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SDF avoids fight with Trump over budget cut - al-Monitor
Congress cut $100 million from that figure in an appropriations reduction in December after Trump signed the Defense Department’s annual authorization that requested a higher figure. It wasn’t immediately clear why the Pentagon had decided to trim the military aid, though the agency slashed funding for the SDF by $200 million from the previous year in its budget for fiscal year 2020.
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Syria Update 3 February 2020 - COAR
Local sources report that commercial transporters are now resorting to alternate routes to avoid traveling along the M4 highway, thus bypassing checkpoints — and associated fees — manned by Government of Syria forces, who crossed the Euphrates River and established a solid presence in eastern Syria following the 22 October military agreement between the SDF and Damascus. Unlike crossline trade with Euphrates Shield areas, the Self Administration has little real leverage over such Government forces, whose presence is now unlikely to be rolled back.
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What America Can Learn From its Mistakes in Syria - War on the Rocks
U.S. policymakers assumed that governance would become more transparent and inclusive over time as the SDF grew more comfortable in its role. However, the SDF’s position grew more authoritarian the further south its writ extended and the more tenuous security became. In Hajin, one of the last towns in Deir Ezzour province to be liberated from ISIL rule, for example, attempts to establish an independent civil council were stymied by Qandil-linked havals (key decision-makers without formal titles) who created a rival one with their preferred leadership to cement their influence.
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Syria Update: 20 – 26 November 2019 - COAR
Al-Hasakeh city: On 20 November, media sources reported that the Governor of Al-Hasakeh had issued a directive to the governorate offices of the Syria Arab Red Crescent and OCHA in late October, directing the entities to refrain from “transferring or hosting new arrivals in [IDP] camps, or contributing to the establishment of new camps for them in the area.” The directive “affirms” that the agencies’ work is to be restricted to providing relief for IDPs housed in shelters established in 71 schools and in residential areas (estimated to be 61,000 families), and only in direct coordination with the Government of Syria. Relatedly, media sources reported that tents have note been provided to the newly established “Washokani” IDP camp, located near Tweineh village in northern Al-Hasakeh Governorate — reportedly — because Al-Hasakeh Governor General Jayez Al-Hammod Al-Moussa has refused to approve the provision. On 20 November, the joint head of the Self Administration’s Office of Humanitarian Affairs, Abd Al-Qader Al-Mouwahad, stated that the governor’s decision to limit the role of SARC and OCHA is a political decision that aims to “pressure the Self Administration and portray it as helpless in facing the massive wave of displacement”.
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بدران جيا كرد: منفتحون على الحوار ولكن النظام ليس جاد - ANHA | HAWARNEWS | العربية
وقال نائب الرئاسة المشتركة للمجلس التنفيذي للإدارة الذاتية لشمال وشرق سوريا في نهاية كلمته: بأنهم لم يتلمسوا أية خطوات فعلية من جانب النظام السوري لبدء أي حوار، واختتم بالقول: "روسيا تستمع إلينا وإلى النظام السوري، بهدف اقتراب وجهات النظر بيننا، لكن النظام السوري لا يوافق على شروطنا، وليس جدياً بالحوار ويصعّد من لهجته ضدنا، والمحادثات بيننا وبينهم ستأخذ وقتاً طويلاً".
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هدية يوسف: ربما نتوجه إلى توافقات وتحالفات جديدة - ANHA | HAWARNEWS | العربية
وأضافت لدى قسد شروط للمشاركة في معاركة إدلب وهي "الاعتراف وقبول قسد كهيكلية منظمة ضمن الجيش السوري هذه من جهة ومن جهة أخرى تحرير عفرين".
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مقابلة مظلوم عبدي القائد العام لقوات سوريا الديمقراطيةعلى قناة الحدث - YouTube
Presents maximalist demands from Damascus concerning recognition of the autonomous admin & SDF integration as one body into SDF; mentions Russian patrols may begin in Raqqa.
Raqqa  SDF  Mar15  interview  Assad  Russia 
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We are staying in Syria, but what comes next? - The Washington Post
Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) told me he was working with U.S. oil companies to come in and build new oil infrastructure in the area, to allow the Kurds to export their oil and make more money than now.
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As Assad Gains Ground, New Syria Peace Talks in Geneva Offer Little Hope for a Political Solution
Instead of direct negotiations, the U.S. State Department pushed the Kurds to pressure Assad by partnering with the Turkish-backed opposition (TSO)—the very same groups that attacked the northwestern city of Afrin in 2018 and have terrorized the population of northeastern Syria in recent weeks. Despite the atrocities committed in Afrin, Ahmed agreed to meet with the TSO just weeks before the Oct. 6 phone call between Trump and Erdogan. But the TSO rejected the offer and later supported Erdogan’s invasion.

The senior government official said the State Department “neither discouraged nor encouraged” contact between the SDC and the regime, but “what we consistently did—and had [the right] under U.S. law to do—was to note that the regime was both an international pariah and target of many international and U.S. sanctions.” Therefore, the United States could not work with the Kurds in “any area where they were paired with the regime.”

