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Daddy, Please No
"After Mary's death, John is very lonely, and he can't help but notice how attracted he is to Sam (who is eight)." (85,000 words) VERY dark, not kinky; please heed warnings
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  bobby_singer  sam/dean  hurt!sam  abused!sam  raped!sam  depressed!sam  protective!dean  asshole!john  abusive!john  protective!bobby  hurt/comfort  dark  angst  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  underage  selfharm  self_loathing  depression  recovery  revenge  kink:bdsm  first_time  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:wincest_whore 
december 2016 by elwarre
✢ Ways We Stay Alive
'Gotta be just like the real thing, son,' Dad says, tightening the rope against Sam's bare skin. 'So you won’t panic when it happens someday.' Sam's tied up in a shed in the woods. Dean's stuck back at home with a pile of research to get through before he can take out the monster and get Sam back. And Dad? Well, Dad's the monster. That's just how training goes. Summer 1995. (7172 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  gen  hurt!sam  abused!sam  protective!dean  guilty!dean  asshole!john  abusive!john  hurt/comfort  angst  abuse:child  abuse:emotional/psychological  kidnapping  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:yet_intrepid  have:pdf 
december 2016 by elwarre
The Perfect Life
"A new guy comes to school, who has looks, cool, and attitude to spare. Name: Dean Winchester. Basically, he's a guy's perfect new friend, even if his family's a little weird. Okay, a lot weird." (3200 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  gen  student!sam  student!dean  hustler!dean  hurt!dean  asshole!john  pov:outsider  hustling:pool  highschool  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:brightly_lit  have:pdf 
november 2016 by elwarre
✢ Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
"Sam is settling in at Stanford and exploring aspects of his life he'd never been free to recognize before. John is getting to know his new family and Dean feels that he has something to prove. Two cases will show them once again that the entire North American continent isn't really enough to keep them apart however hard they try, and shared blood isn't really enough to bring them together however much some of them might want things to be different." Second in the Disintegration Series. (63,349 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  jim_murphy  gen  bamf!sam  student!sam  protective!sam  hurt!sam  hurt!dean  guilty!dean  asshole!john  abusive!john  homophobic!john  angst  action  casefic  homophobia  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  underage  undercover  ghosts  college  stanford  spn:preseries  series/verse  fandom:spn  author:safiyabat  have:pdf 
october 2016 by elwarre
✢ Going to California
"Sam leaves for Stanford, and John and Dean pick up a hunt in Fall River because it's as far from Palo Alto as they can get. Both sides of the split find something unexpected." First in the Disintegration Series. (37,734 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  gen  bamf!sam  student!sam  hurt!sam  abused!sam  protective!dean  asshole!dean  hurt!dean  asshole!john  abusive!john  homophobic!john  angst  casefic  homophobia  abuse:child  witches/wizards  ghosts  college  stanford  spn:preseries  series/verse  fandom:spn  author:safiyabat  have:pdf 
october 2016 by elwarre
Bitter Trust
"Dean went to college instead of Sam. After being abused by his father for 2 years, Sam goes to Dean and asks for help under the pretense of finding their father who isn't actually missing because he misses Dean and wants to be with him again." (15,000 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  bobby_singer  cassie_robinson  sam/dean  dean/cassie  hurt!sam  abused!sam  raped!sam  bottom!sam  protective!dean  student!dean  top!dean  asshole!john  abusive!john  possessed!john  hurt/comfort  angst  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  possession  demons  college  stanford  infidelity  established!relationship  fandom:spn  author:wincest_whore  have:pdf 
october 2016 by elwarre
✢ This Kid's Not Alright
"What exactly did Sam get up to at Bobby's while Dean was at Sonny's? When John makes a very odd request of the older hunter, Bobby takes the boy into his home for a few months. It isn't an easy time for either of them." (22,843 words)
  sam_winchester  john_winchester  bobby_singer  gen  bamf!sam  hurt!sam  abused!sam  asshole!john  neglectful!john  abusive!john  pov:bobby  angst  casefic  abuse:child  abuse:emotional/psychological  self_loathing  salamanders  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:safiyabat  have:pdf 
october 2016 by elwarre
"Things go from bad to worse in a small Wyoming town until teenaged Sam and Dean are stranded in the middle of nowhere in a blizzard, where there's nothing to do but talk about all the things they've never been able to before--things that may be better left unsaid. At least maybe now Dean can try to fix whatever's going so wrong inside Sam that's made him silent and cold all these months, that's made him willing to let Dean have what's left of their food. Too bad Dean's never been good at fixing anything." (5803 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  gen  hurt!sam  guilty!dean  clueless!dean  protective!dean  asshole!john  neglectful!john  hurt/comfort  angst  cabin/wilderness  cps/fostercare  highschool  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:brightly_lit  have:pdf 
october 2016 by elwarre
✢ Further and Further Out
