Kuedo Severant live AV - show excerpt Moscow (intro - Ant City) on Vimeo
(interview excerpt) -What are you trying to portray in your latest piece with Kuedo? The visual project with Kuedo is first and foremost about capturing the experience of Kuedo's music and translating this into physical space; creating a new world for the audience and him to share for the length of his set. In doing this the idea was never to create a literal translation, or beat-driven visual experience. Rather it was about a complete immersion in the music and a non-intrusive, organic synchronicity with the sounds during the live performance. Although it is just projection, the audience should feel physically, emotionally transported. Crucial was that the experience of this realm was fluid, seamless and consistent. Although we travel through different spaces and encounter strange beings along the way, once we enter this realm we're fully immersed, without break, until the conclusion. This is not a series of video clips, it is a world we step into. For me this is critical; anything less and the audience starts to feel aware of the screen and the process of 'watching'. I suppose there's an element of futurism in both the visual and the sound component, but not in such an obvious way. I think it has more to do with exploring unknown worlds, which can be internal, psychological spaces. The addictive tension between the cool, synthetic parts of Kuedo's music and the yearnful human element is something I deliberately reflected in the production of this show. Despite looking very digital it's almost entirely created (and animated) by hand using analogue materials; light, originally produced film slides, butter, lenses. I'm really happy with the rather indescribable quality this has given the visuals. It's unsettling in way; simultaneously hyper-digital and nostalgic.
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5 weeks ago
MEMOIR - by Andrea Kleine [full piece] on Vimeo
MEMOIR (formerly titled "Worktape 1999") a piece by ANDREA KLEINE March 21, 2010 @ LMCC Swing Space, NYC MEMOIR is a re-creation of a 10-year-old performance VHS tape with the original artists attempting to perform their parts from memory live via web video-chat. The performance videotape is from Kleine’s 1999 piece MEMOIR NEVER WAS (SECRET TALES FROM THE ANNEX), inspired by the diary of Anne Frank and the fall from fame of film noir star Veronica Lake and originally presented by PS122. The nexus of these imperfect transmissions, re-enactments, and replications is a piece about our relationship to technology-enhanced memory, the slipperiness of shared experience, and an examination of the ensemble process of performance creation. performers: Raquel Cion, Philip G. Kain, Rohana Kenin, Andrea Kleine, Jeremy Laverdure, Carmelita Naval, Tania Varela-Ibarra. Video design: Benton-C Bainbridge. Audio installation by Bobby Previte. Music by Jeremy Bernstein. Supported in part by a commission from the New York State Council on the Arts Individual Artist program. Thanks to the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Swing Space program; space at 14 Wall Street is donated by Capstone Equities. (c) 2010, Andrea Kleine www.andreakleine.com
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may 2014
Chocolate Bunny on Vimeo
Directed by Lernert & Sander http://www.blinkink.co.uk/index.php#!subscribe Three ways of melting a chocolate bunny. Commissioned by Cut 'n Paste for KRO-television in association with the Dutch Culture Fund Music by: Nathan Larson
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april 2014
It's paper on Vimeo
This is a personal project. I wanted to make some infinite loops for istockphoto and I wanted to make a paper shader. The finished clips are actually only 4-5 seconds long but they can go on for ever. Then I felt like putting it all together for a little.. Mindfulness-short. Everything is straight out of cinema4d. Sounds from freesound.org Enjoy!
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october 2013
This is the perfect opportunity for a Carl Sagan quote: "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." The footage in this little film was captured by the hardworking men and women at NASA and The European Space Agency with the Cassini Imaging Science System. If you're interested in learning more about Cassini and the on-going Cassini Solstice Mission, check it out at NASA's website: http://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/science/index.cfm Track: 2 Ghosts I, Ghosts I – IV by Nine Inch Nails (Used under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution Share Alike license.) http://ghosts.nin.com/ Self-Directed / Edit / Sound Design / Comp / Color
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october 2013
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