If the SDC were to “throw their weight into the Assad camp, for example by joining the regime list in the Constitutional Committee, then we’d have to severely limit relations with SDC just like we do other regime backers.”
Mar15  SDF  PYD  constitution  diplomacy  unnamed_official  TrumpAdministration  TFSA 
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الجنرال مظلوم عبدي يكشف المناطق التى ستنتشر فيها القوات الأمريكية ويوضح كيفية وحدة الصف الكُردي بتفاصيله – خبر24
First 10 minute totally skippable. At the 10-minute mark he starts talking about interesting issues. He explains their position on the return of the regime, on the regime's conditions of a full return to the pre-2011 days. He says the regime is still fighting an insurgency in areas that reconciled with it & areas outside of its control (ES areas + Idlib). Claims that the regime understands they can not erase AA institutions overnight, over months or even two years. Says they refuse the concept of musalaha or amnesty, saying they didn't do anything that requires this [unlike rebels]. He claims that in direct negotiations with the regime, Damascus officials aren't making the [insulting] claims [equating them to rebels], only using their media. The regime is not capable of taking over the area by force.
The focus of the current talks with Damascus is the issue of AA institutions, SDF/Asayish integration and education. He says they want to make the education system they instituted in the AA officially recognized, including education in mother tongue. Constitutional changes will be discussed later.
U.S. will stay in Deir Ezzor to Semalka, Dêrik, Shaddai, Hassakeh and Qamislo. “In this context” they announced they’ll continue to cooperate with US in fighting ISIS [sounds like quid-pro-quo]. He says Russia was previously present in Qamişlo‎ and now present in Manbij, Kobanî, east of Qamişlo‎, west of Qamişlo‎ toward Dirbêsiyê‎. Turkish-Russians patrols to be held once a week. Turkish presence in areas outside of the Ras al-Ayn to Tel Abyad area limited to those patrols. The situation is temporary and isn’t clear. Things will become totally clear within 10-15 days. No mention of Raqqa or Manbij.
Re: new Turkish colonies. The first step is the return of the IDPs and particularly Kurds, to their homes and establishment of some international mechanism overseeing their return and protection. The second step is the “liberation” of the areas a second time.
SDF is seeking cooperation with other Kurdish forces who are part of the general Kurdish movement. This cooperation can be done through a mechanism for joint decision-making. The Kurdish people want unity in their leadership, especially when facing the outside world, whether enemies or friends. AA recently conducted meetings to achieve this unity, which he deems “crucial.” Specifically mentions talking to the ENKS. Seems some agreement was reached and now moving to steps “on the ground” to implement, such as a conference of all these forces or establishment of administrative mechanisms. However, SDF is the only armed force and all those who want to fight, need to do so under the SDF. He says they won’t accept a Kurdish force if it’s on the side of Turkey [seems to be hinting that Roj Peshmerga were offered as a force to stay in the new colonies?]
Other points discussed: Constitutional Committee, his new Twitter account
Mar15  SDF  Assad  KurdishRights  Hassakeh  DeirEzZor 
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A simple shift in US stance led to Turkey’s assault against Syria’s Kurds - Defense Post
Under U.S. Special Envoy to the Coalition Brett McGurk, U.S. officials had communicated to the Turks that American areas in Syria would be defended, according to sources with direct knowledge of the policy. LaCamera appeared unaware that the stance had changed.

Absent written orders and any coherent direction from the White House, Army Lieutenant General James LaCamera, the Coalition commander, turned to the State Department, where a new team led by veteran diplomat James Jeffrey, answerable to the secretary of state, had taken charge of Syria policy.

“My biggest concern now is force protection,” LaCamera said. To do that, he needed to deter Turkey from invading northern Syria, so suggested an option that he thought was in line with U.S. policy: to reinforce three outposts along the Syrian side of the Turkish border as a signal.

The State Department official balked.

“You cannot stop the Turks from coming in by outposts,” the official told LaCamera. “But you can provoke them by outposts.” If the general reinforced the outposts, he said, Turkey “will think that you’re protecting the SDF.”

U.S. forces are authorized to strike non-ISIS forces in self defense, and commanders have used this authorization to protect valuable territory on Syria’s battlefields, including from pro-regime forces near al-Tanf in May 2017 and the Conoco natural gas field from Russian irregular forces near Deir Ezzor in February 2018.

Under McGurk, that stance was leveraged to dissuade Turkey from attacking the SDF, the source said, speaking on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the diplomatic discussions.

“We said ‘force protection,’ and the Turks never tested it.”

The ostensible plan, according to Nicholas Heras, a fellow at the Center for New American Security, was to lay the groundwork for an eventual tripartite agreement between Russia, Turkey and the U.S., in which Turkish and U.S.-controlled areas of Syria were merged.

“The idea was, if you could work out some sort of synchronized arrangement between the SDF zone and the Turkish zone in Euphrates Shield, using Manbij as a pivot point, you could create one larger NATO zone that can be used to apply pressure and leverage on Assad and Russia,” Heras said.

The policy had been in the works since the spring of 2018, around the time Bolton became National Security Advisor, and was spearheaded by Joel Rayburn, the State Department’s Special Envoy for Syria.

The official seemed confident the Turkish incursion could be controlled through the threat of sanctions. “The Turks have given us general guidelines as to where they want to operate and what their military goals are.”

