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Universal Paperclips
Clicker game that explores scary possible ramifications of a self-modifying AI set on a singular task: make paperclips.
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october 2017 by elq
The Moral Economy of Tech
Maciej Cegłowski: "This is the text version of remarks I gave on June 26, 2016, at a panel on the Moral Economy of Tech at the SASE conference in Berkeley."

Some choice quotes: "Approaching the world as a software problem is a category error that has led us into some terrible habits of mind."

"We started out collecting this information by accident, as part of our project to automate everything, but soon realized that it had economic value. We could use it to make the process self-funding. And so mechanized surveillance has become the economic basis of the modern tech industry."

"Those who benefit from the death of privacy attempt to frame our subjugation in terms of freedom, just like early factory owners talked about the sanctity of contract law. They insisted that a worker should have the right to agree to anything, from sixteen-hour days to unsafe working conditions, as if factory owners and workers were on an equal footing.

Companies that perform surveillance are attempting the same mental trick. They assert that we freely share our data in return for valuable services. But opting out of surveillance capitalism is like opting out of electricity, or cooked foods—you are free to do it in theory. In practice, it will upend your life."

"The first step towards a better tech economy is humility and recognition of limits. It's time to hold technology politically accountable for its promises. I am very suspicious of attempts to change the world that can't first work on a local scale. If after decades we can't improve quality of life in places where the tech élite actually lives, why would we possibly make life better anywhere else?"

"We should not listen to people who promise to make Mars safe for human habitation, until we have seen them make Oakland safe for human habitation."
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july 2016 by elq
Create Super Glossy 3D Type
Nice tutorial from PSDTuts on using Illustrator & Photoshop to make fancy shiny 3D text.
3d  ai  ps  webdev  howto 
february 2012 by elq
Digital: A Love Story
"A computer mystery/romance set five minutes into the future of 1988." A wonderful, v. sweet short indie game.
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march 2010 by elq
Façade: a one-act interactive drama
an indie video game by Procedural Arts involving storytelling with AI
free  software  game  ai  story  storytelling 
december 2008 by elq

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