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I work at Red Wing. Any questions? - RedWingShoes
Irish Setter was originally a straight up hunting brand. They started making work boots since maybe 8/9 years ago. The main difference is quality of materials used to make the boot. GENERALLY speaking, Red Wing boots are higher quality. However, you get what you pay for. Certain Irish Setters are better than certain Red Wings. The other difference is that Irish Setters are all (except for style 4805 and 4806) completely made in China. Red Wings are at least partly made in the United States. Even the Red Wings that say made in China usually have uppers that are made in the States and then are shipped out for the bottoming process in China, or Vietnam in rare cases. A lot of guys will tell you that the U.S. stuff is better, but after working at Red Wing for 4 years, I can tell you that it really just depends on the boot.

P.S. - All heritage boots are 100% made in the U.S. and are hand stitched and all that good stuff, which is why those are so expensive
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december 2018 by edj
***....Falcon Garments - Official Affiliate Thread....*** MTM/MTO Leather Jackets
Falcon Garments is the new Temple of Jawnz -- minus the shady scamster Drew.
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november 2016 by edj
worn&wound | A Gallery of Sinn
Digging the Sinn 256 and Sinn 856 UTC
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november 2015 by edj
Talking Watches: With Matt Jacobson — HODINKEE
Exquisite collection. Excellent design and collecting philosophy. Beautiful home.
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october 2015 by edj
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