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the art of losing by havisham
“He will be better off away from here,” Maedhros offered. “His is the future we’re fighting for.”

“Not another slogan, I beg you,” Fingon said with a small smile. “But I know it.”
gil-gilad  fingon  maedhros  1-2K 
23 days ago by elftrash
the dull backwaters of the art of killing by thelioninmybed
Deeds of surpassing valour are done. They're mostly a matter of logistics.
maedhros  maglor  2-5K  gen 
10 weeks ago by elftrash
Entrapment by dorwinionwhining
As the enemy presses their advantage, Maedhros is wounded, and Maglor is hurt. The twins are smart enough to duck out early.

Alternate summary: The comfort part of hurt/comfort is difficult to pull off when everyone, yourself included, is kind of an asshole.
maglor  maedhros  amrod  amras  2-5K 
10 weeks ago by elftrash
At the End of All Things by lintamande
Tolkien once envisioned Middle-earth coming to an end in an apocalyptic final battle. Set in 2017 in Copenhagen and in Dallas and in Fargo, North Dakota, this is a story about Sauron, petroleum engineering, Morgoth, the surveillance state, the House of Fëanor, geopolitics, and Arda's final reckoning.

I didn't read this for ages because I thought it was an accursed modern AU, but it is in fact a Dagor Dagorlad fic. The reborn house of Hurin is delightful, and then you get to the Fëanorians and they are so terribly in character, by which I mean: terrible. And yet.
lalaith  turin  morwen  hurin  nienor  celegorm  curufin  maedhros  maglor  amrod  80K  wip 
november 2019 by elftrash
all along the watchtower by thelioninmybed
In the eighty-third year of the reign of King Elessar, a salvage hunter pays a visit to Tol Himling. She finds more there than broken pots and ancient gold.
maedhros  gen  1-2K 
november 2019 by elftrash
annunciation by elftrash
Eru moves to make light out of darkness, to take wrong and make right, to weave new harmonies out of dissonance.

Or: Beleriand has driven them all a little mad, Angband or not.

my note: /o\
maedhros  fingon  fingon/maedhros  maglor  5-10K  warnings 
october 2019 by elftrash
whoso list to hunt by elftrash
I knew already that I would do anything Maedhros asked of me. I had found that out in Angband.  

fingon  maedhros  fingon/maedhros  2-5K 
october 2019 by elftrash
Fight me, by nibeneth
It is twenty-eight years, three months, one week, and six days from the date of Maedhros' rescue, meaning that starting today, he has been free for longer than he was a prisoner.
fingon  maedhros  fingon/maedhros  2-5K 
october 2019 by elftrash
what we have left by nibeneth
Stories of Elrond and Elros' childhood in the household of Maglor and Maedhros.
dysfunctionalfoundfamily  maedhros  maglor  elros  elrond  2-5K 
october 2019 by elftrash
cliffs of fall by arriviste
The day Maedhros leaves the halls of Mandos, Fingon is waiting for him.

He had not imagined anyone would be. Perhaps his mother? But not Fingon, not after so long. Not after the long years after Fingon died, and what Maedhros did in them.
maedhros  fingon  fingon/maedhros  2-5K 
september 2019 by elftrash
Books Should Have Good Endings by bunn
Bilbo goes here, there, and all around, but never back again to the lands of mortal men. A visit to Old Gondolin, a visit to Hithlum, and much discussion of very ancient history

