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The Rise of Anti-Notifications – Member Feature Stories – Medium
Anti-notifications that solely aim at increasing engagement without providing personal value work the same way. They’re a powerful tool to increase engagement in the short-term, but they might very well be what makes the entire notification bubble burst.
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september 2018 by edmittance
'Our minds can be hijacked': the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia | Technology | The Guardian
It is against this political backdrop that Williams argues the fixation in recent years with the surveillance state fictionalised by George Orwell may have been misplaced. It was another English science fiction writer, Aldous Huxley, who provided the more prescient observation when he warned that Orwellian-style coercion was less of a threat to democracy than the more subtle power of psychological manipulation, and “man’s almost infinite appetite for distractions”.
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october 2017 by edmittance
Tim Downling: 'In past Januarys my wife and I have given up drink together. This year she didn't' | Weekend | Guardian Unlimited
poignant january sulking from tim dowling, whose wife didn't give up drinking along with him. some nice bits about the ghastliness of january and that british gloom
tim  dowling  january  uk  misery  miserable  funny  family  life  drink  alcohol  addiction 
january 2008 by edmittance
CBBC Newsround | UK | Chris's story
brilliant animation about being the child of a drug addict
drugs  story  messages  cbbc  bbc  simon  berry  cartoon  animation  addiction  children 
november 2007 by edmittance

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