Fever Ray - Paradigm Talent Agency
"The decision to fall is harder than the fall itself."

Essay accompanying the release of Fever Ray's Plunge.
essay  music  feverray 
24 days ago
Really slick form/survey tool
forms  survey  tools 
8 weeks ago
ArtStation - Jan Buragay
Amazing concept artist and illustrator. Some of his stuff is going to be in the Mothership module A Pound Of Flesh.
art  illustration  conceptart  inspiration  sf  mothership 
april 2019
enchantingstranger store
Spooky shit for sale. art prints, tarot cards by Jon Garaizar.
tarot  art  seattle  jongaraizar 
march 2019
JP fashion label, designer Hiroaki Sueyasu.
fashion  japan  clothing  inspiration  characterdesign 
january 2019
Our Mother The Mountain
Oregon gravel bike routes and info.
bike  bikeroute  pdx  oregon 
september 2018
Cycling accessories and fancy bar tape in lots of bright colors.
bike  ca  bartape 
september 2018
Longmont Potion Castle
"Longmont Potion Castle is an infamous series of telephone calls that have been described as “the most absurd phone pranks on the market”."
audio  humor  phone 
august 2018
The Linkspages at Larsdatter.com
Interesting collection of links to medieval historical and cultural info.
history  reference  medieval 
august 2018
Run node.js on NearlyFreeSpeech.Net
Helpful tutorial on getting a node app running on NFSN.
webdev  tutorial  nodejs  nfsn 
august 2018
Horsetooth Hot Sauce
Excellent hot sauce from Fort Collins, CO
july 2018
Tattico mini-pump - SILCA
Nice looking small bike pump from Silca
bike  bikepump  silca 
july 2018
Desmos Graphing Calculator
Very nice web graphing calculator!
math  tool 
july 2018
Cycle Trucks
Cycle Trucks makes some very cool looking cargo bikes.
bike  cargobike 
june 2018
Medieval Fantasy City Generator by watabou
Very nice fantasy city layout generator by the guy who made Pixel Dungeon.
city  rpg  procedural  dnd 
june 2018
Fandom, Harassment, and Mistaking Criticism and Creation
"We can help escape that by making our distinctions clear: are we talking about how we feel about the work itself, or are we talking about figuring out what kind of work we want to see in the world? The former is critical, the latter is creative. To confuse the two is to no longer hold hegemony accountable, but to be dependent on its approval; bad for criticism and creation alike."
aeveebee  criticism  fandom  essay  medium 
june 2018
Fat Country 2016 by Zach Hale - Exposure
Zach’s writeup of a group ride from Seattle to Portland via the scenic route
bike  bikepacking  cascadia  pnw  routes 
march 2018
The Thousand Year Journey: Oregon To Patagonia on Vimeo
Video with an actually good description of why to chuck routine and try new things.
bike  inspiration  travel  video  vimeo 
march 2018
The White Allies’ Guide to Collecting Aunt Linda
Guide to the whys and hows of challenging racism in your social circle.
racism  medium 
march 2018
1968 Demo Interactive - Doug Engelbart Institute
This "Mother of All Demos" from 1968 predicted a lot of tech that is still trickling out to the masses...
history  tech  ui  ux 
february 2018
Am I a bad feminist?
Article by Margaret Atwood in The Globe and Mail
culture  feminism  margaretatwood 
february 2018
Claire Hummel
Rad artist working on Campo Santo's "In The Valley Of Gods".
art  illustration  conceptart  artist  camposanto 
february 2018
How to Raise a Prodigy
Great quote: "As the nineteenth-century Russian philosopher Alexander Herzen said, after the unimaginable loss of a child drowned (in words famously adapted by Tom Stoppard in “The Coast of Utopia”), “Because children grow up, we think a child’s purpose is to grow up. But a child’s purpose is to be a child. Nature doesn’t disdain what only lives for a day. It pours the whole of itself into each moment. . . . Life’s bounty is in its flow, later is too late.”"
newyorker  article  prodigy  children 
january 2018
Feminist indie porn director
porn  film  director 
january 2018
Nova Alea: A Gentrification Demonstration | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Neat article about Paolo Pedercini's game "Nova Alea," an interesting exploration of the systems behind gentrification and real estate speculation. The best part is actually a comment under the article:

"Okay, so, a little essay from your local Geography lecturer:

If we think of this small area in Nova Alea as synonymous with a wider metropolitan region (i.e. a city and its subrubs and environs), it kind of much models what is known as a the ‘rent gap theory’ which attempts to expalin gentrification in purely economic terms.

Investors come in when there is an exploitable difference between existing rental income and possible future rental income. In the game this is the decision making about when to buy: Is this area likely to rise in price soon, if so, buy it up.

Basically, what you get from this is the see-saw effect you see in the game. Areas go up in value, this effects nearby areas, eventually the ‘bubble’ bursts, areas massively de-value, but, after time, become viable investment opportunities again.

