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Where to find high dome 38.8mm crystal?
Discussion of replacing a crystal with high-domed acrylic. Something to consider on my Cocktail Time.
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may 2017 by edj
Zeigt doch mal Eure Chronographen (jedes Alter ist erwünscht) - UhrForum - Seite 157
Sweet chrono trifecta. I'd switch out the 103 for a Sinn EZM1 or Heuer Bund.
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may 2017 by edj
Show me your SMALL collection- - Page 12
Tight 3 watch collection. IWC, Damasko, and a G-Shock
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april 2016 by edj
Why the incistence on C1 lume?
Great discussion of various types of lume, the best re-luming services, and what Sinn, Demasko, and others use in their watches. I think the thing to do is relume the DA46 (if I ever get one) with BG W9 since its both white and bright.
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april 2016 by edj
Rolex Movements & Parachrom - GMT 16710's & 14060M Submariners
Since the 3186 movement has the Parachrom Blu hairspring it stands to reason that 'Pepsi' GMTs with that movement are the most modern. Meaning I should look for an M-serial 16710 BLRO.
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april 2016 by edj
GMT Master II (Unique GMT Hand Setting Problem) - Rolex Forums - Rolex Watch Forum
Once again, old style GMT II wins. Has 10 clicks between each hour position allowing for some ability to do 1/2 hour offset timezones.
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april 2016 by edj
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