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Final Cut Pro X Gets Full Redesign for 10.3
Great discussion in the comments on the merits of Final Cut Pro X 10.3 released in late 2016. Sounds like many of its shortcomings have been been corrected and it's evolved into a solid piece of software. Worth considering, once again.
film  movies  video  editing  mac  osx  software 
march 2017 by edj
DIY film | Flickr
Extraordinary self built film emulsion maker.
diy  photography  film  making 
october 2016 by edj
Richard Photo Lab
Top tier slide and black & white process, printing, and scanning service.
film  photography 
december 2015 by edj
True Detective / by Nigel Evan Dennis
A visualization as a tribute to True Detective.
visualization  design  fiction  film  art  tv 
march 2014 by edj
The Technium: Pain of the New
Why high frame rate movies are inevitable, yet disconcerting at first.
film  technology  video  media  photography 
january 2013 by edj
How to Watch “Battlestar Galactica” | The Awl
What to watch and what to skip when rewatching BSG.
battlestargalactica  tv  film  culture 
july 2012 by edj
Neo-Neo Realism - American Directors Make Clear-Eyed Movies for Hard Times - NYTimes.com
Lists a number of interesting sounding movies, and analyzes the relationships among them.
march 2009 by edj

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