note: not just in continuity with Undying Lands as a series but also needs to be read after the Halls of Mandos/Return to Aman series
bilbo  glorfindel  maglor  elrond  maedhros  fingon  10-15K 
september 2019 by elftrash
a crown called content by arriviste
“You’ll have to get your father a new crown,” he said, with his head in Fingon’s lap.
fingon  maedhros  fingon/maedhros  1-2K 
august 2019 by elftrash
The Monster by thegreatpumpkin
Children do not laugh when Maedhros Fëanorion draws near. But when he turns—slowly, idly, as if he is only observing the horizon—that is what he hears: the delighted, disembodied laughter of children.
maedhros  elured  elurin  2-5K  gen 
july 2019 by elftrash
scion by arriviste
How to reconcile Tolkien’s various Gil-gilad origins; or, the Noldor do Weird Science.
fingon  maedhros  fingon/maedhros  gil-gilad  2-5K 
july 2019 by elftrash
Olórë by taeniurus
Ólórë (noun)
a shared dream; a mingling of two fëar in Irmo’s domain
maedhros  fingon  fingon/maedhros  2-5K 
july 2019 by elftrash
Boundaries by dawn felagund
No, I could not ask Grandfather Finwë. He would want first to know why I didn’t know Nelyo’s whereabouts—if anyone else were seeking him, I’d be the first asked—and next to know why I wanted to know. It was already felt that Nelyo and I monopolized each other’s attention. “Your friendship with him,” my brother Turukáno told me once, “sucks all of the air out of the room. No one can get a word in with either of you if the other one is there.”
fingon  maedhros  fingon/maedhros  10-15K 
july 2019 by elftrash
The Eagle by Ziggy
Maedhros' rescue from a different perspective.
maedhros  fingon  2-5K 
june 2019 by elftrash
The Captured Prince by adlanth
He paced and prayed, he screamed and sang to himself, he slept and woke; he marked the passing of days and hours by the motion of a single square shaft of light across the stone floor of his cell; he hoped and despaired with every cycle that it made, until one day the pattern was broken, and a shadow fell unexpectedly; and he looked up, and saw, crouching on the wide stone sill of the one, high barred window, a child.

Thranduil in Amon Ereb.
elrond  elros  thranduil  maglor  maedhros  dysfunctionalfoundfamily  10-15K  gen 
june 2019 by elftrash
An intense dislike of elves by himring
Amlach seems to be the only one of the early Edain who is explicitly said to have entered the service of Maedhros, so he may have been the first of Men to do so and he may have gone to Himring alone. This story imagines the feelings of an Adan who originally opposed the Eldar and now finds himself spending his life among them, all on his own.

It also tries to answer the question why he picked Maedhros specifically as his prospective leader and whether Maedhros fulfilled his expectations.

my note: stands alone.
maedhros  amlach  gen  5-10K 
june 2019 by elftrash
Uldor by himring
This is the story of the unequal friendship between Maedhros and Uldor and its bitter end in betrayal and death, told from Uldor’s point of view.

It does not say anywhere that they were friends that I know of, but it seemed a reasonable explanation to me of what happened before Nirnaeth Arnoediad. Otherwise, wouldn’t the sons of Feanor have to have been a bit slow on the uptake or the sons of Ulfang fiendishly clever?

my note: stands alone. don't make me sad for the betrayer :(
uldor  maedhros  gen  5-10K 
june 2019 by elftrash
The West Wind Quartet by himring
Emlinn, a Sinda, becomes Maglor's student and experiences the end of the Siege of Angband and the Battle of Sudden Flame.

My note: stands alone. Great pre-cryptid Maglor.
15-20K  gen  maglor  maedhros 
june 2019 by elftrash
Cabbages and the Embarrassment of Being Maedhros by himring
Cabbages, because they are almost entirely unlike Silmarils...
Maedhros has been rescued from Angband by Fingon and has handed over the crown to Fingolfin. He recovers from his ordeals (more or less), sorts out things with his relatives (not quite), and departs with his brothers for points east.

