How to Train Your (Evil) Dragon by dragonstorm
Everything is fine, and nothing is even slightly on fire.

Or at least that's what Fingon's going to try to tell his father.

I won't kudos this because of their homophobic nonsense but it's cute enough
fingon  gil-gilad  1-2K  gen 
25 days ago
in the family by elftrash
Celebrían’s parents were horribly in love, and difficult to divide on matters like bedtime and how far up a tree one should be allowed to climb. They didn’t agree on things like whether Celebrian should be allowed to learn things from Cousin Celebrimbor in the forge, or whether Dwarf friends should be invited to dinner, but they never argued about it in front of her. They had conversations with each other with their eyes, and in their heads, their faces calm, and then they always gave their answer together.

lol it's been a while
celebrian  galadriel  celeborn  celebrimbor  narvi 
26 days ago
the art of losing by havisham
“He will be better off away from here,” Maedhros offered. “His is the future we’re fighting for.”

“Not another slogan, I beg you,” Fingon said with a small smile. “But I know it.”
gil-gilad  fingon  maedhros  1-2K 
4 weeks ago
I Wish All The Wars Were Over by zimra
All of my stories featuring members of the House of Bëor, in chronological order.
beor  beren  emeldir  barahir  andreth  morwen  rian  20-30K 
6 weeks ago
sunlight scattering by dorkangel
A chance encounter in the woods, a friendly face, an opportunity for redemption. The smallest intervention can change a lot.
maeglin  tuor  au  1-2K  gen 
6 weeks ago
where the ocean meets the sky and land by starspray
Eärendil has gone sailing again--this time through the skies--and Elwing is left to find a place for herself in Valinor, while the Valar prepare for war.
elwing  earwen  anaire  nerdanel  finarfin  earendil/elwing  wip  20-30K 
6 weeks ago
By any other name by grundy
After the Sack of Eregion, Celebrían is trying to reach the valley where her father's forces have taken refuge. The situation is grim until she gets some unexpected help.
celebrian  celebrian/elrond  elrond  gildor  celeborn  5-10K  wip 
6 weeks ago
Hold Back the Dark by keiliss
Celebrian married Elrond because 1) her mother thought it was a politically astute move, 2) she was very fond of him and thought they could be mutual support, and 3) love, given time, can grow.
celebrian  celebrian/elrond  elrond  2-5K 
6 weeks ago
Yule Lights by dawnfelagund
As the new lord of Ost-in-Edhil, Celebrimbor must preside over a Yule festivity lacking what he loved of the celebration when he was younger, elements that have become fraught by association with Fëanor, but Annatar has a surprise for him.
celebrimbo  1-2K 
6 weeks ago
the dull backwaters of the art of killing by thelioninmybed
Deeds of surpassing valour are done. They're mostly a matter of logistics.
maedhros  maglor  2-5K  gen 
11 weeks ago
Entrapment by dorwinionwhining
As the enemy presses their advantage, Maedhros is wounded, and Maglor is hurt. The twins are smart enough to duck out early.

Alternate summary: The comfort part of hurt/comfort is difficult to pull off when everyone, yourself included, is kind of an asshole.
maglor  maedhros  amrod  amras  2-5K 
11 weeks ago
Suitable Foster by herenortherenorfar
Bëor strongly discourages his friend from adopting.
finrod  finrod/beor  beor  1-2K 
11 weeks ago
Light Fingers by aearwen
The story of the life of the Sons of Elrond after the end of the Ring War, as seen through the eyes of a child of Minas Tirith who has lost almost everything.

My note: first story is a rather sweet gen fic about a war orphan in post-war Gondor who is healed by the Queen's brother. Sequel... shows that this writer really can't help herself when it comes to having an Elf have an OOC rage outburst at a mortal who doesn't deserve it. In her Gilraen smarm the one who gets to be terribly OOC is Elrond, but in this one it's Elrohir.
elladan  elrohir  ofc  aragorn  30-40K  gen 
12 weeks ago
The Gathering Storm by idrils_scribe
A nameless evil spreads through the North, and the Elves must fight or be destroyed. When the Hidden Valley comes under siege, Elrond and Celebrían's children face wars of their own. Elladan bears the burden of his father's secret, Elrohir fights his greatest battle yet, and Arwen seeks her purpose in a darkening world.