“As I said, we think they’re all a bad idea. But we have no indication that they – they have not given us any indication that they plan on any escalation further than what they’ve told us.”

To SDC officials, the Americans’ actions felt like a deliberate betrayal. “They never told us that Turkey was not satisfied with the steps,” one senior SDC official said.
Mar15  SDF  State_Department  TrumpAdministration  McGurk  diplomacy  Turkey  PeaceSpring 
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With Baghdadi in their sights, U.S. troops launched a ‘dangerous and daring nighttime raid’ - The Washington Post
The disaffected ISIS member had become an informant for Kurdish forces working with the Americans, the official said. And he provided critical information on Baghdadi’s whereabouts.
SDF  Mar15  intelligence  USG  Intelligence_community  ISIS  Assassination 
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US faces new facts on the ground as cease-fire expires
Ahmed met with State Department Syria envoy Joel Rayburn on Monday, a State Department official told Al-Monitor. Several sources familiar with the meeting said that Rayburn told Ahmad the United States would not leave Syria even if the SDF asked for this to happen in order to receive Russian protection.

Pressed repeatedly by the visitors on the issue of a potential American withdrawal in exchange for Russian protection, Rayburn broke a pencil, turned red, and said the US presence would stay no matter what
Mar15  SDF  TrumpAdministration  State_Department  Rayburn 
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Exclusive: Inside the State Department's Meltdown with the Kurds | National Interest
One source with firsthand knowledge of the screaming session told the National Interest that Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Joel Rayburn, who is a special envoy for Syria, yelled at SDC officials and broke a pencil in a translator’s face. Two sources with secondhand knowledge confirmed this version of events.

In addition to the uptick in tense verbal exchanges, the three different sources described to the National Interest how State Department officials attempted to condemn the brutal murder of Kurdish-Syrian politician Hevrin Khalaf only to have their efforts waylayed Ambassador James Jeffrey, who oversees anti-ISIS efforts. Jeffrey blocked the statement, they said.

Now, even as U.S. troops are stepping aside to allow Turkey to attack U.S.-backed Syrian Kurdish forces, Jeffrey’s team is floating plans to peel off Arab components of the Syrian Democratic Forces to build a counter-Iran force far from the Turkish border.
Mar15  obama_administration  JamesJeffrey  SDF  unnamed_official  TFSA 
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US shared intelligence with Turkey that may have aided attack on Kurds - Business Insider
The US provided Turkey with intelligence, including surveillance video and information from reconnaissance aircraft, that may have aided in its assault on the US-allied Kurdish forces in Syria, The New York Times reported.
The intelligence sharing continued as late as Monday — two days before Turkey invaded Syria to go after the Kurds — according to the report. 
Past reports suggest the US in 2017 began sharing more intelligence on the Kurds with Turkey to quell the Turkish government's anger over Trump arming Kurdish forces in Syria. 
Mar15  Intelligence_community  Turkey  USG  SDF  PYD  PeaceSpring 
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Graham and Fox News expert showed Trump a map to change his mind about Syria withdrawal
Retired Gen. Jack Keane, a Fox News analyst, first walked the president through a map showing Syria, Turkey and Iraq on Oct. 8, pointing out the locations of oil fields in northern Syria that have been under the control of the United States and its Kurdish allies, two people familiar with the discussion said. That oil, they said Keane explained, would fall into Iran's hands if Trump withdrew all U.S. troops from the country.
oil  Iran  Mar15  Trump  decision_making  Rojava  SDF 
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After 4 years fighting ISIS, Syrian Kurds face uncertain future as US pivots to Turkey, Jan 2, 2019
One source close to the SDC said that if Turkey invades, he must flee the country with his entire extended family. If the regime returns, however, he can flee alone, and his family will be safe staying behind. That, he said, he can accept.
Mar15  Turkey  SDF  ethnicCleansing  Assad 
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A “Syrian Democratic Forces” Defector Speaks About the Role of the PKK and America in Syria | Kyle Orton's Blog
“The Arab Coalition’s only duty was to receive weapons”, Silo says. “As a matter of fact, huge quantities of weapons were received. But only light weapons were distributed to the Arabs, Turkomen, and non-Kurdish Syrians.” During the Minbij Operation, the formal commander was Adnan Abu Amjad, head of the “Minbij Military Council”, and it was to him that “all weapons were delivered [on paper]. … But it was theatre.” Arab SDF units have long complained that they were denied access to heavy weapons, and were instead kept away from the frontlines with IS and made to administer PKK rule in Arab-majority territory. “The USA knew about this”, says Silo. “All these games were played so as not to reveal that these weapons were delivered to the PKK.”

A “Minbij Military Council” was created and Turkomen units were announced to be party to it, “but there was nobody”, says Silo. “I even made up the names of the council that seemed to be connected to me. This was done at McGurk’s request.” After IS was pushed out of Minbij, says Silo, McGurk “wanted us to publish a statement saying that the SDF had rescued the city, that the YPG had pulled out of the city, and that the those [SDF elements] remaining in the city were their sons [i.e. locals]. There was no connection to the truth.”