My note: Fits around 'Looking the Stars[...]'; most of it is post-rescue at Mithrim, but then it picks up a day after 'Looking at the Stars[...]'.
fingon  maedhros  fingon/maedhros  2-5K 
june 2019 by elftrash
Chieftain of the village by himring
Fingon wanders in Eastern Beleriand and comes across a long-lost relative.

my note: standalone story explaining Gil-Gilad. All you need to know from the overall arc is that Maedhros is pining and Fingon still oblivious. I like this Lalwen/Írimë.
lalwen  fingon  gil-gilad  15-20K  gen  maedhros  fingolfin 
june 2019 by elftrash
Looking at the Stars and Counting the Hours by himring
Falling in love helps Fingon cope with the death of his father, but on a visit to Himring a year later he finds love can't cure everything.

My note: this is part of the Doom, Gloom and Maedhros arc that I've saved as a whole here before, but it's an odd story cycle to read; it's not telling a romantic arc, or even the arc of Maedhros's life, but it's many different stories, some very short, dipping in and out of main Silmarillion storyline with the small difference that Maehros has loved Fingon since the rescue, and they've been together since the death of Fingolfin. I enjoy it, but if you don't know the Silmarillion very well or you're looking for a plot arc - a chronological sense - a romantic through-line - you're not going to make much sense of it. As I'm rereading I thought I'd pull out and pin some of the standalone stories.

This is (in writing chronology) the first story, and it's a bit clumsy compared to her later writing, and I want more details about the boning, and less 'Russandol', but there are things I like in it.
fingon  maedhros  fingon/maedhros  5-10K 
june 2019 by elftrash
by him imprinted by thelioninmybed
Fingolfin falls. Fingon falls apart. Maedhros picks up the pieces.

It’s easier said than done with just one hand.
fingon  maedhros  fingon/maedhros  2-5K 
june 2019 by elftrash
The Blue Book of Small Stories by elsane
Collected Silmarillion promptfic.

1: Variations on a theme (light Fingon/Maedhros, 1000 words)
2: Imprisonment (Maedhros, Morgoth, 900 words)
3: Singing beside me in the wilderness (Fingon/Maedhros, 450 words)
4: Turtles (Argon, Fingolfin, 850 words)
fingon  maedhros  fingon/maedhros  argon  2-5K 
june 2019 by elftrash
a story for twilight by elsane
A meeting in Ossiriand, recounted long afterwards.
maedhros  finarfin  1-2K  gen 
june 2019 by elftrash
Winter by Ziggy
Maedhros stands alone on the battlements of Himring in the cold winter, and receives a gift.
maedhros  fingon/maedhros  1-2K 
june 2019 by elftrash
By Any Other Name by dorkangel
A monarch cannot be a private person. In many ways, they exist only as a public persona - and more than one prince might assume that persona. In times of crisis people are not particularly inclined to question such things. After all: there must always be a king.


Tuor had laughed outright, when this suggestion was first made to him. He had stopped only when he realised Círdan had not intended it to be a joke.

“We can’t just pretend that Artanáro is still alive.” he objected. “People will notice.”

“They will accept it if it comforts them,” countered Círdan, refusing to acknowledge that he well knew how ridiculous this charade would be. “Besides,” he went on. “I suspect it would not be the first time.”
gil-gilad  cirdan  finduilas  maedhros  elrond  2-5K 
june 2019 by elftrash
family portraits by arriviste
In the beginning, you say, and the stories you tell the boys about themselves start in the mudflats beyond Sirion as you ride away from it together.
maglor  elwing  elrond  elros  maedhros  dysfunctionalfoundfamily  1-2K  gen 
june 2019 by elftrash
our shaking lips, mirrored by rhindon
Yes, he could have said. Yes, because Argon is dead, Aegnor and Angrod are dead, Finrod is, and Aredhel, and I wouldn’t know if Turgon were, and Hador is gone and his son as well, and Húrin is so young and Father is dead dead dead, and I am deathly afraid.

Instead he asked;

“What if we ruin it all?”
fingon  maedhros  fingon/maedhros  1-2K 
may 2019 by elftrash
History Obliterates by consumptive_sphinx
There are dozens of versions of what happened, that day in Sirion, and none of them are the same.

