Adam Plouff
This code measures will measure the onscreen size of 1 pixel diagonally then use that as a divisor of the Stroke Width. This means that it doesn’t matter how many parents the layer has, it will always measure a single pixel. 

the last part || 0.001 is to catch errors because you never want to divide by zero. If the size if a pixel is zero, this will evaluate as false and use a near-zero 0.001 value. Really close to zero, but no errors. Continue reading for a look at back at the original post.
ae  aftereffects  work  design 
13 days ago
Pa'ani Black – CONTEXT
Re-imagining prints is something that Kahala loves to do each season. This particular print is especially cool for many reasons. A 1940’s heritage design, they brought Pa‘ani back in the Collector’s Edition rayon filament, a fabrication re-produced from the same factory that originally produced it for us. These special shirts have the same vibe of the classic aloha shirt but with an updated look and modernized fabric. T
Pa‘ani, Hawaiian for “play” features local favorites and serves as a good reminder that there’s always time for a good time.
shirt  menswear 
14 days ago
Flight Trouser Camel – CONTEXT
The Railcar Flight Trouser is a go-to work pant that can be dressed up or down with ease. Made of a tough but breathable American duck canvas, American hardware, American labels, American thread, and made in the California workshop.
clothes  pants  menswear 
14 days ago
Five Starting Places For Building A Casual Wardrobe, Part Two – Put This On - (reworked classic casual wear)
Tops: Oxford-cloth button-downs in solid white and light blue; chambray shirts in light blue; plaid flannels in staple colors such as navy, burgundy, and green; vacation style shirts in a variety of prints, often two-tone in color.
Pants: Slim-straight raw denim jeans in indigo; workwear style chinos in slim and relaxed cuts; Ghurka closure shorts in tan; olive colored fatigues
Knitwear: Chunky shawl collar cardigans; textured fisherman- and Norwegian-style sweaters in navy and grey; Shaker style sweaters; plain Shetland sweaters; stout cotton crewneck sweatshirts in marled grey.
Outerwear: Navy Nigel Cabourn Hospital jacket; tan Kaptain Sunshine photographer jacket; navy Kaptain Sunshine Traveler coat; various military-styled field jackets in olive; Kapital Ring coat in olive; Engineered Garments Bedford jacket in navy moleskin and beige corduroy; Ten C liner; vintage Patagonia deep-pile Retro-X fleece in cream; Nigel Cabourn Canadian military bomber jacket in olive; RRL Morrow leather jacket in brown; French chore coats; Camoshita Balmacaan coat; MHL mac raincoat in navy; Engineered Garments utility vest in olive; Engineered Garments deck jacket in olive; and various vintage safari-style jackets
Shoes: Kapital naval side-zip boots; vintage Ralph Lauren Country cookie boots; Alden boots in dark brown calfskin and shell cordovan; Viberg service boots; Pretziada shepherd boot in black; Engineered Garments x Vans slip-ons in off-white; LL Bean duck boots; and Russell Double Moccasin Bottom Birdshooter boots
clothes  menswear 
15 days ago
Fitz Frames
Meet Fitz. We make custom, 3D printed eyewear including prescription, blue light filtering, and sunglasses
16 days ago
How to Use the Random Expression in After Effects
What is the Random Expression in After Effects?
The random expression is used in After Effects to generate random values for the property it's applied to. That seems fairly straight forward, but did you know there are a few different random expressions available in After Effects?
expression  ae  scripts  tutorial  SOM  work  design 
4 weeks ago
yobokies's Library | Photobucket
watch modder - email to ask for availability
seiko  watch 
5 weeks ago
MotorCity WatchWorks
MotorCity Watchworks sells and customize watches. We work on most brands and can manufacture parts such as dials, hands, chapter rings, and bezel inserts.
mod  store  watch  seiko 
5 weeks ago
International Watch Works
Welcome to the website for International Watch Works. We are experienced in watch repair, servicing and enhancement. We look forward to making your timepiece the best it can be.
watches  watch  seiko 
5 weeks ago
free textures
texture  3d  c4d 
5 weeks ago
mod parts for seiko watches
mod  seiko 
5 weeks ago
solar fridge, off grid
howto  fridge  solar 
5 weeks ago
Travel Footprint
tool for minimizing carbon footprint for conferences
5 weeks ago
Questionnaire | Reflections
4. In the name of patriotism and
the flag, how much of our beloved
land are you willing to desecrate?
List in the following spaces
the mountains, rivers, towns, farms
you could most readily do without.
8 weeks ago
Childproofing Balconies & Decks
some notes on childproofing a balcony. Basically, stretch plastic so the ladder-like fence is unclimbable
baby  proofing  childproofing 
11 weeks ago
A+ Childproofing, northern New Jersey, New York City
childproofing company that services North Jersey and Manhattan
baby  childproofing  safety 
11 weeks ago
Chen Longo / Motion Design
freelance animator / designer met at Gretel in 7/2019
freelancer  work  ae  animation 
12 weeks ago
c4d plugins by merk
c4d  plugin  work  design  3d 
june 2019
After Effects Quick Tip: Linking Layers to Checkboxes - The Beat: A Blog by PremiumBeat
Learn how to turn a layer on and off in After Effects using the Checkbox Control.
expressions  expression  ae  aftereffects  work  design 
june 2019
Selection to Object Split | Matthäus Niedoba
Selection to Object Split
This plugins saves you a lot of time when you deal with imported models (e.g. from Turbosquid). In many cases Cinema imports them as a single object with a bunch of Selection Tags. Doing a manual cleanup could take you hours. Instead of going through each selection with the Split Command this plugin splits the object into subobjects at one click. It looks at the materials and their assigned selection and creates a separate object.
plugin  c4d  work  3d 
june 2019
What Do You Need In a Survival Kit | American Red Cross
Being prepared means being equipped with the proper supplies you may need in the event of an emergency or disaster. Keep your supplies in an easy-to-carry emergency preparedness kit that you can use at home or take with you in case you must evacuate.
evacuation  emergency 
june 2019
After Effects Stuck Off Screen | Adobe Community
Brilliant "'another option is to grab any portion of the window you can and hold down OPTION+SHIFT keys and drag, which will resize the window in any direction'" This worked great!
Aftereffects  window  scaling 
june 2019
SEIKO Watch Modding 101 - Lucius Atelier
For watch collectors and connoisseurs out there, watch modding offers a chance to breakdown, build, rebuild and construct the watch of your dreams. Many brands, big or otherwise, give you the option of modulation — letting you impose your will on the fashion piece that goes on your wrist. From the straps to the dials, even to the crystals and hands, with the right watch, you can edit your watch to suit your needs.

