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Transition Taunton Town and their local Council produce a Transition Vision for 2026 » Transition Culture
@jascharohr how about: or this: both outcomes of collaboration btwn authorities and civil society
tt  ttmvt  transition  towns  taunton  local  council  future  2026  vision  authority 
november 2009 by edmittance
Socialreporter | Help! What’s the Next Big Thing in Knowledge Management?
RT @davidwilcox: Help! What's the Next Big Thing in Knowledge Management - are these 10 .... starters good? #KIMPS09
knowledge  management  KM  david  wilcox  knowledgemanagement  knowledgesharing  socialmedia  socialnetworking  local  government  KIMPS09 
september 2009 by edmittance
Press release - 28 September 2009 - £10m for 20 best low carbon communities - Department of Energy and Climate Change
RT @YouGenUK: Opportunity for 20 communities to invest in energy efficiency & renewables as DECC announces £10m... fund
decc  local  community  funding  money  low  carbon  tt  ttmvt 
september 2009 by edmittance
Glum Councillors
Glum councillors: (via carriebish)
councillors  politics  local  glum  funny  blog 
august 2009 by edmittance
How do I start a produce exchange? - Hyperlocavore - A free yard sharing community
RT @TraffordEco: RT @hyperlocavore: How to start a neighborhood produce exchange Please RT) #tt #transitiontowns
local  food  produce  exchange  transitiontowns  transition  tt 
august 2009 by edmittance
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