(Or: who lives? who dies? and who tells your story?)
elros  elrond  elwing  earendil  maedhros  maglor  sirion  gen  1-2K 
april 2019 by elftrash
Jester by hewerofcaves
Maedhros and two conversations he has after the death of two kings.
maedhros  maglor  fingon  1-2K 
april 2019 by elftrash
The Art of Losing by havisham
Both versions of Gil-galad's parentage are true.

(Or, how fighting for the future may not be as inspiring as all that.)
gil-gilad  fingon  maedhros  gen  1-2K 
march 2019 by elftrash
Loopholes and Choices by amyfortuna
Fëanor and his sons come up with the wording of the Oath in a family meeting.

My note: you know when you find yourself muttering 'oh my stupid babies' as you read that you're back on the elftrash smack again
feanor  maedhros  maglor  fingon  dysfunctionalfoundfamily  5-10K 
march 2019 by elftrash
Forgiven by erunyauve
What will become of the people of Maedhros and Maglor after the War of Wrath? Celebrimbor negotiates their future and comes to a decision about his own.
celebrimbor  gil-gilad  maedhros  maglor  2-5K 
february 2019 by elftrash
triptych by havisham
Celebrimbor is haunted by his family.
celebrimbor  curufin  feanor  maedhros  1-2K  gen 
february 2019 by elftrash
Double Edges by elleth
Maedhros returns to his brothers from the Fingolfinian camp in Mithrim, after recuperating there from his captivity. Not everyone is unreservedly happy to have him back.
maedhros  curufin  gen  2-5K 
january 2019 by elftrash
Ill Chance or Strange Fates by Ivanneth
“You – you’re my beloved friend. And I’ll let no one and nothing come between us. Ever.”
fingon  maedhros  fingon/maedhros  2-5K 
january 2019 by elftrash
A Grace In His Quarrel by cinaed
Between a battle and an unexpected snowstorm, Amlach’s first day in the service of Maedhros is eventful.
maedhros  maedhros/amlach  2-5K 
january 2019 by elftrash
Rhetoric (and other balms) by gaolcrowofmandos
/rhetoric: n. language that is intended to influence people and that may not be honest or reasonable/

The Second Kinslaying left several high-level vacancies in the command structure at Amon Ereb. Amras finds himself in need of a public relations expert. Luckily, he has the most convincing voice of the Noldor on hand--or he would, if he could just get Maglor to be of use. Maglor, however, remains resolutely unhelpful.
amras  maglor  maedhros  5-10K  gen 
january 2019 by elftrash
The Cat Among the Elves by Lepidopteran (lepi)
Maitimo, as all the sons of Fëanáro, is not so easily forgiven. As his brothers are slowly reembodied after the end of the Third Age, Maitimo is given a different fate: his soul is placed in the mortal body of a cat. Unable to speak and trapped in a body foreign to him, Maitimo slowly begins to reconnect with his family— especially his beloved cousin Findekáno.

my note: follows Tolkien's earliest idea of how elf rebirth functions, which I find an uncomfortable concept
maedhros  fingon  fingon/maedhros  nerdanel  aredhel  maeglin  20-30K 
january 2019 by elftrash
The Seas Incarnadine by TheLionInMyBed
Duty drove Maedhros from Valinor. For duty he forged his father's swords and swore his oath and fought for him upon the docks of Alqualondë. For duty he let him burn the ships and his brother with them. For duty he went to treat with Morgoth. For duty he endures.

It was never a choice.

He has to keep believing that.
maedhros  sauron  warnings  2-5K 
january 2019 by elftrash
And by their blazing signify that a great princess falls, but doth not die by TheLionInMyBed
Elwing was a scion of Luthíen who braved gods and death itself for love. She was the daughter and granddaughter of murdered kings, a refugee and ruler, mother, wife and, once, sister.

When her father's killers asked, begged, commanded that she give them the silmaril, everything she was demanded refusal.

