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Seiryu - Tenkara - Keiryu Continuum - Part II
Keiryu rods. Like Tenkara rods, but for use with weighted lures.
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july 2014 by edj
Archinect : Travel Blogs
brian's japanese architecture blog
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august 2010 by edj
GT!Blog » Why Japan didn’t create the iPod
summary: 1) japanse character set is huge and therefore difficult to implement in early computers; 2) as a result, few japanese consumers want to buy computers; 3) so the japanese tech industry leans toward specialized devices; 4) by year 2000 japanese predominantly access internet via cell phones(!); 5) only in the 2000s did the japanese begin to view the computer as the hub in a "digital lifestyle", as we do in the west.
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march 2010 by edj

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