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Guerrilla Gardening Seed Bomb Guide
Seed bombs: a handy urban guerilla gardener's guide:
seed  bombs  gardening  diy  ecology  agriculture  environment  fun  garden  ideas 
march 2010 by edmittance
Modern Mechanix » Will Power Operates Gramaphone
must be a spoof about a psychic gramaphone... image could be useful
technology  history  Culture  fun  images  photos  gramaphone  psychology  psychic  spoof 
december 2007 by edmittance
YouTube - Cup Stacking
the things people get up to when they have too much time on their hands...
fun  cup  stacking  competition  record  usa  girl  weird 
december 2007 by edmittance
game where you do some mental challenges and they give rice to poor people - gaming taking over from community?
charity  games  vocabulary  free  fun  rice  ngo  nonprofit  collaboration  fundraising 
november 2007 by edmittance
slightlywarped.com's Curiosities
gallery of pictures of big holes in teh ground. cool.
photography  holes  images  pictures  ground  weird  environment  fun  cool 
september 2007 by edmittance
upload a vid/pic of a thing that you think could have a redesign ...
design  usability  ux  redesign  Interaction  experience  fun  joe  leech  community 
august 2007 by edmittance
The Guerrilla Gardening Homepage
blog of chap who plants edible plants around london
gardening  activism  community  environment  green  garden  fun  guerilla 
august 2007 by edmittance
Absürd Örg
Crazy command line art shit
art  design  weird  absurd  fun  dada  javascript  jansen 
august 2007 by edmittance
Rat Race Urban Adventure 2007
rather groovy looking urban style triathlon-y activity rushing around competition kind of thing
urban  adventure  race  competition  fun  outdoors  exercise  climbing  running  abseiling  bristol 
may 2007 by edmittance
Flash » Drum Machine
weird thing with people head banging drums
flash  animation  music  drum  cool  fun  art 
may 2007 by edmittance
North Devon Kayak Centre - Home
rent and buy kayaks for sea kayaking in devon
kayayk  canoe  devon  holiday  fun  exercise  activity  seaside  boat 
may 2007 by edmittance
quikmaps.com :: new
dinky mash up where you can plot your walk on a google map
maps  google  googlemaps  map  tools  ajax  handy  dinky  fun  tool 
april 2007 by edmittance
Flickr: Bristol: mystery location guessing of photos
Lovely thread of bristol flickr types playing 'guess where this photo was taken'.
bristol  photos  flickr  guess  game  fun  multidomain  community  friendship 
december 2006 by edmittance
Cruel 2 B Kind - a game of benevolent assasination
kill people by being nice to them - tell them you like their shoes or sing them a song - if you get the right thing, they keel over
games  fun  funny  silly  game  art  benevolent  cool  cruel  kind 
september 2006 by edmittance
Matt's (now Hammond's) favcol is back but linked to flickr now. Brilliant. Reminds me of the addage from Cathedral and Bazaar that ideas and people have lifecycles and can be passed on for another generation.
flickr  fun  webb  colour 
march 2006 by edmittance
Play Samorost 2
Samorost game weird cartoon sci fi thing a mee
game  handy  silly  fun  space  design 
december 2005 by edmittance
string spin - zefrank.com
you draw a picture and then it spins it in 3D
drawing  design  fun  handy 
november 2005 by edmittance
Throw Paper!
silly game throwing paper into a bin
fun  silly  paper  throwing 
september 2005 by edmittance
N a b a z t a g >> Nabazta L A N D
toy rabbit which responds to changes transmitted to it digitally (emails, stock market etc.)
fun  cool  rabbit  wifi  gadget 
september 2005 by edmittance

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