A “Minbij Military Council” was created and Turkomen units were announced to be party to it, “but there was nobody”, says Silo. “I even made up the names of the council that seemed to be connected to me. This was done at McGurk’s request.” After IS was pushed out of Minbij, says Silo, McGurk “wanted us to publish a statement saying that the SDF had rescued the city, that the YPG had pulled out of the city, and that the those [SDF elements] remaining in the city were their sons [i.e. locals]. There was no connection to the truth.”
SDF  PKK  Mar15  leak  defectors  McGurk  Raqqa  DeirEzZor  weapons  obama_administration 
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ANF | صبري أوك: أردوغان يقترب من نهايته وهجومه على شمال سوريا لن يعزّز موقفه
ولفت أوك النظر إلى دور التحالف وقال "لقد قام التحالف وأمريكا بدور مدمر جداً. ولم تكن الإدارة الذاتية غافلة عن هذه الأشياء. وقد اعترض ماكغورك وبعض الجنود والجنرالات المتقاعدين والمثقفين والأكاديميين ضد هذه الأشياء التي كانت تفعل.
SDF  PKK  Mar15  USG  sanctions  Turkey  Russia  PeaceSpring 
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Some US forces to remain in northeastern Syria, SDF sources say
The sources did not elaborate on the precise size of the US force or how long its expected to remain. An SDF official speaking on condition of strict anonymity in order to discuss the matter freely said the presence of US forces in Tishreen, however brief, would help stave off putative moves by Syrian regime forces against the SDF coming from positions further south in Tabqa.
DoD  Military  Mar15  SDF  unnamed_official 
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US announces full withdrawal from northern Syria as Turkish forces advance
The Kurds do have one last card to play, however: to offer to help regime forces fight jihadis entrenched in Idlib, the sole remaining Arab rebel stronghold on the Turkish border where Turkish observer forces are stationed.

Ilham Ahmed, the co-chair of the SDF-linked Syrian Democratic Council and the Syrian Kurdish administration’s top diplomat, is in Cairo conducting separate talks, the official said, but declined to elaborate. 
Well-informed sources with close knowledge of the administration’s policymaking told Al-Monitor the writing has been on the wall for some time. Many said the Kurds had been misled by Trump's Syria team led by ambassador James Jeffrey. They noted that Trump had made his intention to leave Syria crystal clear from the outset and that even though he suspended his decision to withdraw all US forces in December 2018, he never changed it.
TrumpAdministration  Trump  SDF  PeaceSpring  Mar15  decision_making  unnamed_official  DoD 
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Leader of Syrian Kurds tells US "you are leaving us to be slaughtered" - CNNPolitics
"I need to know if you are capable of protecting my people, of stopping these bombs falling on us or not. I need to know, because if you're not, I need to make a deal with Russia and the regime now and invite their planes to protect this region," Mazloum said.
SDF  PeaceSpring  Mar15  Russia  Assad  diplomacy 
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Chaos in Syria, Washington after Trump call with Erdogan unleashed Turkish military
Trump told Erdogan that a moderate incursion, such as clearing out a safe zone, would be acceptable, officials said. But he said a large invasion that leads to major combat operations would be unacceptable, officials said.

If Turkey did launch a large military operation, Trump warned Erdogan, the U.S. would completely withdraw from Syria, according to one senior U.S. official.

"Even Trump is starting to realize that maybe he didn't handle this too well, and is maybe trying to walk it back," the official said. "I think you're going to see some backpedaling."

One senior administration official said Trump pushed back "very hard" during the phone call against the idea of a Turkish military operation and told Erdogan that they should let their militaries handle it together because the safe zone arrangement was working. But Erdogan persisted.

Eventually, Trump told Erdogan something to the effect of, "If you're going to do it, you're going to get no support," according to the official.

The official said the intention of Grisham's Sunday night statement was to convey that because Turkey has decided to conduct a military operation despite Trump's argument against it, the U.S. is not going to support it but will pull back American troops so they aren't caught in the middle of it.
TrumpAdministration  Mar15  Rojava  SDF  Erdogan  Trump 
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Exclusive: Official Who Heard Call Says Trump Got 'Rolled' By Turkey and 'Has No Spine'
"President Trump was definitely out-negotiated and only endorsed the troop withdraw to make it look like we are getting something—but we are not getting something," the National Security Council source told Newsweek. "The U.S. national security has entered a state of increased danger for decades to come because the president has no spine and that's the bottom line."

The New York Times reported Monday that about 100 to 150 American forces would withdraw from northern Syria but not completely from the country. Newsweek confirmed the Times reporting but the National Security Council official said the number was closer to 230 service members, among them U.S. Special Forces and reconnaissance units.

The Times also reported witnesses observed United States forces withdraw from two observation posts in Tel Abyad and Ein Eissa in northeastern Syria. Newsweek confirmed these on Monday—a senior Defense Department official said American forces are about 90 percent complete with the withdraw as of publication.