"John never disappeared before the pilot episode, so Dean never went to Stanford to find Sam. Two months later and they discover the demon went after Sam after all… Alternate Reality, graphic wincest in later chapters." (42,898 words) Sequel: "Rearrange Me 'Til I'm Sane"
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  missouri_moseley  sam/dean  powers!sam  hurt!sam  protective!dean  asshole!john  hurt/comfort  angst  magical_realism  drama  demons  selfharm  illness:mental  first_time  spn:preseries  series/verse  spn:au  fandom:spn  author:cottonmouth  have:pdf 
september 2016 by elwarre
Mother Mary Comes to Me
"Sam sometimes reminds John of his mother. When John sees more than a resemblance, he lets himself believe something that can't possibly be true. Sam pays the price." (14,876 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  jim_murphy  gen  hurt!sam  abused!sam  raped!sam  protective!dean  abusive!john  asshole!john  protective!jim  hurt/comfort  angst  dark  noncon/dubcon  abuse:child  illness:mental  clinic/hospital  revenge  underage  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:phantisma  have:pdf 
september 2016 by elwarre
A Call For Help
"John forced Sam to play soccer because he thought it would teach him to obey orders and get him to spend time with people other than Dean and Castiel. He trusts the coach, an old friend of Bobby's, to whip Sam into shape.Sam suddenly starts to lash out, pushing Dean and Cas away as they become more concerned and suspicious, terrified of them discovering his secret." (45,292 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  castiel  gabriel  michael  balthazar  anna  sam/castiel  student!sam  protective!sam  hurt!sam  abused!sam  raped!sam  human!castiel  student!castiel  hurt!castiel  abused!castiel  protective!dean  clueless!john  asshole!john  neglectful!john  hurt/comfort  angst  heartbreaking  homophobia  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  highschool  established!relationship  spn:au:no!supernatural  fandom:spn  author:georges1982_96  have:pdf 
september 2016 by elwarre
My Brother the Whore
"Dean's not stupid. He just needs some time to put the pieces together. (Dean's side of Cold Streets, Warm Sheets.)" (2967 words) Part 2 of the Heartbreak series
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  gen  hooker!sam  hurt!sam  guilty!dean  protective!dean  neglectful!john  asshole!john  casefic  angst  heartbreaking  prostitution  underage  self_loathing  witches/wizards  clinic/hospital  series/verse  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:seeemrunning  have:pdf 
september 2016 by elwarre
✢ Cold Streets, Warm Sheets
"Sam Winchester is thirteen when the motel manager comes knocking, and sixteen when his job gets him into trouble." (11,747 words) Part 1 of the Heartbreak series
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  gen  hooker!sam  hurt!sam  abused!sam  raped!sam  clueless!dean  clueless!john  asshole!john  neglectful!john  casefic  angst  heartbreaking  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  prostitution  underage  self_loathing  resentment  witches/wizards  clinic/hospital  series/verse  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:seeemrunning  have:pdf 
september 2016 by elwarre
✢ Narrative Symmetry (Is Bullshit)
"'Just a question,' Sam said, forcing his voice to sound casual and failing horribly. 'Did you see, you know.' He swept his hand vaguely, before crossing his arms uncomfortably. 'Everything?' 'I saw you with another guy's dick in your mouth, Sammy,' Dean replied easily." (13,855 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  gen  sam/omc  dean/ofc  hurt!sam  abused!sam  protective!dean  understanding!dean  asshole!john  abusive!john  homophobic!john  hurt/comfort  angst  character_study  issues:gender/sexuality  homophobia  abuse:child  spn:preseries  spn:au  fandom:spn  author:customrolex  have:pdf 
september 2016 by elwarre
✢ In This Sunrise
"Sam dates guys sometimes. Sometimes. Never a girl before or any at all yet, but hey, that doesn't automatically mean he's gay, right? Nobody cares anyway. Surely nobody would - if they knew." (93,196 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  sam/dean  sam/omc  bamf!sam  protective!sam  hurt!sam  pining!sam  jealous!sam  bottom!sam  protective!dean  hurt!dean  pining!dean  top!dean  clueless!john  neglectful!john  asshole!john  angst  self_loathing  homophobia  issues:gender/sexuality  highschool  underage  slowburn  pining  jealousy  hothothot  kink:toys  kink:rimming  kink:switching  sex:car  sex:shower  sex:rough  first_time  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:hellhoundsprey  have:pdf 
july 2016 by elwarre
Maybe We're Not Only Human
"For once, Sam has a problem that goes beyond Dean's devotion and above John's abuse, and it comes down to this: to the heat running through him as he stands alone with his brother in a secluded spot in the Ohio countryside. Sam/Dean, pre-series. Underage." (7,660 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  caleb  sam/dean  hurt!sam  pining!sam  hurt!dean  protective!dean  pining!dean  reluctant!dean  asshole!john  hurt/comfort  angst  pining  underage  first_time  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:zephyrocity 
june 2016 by elwarre
Up, Up and Away
"The perks of staying in a dilapidated, abandoned house are few and far between; there’s no electricity, there’s no hot water, and there certainly isn’t any heating… But there is a drawer full of elastic bands, and a butt-ton of privacy. Also a shed. The shed, Sam gathers as they head outside, is very important." (1521 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  gen  hurt!sam  protective!dean  hurt!dean  abused!dean  asshole!john  abusive!john  schmoop  angst  abuse:child  spn:preseries  spn:season:9  spn:ep:9.14(captives)  fandom:spn  author:quillquiver 
