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Against Minimalism
The truth is that we live in ridiculous times, where our reality is fiction manufactured to forward the interests of an elite few, much like the fiction that has largely become the reality of our shared world. The dystopia we were promised by Gibson, Scott, Dick, and so on has come to fruition: wealth disparity turning poverty into a death sentence, neverending war in faraway lands killing millions as the “Leader of the Free World” arms tyrants to the teeth, and an inevitable destruction of human civilization as we know it are the cornerstones of our modern reality.

Instead, we’re expected to pay $159 for awful looking dongles to hang out of our ears in order to forget this. Oh, and don’t even get me started on how embarassing “biohacking” is, the modern equivalent — yes, you too can jab a magnet under your skin, or make your hand glow with LEDs, because those are totally… imagine going up to someone at a party and being all, “look! I put lights in my skin!” No, you wouldn’t do that. Because that’s awful.
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september 2016 by edmittance
Paying Taxes Is a Lot Better Than Phony Corporate Courage, Apple
Or, maybe, you could call courageous the act of paying the many billions you owe around the world into the system that ensures those students have all of the resources they need in order to learn and grow.
apple  courage  corporate  tax  iphone 
september 2016 by edmittance
Concern over human cost overshadows iPad launch - Asia, World - The Independent
"Workers also complained of violence, including beatings with iron bars and whips." (work in the iPad factory, anyone?)
apple  ipad  technology  babylon  commercial  markets  factory  china  manufacturing  life  health  mental  suicide 
may 2010 by edmittance
Nokia Marketing Team Reaches Out To Angry iPhone Users
nokia hop on the angry iphone early adopters who got burnt and point them to nokia stuff - timely marketing on the web. neat. ties in with my thoughts about serendipity and how to create or surf it.
serendipity  marketing  nokia  apple  internet 
september 2007 by edmittance
I hate Macs | Technology | Guardian Unlimited Technology
Charlie Brooker having a go at Macs. Should wind up the Apple fanatics.
apple  pc  computer  hardware  funny  charlie  brooker  guardian  rant  article  advertising  mac  news 
february 2007 by edmittance
Greenpeace Lies About Apple
"...Yes, Greenpeace lied to sensationalize a report it spent a lot of money on, but which didn't provide data the group wanted to hear. While the group’s earlier press releases and information was mostly just incompetent and sloppy, the latest ‘poison
greenpeace  apple  campaign  pressure  groups  environment  lies 
september 2006 by edmittance
Greenpeace's Bad Apple campaign
Apple's aren't too green apparently. Interesting to see Greenpeace getting their teeth into the use of social software as well - recommding digg, furl, blogs etc.
apple  advertising  environment  greenpeace  pressure  groups  politics  satire  campaign 
september 2006 by edmittance

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