i actually believe it’s way easier to read something like
I recommended “i actually believe it’s way easier to read something like” on @Medium https://ift.tt/2LiMTq7
3 days ago
[whatwg] Adding "ipfs" to the safelisted schemes from Mathias Rangel Wulff on 2018-07-12 (whatwg@whatwg.org from July 2018)
Kind of an interesting discussion, with pointers to GitHub issues, about why it's difficult to register new protocol URIs in browsers.
ipfs  identifier  uri  html  browser 
3 days ago
Nuzzel Partners with Hootsuite Platform to Bring News Monitoring Tool to Millions of Business Users
I recommended “Nuzzel Partners with Hootsuite Platform to Bring News Monitoring Tool to Millions of Business Users” on @Medium https://ift.tt/2KVO3L7
7 days ago
How to Pay Attention - A Syllabus
@npseaver's class about the anthropology of attention
syllabus  attention 
10 days ago
Tech Ethics Curricula: A Collection of Syllabi – Casey Fiesler – Medium
I recommended “Tech Ethics Curricula: A Collection of Syllabi” on @Medium https://ift.tt/2Nwz60S
11 days ago
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