lawyer!sam  protective!sam  hurt!sam  top!sam  hurt!dean  pining!dean  bottom!dean  altered!reality  hurt/comfort  angst  domesticity  witches/wizards  pining  first_time  pairings:unusual  fandom:spn  author:bourgeois  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
✢ Stopped at the Crossroads
"There are no demons, only night terrors. There are no funerals, only family in-fighting. What would Sam and Dean be like in a world without demons?" (6140 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  mary_winchester  sam/dean  lawyer!sam  protective!sam  officer!dean  hurt!dean  altered!reality  character_study  pov:outsider  domesticity  fbi/police  established!relationship  spn:au:no!supernatural  fandom:spn  author:fourfreedoms  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
Coming Home
"Angel, a ward of the state for as long as she can remember, has been assigned to a new foster home. Frankly, all she's looking for is some place to be left in peace to shuffle through the rest of her time in the system. It doesn't take her long at the Xavier household though to realize she's never been placed anywhere quite like this before. Whether it's a blessing or a curse, however, remains to be seen." (32,436 words) WIP - first part read
charles_xavier  erik_lehnsherr  angel_salvadore  hank_mccoy  ororo_munroe  alex_summers  scott_summers  kitty_pryde  charles/erik  professor!charles  understanding!charles  sick!charles  cancer!charles  protective!erik  hurt!angel  pov:angel  hurt/comfort  angst  domesticity  cps/fostercare  abuse:child(past)  homophobia  illness  established!relationship  series/verse  x:au:modern  x:au:no!mutants  fandom:xmen  author:unrepentant_marvelite  wip 
june 2016 by elwarre
"1.01-Dean comes back for a different reason." (1059 words) The author has this marked Sam/Dean but at the very most it's preslash
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  gen  student!sam  abused!sam  protective!dean  schmoop  domesticity  abuse:child(past)  college  stanford  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:soulsinthecandlewax  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
Shouting Out Loud: Chasing Rainbows
"Sixteen months after Jared’s abuser was sent to prison and Chad and Sophia’s wedding, Jared and Jensen have graduated, gotten jobs, and are recently married. They have everything they ever wanted, but are learning that each of life’s victories come with new, grander challenges." Sequel to "Shouting Out Loud"
jared_padalecki  jensen_ackles  sophia_bush  chad_michael_murray  tom_welling  jared/jensen  artist!jared  punk!jared  protective!jared  hurt!jared  depressed!jared  officer!jensen  protective!jensen  understanding!jensen  hurt!jensen  hurt/comfort  angst  domesticity  addiction  depression  self_loathing  recovery  art/photography  fbi/police  kink:switching  kink:crossdressing  established!relationship  series/verse  fandom:rpf  author:blynnk 
june 2016 by elwarre
✢ Chicago Verse
"After angels and demons and things that go bump in the night, the Winchesters seek a place of their own. That's easier said than done; settling isn't taken lightly. The city Death spared because he liked the pizza is taken a chance on and the boys settle in Pilsen. Sam looks back." (long series)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  kevin_tran  sam/dean  powers!sam  lawyer!sam  bottom!sam  mechanic!dean  top!dean  schmoop  domesticity  humor  angst  pov:outsider  wincest!discovered  ptsd  issues:gender/sexuality  aging  art/photography  clinic/hospital  hothothot  kink:voyeurism  kink:crossdressing  kink:toys  kink:breathplay  kink:switching  sex:rough  sex:car  kink:lingerie  established!relationship  spn:postseries  series/verse  fandom:spn  author:compo67 
june 2016 by elwarre
✢ Rumor Has It
"Did I hear the doorbell earlier?" "Yeah, but I'd steer clear if I were you. It seemed a little tense. I don't know what's going on, but there's a kid out there who looks freakily like the prof." Nearly six months after Cuba, Charles' life is turned upside down for the second time. Though he's slowly learning to adapt to the first, he's not sure he can handle the second. Luckily for him, there are a few people out there more than willing to help. (165,961 words)
  charles_xavier  erik_lehnsherr  raven  sean_cassidy  hank_mccoy  alex_summers  angel_salvadore  janos_quested  azazel(xmen)  emma_frost  moira_mactaggert  wanda_maximoff  pietro_maximoff  charles/erik  bamf!charles  parent!charles  telepath!charles  protective!charles  hurt!charles  depressed!charles  kidnapped!charles  tortured!charles  paralyzed!charles  amnesiac!charles  parent!erik  guilty!erik  protective!erik  pining!erik  angst  hurt/comfort  domesticity  mansion!fic  depression  abuse:child(past)  homophobia  disability  paralysis  telepathy  kidnapping  torture  amnesia  escape/rescue  recovery  pining  first_time  series/verse  x:firstclass  fandom:xmen  author:blueink3  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
Know the Water's Sweet but Blood is Thicker
"There are two new guys in your apartment block. They're hot. Maybe a bit old—over thirty, you guess—but they are the kind of men people always compare to fine wine, getting better with age and all that crap." (6645 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  sam/dean  bamf!sam  understanding!sam  bottom!sam  bamf!dean  understanding!dean  top!dean  pov:outsider  domesticity  bunker  rugaru  undercover  wincest!discovered  established!relationship  spn:postseries  fandom:spn  author:sijglind  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
✢ 143 Alice Grim Lane