june 2016 by elwarre
Green and Purple
"A new town. A new school. On Thursday 5th May 1988, Miss Guilder asks her kindergarten class to make Mother's day cards for their Mommies. Sammy doesn't know what to do. Sam is 5. Dean is 9." (2525 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  gen  clueless!sam  protective!dean  hurt!dean  abused!dean  asshole!john  abusive!john  hurt/comfort  angst  schmoop  abuse:child  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:natashawitch 
june 2016 by elwarre
"He can’t explain the dream to Dean, can’t tell Dean that his entire miserable life flashed before his eyes in a blink, vivid and absolutely real. He can’t tell Dean any of it, and so he just stands there and sobs." (4723 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  gen  protective!sam  clueless!sam  hurt!dean  abused!dean  protective!dean  asshole!john  abusive!john  angst  heartbreaking  abuse:child  dreams/visions  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:wave_obscura 
june 2016 by elwarre
✢ Non Timebo Mala
"This is my very AU version of the Colt's making. It's completely a child of my wild imaginings, thus expect anachronisms, improbable situations, and flagrant display of personal fanon. This can be seen as an alternate universe, or an alternate timeline." (102,167 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  bobby_singer  caleb  missouri_moseley  sam/dean  hunter!sam  hooker!sam  protective!sam  hurt!sam  raped!sam  bottom!sam  blacksmith!dean  protective!dean  understanding!dean  pining!dean  top!dean  asshole!john  neglectful!john  angst  hurt/comfort  prostitution  noncon/dubcon  homophobia  self_loathing  recovery  magic  demons  demonblood  dreams/visions  slowburn  pining  hothothot  kink:switching  first_time  spn:au:raised!apart  fandom:spn  author:roxymissrose  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
✢ A Question of Choice
"Months after being stricken with an incubus-like curse, the boys are building an ever-strengthening partnership out of the wreckage of its intense sexual requirements. Now, the ongoing physical relationship the sex demon forced on them has become a comfort to them both, and Sam's even finding ways to use the power they generate to make them better hunters. Of course, Sam can't always control his powers, and he's still having flashbacks to the captivity and torture that started it all. Dean's going out of his mind trying to help, but his brother's not the easiest guy to read, and Sam is definitely not in a talking mood. How far are they willing to go to make things right again?" (38,000 words) Sequel to "An Issue of Consent"
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  bobby_singer  sam/dean  powers!sam  psychic!sam  telekinetic!sam  hurt!sam  cursed!sam  hallucinating!sam  protective!dean  asshole!john  hurt/comfort  angst  casefic  dark  demons  demon_deal  curse/spell  noncon/dubcon  hallucinations  recovery  telekinesis  dreams/visions  hothothot  kink:fuckordie  kink:switching  established!relationship  series/verse  spn:season:1  fandom:spn  author:varkelton  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
✢ Hello, Stranger
"AU - Dean is an FBI agent with the San Diego field office. A tense situation on a case brings him into contact with the brother his father disowned twelve years ago, now a successful surgeon living under a new name. Can the brothers manage to patch up a very frayed relationship before the case puts them in real danger?" (35,556 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  gordon_walker  meg_masters  castiel  crowley  lucifer(spn)  sam/meg  bamf!sam  doctor!sam  hurt!sam  officer!dean  guilty!dean  asshole!dean  asshole!john  protective!meg  hurt/comfort  casefic  criminals/mafia  clinic/hospital  fbi/police  abuse:child(past)  pairings:unusual  spn:au:no!supernatural  fandom:spn  author:safiyabat  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
✢ Winchester and Sons - Teen Years Series
"This series explores the lives of the Winchesters through the eyes of the youngest member of the family, Sam, beginning in 1992 and continuing through Sam's graduation from high school. John Winchester's Journal is used as a road map." (58,461 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  azazel  gen  protective!sam  smart!sam  hurt!sam  abused!sam  protective!dean  hurt!dean  arrested!dean  abused!dean  abusive!john  asshole!john  hurt/comfort  angst  casefic  resentment  abuse:child  abuse:emotional/psychological  demons  fauns  ghosts  tulpas  incarceration  spn:preseries  series/verse  fandom:spn  author:safiyabat  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
Douglas County
"Prison AU. Dean Winchester is a new correctional officer at Douglas County Youth Services where he meets Sam Wesson, a fifteen year old inmate who's been charged with arson and the death of his parents. Dean finds himself increasingly protective of the young inmate, but as his personal life gets more complicated, Dean has to find out exactly how far he'll go to keep Sam by his side." (79,354 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  bobby_singer  ellen_harvelle  gordon_walker  sam/dean  arrested!sam  hurt!sam  bottom!sam  officer!dean  protective!dean  hurt!dean  raped!dean  top!dean  asshole!john  abusive!john  dark!john  hurt/comfort  angst  incarceration  noncon/dubcon  abuse:child(past)  fbi/police  first_time  spn:au:no!supernatural  spn:au:raised!apart  fandom:spn  author:awabubbles  have:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
✢ What Doesn't Kill Us