In the world of watch modding, one brand stands above all. SEIKO.
watch  mod  seiko 
june 2019
GEAR REVIEW: All 3 Pocket Operators by Teenage Engineering — SonicScoop
So, an hour into playing with Sub, still stuck in C major and I’m still digging around online. I Googled up a gent who had written a few short and inexpensive eBooks that are basically the fully-detailed user guides that Teenage Engineering should have written. So, big ups to Peter Andersson, because he had the answer to the white keys quandary: Effect #15 on both Factory and Sub is a half step transposition, upwards (which is how you get the minor third).
may 2019
unbeatable repairs
possible screen door repair company
may 2019
Find a Drop Off Location - Plastic Film Recycling
Enter your zip/postal code below to find retail stores, municipal recycling centers and private recyclers in the US and Canada that accept plastic bags and film packaging.
recycling  plastic 
may 2019
main@kwtneighbors.groups.io | Home
Kensington-Windsor Terrace Neighbors main@kwtneighbors.groups.io
may 2019
IINA - The modern media player for macOS
The modern media player for macOS
video  software 
may 2019
Professional quality time-lapse organizing and editing has never been this easy. The Timelapse+ STUDIO Lightroom plugin is a revolutionary suite of essential tools for blazing fast post-processing.
may 2019
Right Joy Con Joystick Drifting and Moving by itself. | Nintendo Support Forums
have been having a problem with my right joy-con analog stick where it would drift or even at sometimes get stuck when flicking it to the right
nintendo  switch 
may 2019
GrabCAD: Design Community, CAD Library, 3D Printing Software
Connect with over 5,870,000 members. Share your ideas and CAD models.

free cad models!
3d  3dprinting  design  c4d  work 
april 2019
Endlessly unique ambient music
audio  free 
april 2019
How to Make Cocktails at Home: The Serious Eats Guide to Essential Cocktail Techniques | Serious Eats
How to Make Cocktails at Home: The Serious Eats Guide to Essential Cocktail Techniques
cocktails  technique 
april 2019
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