She knew that there would be a price for that though she did not, perhaps, realise quite how high it would be.
elwing  elrond  elros  maedhros  2-5K  gen 
january 2019 by elftrash
Force My Hand by thegreatpumpkin
The worst timeline is the one where everyone lives.

The Second Kinslaying is avoided. The consequences are felt in every corner of Arda thereafter.
curufin  celegorm  maedhros  maglor  ambarussa  warnings  celegorm/curufin  5-10K 
january 2019 by elftrash
Ghost Fires by earmire
It is autumn, and Maedhros pays his last respects to Hithlum, and to Fingon.
maedhros  fingon/maedhros  2-5K 
january 2019 by elftrash
From the Sun's First Rising by idrils_scribe
In the dead of Hithlum's icy winter a battered Maedhros restores what peace he can to himself and his people, much to his brothers' chagrin.
fingon  maedhros  15-20K  celebrimbor  lalwen 
january 2019 by elftrash
don't call me home by orphan_accouny
When Fingon comes to rescue Maedhros, Maedhros believes himself incapable of being rescued. Fingon tries to convince him otherwise.
fingon  maedhros  fingon/maedhros  2-5K 
december 2018 by elftrash
maedhros helps fingon with his crown by simaetha
In the mirror, he looks half a stranger to himself, a figure from a tapestry – the High King, Fingon Fingolfinion. Finwe Findekano, he thinks, trying the phrase out.

Behind him, Maedhros looks older and scarred, the dawn light stealing the colour from his hair, deepening the shadows around his eyes.
fingon  maedhros  1-2K 
december 2018 by elftrash
Victory and memory by bunn
Dagor Bragollach was, quite unexpectedly, a huge success. Later, Finrod makes an unusual friend, and visits a dream that he had never quite allowed himself to dream before.

My note: a what if everything went WELL and no one died in the Sudden Flame story. Why are 'what if everyone didn't die' stories more painful than canon
2-5K  finrod  finrod/beor  maedhros  fingon  fixit 
december 2018 by elftrash
agony aunt by liveoakwithmoss
Írimë pursed her lips. “And you’re telling me…to see how I’ll react. Because I am such a good bellwether for people like your father. Or, Valar forefend, Fëanaro.”
lalwen  fingon  maedhros  fingon/maedhros  1-2K 
december 2018 by elftrash
family heirlooms by grey_gazania
A collection of stories about Elrond's childhood with the Sons of Fëanor, and its impact on his later life.
dysfunctionalfoundfamily  elros  elrond  maedhros  maglor  20-30K 
december 2018 by elftrash
Discretion by dawnfelagund
Privately, I sometimes thought that they must secretly despise each other. Here, each had been given so many special gifts, only to find them precisely replicated in the other. Beautiful, gracious, learned, and wise, such a fortunate accident should happen only once to any single family, and I often imagined that our family's boon that it happened twice in ours must be their most profound mischance.
caranthir  maedhros  finrod/maedhros  5-10K 
december 2018 by elftrash
maps by grey_gazania
Fingon, Caranthir, and the aftermath of Maedhros' capture by Morgoth
fingon/maedhros  maedhros  fingon  caranthir  fingolfin  10-15K 
december 2018 by elftrash
ill-chance or strange fate by ivanneth
In which the Laws and Customs of the Eldar, or to be more precise, the part about marriage, are taken at face value by all Eldar involved and demand a sacrifice.
fingon  maedhros  fingon/maedhros  2-5K  WIP 
december 2018 by elftrash
Bits of Elven Glass by himring
This is an attempt to weave the different accounts of the making and the history of the Elessar into a coherent narrative.
feanor  fingon  maedhros  celebrimbor  galadriel  celebrian  arwen  gen  2-5K 
december 2018 by elftrash
Kings of the Second Age by jane_ways
Gil-galad struggles to write a letter to the man he thinks (hopes) might be his father. Or, in which we are all Gil-galad, failing to start an email.
gil-gilad  maedhros  fingon  maglor  elrond  gen  10-15K 
december 2018 by elftrash
my crown is called content, a crown that kings seldom enjoy by thelioninmybed
Fingon and Maedhros plan a battle and all the things that could come after.
fingon  fingon/maedhros  maedhros  2-5K 
november 2018 by elftrash
With Many Voices by arrogantemu
"Send me two characters, and I'll write 100 words from a Very Long Conversation between them."