"AU. Normal doesn't mean anything when it comes to Winchesters, and they do what they have to to keep the team together." (1837 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  sam/john  sam/dean  hurt!sam  raped!sam  abused!sam  clueless!dean  abusive!dean  abused!dean  asshole!john  abusive!john  dark!john  dark  heartbreaking  deathfic  noncon/dubcon  abuse:child  underage  spn:preseries  spn:au  fandom:spn  author:kroki_refur  deleted!fic  need:pdf 
june 2016 by elwarre
Bread and Circuses
"When Sam is taken by a gladiator-obsessed cult in Idaho, he has nothing to rely on but his wits and his fellow prisoners to get him out." (24,689 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  sam/omc  bamf!sam  kidnapped!sam  hurt!sam  abused!sam  asshole!dean  asshole!john  abusive!john  angst  drama  action  casefic  fighting/sparring  kidnapping  abuse:child  escape/rescue  issues:cults/religion  gods/goddesses  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:safiyabat  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
For the Love of those Boys
"… last time we saw you, I mean, you did threaten to blast him full of buckshot; cocked the shotgun and everything.” This is the story behind Dean’s throwaway remark to Bobby." (1800 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  bobby_singer  gen  asshole!john  protective!bobby  pov:bobby  heartbreaking  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:dizzojay 
may 2016 by elwarre
They Say It's Your Birthday
"Sam's fourteenth birthday gets an almost-belated acknowledgement from an old family friend." (1472 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  jim_murphy  gen  protective!sam  hurt!sam  hurt!dean  asshole!john  neglectful!john  hurt!john  angst  birthday/holiday  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:safiyabat 
may 2016 by elwarre
Outside Over There
"When Sam is four, he's stolen by the fae, and Dean is left with a changeling in his place. Trouble is, no one else notices. If he's going to get Sammy back, he's on his own. Until Sam starts visiting him in his dreams, that is." (28,000 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  bobby_singer  sam/dean  powers!sam  kidnapped!sam  bottom!sam  protective!dean  top!dean  clueless!john  asshole!john  angst  fairytale/fantasy  kidnapping  fairies  underage  hothothot  first_time  spn:au  fandom:spn  author:blackrabbit42  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
"'Ephebophilia: definition: the primary or exclusive adult sexual interest in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19.' John wishes to make a purchase. The seller's currency of choice is Sammy." (2770 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  sam/omc  sam/omc/ofc  hurt!sam  abused!sam  raped!sam  bottom!sam  asshole!dean  asshole!john  abusive!john  neglectful!john  dark  noncon/dubcon  prostitution  underage  abuse:child  industry:porn  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:crystalwren  have:pdf 
may 2016 by elwarre
✢ Freak Camp Verse
"The same old Sam/Dean love story, with a darkfic twist. Sam grows up in a concentration camp for monsters, and Dean is raised as an only child and a hunter. Together, they make each other human." WIP Series.

Add tags: incarcerated!sam, ptsd!sam, sick!sam, pining!dean, horror, friendship, incarceration, hunger/starvation, brainwashing/mindgames, touchstarvation, ptsd, illness, hunters:organized, escape/rescue, pining, spn:au
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  bobby_singer  samuel_campbell  gwen_campbell  sam/dean  shy!sam  hurt!sam  tortured!sam  abused!sam  raped!sam  whipped!sam  protective!dean  clueless!dean  guilty!dean  asshole!john  protective!bobby  hurt/comfort  angst  recovery  abuse:child  abuse:emotional/psychological  issues:cults/religion  noncon/dubcon  torture  whipping  incarceration  prostitution  self_loathing  selfharm  shapeshifters  demons  underage  series/verse  fandom:spn  author:brosedshield  author:lavinialavender  wip 
may 2016 by elwarre
✢ Whatever It Takes
"Sam Winchester disappeared from his cot, aged six months. Nearly two decades later, John Winchester has finally found him; drug addicted, prostituted, scarred and broken in oh so many different ways. It's up to Dean to pick up the pieces and try to put his brother back together. Unfortunately for everyone concerned, Sam really doesn't want to be fixed..." (61,830 words - WIP)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  bobby_singer  meg_masters  ruby  azazel  sam/dean  sam/meg  dean/meg  powers!sam  psychic!sam  hooker!sam  hurt!sam  abused!sam  tortured!sam  whipped!sam  addict!sam  hurt!dean  protective!dean  reluctant!dean  asshole!john  protective!bobby  angst  drama  noncon/dubcon  prostitution  abuse:child(past)  torture  whipping  addiction  demonblood  demons  possession  hellhounds  psychic_kids  dreams/visions  first_time  pairings:unusual  spn:au:raised!apart  fandom:spn  author:crystalwren  wip 
may 2016 by elwarre
Marking Territory
"Years of living in fear don't exactly help Sam sleep well, a fact that only adds to his waking horror." (2600 words) Read Warnings. Sequel: "What You Don't Know"
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  gen  hurt!sam  abused!sam  raped!sam  spanked!sam  clueless!dean  abusive!john  asshole!john  heartbreaking  angst  dark  horror  abuse:emotional/psychological  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  underage  kink:humiliation  kink:spanking  kink:watersports  kink:enema  spn:preseries  series/verse  fandom:spn  author:ebonio  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ Playing Monsters
"It was just a game ... a game that those boys used to play. They'd pretend that they were monster hunters, that they were some kind of heroes. The problem was that they started to believe that all of that nonsense was real, you see?"
