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Facing the Great Reckoning Head-On - danah boyd - Medium
“Move fast and break things” is an abomination if your goal is to create a healthy society. Taking short-cuts may be financially profitable in the short-term, but the cost to society is too great to be justified. In a healthy society, we accommodate differently abled people through accessibility standards, not because it’s financially prudent but because it’s the right thing to do. In a healthy society, we make certain that the vulnerable amongst us are not harassed into silence because that is not the value behind free speech. In a healthy society, we strategically design to increase social cohesion because binaries are machine logic not human logic.
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TransitionMaintenance – Transition Technology
2014's annual web maintenance cost for totalled 75% of budget. Nice result in my last week :)
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Sukey - A tool for non-violent demonstrations
RT @UKuncut: New protest social media tool for live updates to keep you all free flowing:
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Steve Lacey :: How I put a podcast together
very detailed description of how to put a podcast together
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