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Toolbox for MS Office - Jumsoft
Free app with in-app purchase premium templates. This one's for MS Word, but they also have them for Apple Pages and Keynote.
design  word  microsoft  apple  mac  writing  presentations  keynote 
june 2017 by edj
Remodeling 101: Closet Lighting Part 1: Remodelista
Great information on how to properly light a closet.
light  design  home  house  closet  clothing 
january 2016 by edj
Lighting Ideas for Your Closet | Decorating and Design Ideas for Interior Rooms | HGTV
Not keen on all the lighting ideas, but the closet with white walls and wood drawers is awesome.
design  home  house  closet  clothing  light 
january 2016 by edj
Boxes - StandUpCitizen WoodWorks
A couple great watch boxes. Good inspiration for my design.
design  jewelry  style  watches  woodworking 
december 2015 by edj
George Foster, Book Cover Designer -- Yes I Can
Excellent article Mom shared with me about the ethics and habits of a top graphic designer.
art  design  graphicdesign  work  career  life  freelance  consulting 
december 2015 by edj
A Platform for Living | Dwell
Setsumasa and Mami Kobayashi’s weekend retreat, two and a half hours northwest of Tokyo, is “an arresting concept,” photographer Dean Kaufman says, who documented the singular refuge in the Chichibu mountain range. “It’s finely balanced between rustic camping and feeling like the Farnsworth House.”
house  home  design 
august 2015 by edj
Young House Love | One Young Family + One Old House = Love
Heather found this site. This couple basically works full time renovating their house and blogging about.
blogs  design  house  homebrew 
august 2015 by edj
Homo Ludens
Fascinating personal homepage. Lots of good stuff on building custom speakers and round houses.
electronics  engineering  audio  building  construction  diy  design 
march 2015 by edj
Fab Lab FAQ
A type of makerspace. Implemented by MIT. Includes full purchase list and inventory to set up your own!
research  design  diy  gear  tools  making  hacking 
february 2015 by edj
Look no hands
The website “Look, No Hands” tells the story of a designer who works in the most unconventional of ways.
design  tools  ergonomics  inspiration 
december 2014 by edj
TheSamba.com :: View topic - Custom camping interior ideas.
Great photos and ideas for customizing Wingo's Vanagon.
vw  vans  vanagon  camping  mods  diy  design 
august 2014 by edj
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