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  jo_harvelle  meg_masters  sam/dean  powers!sam  hurt!sam  abused!sam  raped!sam  hurt!dean  abused!dean  dark!john  abusive!john  asshole!john  heartbreaking  dark  angst  horror  deathfic  pov:outsider  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  illness:mental  mental_institution  ghosts  established!relationship  spn:au  fandom:spn  author:albydarned  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ Synapses
"Sam never wanted to be the freak. This time, he doesn't have a choice in the matter. AU in which Sam doesn't have visions, he reads minds." (23,456 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  jessica_moore  azazel  sam/jess  bamf!sam  powers!sam  telepath!sam  protective!sam  hurt!sam  protective!dean  hurt!dean  asshole!john  hurt/comfort  angst  action  telepathy  possession  demons  ghosts  strigas  spn:season:1  fandom:spn  author:lanri  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
On Our Own
"AU. When Sam is fifteen, his dad makes a decision based on a dark future he was apparently shown by an 'angel': split his sons up and abandon his youngest to keep that future at bay. Dean refuses to let it happen, but if they want to stay together, there's only one option: run." (33,467 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  bobby_singer  castiel  gen  hurt!sam  protective!dean  asshole!john  angst  hurt/comfort  altered!reality  escape/rescue  roadtrip  timetravel  spn:preseries  spn:au  fandom:spn  author:authoressnebula  need:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
Lessons Served
"AU. Established Wincest. Sam is 18 and Dean is 22. Sam and Dean are arrested but John leaves them in jail after seeing them together. The boys are used by the local authorities as a bribe to get with a gang of bikers to leave town permanently." (5,400 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  jim_murphy  sam/dean  sam/omc  dean/omc  arrested!sam  hurt!sam  raped!sam  arrested!dean  hurt!dean  raped!dean  asshole!john  understanding!jim  protective!jim  dark  incarceration  noncon/dubcon  wincest!discovered  john_finds_out  jim_finds_out  sex:prison  kink:humiliation  established!relationship  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:lylithj2  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ Go to Ground
"John Winchester raised his sons to be a precise and deadly team, to trust each other more than anyone else. They do just that. He might have his hands full." (33,918 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  sam/dean  bamf!sam  military!sam  protective!sam  hurt!sam  bamf!dean  military!dean  protective!dean  hurt!dean  asshole!john  drama  action  angst  wincest!discovered  john_finds_out  military  cabin/wilderness  revenge  established!relationship  spn:au:no!supernatural  fandom:spn  author:cha  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
Pieces of Us
"John Winchester loved his son, Dean, desired him and cherished him. He was the perfect boy. John Winchester despised his offspring, Sam, hated him with a passion because of how his late wife and now his eldest boy loved the whore. So, John took his due from the slut and made sure that Sam understood that it was all his fault."
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  sam/dean  hurt!sam  abused!sam  raped!sam  protective!dean  dark!john  abusive!john  asshole!john  jealous!john  angst  wincest!discovered  john_finds_out  noncon/dubcon  abuse:child  jealousy  underage  first_time  fandom:spn  author:hellesofbelles  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ Violently
"The apocalypse looms over their heads, but a haunting at Stanford could very well be the thing that breaks Sam and Dean Winchester apart for good. As the brothers try to deal with their violent and volatile relationship, they have to rely on each other to stop the vicious murders that are happening on Sam's old campus. With a hunt that makes no sense, can they put aside their dark past for the job? Or will it finally tear them apart in ways that angels and demons never could?" (24,533 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  sam/dean  sam/jess  bamf!sam  protective!sam  hurt!sam  pining!sam  bamf!dean  protective!dean  pining!dean  guilty!dean  raped!dean  neglectful!john  abusive!john  asshole!john  angst  hurt/comfort  casefic  wincest!discovered  john_finds_out  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  ghosts  witches/wizards  college  stanford  slowburn  pining  underage  hothothot  sex:rough  kink:switching  kink:manhandling  kink:breathplay  established!relationship  spn:season:1  spn:season:4  fandom:spn  author:hunters_retreat  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
"John Winchester has never been Father of the Year - especially to Sam, who he blames for Mary's death. He finally crosses the line and comes unhinged when he finds out his boys are sleeping together, and poor Sam cops the full force of his rage, forcing Dean to take his baby brother and hit the road to save both their hides. The damage is already done, though, and Sammy has some pretty serious wounds - mental and physical. He's just starting to get himself together in the safe haven of Sioux Falls when John tracks them down, determined to finish what he started, and Dean is forced to do something drastic to protect his baby brother." (32,146 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  bobby_singer  sam/dean  protective!sam  hurt!sam  abused!sam  raped!sam  ptsd!sam  bottom!sam  protective!dean  hurt!dean  abused!dean  top!dean  asshole!john  abusive!john  dark!john  angst  dark  hurt/comfort  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  wincest!discovered  john_finds_out  ptsd  recovery  revenge  underage  established!relationship  spn:preseries  spn:au  fandom:spn  author:427-67impala  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
The Long Way Home
"AU. Dean makes a decision to force his Dad to become the father his brother needs, but when he finds out how badly his plan backfires, it's going to take everything he has with the help of his friends to bring Sammy home." (149,930 words) Sequel: "The Long Way Back"
