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Data Cleaners for Pristine Datasets: Visibility and Invisibility of Data Processors in Social Science
This article investigates the work of processors who curate and “clean” the data sets that researchers submit to data archives for archiving and further dissemination.
archive  data  labor  maintenance  repair 
2 days ago by edsu
Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Archive.is RFC 3 - Wikipedia
via Jess -- part of a fascinating discussion of the credibility of archive.is as an archive.
archive  wikipedia 
7 weeks ago by edsu
Mastodon v2.3
archive download coming!
mastodon  archive 
february 2018 by edsu
Archives in Liquid Times
... a publication in which archival science is linked to philosophy (of information) and data science.
archive  internet  book 
february 2018 by edsu
Being a Black Archivist - Six Years in the Profession — Ashley D. Stevens
Must you question everything I say? (especially when I don't see you do it to others)
archive  BlackLivesMatter 
january 2018 by edsu
Data portability
Data about us is never only about us.
data  archive  portability  economics 
january 2018 by edsu
REST APIs must be hypertext-driven » Untangled
This contains a nice quote about persistence:

REST is software design on the scale of decades: every detail is intended to promote software longevity and independent evolution.
rest  history  archive 
september 2017 by edsu
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