The tale of the fall of Arnor and the rise of the Witch-king, as seen from Rivendell.

my note: ch. 1&2 of a new story in her Elrohir arc
elrohir  elladan  arwen  elrond  celebrian  wip 
12 weeks ago
a road from the garden by chrononautical
Bilbo Baggins has a brother. Worried about gossiping neighbors, his parents are very careful to hide Kili's nature. Long used to hiding his own nature, Bilbo accepts the same responsibility for his brother as he grows up. But hiding anything becomes impossible when dwarves come to the Shire.
bilbo  thorin  thorin/bilbo  kili  legolas  gimli  gandalf  200+K  wip 
november 2019
Burning Bright by keiliss
rewrite of the original sequel, which I remember liking.
galadriel  elrond  cirdan  celebrian  secondage  wip  15-20K 
november 2019
detangling by dorwinionwhining
Hearts don’t balance like scales, but nevertheless, how many small acts of kindness does it take to outweigh one act of terrible wickedness? Or: Elrond gets sap in his hair, and Maglor sings him a song.
elrond  maglor  dysfunctionalfoundfamily  1-2K  gen 
november 2019
woman into bird by arriviste
Elwing the White, her Flight; an image for story, for song, for painting and for stained glass. A woman on the edge of a cliff, a woman suspended in the air, a woman diving into the water like a silver knife.
elwing  earendil  earendil/elwing  elros  elrond  5-10K 
november 2019
Silver Tree by lynndyre
The Third Age ended in departure. The Fourth Age belonged to those who chose to remain.
celeborn  celeborn/galadriel  2-5K  gen 
november 2019
all my war is done by arriviste
“Your large adult son is in my guest-room,” Orodreth said, “offering considerable critique as a High King of the Noldor on how I handled the Túrin Turambar affair, and ruthlessly re-organising my entire household, and since I had to tell him I was not, in fact, his father, his closeness with my daughter is beginning to disturb me. Please take him away.”
gil-gilad  fingon  finrod  amarie  finrod/amarie  fingon/maedhros  10-15K  wip 
november 2019
At the End of All Things by lintamande
Tolkien once envisioned Middle-earth coming to an end in an apocalyptic final battle. Set in 2017 in Copenhagen and in Dallas and in Fargo, North Dakota, this is a story about Sauron, petroleum engineering, Morgoth, the surveillance state, the House of Fëanor, geopolitics, and Arda's final reckoning.

I didn't read this for ages because I thought it was an accursed modern AU, but it is in fact a Dagor Dagorlad fic. The reborn house of Hurin is delightful, and then you get to the Fëanorians and they are so terribly in character, by which I mean: terrible. And yet.
lalaith  turin  morwen  hurin  nienor  celegorm  curufin  maedhros  maglor  amrod  80K  wip 
november 2019
That which remains by earmire
The Ringbearers pass from Middle-earth, and those who love them are left behind.
celeborn  gimli  elladan  elrohir  aragorn  arwen  sam  1-2K  gen 
november 2019
In The House of Elrond by aearwen
Very little is known of the life Gilraen, the mother of Aragorn, lived while raising her son in Rivendell. This is her tale.