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  gen  bamf!sam  hurt!sam  abused!sam  raped!sam  sick!sam  tortured!sam  protective!dean  military!dean  guilty!dean  abusive!john  asshole!john  angst  drama  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  underage  torture  highschool  military  dreams/visions  hustling:poker  illness  series/verse  spn:au:raised!apart  fandom:spn  author:1pagan3  need:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
Not Much
“Out of bed, Sam.” Sam squints. It’s Dad. But it’s also pitch-black in the room, nowhere near morning. Cold, too. Getting out of bed is way down there on the list of things he wants to do. It shouldn’t even be a consideration. (2015 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  gen  sick!sam  hurt!dean  asshole!john  neglectful!john  angst  illness  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:yet_intrepid 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ Credit in the Straight World
"Sam has always had his brother, when he wanted him and when he didn't. But that was before he was the lucky recipient of a gift from faerie that Dean can't remember and John can't forget. It leaves Sam to find his own way to navigate between the 'real' world and the Winchester world and deal with guilt he can't shake, no matter how hard he tries." (29,580 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  jessica_moore  sam/dean  sam/jess  sam/omc  sam/ofc  bamf!sam  student!sam  guilty!sam  hurt!sam  pining!sam  bottom!sam  hooker!dean  amnesiac!dean  protective!dean  possessive!dean  pining!dean  top!dean  asshole!john  neglectful!john  top!jess  angst  hurt/comfort  wincest!discovered  john_finds_out  prostitution  amnesia  curse/spell  witches/wizards  fairies  ghosts  highschool  college  stanford  underage  infidelity  pining  slowburn  hothothot  sex:rough  sex:car  kink:pegging  kink:bdsm  first_time  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:vaingirlfic  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ The Time Traveler's Brother
"Dean's life is turned upside down the night his mother dies. But that's also the night a mysterious grown-up version of Dean's brother first appears in his life. While Dean grows up, "Old Sam" is often there, especially when Dean's father isn't. As Dean learns what the future holds, he begins to question everything his father has taught him about who he is and what he is supposed to become. Can Dean find a way to save his little brother from his own future?" (54,751 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  bobby_singer  azazel  sam/dean  bamf!sam  powers!sam  timetraveler!sam  survivalist!sam  protective!sam  reluctant!sam  hurt!sam  soulless!sam  hallucinating!sam  top!sam  protective!dean  hurt!dean  bottom!dean  asshole!john  neglectful!john  angst  hurt/comfort  abuse:child  timetravel  lucifers_cage  hallucinations  demons  cabin/wilderness  underage  first_time  spn:preseries  spn:au  fandom:spn  author:amypond45  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
If There's Life After This
"Sam and Dean go to another school while on yet another hunt, expecting the usual blending in, research, killing whatever's hurting the local populace, and burning rubber out of town when they're done. But what happens when they discover that some of the worst monsters are plain, old humans? What happens when one of their own is the victim? Will Sam and Dean be able to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives?" (11,385 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  bobby_singer  sam/dean  student!sam  hurt!sam  abused!sam  raped!sam  pining!sam  student!dean  protective!dean  clueless!dean  asshole!john  abusive!john  protective!bobby  understanding!bobby  hurt/comfort  angst  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  clinic/hospital  highschool  wincest!discovered  bobby_finds_out  pining  first_time  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:sylvaniae  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ The Touch of His Hand
"Sam is fourteen when his psychic ability manifests, in the form of powerful, uncontrollable visions that leave him incapacitated by pain. Fear of his father’s reaction to having a son with supernatural powers leaves him only one person to turn to: his brother Dean. As his feelings for Dean grow stronger and the visions take more out of him, both brothers will have to make decisions on what is important, and where you go when you have nowhere left to turn." (35,820 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  bobby_singer  sam/dean  powers!sam  psychic!sam  bamf!sam  hurt!sam  tortured!sam  abused!sam  sick!sam  pining!sam  protective!dean  pining!dean  asshole!john  abusive!john  understanding!bobby  hurt/comfort  angst  wincest!discovered  john_finds_out  bobby_finds_out  abuse:child  torture  illness  dreams/visions  demons  pining  slowburn  underage  first_time  spn:preseries  spn:au  fandom:spn  author:macbyrne  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
John Knows
"John hadn't been trying to surprise them, he really hadn’t. He had just been trying to be quiet enough not to wake them… after all, what could your two sons possibly be doing at 2 am on their own in a motel room? They seemed to have found a few things to do....John-centric discovery of our boys. Ages 16 and 20." (5012 words) Sequel: "John Doesn't Have to Know"
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  bobby_singer  sam/dean  hurt!sam  hurt!dean  asshole!john  understanding!bobby  pov:john  angst  wincest!discovered  john_finds_out  bobby_finds_out  underage  established!relationship  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:bazzle 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ Stray
"Dean’s always been the type to pick up strays, even though he knows he can’t keep them. Most strays you just patch up and feed before you send them on their way. One day he runs into a stray he might actually want to keep." (160,457 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  bobby_singer  jim_murphy  azazel  sam/dean  bamf!sam  smart!sam  orphan!sam  hurt!sam  abused!sam  protective!dean  clueless!dean  pining!dean  asshole!john  angst  drama  noncon/dubcon  prostitution  abuse:child  cps/fostercare  dreams/visions  roadtrip  demons  ghosts  pining  first_time  spn:au:raised!apart  fandom:spn  author:morgan  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ My Name is Sam
