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Voter Trends in 2016 - Center for American Progress
Lots of interesting data unpacked here. Particularly of interest is Hillary's loss of both turnout and support among African-Americans.
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june 2018 by edj
How network theory predicts the value of Bitcoin - MIT Technology Review
Tldr – Bitcoin is only worth 22-44 billion, not the current market cap of 114-124 billion, therefore about 2x-6x overvalued.
bitcoin  research  money  economy  economics  mathematics  statistics 
april 2018 by edj
UNO Study: Fertility Rate Gap Between Races, Ethnicities is Shrinking | News | University of Nebraska Omaha
Wow. Hispanic and black fertility rates have fallen to levels nearly as low as white levels. Hispanic 73/1000. Black 65/1000. White 59/1000.
america  fertility  statistics  science  demographics  population 
july 2016 by edj
Scientific stagnation - Gwern.net
Fascinating, in-depth series of quotes and citations arguing that the rate of return on investments (of time, money) in science is diminishing.

Conservatively, this article contains the kernel of at least a dozen essays and one or more books.
science  history  culture  knowledge  statistics 
october 2014 by edj
About NCAA college basketball statistics
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january 2014 by edj
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