A series of Legendarium drabbles, originally posted to Tumblr. Full list of character prompts in first chapter (Index).

My note: one made me cry. In 200 words. A lovely dagger through my heart.
feanor  finwe  galadriel  elrond  miriel  fingon  maedhros  finarfin  aredhel  celegorm  celebrimbor  gen  2-5K 
november 2018 by elftrash
memories of cuiviénen by dawn felagund
But that was not the way at Cuiviénen, Grandfather Finwë said. There, the darkness was as thick as ink—but for the stars.
maedhros  finwe  gen  2-5K 
november 2018 by elftrash
heart-stung by havisham
The thought of their ancient friendship stung his heart.
fingon  maedhros  gen  2-5K 
november 2018 by elftrash
let me tell you what I wish I'd known by lintamande
Two months to tell everything that one learned in the terrible long arc from young prince of the Eldar to loathed and hopeless murderer.
2-5K  elrond  elros  dysfunctionalfoundfamily  maglor  maedhros 
november 2018 by elftrash
and everyone lived happily ever after by lintemande
The Noldor and the Valar make better decisions and the history of Arda changes.
fixit  maedhros  fingon  earwen  melian  feanor  elenwe  aredhel  gen  finarfin  au 
november 2018 by elftrash
The Tempered Steel by Lyra
The story of Maedhros' captivity in Angband, his rescue and his recovery is in the Silmarillion treated in a few paragraphs. This is a fleshed-out account of the events that may have befallen between Maedhros' imprisonment and his return to his old life... as far as that is possible.

Classic h/c without being too edgy about Maedhros's capture/torture. Excellent comfort. Trembles on the brink of Fingon/Maedhros without quite falling.
maedhros  fingon  100-150K  warnings  rec 
november 2018 by elftrash
Vignettes of the Blessed Realm by anna_wing
Behind the scenes in Valinor: unfathomable Valar goddesses at work, science, craft, star-ships, and remorse.
20-30K  valar  celebrimbor  maedhros  elwing  ambarussa  earendil  gen 
november 2018 by elftrash
Full Brother In Blood by oshun
Written to satisfy the following prompt: "Fingon and Turgon, younger, in Valinor. You hint about their relationship--or lack thereof--a lot, and I find myself thinking on this a lot when reading your stories. So I'd like to see a scene between them. It doesn't have to be serious or even revealing; just a hint of what there was between two brothers in Aman."
turgon  fingon  celegorm  maedhros  gen  2-5K 
november 2018 by elftrash
The Follower by ivanneth
I often wonder if anyone watching us that day might have picked up more than there was to see and hear. I certainly failed to grasp the undercurrents, much as it amazes me now. Whether Maitimo, hardly less innocent than I in those days, but older and wiser to the pain of self-knowledge, worried he had revealed too much, I cannot say.
fingon  maedhros  fingon/maedhros  20-30K  wip 
november 2018 by elftrash
Elements of Maedhros by amyfortuna
Five stories, mainly about Maedhros, tracing his relationship with Fingon, his mental breakdown after Fingon's death, his healing, and their reunion at last.
5-10K  fingon  maedhros  fingon/maedhros 
november 2018 by elftrash
After Sirion by toastedcheese
After the Third Kinslaying, two pairs of brothers struggle to repair their broken families.
maedhros  maglor  elrond  elros  dysfunctionalfoundfamily  gen  5-10K 
november 2018 by elftrash
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