Trump’s Horrific Photo with El Paso Victim Paul Anchondo
Posing for this photograph, the Trumps remove any last doubt about their dead-eyed cruelty and transactional view of life. Smiling emptily above this wounded little boy, whose life was shattered before he could take his first step, the president and his wife call to mind those famous safari photos taken by Trump’s sons, Eric and Don Jr. — in which they, like their father, smile brightly over the victims of their own heedless cruelty and violence. To Donald Trump, this baby is little more than a hunting trophy in his own brutal race war (which explains his triumphant thumbs up).
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4 weeks ago
Ignorant, dishonest or both? Boris Johnson’s ramblings about prisoners and spa breaks are divorced from reality. | The Secret Barrister
Heaven forfend that this newly-discovered zeal for making the lives of prisoners more miserable and antagonistic baiting of “politically correct” and “left wing” criminal justice is merely the latest exploit of a populist charlatan tossing bucketfulls of cheap fatty red meat to the Party Faithful just as a certain job opening emerges.
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may 2019
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I will answer my phone evenings and weekends if in signal. Pls text with model details/photo. I will help/advise until I can make a visit
based in Filton Park Bristol
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may 2019
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