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Highlighting an invisible conversation between hip hop and art before the 16th century. A project by @ceciliaazcarate
art  hiphop  music  history  weirdness  humor 
april 2014 by edj
Book of Lamentations – The New Inquiry
A book review of the DSM-V as dystopian literature.
psychology  literature  humor  books  reviews 
october 2013 by edj
I, Romney
Tavet Gilson's photoshopped Mitt Romney picture.
humor  politics  america  friends 
december 2012 by edj
When I was young, I was an idealist. I found beauty, wonder, and meaning everywhere I looked. When I got older, I became a realist. I saw a world of rough edges and difficult truths. This grew tiresome. I decided to be a surrealist. Things got pretty weird after that.
Philosophy  life  humor  comics  illustration  art 
february 2012 by edj
Hermenautic Circle blog » Professor Eugene Volokh: headbanger
Flow chart which explicates naming system of heavy metal bands.
january 2009 by edj

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