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The Adventures of Autistic Spidey and Schizophrenic Wade (Who Fall in Love and Do Other Fun Stuff) by AGlassRoseNeverFades
Spider-Man and Deadpool Have a Meet-Cute:
Spider-Man meets Deadpool for the first time, and realizes there's more to the merc than people have been telling him when he spirals unexpectedly into a panic attack and Deadpool actually stays with him through it. Not only stays, but actually makes Peter...feel better? What the heck? In which dick jokes and obscure references to rom-coms are made, Wade is a sweetheart, and Peter comes away from their very first meeting already totally smitten.

Spider-Man and Deadpool Do Nonnie Prompts:
I have the best anon ever who sends me all the sweetest prompts on tumblr. These are the greatest hits from that collection, which can also be found on my tumblr page under the tag "oh nonnie my nonnie." ^_^ All takes place in the same 'verse as Spider-Man and Deadpool Have a Meet-Cute.

Spider-Man and Deadpool Talk to the Avengers (It Goes About How You'd Expect):
The Avengers find out who Spider-Man has been spending his time with for the past few months and decide to have a chat with him about it. It doesn't go too well. (Shocking, I know.)
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