"We are telling the world, we will use you and then throw you away," the official added. "It's not like they don't have a television in Asia, in Africa, and South America."
Mar15  NSC  Trump  Turkey  withdrawal  SDF  unnamed_official 
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قوات سوريا الديمقراطية تخرق العقوبات الأمريكية والأوروبية وتدعم النظام السوري بالنفط والغاز - الشبكة السورية لحقوق الإنسان
واستند التقرير على تقارير استقصائية وإحصائية لوكالات مختصة بشأن الطاقة وقارن بين إنتاجية النفط في عام 2010 وفي عام 2018، ووجدَ التقرير أن حقول النفط التابعة لقوات سوريا الديمقراطية يمكن أن تنتج ما يقارب الـ 14000 برميل نفط يومياً وقدر التقرير استناداً إلى روايات حصل عليها بأن قوات سوريا الديمقراطية تبيع برميل النفط الخام للنظام السوري بقرابة 30 دولاراً، أي بعائد يومي يقدر بـ 420 ألف دولار، وبعائد شهري يقدر بـ 12 مليون و600 ألف دولار، وبعائد سنوي يقدر بـ 378 مليون دولار سنوياً، هذا عدا عن عوائد الغاز.
Mar15  oil  DeirEzZor  SDF  Assad  trade  smuggling 
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U.S. general told Syria's YPG: 'You have got to change your brand' - Reuters, July 21, 2017
“We literally played back to them: ‘You have got to change your brand. What do you want to call yourselves besides the YPG?’ With about a day’s notice they declared that they are the Syrian Democratic Forces.”

“I thought it was a stroke of brilliance to put democracy in there somewhere. But it gave them a little bit of credibility.”
SDF  Mar15  USG  PYD 
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Tribal sponsorship system offers hope to thousands of Syrians in al-Hol camp in al-Hasaka - Syria Direct
To release a camp resident, according to a tribal sheikh who spoke to Syria Direct under the condition of anonymity, the SDF requires a certificate of good conduct and behavior from a local council in the region. The resident also needs to have been born in one of three eastern governorates—Deir ez-Zour, al-Hasaka and ar-Raqqa—and needs to give the SDF a property deed, as well as a utility bill issued before 2011. 
Mar15  SDF  tribes  ISIS  female  IDPs  DeirEzZor 
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Syrian Kurdish commander sets conditions for safe zone talks with Turkey - Al-Monitor, Aug 15, 2019
A second SDF-affiliated official was even more upbeat. Speaking not for attribution, he said, “The United States is currently speaking to Ankara on behalf of the SDF, voicing Kurdish demands, and that’s actually quite amazing.” 

The SDF says it will not accept a zone any deeper than five kilometers (three miles). The presence of Turkish troops other than in joint patrols with US forces is another red line. “The Turkish footprint has to be light and in low-profile spots, and any joint patrols need to be carried out in coordination with the SDF,” the SDF-affiliated official said.

Kobane acknowledged, however, that the SDF had agreed to let the zone widen up to 14 kilometers (nine miles) in the chunk of land between the towns of Ras al-Ain and Arab-majority Tell Abyad. He did not explain why.

The SDF official described the region “as a pilot area” where the safe zone project would kick off.
SDF  Mar15  Turkey  Hassakeh 
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اشتباكات داخل صفوف ميليشيا قسد بدير الزور .. ما علاقة داعش؟
وذكرت شبكة فرات بوست، اليوم الجمعة، أن الاشتباكات تطورت عن خلاف نشب بين عناصر من المكون العربي وآخرين من المكون الكردي في صفوف ميليشيا قسد، حيث اتهم العناصر الكرد العرب بأنهم "دواعش"، وذلك في قرية الكبر شرقي دير الزور.
SDF  Mar15  internal_struggle  Arabs  racism 
august 2019 by elizrael
المدن - شرقي الفرات: لماذا انتهت الاحتجاجات ضد "قسد"؟
كما لعبت "قسد" على وضع المكون العربي أمام خيارين؛ الأول القبول بوجودها كطرف مُسيطر بكل ما يحمله من سلبيات، والثاني ترك المنطقة لقمة سائقة للنظام السوري وحليفته إيران. ودفع ذلك العشائر للتهدئة، خاصة أنها ترى "قسد" طرفاً لا يقارن بالنظام على مستوى الانتهاكات، كما تعتبرها عاملاً غير مؤثر على المستوى الديني والعقائدي على عكس إيران ومشروعها المذهبي.
SDF  Mar15  DeirEzzor  Arabs  protests  Saudi-Arabia 
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 الواقع القضائي في مناطق سيطرة "قسد" بدير الزور (استقصاء) | قناة الجسر الفضائية
وخلال لقائنا بالمواطن "ف. ح" قال: "لم يتم إرجاع أي حق لصاحبه، وفي حال حصول أي مشكلة تقف قسد موقف المتفرج ولا تحرك ساكناً، أما بالنسبة لعناصر قسد فلديهم حصانة، يطلق النار.. يوبخ الناس على الحواجز"
Judiciary  DeirEzZor  Mar15  SDF  corruption 
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كيف ستكون العلاقة بين العشائر و"قسد" بعد خلافهما على النفط؟ Dec 21, 2018
وأضاف أن المسؤول تعهد بإعطاء العشائر العربية نسبة  (15 بالمئة ) من مردود الآبار النفطية مقابل تسليمها لها ولكن العشائر رفضت المقترح وتعهدت باستمرار السيطرة على هذه الآبار وهددت بالتصعيد.
وتابع المصدر قائلا، إن "احد القيادات في قسد هدد أثناء الاجتماع بتسليم جميع الحقول النفطية التي تسيطر عليها قسد إلى نظام الأسد في حال لم تتدخل القوات الأمريكية الى جانبها".