This model has been used to explain the kind of to-and-fro of wealthy middle class families moving in and out of surburban areas over the 20th and 21st Century in the US.

There is also a somewhat mroe abstract argument which disputes the idea that it’s all about ‘buying low and selling high’ and you just wait in-between for the prices to rise (which is basically the rent-gap theory). Instead, the argument suggests that ‘regenration’ is a necessary by-product of the contradictory nature of capitalism. Basically, capital produces a surplus, this needs to go somewhere. ‘Run-down’ areas of the city are then argued to proide what has been called a ‘spatial fix’ for capital investment. Investors pump their surplus into these areas, the after-effect of this is that they raise in value, producing more profit (and more surplus…)

The model only kind of works in this context, and doesn’t really work in many nother cases.

In the UK, at least, this purely economic model doesn’t really work. This game suggests that as prices rise, this radiates out from the area. Anyone living outside of London and near ex-industrial areas will tell you this is not the case. Many places simply will not be viable areas for ‘regeneration’ until public governance and money go into developing these areas. It’s big business for councils now to basically package up market areas as viable investment opportunities for regeneration firms. What you note, Pip, with regards to the narative that runs “first the students, then the coffee shops, then the middle class” is a familiar story. And it’s now been latched oto by many planners who see what they term the ‘creative class’. Basically: try to fil your warehouses with artists by renting them as cheap studios. This will encourage the kind of services that the local artists want (nice coffe shops, interesting shops, a littly bit ‘quirky’ etc.) which, then, makes it viable for those warehouses to be replaced by apartments, as the area can be sold to the middle classes because of its ‘character’ and the nice shops / coffee bars.

What happens to the artists renting the cheap space? Well, if they’re not successful enough to afford the new space, screw them; they’ve done their job in laying the framework for regeneration! It’s a horribly intrumentalist attitude, but it’s rife amongst planers.

What the game does that’s interesting is that it takes the economic model of rent gap theory and places you in the position of someone for whom that model is basically ‘the way the world works’ (quite literally, that’s the code of the game). But then starts to make it awkward as the messy, difficult processes of people, politics, communities and legislation ‘get in the way’ of your nice investment-wait-profit system.

Through the game we start to see gentrification as something that happens on many scales; something social, cultural, political and econnomic, something that involves many different actors all exerting agency on the processes.

The problem is, this idea of the nice neat economic profit-maximising model being ‘disrupted’ by local forces doesn’t ring true.

Go back to the idea of the ‘creative class’ I mentioned earlier. Neoliberal planners have already found ways to make best USE of nice ‘community’ aspects. We might see an artists commune, with artists, startup tech companies, community projects etc. We might even see ‘counter culture’; projects emerging out of these tech companies and artists that are explicitly challenging the kinds of economics and poltics behind neoliberal regeneration.

Except, the planners and dveelopers want this! They know that these kinds of communities will make the area appealing to the aspirant middle classes, who are looking for ‘quirky’ shops and bars rather than costa and weatherspoons.

Planners & developers don’t see these kinds of communities as a challenge as the game sets them out to be. They see them as part and parcel of the ‘regeneration’ process. By setting the groudnwork for making the area marketable. The same processes that up-roots communities and understands the poorer working class areas not as existing communities but, despite people living there, as some kind of run-down ‘urban wilderness’ for ‘urban pioneers’ to move into (seriously, these are the kinds of collonial terminology developers use!).

Basically, the kinds of communities that ‘get in the way’ of developers, as in this game, have become the kinds of communities develpoers want to encourage. yet again, neoliberal captialism has found a way to absorb its criticisms and sell them back to us!"
game  rps  molleindustria  gentrification 
january 2018
Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Glossary
Like the Jargon File, but for bikes!
bike  reference 
january 2018
Web tools for “Fair Division of Rent, Goods, Credit, Fare, and Tasks”
tool  rent 
january 2018
Divide Your Rent Fairly - The New York Times
Tool for figuring out how to divide rent fairly, based on a mathematical Sperner’s lemma
tool  nytimes 
january 2018
Unity plugin for collecting player feedback in-game
gamedev  unity  plugin 
december 2017
Granny Gear Inches
Informative article on gear inches and granny gears, from Bikepacking.com.
bike  bikepacking  gearing 
december 2017
Poppi's Fine Public Restrooms — Home
Bike gear like the Fabio's Chest bag from Poppi aka Ultraromance
bike  store 
november 2017
Universal Paperclips
Clicker game that explores scary possible ramifications of a self-modifying AI set on a singular task: make paperclips.
game  clicker  ai 
october 2017
Washington State Business Licensing FAQ
Info about getting a business license in WA
wa  legal  business 
september 2017
The Premium Mediocre Life of Maya Millennial
On point. "Premium mediocre" feels like the callsign of a generation.
class  culture 
september 2017
17776: What football will look like in the future
Amazing story about the future of football, America, society, life...
football  story  art  fiction  writing  sf  games  jonbois 
september 2017
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