my note: not a rec: smarm that I remember made me really weepy and then really mad. bookmarking because I lost this link and I've yelled about this fic at people and if I don't link it here I WILL lose it again.
gilraen  elrond  glorfindel  aragorn  100-150K 
november 2019
all along the watchtower by thelioninmybed
In the eighty-third year of the reign of King Elessar, a salvage hunter pays a visit to Tol Himling. She finds more there than broken pots and ancient gold.
maedhros  gen  1-2K 
november 2019
Sam's Rose by jodancingtree
The girl he left behind him -- and came home to. His thoughts go back to her again and again, even in Mordor. But when they return, can he make a life with her -- and Frodo?
sam  rosie  frodo  sam/rosie  70K 
november 2019
Stands Between by ncfan
Turin goes after Finduilas, and everyone lives.
turin  finduilas  tuor  morwen  nienor  30-40K  gen 
november 2019
In Courts Of Living Stone by ncfan
Maeglin and Aredhel never flee Nan Elmoth for Gondolin. Twenty years later, Maeglin finds himself in Menegroth on a mission for his mother, seeking another road to freedom. But he is unprepared for what awaits him there. AU.
maeglin  finduilas  aredhel  eol  melian  30-40K  gen  au 
november 2019
cities in dust by ncfan
The world changes around him.
maglor  gen  10-15K 
november 2019
song and light by vendaai
"Legolas was away much among the Galadhrim, and after the first night he did not sleep with the other companions, though he returned to eat and talk with them. Often he took Gimli with him when he went abroad in the land, and the others wondered at this change" (FOTR).
legolas  gimli  legolas/gimli  2-5K 
november 2019
a new age dawning by aduniel
An untimely visitor leads to a surprising discussion, and Gil-galad and Elrond try to rebuild their lives in the early Second Age.
elrond  gil-gilad  gen  1-2K 
october 2019
last love song for now by arriviste
“Three rings for the Elven-kings,” said Elrond. “I have never understood that line of the doggerel."
elrond  celebrimbor  galadriel  gen  1-2K 
october 2019
Home's not merely Roof and Room by undercat
After the War of the Elves and Sauron, Elrond and Celebrían talk of how to make Imladris a place of welcome for all kindreds.
celebrian  celebrian/elrond  1-2K 
october 2019
flat despair, our final hope by undercat
The Oath awakens, the people of Sirion make their choice, and Elwing casts herself into the sea.
elwing  2-5K  gen 
october 2019
Last Year's Words Belong To This Year's Language by undercat
Elwing decides to learn her father's language, and later names her sons.
2-5K  elwing  earendil  earendil/elwing 
october 2019
Five Golden Rings by herenortherenorfar
Barad-dûr has fallen. Celebrimbor does some light metalworking for the sake of sentiment (and maybe something more).
celebrimbor  sauron  warnings  celebrimbor/sauron  frodo 
october 2019
those are pearls that were his eyes by arriviste
They have said that none who set foot in the Blessed Realm may ever walk again among Elves or Men in the Outer Lands.
glorfindel  valar  1-2K 
october 2019
Incidents Will Happen by rfinch
Finrod and Turgon make a journey together and end up on the banks of Sirion.

my note: old school fic imported from HASA, with the HASA. tags and very c. 2002 warnings about slash; but the fic itself is fine, and the second part even good (well, I liked the swan)
turgon  finrod  finrod/turgon  2-5K 
october 2019
the usurper by zimra
Nolofinwë Arakáno, second-in-line for the throne of an immortal king, never expected to be a ruler. The four conversations he had on the day he first became one.
fingolfin  finarfin  findis  lalwen  1-2K  gen 
october 2019
makings of paradise by lynndyre
Celebrian sails. Gil-Galad returns. Together, they'll wait.
celebrian  gil-gilad  gil-gilad/celebrian/elrond  1-2K 
october 2019
My Father's House by zimra
Turgon insists on building his father's tomb alone. Idril doesn't let him.
idril  turgon  1-2K  gen 
october 2019
Narn Arwen ah Aragorn by cosmogyral
She saw at once that he lived, but she knew not what he was, one of the fishermen of Rómenna, or some lost voyager from Tol Eressëa, or else a token of some great evil to come; and she hesitated long over him, unsure whether to aid him or put him back out to sea. Till at last he half-woke, and saw above him a tall woman in a rich gown of blue and silver, and her long dark hair was bound with the same silver and shot through with it, and all about her the silver fog was winding. And he took her for an unhoused shade, and cried, “Have I come to Aman at last?”

Aragorn and Arwen, if Elrond and Elros had made different choices.
aragorn  aragorn/arwen  arwen  elrond  5-10K  au 
october 2019
Abode of Summer by lynndyre
After a close call, Gil-galad goes to visit Imladris.
gil-gilad  elrond  gil-gilad/elrond  1-2K 
october 2019
Bound to You by angela
Legolas does not think the way other elves do. He does not do things the way other elves do. He does not want the things other elves want.

And as for Gimli - well, Legolas doesn't know what to think or do or want where Gimli is concerned.
legolas  gimli  legolas/gimli  5-10K 
october 2019
annunciation by elftrash
Eru moves to make light out of darkness, to take wrong and make right, to weave new harmonies out of dissonance.