"In which Sam is Sam, not Sammy, and Dean finds out there is more to life than hunting. Also? Dean joins the Air Force (maybe, sort of) and Sam is wicked smart (oh, yeah: Dad's gone)." (28,606 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  bobby_singer  missouri_moseley  gen  bamf!sam  smart!sam  trans!sam  military!dean  protective!dean  understanding!dean  asshole!john  neglectful!john  understanding!bobby  angst  action  schmoop  character_study  issues:gender/sexuality  homophobia  werewolves  military  highschool  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:sa_kun  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ The Iron Tongue of Midnight
"Pre-series AU in which Sam and Dean are not brothers. Eighteen-year-old Sam Remington used to be a street hustler. Now, thanks to his high IQ and his determination to earn himself a safe, normal life, he’s a scholarship student at Stanford University. Dean Winchester is a hunter of the supernatural; the son of one of the best hunters in the business. A case takes Dean and his father to Palo Alto and they quickly realize that they’re dealing with Faeries—the dangerous, Wild Hunt sort, not the Disney sort. When Dean is forced to make a deal with the Faerie King, and fate pushes Sam into his path, the destinies of the two young men are changed forever." (76,330 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  bobby_singer  jessica_moore  tyson_brady  azazel  sam/dean  sam/jess  dean/omc  smart!sam  student!sam  hooker!sam  streetkid!sam  orphan!sam  protective!sam  hurt!sam  hunter!dean  protective!dean  hurt!dean  raped!dean  asshole!john  hurt/comfort  angst  casefic  prostitution  noncon/dubcon  abuse:child(past)  homophobia  streetkids  possession  demons  fairies  college  stanford  bonding/soulmates  kink:switching  kink:toys  kink:d/s  first_time  spn:au:not!brothers  fandom:spn  author:zara_zee  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
To Stop the Darkness
"Life as a hunter is becoming unbearable for Dean Winchester. Then he sees someone who he thinks can make him feel whole, for the first time." (96,336 words) Sequel: "And Reach for the Light"
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  sam/dean  student!sam  homeless!sam  streetkid!sam  hooker!sam  hurt!sam  abused!sam  raped!sam  hunter!dean  protective!dean  top!dean  asshole!john  abusive!john  angst  drama  homelessness  streetkids  noncon/dubcon  prostitution  abuse:child(past)  ghosts  misunderstanding  underage  kink:rimming  kink:switching  sex:rough  first_time  series/verse  spn:au:raised!apart  fandom:spn  author:aliencatt  need:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
Second Chances and New Beginnings
"Cas has disappeared, an ancient form of being called Leviathan are freed from Purgatory, Sam’s wall is down, sending him into horrific flashbacks of what he suffered for over a century. With no idea how to evade or fight the latest Apocalypse, Dean concentrates on what’s most important to him. Putting his brother back together. But a shocking turn of events put the Winchesters on another journey. What does their father and an archangel have in common with stopping the end of the world?" (30,000 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  bobby_singer  jody_mills  castiel  gabriel  crowley  sam/dean  hurt!sam  guilty!sam  hallucinating!sam  helltrauma!sam  ptsd!sam  tortured!sam  protective!dean  asshole!john  guilty!john  understanding!john  protective!bobby  angst  hurt/comfort  wincest!discovered  john_finds_out  bobby_finds_out  noncon/dubcon  ptsd  helltrauma  hallucinations  torture  leviathan  kink:switching  established!relationship  spn:season:7  fandom:spn  author:jasmineisland  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ Supernatural Born Killers
"Movie retell of Natural Born Killers with a Supernatural twist. This is the story of Sam and Dean Winchester, two of the most dangerous men in America. The media frenzy surrounding them and their recent capture has exploded. The world is dying to know more about the two most famous serial killers - sorry, mass murderers - and the Winchesters are just dying to share. Dark, twisted, violent and bursting with wincest like whoa! Nothing can stop fate and anyone who gets in their way is going to find that out." (33,950 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  victor_henriksen  bela_talbot  sam/dean  bamf!sam  dark!sam  protective!sam  possessive!sam  criminal!sam  arrested!sam  hurt!sam  raped!sam  abused!sam  bamf!dean  dark!dean  protective!dean  possessive!dean  criminal!dean  arrested!dean  hurt!dean  abused!dean  raped!dean  abusive!john  asshole!john  journalist!bela  action  dark  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  interrogation  incarceration  fbi/police  industry:journalism  escape/rescue  serial_killers  criminals/mafia  hothothot  kink:switching  kink:bloodplay  established!relationship  spn:au:criminals/mafia  fandom:spn  author:sugarbucket24  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ Your Children Will Come At You With Knives
"After slaughtering a vengeful coven of witches in Montana, John steals away his sons to a desolate motel in the frigid middle of nowhere, Washington State, worried that they've been followed. But it's not the safe haven he'd hoped for. Sam and Dean are feeling strange--detached, debauched, and violent. In such isolation, there's only really one place for that violence to go." (12,080 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  sam/dean  cursed!sam  bottom!sam  cursed!dean  top!dean  neglectful!john  asshole!john  dark  horror  deathfic  curse/spell  witches/wizards  underage  kink:bloodplay  established!relationship  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:steeplechasers  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
Wrestle Not Against Flesh and Blood