"Sam Winchester changed his name before he got to Stanford. Now Samuel Francis Wesson is a rising star at a California law firm with a reputation for championing the underdogs and bringing down the bad guys. He and Jess have a neon blue hybrid with a bike rack on top, and a cozy red stucco house with built-in bookshelves and hanging baskets of bougainvillea on the front porch. Sam Wesson has everything he ever wanted, except for the one thing he knew he shouldn’t. Dean is still a Winchester, still a hunter, still in love with Sam and determined not to admit it. Years of avoiding each other and their true feelings have left Sam and Dean strangers. But when Sam’s luck changes and tragedy finds him, he turns in desperation to the older brother he walked away from years ago, hoping that the bond forged between them in childhood will prove strong enough to bring them back together." (52,500 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  jessica_moore  castiel  sam/dean  sam/jess  dean/castiel  lawyer!sam  parent!sam  hurt!sam  grieving!sam  hunter!dean  pining!dean  protective!dean  hurt!dean  hurt/comfort  angst  domesticity  grief  college  stanford  pining  slowburn  hothothot  kink:spanking  kink:switching  first_time  fandom:spn  author:runedgirl  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
✢ Fusion Verse
"Part of the Fusion 'verse. Sam walks out of hell and finds his way home. From a prompt at the First Time comment-fic meme by the lovely and talented de_nugis: The first time Sam gets that Dean does unreservedly trust him again, coupled with the first time Dean gets that Sam really does want nothing more than he wants to be with Dean." (100k+ words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  bobby_singer  castiel  lisa_braeden  gen  protective!sam  hurt!sam  helltrauma!sam  hallucinating!sam  ptsd!sam  protective!dean  hurt!dean  sick!dean  hurt/comfort  angst  domesticity  pov:outsider  hallucinations  ptsd  helltrauma  permanent!injury  illness  bakery/coffeeshop  bookstore/library  spn:season:6  spn:postseries  series/verse  fandom:spn  author:ratherastory 
may 2016 by elwarre
Living on Flood Tides
"AU after 5x22: Sam mysteriously returns from the cage and Dean thinks their problems are solved. Unfortunately, Sam is so shaken from his time in Hell that he can't—won't?—even talk to Dean, and when natural disasters begin to occur as frequently as they did when the Devil was walking the Earth, Dean realizes his brother may have acquired some of the angel's powers without picking up the ability to control them. In order to prevent Sam from hurting anyone, Dean finds a house as far from anything as he can manage and settles there to wait until the day Sam gets better—or until they both get killed by Sam's grace." (20,000 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  lucifer(spn)  castiel  sam/dean  powers!sam  hurt!sam  helltrauma!sam  ptsd!sam  hallucinating!sam  protective!dean  hurt/comfort  angst  domesticity  hallucinations  helltrauma  lucifers_cage  ptsd  recovery  established!relationship  spn:season:6  fandom:spn  author:cherie_morte  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
Through the Seasons
"Sam is back from two thousand years in the Cage, in a bad mental state with no real conection to normalcy anymore, and Dean tries to help him cope." sequel to "The Long Calendar"
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  gen  hurt!sam  helltrauma!sam  protective!dean  angst  hurt/comfort  domesticity  ptsd  helltrauma  lucifers_cage  recovery  spn:season:6  spn:postseries  series/verse  fandom:spn  author:foolscapper 
may 2016 by elwarre
✢ Since Feeling Is First
"That he wants to think this is Dean yanking a leash should make his blood run cold, not aching hot. It should make him sick, angry, it should get his fucking hackles up and make him fight." (14,500 words) This is an AU version of how Sam gets back his soul, and it's just so, so marvelous (and hot).
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  castiel  sam/dean  soulless!sam  hurt!sam  ptsd!sam  helltrauma!sam  pining!sam  protective!dean  reluctant!dean  pining!dean  angst  hurt/comfort  domesticity  ptsd  helltrauma  recovery  pining  hothothot  kink:oralfixation  kink:d/s  first_time  spn:season:6  fandom:spn  author:queenklu  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
A Nice Boy
"Erik's not sure whether the problem is that he doesn't want his parents to meet Charles or that he doesn't want Charles to meet his parents. Either way, he never invites Charles to brunch. Why should he? It's not like they're dating." (20,808 words)
charles_xavier  erik_lehnsherr  raven  charles/erik  professor!charles  therapist!erik  abused!erik  hurt!erik  clueless!erik  angst  hurt/comfort  domesticity  abuse:child(past)  recovery  first_time  x:au:modern  fandom:xmen  author:pocky_slash 
may 2016 by elwarre
The Taste of Apples
"About Dean, and food, and Sam, but mostly food. A happy ending that might have been." (10,195 words) Sequel to "Life As We Know It" by sevenfists
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  sam/dean  top!sam  bottom!dean  schmoop  domesticity  food/restaurant  established!relationship  spn:season:3  spn:postseries  fandom:spn  author:rosekay  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
Not So Good Advice
Prompt: "One day when Charles isn't really thinking (or maybe he is and he is genuinely confused over why everyone else thinks its not so great advice because thats what he was taught) about it he gives horrible advice or does something that makes it painfully obvious how wrong his childhood was." (4870 words)
charles_xavier  erik_lehnsherr  hank_mccoy  alex_summers  sean_cassidy  raven  charles/erik  hurt!charles  clueless!charles  abused!charles  protective!erik  hurt/comfort  mansion!fic  domesticity  abuse:child(past)  birthday/holiday  established!relationship  x:firstclass  fandom:xmen  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
Never Too Much
"Rufus Turner’s cabin seems like the right place for the Winchesters to heal." (3235 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  sam/dean  top!sam  bottom!dean  humor  schmoop  domesticity  pov:outsider  cabin/wilderness  kink:piercings  established!relationship  spn:season:7  fandom:spn  author:cydsa 
may 2016 by elwarre
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