وأردف أن القيادات الأمريكية التي كانت متواجدة في الاجتماع هددت "قسد" بوقف الدعم عنها وإعطاء المكون العربي نفوذاً اكبر في المنطقة مما دفع بـ مسؤول النفط التابع لـ"قسد" إلى الاعتذار والتراجع عن تهديده، وفق المصدر.

وأضاف أن عدد المقاتلين قد يزداد في حال أقدمت "قسد" على أي عمل عدواني تجاههم، مشيراً إلى وجود عدداً من العناصر داخل "قسد" والذين قد ينقلبون عليها في أي لحظة ولاءً لعشيرتهم أو لمصلحتهم الشخصية.
Mar15  SDF  oil  tribes  Arabs  internal_struggle 
july 2019 by elizrael
قيادي يكشف لـ "ستيب" عن تفاصيل حملة أمنية لـ "قسد" شرقي دير الزور May 19, 2019
قال مراسل وكالة “ستيب الإخبارية” في دير الزور، عبد الرحمن الأحمد، إنَّ ميليشيا “قسد” والأجهزة الأمنية التابعة لها داهمت اليوم قرية الجرذي بريف دير الزور الشرقي بعربات وآليات مصفحة وقامت باعتقال عدد من الرجال والشباب، وعرف منهم “أحمد الجفال” وهو أحد وجهاء قرية الجرذي.
Mar15  SDF  arrest  DeirEzZor 
july 2019 by elizrael
اقتتال داخلي بين مجموعتين من قسد بسبب التهريب – دير الزور 24 – Deir EzZor 24
ونوّه مراسلنا أنّ سبب الاقتتال بين المجموعتين هو خلاف على نسبة وتقسيم مبالغ التهريب التي تشرف عليها المجموعات من مناطق سيطرة قسد باتجاه مناطق سيطرة قوات الأسد، نتيجة تسليم المعابر من قبل قسد لأحد قادتها العسكريين ويدعى (زردشت) والذي قام بدوره إلى رفع تسعيرة تهريب المواد دون مراجعة باقي المجموعات.
smuggling  oil  DeirEzZor  SDF  YPG  Mar15  internal_struggle 
june 2019 by elizrael
على خلفية سرقة تعرّض لها صائغ ذهب … إضراب عام واحتجاز صهاريج نفط في البصيرة شرق ديرالزور – دير الزور 24 – Deir EzZor 24

وأكد مراسل شبكة ديرالزور24، أن عشائر المنطقة في مدينة البصيرة ومحيطها، شرق ديرالزور احتجزت عشرات الصهاريج المحملة بالنفط، ومنعتها من التحرك.

وأشار المراسل، أن الإضراب واحتجاز ناقلات النفط جاء على خلفية سرقة وتشليح الصائغ “فيصل العطية” يوم أمس الاثنين في مدينة البصيرة.
هذا وقد اتهم الأهالي عناصر لقوات سوريا الديمقراطية “قسد” بالوقوف وراء عملية تشليح صائغ الذهب في مدينة البصيرة بريف ديرالزور الشرقي.
DeirEzZor  Mar15  SDF  protests 
june 2019 by elizrael
الخابور | نازحات يطلقن نداء استغاثة من مخيم الهول
وقالت سيدة نازحة لشبكة الخابور: إن مسلحي " ب ي د" يقومون باقتحام الخيم في ساعات الليل المتأخرة وهم مخمورين، ويعتقلون النساء النازحات دون أي تهمة تذكر .
Mar15  Hassakeh  sexual_harassment  SDF  PYD  IDPs 
june 2019 by elizrael
SYRIA IN CONTEXT Weekly Briefing - ISSUE #55 - WEEK 26/2019
Security in Deir Ezzor: The last week saw continued violent clashes between local National Defense Forces affiliates and Iranian-backed militias in and around the border town of Boukamal in Deir Ezzor. Local activists report running gun battles and assasination attempts between the nominally loyalist factions. On Friday, NDF fighters reportedly raised the Syrian government flag in al-Tayyara Square leading Iranian-backed militias to attack the area to remove the drapeau, leading to clashes that left at least three dead. According to local sources, Iranian-backed groups are apprehensive about the strong representation of the Al-Abed clan, which maintains close relations with relatives serving in the US-backed SDF across the river, within the local NDF. The tribal group had been deputized by the Assad government as most formal military units had been withdrawn in recent weeks to support operations in Idlib and the Syrian interior, where ISIS sleeper cells continue to attack regime positions. Iran maintains an extensive presence between Deir Ezzor and the Iraqi border.


Eventually, the Syrian government reneged on most of its promises. The Russian MPs withdrew after a mere four and a half months, allowing Syrian security services to enter the area who immediately commenced impressing and arresting hundreds of locals - reconciled or not. The SNHR documented the government’s arrest of at least 156 individuals, including 17 children and 12 women, from Homs northern suburbs from May 2018 until the end of the year.