"The Winchester Bros. is a circus on the brink. With the bills piling up, equipment failing and the YED Circus constantly cutting in on their take, it’s all they can do to stay afloat. Sam has a power that could tip the balance, but whether it saves Winchester Bros. or destroys them all is anybody’s guess." (29,000 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  bobby_singer  jo_harvelle  ellen_harvelle  ruby  azazel  sam/dean  bamf!sam  powers!sam  magical!sam  protective!sam  top!sam  ringleader!dean  hurt!dean  bottom!dean  asshole!john  angst  action  carnival/circus  magic  kink:bloodplay  kink:manhandling  sex:rough  established!relationship  spn:au  fandom:spn  author:blackrabbit42  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
Learning to Live Half a Life
"John drinks. A lot. And it's exhausting for Dean to try and keep the family together, it wears him out to make sure school's okay for Sammy and himself and then clean up after their father when he's finally passed out on the bed or the bathroom floor. Michael is a safe haven. Michael is different. As long as Dean does what Michael tells him to do, he can pretend everything's okay. At least for a little while." (49,000 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  castiel  michael  gabriel  sam/gabriel  dean/castiel  dean/michael  hurt!sam  abused!sam  shy!sam  hurt!dean  abused!dean  protective!dean  abusive!john  asshole!john  homophobic!john  human!castiel  understanding!castiel  human!gabriel  protective!gabriel  human!michael  abusive!michael  hurt/comfort  angst  self_loathing  selfharm  homophobia  eating_disorder  abuse:child  abuse:emotional/psychological  highschool  first_time  spn:au:no!supernatural  fandom:spn  author:princess_aleera 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ Settle Down My Shivered Bones
"Sometimes John hunts without his boys, and sometimes he stays gone too long. His sons come up with a way to cope. It's not necessarily pretty, but it's what they do. (Read my notes, heed the warnings! Sam is 15-ish, Dean is 19-20.)" (4791 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  gen  hurt!sam  anorexic!sam  guilty!sam  protective!dean  clueless!dean  clueless!john  asshole!john  neglectful!john  angst  dark  domesticity  eating_disorder  abuse:child  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:quickreaver  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
Mouths of Decadence
"Dean-POV; gen; preseries (au), mostly, but spoilers for the pilot; h/c; dick!John; sick!Sam; remember: this deals with EATING DISORDERS, so if that's triggerish for anyone, don't read, please. 6-7, maybe, on TEH ANGST-O-METER." (6,683 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  gen  hurt!sam  sick!sam  anorexic!sam  protective!dean  clueless!dean  understanding!dean  asshole!john  neglectful!john  angst  hurt/comfort  eating_disorder  clinic/hospital  spn:preseries  series/verse  fandom:spn  author:dime_for_12 
april 2016 by elwarre
✢ Alien
"This is the story of when Sam went to Stanford and figured out, with a lot of difficulty, loneliness, and false starts, how to make his way in the normal world without the family that had defined his whole life for 18 years." (13,000 words)
  sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  sam/ofc  student!sam  hurt!sam  shy!sam  depressed!sam  lonely!sam  guilty!dean  asshole!john  hurt/comfort  angst  depression  loneliness  college  stanford  spn:preseries  fandom:spn  author:brightly_lit  have:pdf 
april 2016 by elwarre
Worth Saving Me
"Pre-series AU, Alternating POV. Nearly 9 years after Dean's little brother ran away, Dean walks into the Roadhouse for the first time. He's taken by surprise at the sight of Sam, now an adult, acting like a brother to a blond named Jo, and calling the bar's owner, Ellen, "Mom". Sam looks terrified to see him and the shot gun Ellen trains on Dean's chest leaves him angry and confused when all he wants to do is grab his brother into a hug and never let him out of his sight again. And soon, Dean will find out the truth behind why and how Sam left them 8 years ago." (28,000 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  john_winchester  ellen_harvelle  jo_harvelle  rufus_turner  bobby_singer  gen  hurt!sam  abandoned!sam  protective!dean  asshole!john  protective!ellen  angst  hurt/comfort  friendship  abandonment  self_loathing  demons  highschool  college  spn:preseries  spn:au  fandom:spn  author:wolfish_willow 
april 2016 by elwarre
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protective!dean  protective!ellen  protective!gabriel  protective!jim  protective!meg  protective!sam  psychic!sam  psychic_kids  ptsd  ptsd!dean  ptsd!sam  raped!dean  raped!sam  reapers  recovery  religious!john  reluctant!dean  reluctant!sam  resentment  revenge  ringleader!dean  roadtrip  royalty!sam  ruby  rufus_turner  salamanders  sam/ash  sam/brady  sam/castiel  sam/dean  sam/eve  sam/gabriel  sam/jess  sam/john  sam/meg  sam/ofc  sam/omc  sam/omc/ofc  samuel_campbell  sam_winchester  schmoop  selfharm  self_loathing  serial_killers  series/verse  sex:car  sex:magic  sex:prison  sex:rough  sex:shower  shapeshifters  shy!sam  sick!sam  slowburn  smart!sam  soulless!sam  spanked!sam  spn:au  spn:au:criminals/mafia  spn:au:historical/fantasy  spn:au:no!supernatural  spn:au:not!brothers  spn:au:raised!apart  spn:ep:3.12(jus_in_bello)  spn:ep:9.14(captives)  spn:postseries  spn:preseries  spn:season:1  spn:season:3  spn:season:4  spn:season:7  spn:season:9  stanford  streetkid!sam  streetkids  strigas  student!castiel  student!dean  student!sam  survivalist!dean  survivalist!sam  tattooartist!sam  teacher!castiel  teacher!dean  telekinesis  telekinetic!sam  telepath!sam  telepathy  timetravel  timetraveler!sam  top!castiel  top!dean  top!jess  top!sam  torture  tortured!sam  trans!sam  trickster!gabriel  tricksters  tulpas  tyson_brady  underage  undercover  understanding!bobby  understanding!castiel  understanding!dean  understanding!jim  understanding!john  victor_henriksen  virgin!sam  werewolves  whipped!sam  whipping  wincest!discovered  wip  witches/wizards   

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