Or: Beleriand has driven them all a little mad, Angband or not.

my note: /o\
maedhros  fingon  fingon/maedhros  maglor  5-10K  warnings 
october 2019
Decisions and Revisions by lise
Maeglin manages to tell someone what he did. Gondolin still falls. Maeglin doesn't.

Or, when you attempt self sacrifice and it doesn't go the way you planned.

my note: at last, a Maeglinwife who will do the work to redeem him
maeglin  idril  tuor  2-5K 
october 2019
Unbridled Turmoils by bunn
The vampire Thuringwethil is a servant of Sauron. Meássë is a servant of Morgoth himself... in so far as Meássë serves anyone but chaos.

They're made for one another.

My note: extremely readable dark Maia/vampire
thuringwethil  femslash  2-5K 
october 2019
The Healer and the Warrior by Maddy051280
A meeting at the Houses of Healing of two people who are not quite sure what to make of each other. (13K)

Imrahil's Daughter (40K):
An Offer Not To Be Refused (17K):
A Bride for a King (30K):
To Become a Queen (60k):
Unexpected (116K):

My note: is there anything better than taking 280K of reliably readable trash to bed with you?
eomer  lothiriel  eomer/lothiriel  200+K 
october 2019
Mind's Delight by bunn
In the dwarf-city of Belegost, teenage Elrond and Elros are bored, and Maglor is not sure what to expect of half-elves.
2-5K  gen  elrond  elros  maglor  dysfunctionalfoundfamily 
october 2019
We Keep Living Anyway by StarSpray
Finally, Gil-galad said, "Why did you come out here alone?"

Elrond didn't answer right away. He picked up a seashell and turned it over in his fingers. "I was—angry," he said finally. "It would not be befitting for the lord of Imladris to stand in the middle of Mithlond and scream at the sky, I thought."
elrond  gil-gilad  finduilas  1-2K  gen 
october 2019
down in a shallow grave by Solanaceae
Their first mistake is that they bury you by the river.
1-2K  aredhel  goldberry 
october 2019
Sing, O Muse by Grundy
While staying in Annuminas, Arwen encounters a certain singer.
arwen  maglor  1-2K  gen 
october 2019
orange flame at the mountain's heart by zdenka
Sometimes it's easier to climb a mountain six times than tell your friend that you love him.
celebrimbor  celebrimbor/narvi  narvi  1-2K 
october 2019
his coat was of a myrtle shade by heget
Death and the Lady - Andreth, Aegnor, and the people of Dorthonion.
andreth  aegnor  andreth/aegnor  angrod  eldalote  beren  emeldir  barahir  15-20K 
october 2019
Whatcha Gonna Call It? by heget
AU where Andreth and Aegnor marry after all.


Everyone was curious to see if Aegnor and Andreth could conceive a child, the disparities of soul and body balanced against similarities, and Finrod’s colloquy by correspondence side-tracked into tangents involving hypothetical marriages between elf and dwarf and mortal men and dwarves and how would those unions work.
aegnor  angrod  andreth  andreth/aegnor  finrod  2-5K  au 
october 2019
True-silver by zdenka
Narvi adorns Celebrimbor with jewelry while telling him a story about the creation of mithril.
celebrimbor  celebrimbor/narvi  narvi  1-2K 
october 2019
The Doors of Durin by lynndyre
Celebrimbor and Narvi, and the construction of their legacy together.
celebrimbor  narvi  gen  2-5K 
october 2019
whoso list to hunt by elftrash
I knew already that I would do anything Maedhros asked of me. I had found that out in Angband.  

fingon  maedhros  fingon/maedhros  2-5K 
october 2019
inheritance by zimra
Dior remembers what his father taught him.
dior  beren  celegorm  2-5K  gen  doriath 
october 2019
He Who Harps, by anon
While on a walking tour of the Shire, Bilbo goes looking for Elves in the Woody End. He finds one.
maglor  bilbo  1-2K  gen 
october 2019
Fight me, by nibeneth
It is twenty-eight years, three months, one week, and six days from the date of Maedhros' rescue, meaning that starting today, he has been free for longer than he was a prisoner.
fingon  maedhros  fingon/maedhros  2-5K 
october 2019
what we have left by nibeneth
Stories of Elrond and Elros' childhood in the household of Maglor and Maedhros.
dysfunctionalfoundfamily  maedhros  maglor  elros  elrond  2-5K 
october 2019
Tasting The World's OLDEST Elvish Military Ration! NOT CLICKBAIT! by nibeneth
'What I have here is a genuine elvish ration from the First Age, still in its original wrapping and therefore still (theoretically) fit to eat. Now, they say that elves have a way of wrapping food in leaves that makes the contents last indefinitely, but six thousand years is a long time even for them! This might be the closest we’ll ever get to testing that theory, since “forever” isn’t quite measurable, but six thousand years… whoo boy! I still can’t quite believe I’m about to open, and then hopefully taste, a piece of ancient history! My hands are shaking.