Similar to other “reconciled areas” the living situation in Homs barely improved. While traders had better access to markets without an active siege, Syrian security services continued to impose strict limitations on movements for local residents who have to apply for specific permits from local intelligence officials to pass checkpoints surrounding the area. A situation aggravated by the fact that following the departure of most NGO staff and international support funds, local services such as healthcare have all but collapsed as aid efforts directed via Damascus have failed to make up for the withdrawal, forcing residents to commute outside the former pockets for work, health care and other services.

Intercommunal ties have also frayed. Leading Sunni families of the area, once pillars of the regime, are now largely outside the country, disgraced for their support of the opposition, leaving locals without influential intermediaries to intercede with the government on their behalf. Area residents now have poor relations with neighbouring villages, with tit-for-tat conflict-violence spilling into the post-conflict phase as family disputes, communal violence, harassment, legal challenges and kidnappings occur regularly.

Security in Deir Ezzor: The last week saw continued violent clashes between local National Defense Forces affiliates and Iranian-backed militias in and around the border town of Boukamal in Deir Ezzor. Local activists report running gun battles and assasination attempts between the nominally loyalist factions. On Friday, NDF fighters reportedly raised the Syrian government flag in al-Tayyara Square leading Iranian-backed militias to attack the area to remove the drapeau, leading to clashes that left at least three dead. According to local sources, Iranian-backed groups are apprehensive about the strong representation of the Al-Abed clan, which maintains close relations with relatives serving in the US-backed SDF across the river, within the local NDF. The tribal group had been deputized by the Assad government as most formal military units had been withdrawn in recent weeks to support operations in Idlib and the Syrian interior, where ISIS sleeper cells continue to attack regime positions. Iran maintains an extensive presence between Deir Ezzor and the Iraqi border.
SDF  DeirEzZor  Mar15  Homs  Reconciliation  Daraa  Sweida  Assassination  patronage  Russia  FreedomOfMovement  NDF  militia  Iran 
june 2019 by elizrael
الجسر تحصل على تفاصيل نتائج اجتماع "حقل العمر" | قناة الجسر الفضائية
وقالت مصادر للجسر رفضت الكشف عن هويتها أن الاجتماع تمخّض عنه تسمية المناطق التي تسيطر عليها مليشيات "قسد" بريف دير الزور باسم "إقليم" يتبع إدارياً وعسكرياً لمليشيات "قوات سوريا الديمقراطية".
وأضافت المصادر أن التقسيمات العسكرية السابقة بتسمية 3 "ساحات" عسكرية في المنطقة ستبقى على ماهي عليه، موضحة أن الساحات هي "ساحة الكسرة، وساحة الصور، وساحة البصيرة"، على أن يتمَّ تغيير القيادة العسكرية لكل منطقة، بالإضافة إلى تشكيل مجلس عسكري ومدني موحد لـ"إقليم دير الزور" بقيادة عربية.
وأوضحت المصادر أن المجلس العسكري سيضم أبناء المنطقة من المنتسبين لمليشيات "قسد"، إضافة إلى تكليف المجلس المدني بإدارة "الإقليم" ذاتياً بميزانية مستقلة مخصصة تقدم من قبل الداعمين لمليشيات "قسد".
SDF  Mar15  DeirEzZor  USG  localGovt  rumors 
june 2019 by elizrael
How Trump Betrayed the General Who Defeated ISIS | The New Yorker
The Kurdish general was initially hesitant about fighting in Syria’s Arab heartland, U.S. officials told me. Kurds and Arabs have a troubled history. Thousands of Sunnis from conservative local Arab tribes had joined isis. To liberate those areas, Mazloum told his U.S. counterparts, he needed to recruit Arab tribal sheikhs to support him and form an Arab wing of his militia. A purely Kurdish militia wouldn’t be welcome, he warned.
SDF  PYD  Mar15  PKK 
april 2019 by elizrael
من 48 جنسية.. ″قسد″ تكشف تفاصيل مثيرة عن معتقلي داعش لديها | أخبار | DW | 30.12.2018
وأضاف أن مسلحي "قسد" قاموا بتهريبهم عن طريق شبكات تهريب ترتبط مع مسلحي قسد ووصلوا إلى مناطق درع الفرات وتم إلقاء القبض عليهم أما على حواجز درع الفرات مع قسد شمال مدينة منبج أو ضمن مناطق درع الفرات.
smuggling  ISIS  SDF  corruption  Mar15 
march 2019 by elizrael
هكذا تُهرّب ميليشيا "قسد" عناصر داعش الأجانب مقابل مبالغ مالية - Orient, Mar 1, 2019
ونوهت الشبكة إلى أنه يتم تهريب هؤلاء العناصر من خلال عدم تسجيل أسمائهم في قوائم الذين خرجوا من ريف دير الزور الشرقي، و "من دون علم قوات التحالف الدولي".
corruption  SDF  Mar15  PYD  Hassakeh  ISIS  smuggling 
march 2019 by elizrael
Raqqa’s Arab tribes navigate ‘uneasy calm’ under SDF rule - Syria Direct, Nov 13, 2018
But the assassination of al-Huwaidi also tells a larger story about the complex web of sprawling tribal networks that much of Raqqa’s governance structures rely on. Throughout the Syrian conflict, tribes have become deeply intertwined in power struggles between local and regional actors, with allegiances constantly shifting depending on potential wins.

