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the usurper by zimra
Nolofinwë Arakáno, second-in-line for the throne of an immortal king, never expected to be a ruler. The four conversations he had on the day he first became one.
fingolfin  finarfin  findis  lalwen  1-2K  gen 
october 2019 by elftrash
Our Lady of Perpetual Compassion, She of Sorrows and Succor by HereNorThereNorFar
"Few stories were told of Nienna, not because she was not loved, but because she was loved too much. Those elves who dwelled in Valinor knew her sorrows and did not pry at them. Her part in the stories of others was glossed over, her name whispered gently, her tale left unspoken and unrecorded. Such was the respect given to her, for all people might need pity some day.

If an exile from over the sea needed to learn, or a new child asked, they were shared only snippets of thought, memories, echoes of what was told perhaps only once long ago.

These were the things that were not said."
valar  gandalf  5-10K  findis  elenwe  aredhel 
june 2019 by elftrash
A loss of something ever felt I by arriviste
It was the Silmarils that had sent Fëanor on his mad way to Beleriand like a falling star, pulling all the youth and brightness of my life in a long tail after him; and the very Silmaril Elwing and Ëarendil brought here now had drawn Finrod my son into darkness and death, and torn him to pieces.

"To be fair, that was the wolf,” Finrod said.
finarfin  findis  galadriel  finrod  miriel  celebrian  elwing  earendil  idril  5-10K  gen 
january 2019 by elftrash
we build castles with our fears and sleep in them like kings by liveoakwithmoss
Idril is afraid. The fear was with her when the world went dark and dogged her steps across the Grinding Ice. The Glorious Battle did not slay it and Gondolin's high walls didn't keep it out.

Idril is afraid, but Idril has a politician's mask, a clever mind, a sword. Better than that, she had bold aunts and a wise mother - if anything will save her, it is they.
idril  findis  elenwe  lalwen  aredhel  elwing  2-5K  gen 
december 2018 by elftrash
High Queen Findis
Following The House of Finwë in the Years of the Trees.
findis  indis  miriel  5-10K  gen 
december 2018 by elftrash

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