I’ll guess that this was probably a Sindarin ration, since it’s wrapped in leaves and the Noldor usually used woven cloth for theirs, but later in that Age the Noldor picked up the leaf technique, so we won’t know for sure until we see what’s inside. I’ll just carefully tug at the little tab in this corner, and… oh! It just unfolds! How clever! To think that I’m the first person to do that since it was first packed! Incredible!'

Braddoc Meryhill, an intrepid hobbit, samples a six-thousand-year-old MRE.
gen  hobbits  1-2K 
october 2019
Captain my Captain by isabeau of greenlea
is this Mary Sue fic? Well, it tries not to be, but when your ofc has a special bow and horse and acquires an accidental soulbond to a son of Elrond, I mean, it is. it's a well-written fic with really interesting use of all the canon characters, and I stayed up all night reading it, but it's also at least 100k too short, in that it ends with certain things unconcluded that it meant to pick up in a sequel that was abandoned. would read again, though. pleasingly eldritch elves with hair combing fetishes.

It doesn't read like 2002 fic, but you have to love the straw poll the writer takes on who the ofc should end up with in the chapter notes. High-quality LotR suefic. all the sequels and prequels are slash so I suspect the writer meant to go Imrahil/ofc in the sequel and then fell too in love with hooking him up with dudes. Which whatever, team elrohir.

Sequels/prequels in order of reading:

Direct prequels:

Blackbow, 60K:

Lossarnach Yule, 16K:

Direct sequels:

Silver Swan, direct unfinished sequel to Captain My Captain (17K):

Side-story series:

Kinstrife, 60K, Imrahil and Andrahar (a little Andrahar/Imrahil):

Ultimatums, 60K, Imrahil/his wife, Andrahar:

Discretion, 11K, Boromir/Andrahar:

Discovery, 16K, Boromir/Andrahar (Denethor finds out):

Visions, 6K, Boromir:

Last Rites, 18K, Imrahil and Aragorn:

Noble Jewel, 25K, Andrahar and Brandmir (discovery of Boromir's secret bastard!!)

Dol Amroth Yule, Hethlin and Elrohir, 16K:

Homecoming, 6K, Andrahar, Brand, Imrahil:

Reparation, 5K, Andrahar and Brandmir:

Confirmation, 5K, Imrahil's first meeting with Brand:

The Baby Pool, 5K, Brand and Elphir:

Passages, 100K, Brandmir et al (Brand finds out about his father and Andrahar):

Fourth Age, 11K:
300+K  ofc  elrohir  faramir  imrahil  eowyn  eowyn/faramir  arwen  aragorn  aragorn/arwen  elrohir/ofc  500+K 
october 2019
Withered Tree by altariel
AU wHere Denethor is stopped before he can try to burn Faramir and himself alive.
15-20K  denethor  faramir  eowyn  eowyn/faramir  pippin 
september 2019
Spirits of the House by altariel
The old year ends, Boromir has not returned, and Denethor contemplates mortality. A seasonal AU set in Minas Tirith.
denethor  faramir  boromir  5-10K  gen 
september 2019
A Little Nudge Out The Door by jocelyn
Legolas's adventures and trials as he reaches the Warrior's Coming of Age. Begins around the time of "The Hobbit."

my note: written pre-hobbit movie, a legolas coming-of-age. honestly, this reads as a set-up to not only lotr, but an eventual legolas/gimli romance although there is no gimli in it. also, I think it works best if you read thranduil's helicopter parenting and desire not to let legolas out as if he, like thingol, has had a TERRIBLE VISION that a dwarf will one day marry his son. (obviously thingol was worried about men but the analogy holds).
200+K  gen  legolas 
september 2019
cliffs of fall by arriviste
The day Maedhros leaves the halls of Mandos, Fingon is waiting for him.

