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1976 BMW R90/6 - Starting Problem (Electrical) | Adventure Rider
Discussion of failure to start on a '76 R90/6 just like mine.
bmw  motorcycles  r90  repairs  electronics 
june 2016 by edj
BMW Airhead motorcycle starting and running problems, starter motor, bendix drive
Background info and testing procedures to figure out my intermittent no-start problem on the R90.
bmw  motorcycles  r90  repairs  electronics 
june 2016 by edj
Battle at the Barn
Jeremy W. says this is awesome. We gotta go this winter.
racing  motorcycles  awesome  iowa 
april 2016 by edj
The Bullitt: Classified Moto's Honda CB450 "Le Renard"
I like the wood skateboard deck and waxed canvas seat.
custom  motorcycles  builds  honda  cb450 
august 2015 by edj
Motorcycle Repair: 1975 Honda CB125S Electrical Problem, quartz halogen, automotive relays
I upgraded to 12V with the CB/CD200 stator - a direct replacement for the 6V unit (rotors identical identical to 125), new coil and changed 6V electronic flasher for 12V unit.
honda  cb125  motorcycles  diy  howto  electronics  mods  builds 
august 2015 by edj
Converting 6 volt to 12 volt.
The harder way is to swap in the stator from a CB350 twin (along with 12-volt battery and bulbs, of course). I've never done this, but I've read several write-ups that says it's a bolt in. The 350 stator has more winding wraps than the 6-volt singles, but apparently there is enough room inside the 125's stator case for the fit..
motorcycles  mods  howto  diy  electronics  builds  honda  cb125 
august 2015 by edj
Small CC Honda - Converting from 6v to 12v...
I don't want to discourage you, but the 6v stator probably doesn't put out enough juice to charge the 12v battery; especially if the bike didn't have a regulator stock. to convert to 12v you'd have to change all the bulbs, the coils, condenser, flasher relay, regulator/rectifier, battery, and electric starter & solenoid if so equipped.
honda  motorcycles  electronics  diy  howto  mods  builds  cb125 
august 2015 by edj
Mikuni - MopedWiki
All about Mikuni carbs. Suitable for Honda CB125.
motorcycles  carburetor  tuning 
august 2015 by edj
I Believe I Can Fly: Dicer Bikes' motorized bicycle | Bike EXIF
Amazing motorized bike! Would be awesome to take a similar vintage cruiser and add an electric motor instead of gas, and give it similar accoutrements and paint.
bicycle  motorcycles  custom  builds  awesome 
august 2015 by edj
Star Struck: Classified's Honda CB 750 cafe racer | Bike EXIF
Beautiful 1960s-spaceship look going on here. Would look great as a BMW R-series as well.
honda  motorcycles  custom  builds 
august 2015 by edj
Original Vetter Hippo Hands - Back in service!
Pictures of a pair of original hippo hands installed.
motorcycles  mods 
march 2015 by edj
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