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Upgrading to High Sierra caused the Times font ... | Official Apple Support Communities
Explains why bold no longer appears bold in Helvetica in Microsoft Word 2011 Mac on OSX 10.13 High Sierra. Frustrating, as I'd hoped to milk another few months at least out of Office:Mac 2011 even though it's been unsupported since Oct. 2017.
microsoft  msword  office  software  mac  osx  apple  fonts 
january 2018 by edj
How to Change DNS Servers in Windows
Used this to finish getting an old Windows 7 box from Surya connected to the Internet in my office.
windows  software  microsoft  internet 
october 2017 by edj
How to Connect to Dynamic Ethernet (DHCP) on Windows 7 - YouTube
I used this to get an old Windows 7 box from Surya connected (via wired Ethernet) to the internet in my office.
windows  internet  software  microsoft 
october 2017 by edj
Final Cut Pro X Gets Full Redesign for 10.3
Great discussion in the comments on the merits of Final Cut Pro X 10.3 released in late 2016. Sounds like many of its shortcomings have been been corrected and it's evolved into a solid piece of software. Worth considering, once again.
film  movies  video  editing  mac  osx  software 
march 2017 by edj
Google Voice and Skype: Rethinking GV and the landline handset solution | ZDNet
Clever way to integrate use of Google Voice and Skype to essentially replace a landline (in my case, for business) at a fraction of the cost. But it also does far more than just a landline.
communication  phone  google  skype  software  computers 
january 2017 by edj
The Verge at work: making perfect pictures on your iPhone | The Verge
Excellent iPhone photography workflow. "Camera roll zero." Only problem is some of these apps are now dated... But there are replacements.
software  photography  ios  iphone 
december 2015 by edj
Michael Tsai - Blog - Arq 4.0
Differences between Arq 3 and Arq 4. Especially how Arq interacts with Amazon Glacier.
mac  osx  backup  software 
october 2015 by edj
CNC Bottle Opener in Wood and Aluminum | MAKE
The idea behind the Easel project was to make software for designing and making projects with a CNC machine that was approachable to anyone with an internet connection and basic computer skills.
cnc  metalwork  software 
january 2015 by edj
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