While experts tell Syria Direct that major unrest is likely not forthcoming, the open dissent against the SDF in the wake of al-Huwaidi’s assassination exposes the fragility of these clientelist relationships. Some expect to see more tensions in the future as local actors try to mobilize tribes to their advantage.

It has not been uncommon for tribal leaders to change their loyalty throughout the different phases of the war, pledging allegiance first to the Syrian government, then to the Free Syrian Army followed by ISIS and only to end up under the banners of SDF.
tribes  SDF  Raqqa 
january 2019 by elizrael
‘They’re All Thieves’: Navigating Syria’s Checkpoint Shakedowns - WSJ. Dec 23. 2018
Bribes are factored into bus and taxi fares, residents say. As they pass through checkpoints, experienced taxi and bus drivers will often reach out and pay the allotted amount—sometimes cash, sometimes a carton of cigarettes.

Unlike such millionaire checkpoints, more modest operations have allowed some rebel outfits to pay salaries, buy food and purchase weapons. A rebel commander in northern Syria said his group and others have turned to checkpoints to make up for lost foreign funding.

In August, Human Rights Watch released a report accusing the U.S.-backed Kurdish-led authority in northeast Syria of unlawfully restricting the movement of people living in internal displacement camps, by confiscating IDs and preventing them from leaving the camps at will. Some camp residents had to pay officials or smugglers to get out to access health care or reunite with their families, according to the report.
corruption  bribe  freedom  PYD  SDF  Assad  rebels  warlords  warEconomy  crime  Mar15 
december 2018 by elizrael
U.S. Military Preparing for a Full Withdrawal of Its Forces From Northeastern Syria - WSJ
U.S. officials began informing partners in northeastern Syria of their plans to begin immediately pulling American forces out of the region where they have been trying to wrap up the campaign against Islamic State, the people said.
Mar15  TrumpAdministration  SDF  PYD  ForeignFighters  Raqqa  DeirEzZor 
december 2018 by elizrael
هجمات أمنية مستمرة في الرقة.. إجراءات "قسد" غير كافية؟ - عنب بلدي - Sep 23, 2018
ويصف الشاب تجربته في العمل مع “قسد” بأنها “صورية وغير ناجحة”، مضيفًا أن “الكثير من العرب الذين كانوا يعملون مع قسد إما استقالوا من وظائفهم أو تسربوا منها، ومن بقي منهم بقي لأجل الراتب فقط”.

ويتابع الشاب، “كثيرون غاضبون من تصرفات قسد، وخاصة من زيادة حملات التفتيش في الشوارع، ومداهمة المنازل وهو أمر مرفوض عرفًا في المنطقة، ويزيد من نقمة المجتمع المحلي”.
SDF  PYD  Mar15  localGovt  repression  protest  FreedomOfMovement  Raqqa  Arabs  discrimination 
november 2018 by elizrael
ISIS Abducts Hundreds in Syria's Deir Ez-Zor - Al-Araby al-Jadeed, Oct 15, 2018
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said as many as 130 families were abducted by the extremists.
ISIS  DeirEzZor  SDF  Mar15 
october 2018 by elizrael
Hajin in Deir az-Zor: Interview :: Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi, Sep 28, 2018
Q: I see, and despite the fact many of Hajin's youth have joined the SDF, the Kurdish forces deal with the refugees of the camp for hosting the people of Hajin as though they are terrorists?

A: Correct. Also, they promised that the campaign on Hajin would be before al-Baghuz [Fawqani] and many of the youth of Hajin joined. When they proceeded in the campaign, they deceived them and took them to an area besides Hajin. They said to them that Hajin is filled with explosives and mines, and now the sons of Hajin are fighting Da'esh without air cover. Since a week ago until now five youth from the town of Hajin have been killed in the campaign on al-Baghuz [Fawqani].
ISIS  Mar15  DeirEzZor  SDF 
october 2018 by elizrael
In Deir Ezzor, Governance Is the Key to SDF Victory Over ISIS: Syria From Within | Chatham House, Sep 2018
So far, it seems that the SDF has been unable to build trust with most of the clan elders or influential figures, who have continued to refuse governance proposals matching the models adopted by the SDF in other locations.

The SDF acknowledges the need to secure a compromise with clans as it will be difficult to run the area amid the prevailing mistrust. It organized a large conference which hosted most of the clan elders on 8 August to set a clear vision on both security and governance. The proposed model as stated by SDF commanders stressed the participation of all clans and the establishment of civic organizations.

The conference, however, was not reassuring enough for the clans, as it lacked practical steps and excluded the details of power-sharing. It also excluded prominent clan figures who had fled the area to escape ISIS. An SDF commander acknowledged the difficulty of engaging with leaders who see the SDF presence as temporary, and who want to return to their governing arrangement from before the ISIS takeover.

Another obstacle facing the SDF is that many of the key families in Deir Ezzor have divided their loyalties among multiple sides, including the SDF and the Syrian regime, in an attempt to hedge against the future and secure influence no matter who the next ruler is.
Mar15  DeirEzZor  SDF  PYD  ISIS 
october 2018 by elizrael
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