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As Matt Lauer is fired from ‘Today,’ Ann Curry’s disastrous exit is back in the spotlight - The Washington Post
“The women’s movement got us into the workplace, but it didn’t make us safe once we got there. And the battle lines are now clear. We need to move this revolution forward and make our workplaces safe.”
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december 2017 by eggdropsoap
Ellen Pao: This Is How Sexism Works in Silicon Valley - My lawsuit failed. Others won’t.
Before my suit was over, though, other women had begun to sue tech companies with public filings. They called it the “Pao effect.”
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august 2017 by eggdropsoap
Infraction for Flibbertigibbet: 17) Permanent Ban
Some years ago, we instituted an anti-sexism policy. Our purpose in doing so was simple: the site's mission was to be friendly and welcoming to as wide a range of gamers as possible. However, it had come to our attention that there were a number of factors making the site distinctly unwelcoming to women. This led to some tough conversations backstage, because many matters that were hostile to women seemed innocuous to men (who made up the vast majority of the site, the majority of people hitting the report buttons, and the majority of the staff).

Ultimately reason prevailed, and the staff accepted that issues particular to women were not special interests or special protections, but rather were absolutely normal interests for approximately 51% of the site's potential userbase. And, after all, very little in the way of new rules were required. Rather, we simply had to listen to women when they told us that certain things were garbage, and because women are not actually disproportionately hysterical or stupid, they were right at least as often as men, and we started infracting a bunch of shit that would fly almost anywhere else on the web.
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august 2017 by eggdropsoap
U.S. Politics Thread LX: What next? - Page 81
> Obama overeached by.. having black skin?

No by passing the ACA and pushing for LGBT rights. It's not realized by many (even on this board) how completely unacceptable both were to rural voters, who were calling him a nazi. I was at a restaurant when the supreme court vote for gay marriage was announced and there was mass weeping. I actually had to talk one of my conservative friends down from suicide. Rural white voters, quite literally, believe any rights guaranteed to anyone who isn't white and rural (and straight) are directly subtracted from theirs after decades of gop bullshit. The reaction you're having to Trump is entirely justifiable (and I'm having the same reaction), but small towns had that exact same reaction to Obama. Everyone assumed the country was ready to move on LGBT rights, a black president and socialized healthcare. But most of the populace outside of large cities really, really reeeeeally wasn't.

White fragility is a common joke among the left, but it's no joke. There is a lot of fragility out there, and if it's not addressed they will become ever more suicidal and homicidal. They cannot accept change, and are willing to die or commit murder to prevent the country from moving forward. Or at least they claim that. Only some of them follow up, but those are some too many.
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november 2016 by eggdropsoap
Leave it to an 8th-grader to explain his “white boy privilege” better than most adults - Vox
Perhaps the most illustrative line: "I know it wasn’t us eighth-grade white boys who created this system, but we profit from it every day. We don’t notice these privileges, though, because they don’t come in the form of things we gain, but rather the lack of injustices that we endure."
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july 2016 by eggdropsoap
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