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Economic Freedom Map | Fraser Institute
Excellent research tool that shows the ranked economic freedom of all nations.
freedom  liberty  business  world  politics  regulation  law  government  culture 
june 2018 by edj
You Cannot Regulate Guns Unless You Know How to Use One
Message from gun-control advocate telling other gun-control advocates to *buy guns*.
law  guns  firearms  regulation 
september 2017 by edj
Stonekettle Station: Bang Bang Sanity
Some interesting ideas on how to curb gun deaths.
guns  firearms  law  regulation 
september 2017 by edj
Forget Australia’s Gun Laws. American Reform Advocates Have Their Own Island to Study. - The Trace
Interesting case study on Hawaii. Plenty of guns, but high barrier to acquisition. Also, very little concealed carry. Definitely a potential model, though it's isolated position in the Pacific gives it certain advantages over other states.
firearms  law  regulation  guncontrol  hawaii 
june 2017 by edj
How to Reduce Gun Violence | HuffPost
One of the better articles I've read on realistic anti-violence/gun-control ideas. Recognizes that most 'gun control' is unlikely to happen in the US and focuses instead on anti-violence measures with smart policing and so forth.
firearms  law  regulation  guncontrol 
june 2017 by edj
Here’s What Actually Reduces Gun Violence
Some pretty good ideas about achievable anti-violence ideas.
guncontrol  firearms  law  regulation 
june 2017 by edj
5 Steps That Will Curb Gun Violence (And 5 Ways They Will Fail) | WIRED
Discussion of pros and cons of some of the popular (on the left) ideas about gun control.
firearms  law  regulation  guncontrol 
june 2017 by edj
As Expected, Final REIT Regulations Offer Little Help for Solar | Tax Equity Times
Discussion of IRS ruling on REITs in 2016. Upshot is they still can't be used for solar (for the most part).
solarpower  IdealEnergy  taxes  finance  law  regulation  realestate 
february 2017 by edj
You Know Less Than You Think About Guns - Reason.com
One of the best essays exploring social science research on guns and crime.
firearms  guns  law  regulation  government  liberty  safety  crime 
june 2016 by edj
ADVrider - View Single Post - Iowa Roll Call
"2007 KTM EXC 450/525/530's and newer, are the only legal Iowa bikes other than the 640's and twins."
motorcycles  ktm  iowa  law  advrider 
november 2014 by edj
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