He had not imagined anyone would be. Perhaps his mother? But not Fingon, not after so long. Not after the long years after Fingon died, and what Maedhros did in them.
maedhros  fingon  fingon/maedhros  2-5K 
september 2019
Form and Function by penknife
They come to know each other very well indeed, in time.
celebrimbor/narvi  celebrimbor  narvi  2-5K  rec 
september 2019
opening by nath
Sometime early in the second millennium of the Second Age: a moonlit night in Eregion, and two craftsmen anxiously wait the unveiling of their latest work.
narvi  celebrimbor  1-2K  gen 
september 2019
the last dream I ever dreamed on the cold hillside by acaramelmacchiato
“I worry I am too courtly and insufficiently direct,” Thranduil told his son one night, his bottles empty, suffering the storied agonies of lonely love.

“It has been too long since you went courting,” said Legolas, and shrugged. “Just send him a bag of cash and a note asking if he’s … eager to lay.”

My note: I don't support hobbit fandom but this is very lolzy
thranduil  bard  bard/thranduil  2-5K 
september 2019
Books Should Have Good Endings by bunn
Bilbo goes here, there, and all around, but never back again to the lands of mortal men. A visit to Old Gondolin, a visit to Hithlum, and much discussion of very ancient history

note: not just in continuity with Undying Lands as a series but also needs to be read after the Halls of Mandos/Return to Aman series
bilbo  glorfindel  maglor  elrond  maedhros  fingon  10-15K 
september 2019
The Opposite of Ambition by dragonstorm
They say he'll be High King now.

my note: shame the author is religiously bigoted
elrond  gil-gilad  5-10K 
september 2019
A Brief Guide To The House of Finwë (a hobbit's view) by drag0nst0rm
In his defense, Bilbo never thought anyone other than Frodo or Sam was actually going to read the thing.

my note: lolzy, but the writer is a homophobe so will not kudos
bilbo  elrond  feanor  2-5K  gen 
september 2019
the fugitive heart by arriviste
Perhaps Finduilas’s real tragedy is that she had no mother, no sister, no woman-friend to say to her, Do you really love him? Would you still love this Túrin if he was less tragic, less doomed, less blood-stained? Do you love him, or do you only long to comb his tangled hair?
finduilas  turin  gwindor  finduilas/gwindor  finduilas/turin  2-5K 
september 2019
the punishment of the hook by arriviste
"Shell exploded right near me," Hemingway said, with a nod of head towards the wine.

"How interesting," Maglor said politely.
maglor  gen  1-2K 
september 2019
The Sandglass Runs by dawnfelagund
In Fifth Age Tirion, Caranthir has been reembodied into a changed world: his uncle has unkinged himself and turned Tirion into a republic, Elves live in suburbs and seek psychotherapy, and the Noldor born after his exile have invented all kinds of wondrous things. One day, Caranthir receives a letter that he is being entrusted to mentor his newly reembodied cousin Orodreth. They must not only resolve their old enmity but achieve a tenuous friendship--maybe even more?--as both seek the peace and acceptance they never found in their prior lives.

Continuation of her Fifth Age series; works best if you've read her 350k epic, too, and the Finrod/Celegorm fic in Nargothrond, in terms of backstory.
caranthir  orodreth  caranthir/orodreth  amarie  20-30K 
september 2019
Nothing Beside Remains by StarSpray
Maglor comes to Ost-in-Edhil some time after its destruction.
maglor  gen  1-2K 
august 2019
a crown called content by arriviste
“You’ll have to get your father a new crown,” he said, with his head in Fingon’s lap.
fingon  maedhros  fingon/maedhros  1-2K 
august 2019
would I were as steadfast by lise
You knew there was no other way it could end.
finrod  curufin  curufin/finrod  1-2K 
august 2019
into darkness fell her star by esmeraldablazingsky
There would be no stone for Ereinion Gil-galad, no stone for Finduilas. That was fine. Her mark was not a monument.
finduilas  gil-gilad  1-2K  gen 
august 2019
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