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Economic Freedom Map | Fraser Institute
Excellent research tool that shows the ranked economic freedom of all nations.
freedom  liberty  business  world  politics  regulation  law  government  culture 
june 2018 by edj
Ta-Nehisi Coates's Kanye West Message: Stop Thinking for Yourself | National Review
Neatly sums up Coate's fundamentally racist view of the world and ethnic-identity message to Kanye.
culture  music  race  racism  america 
may 2018 by edj
The Crisis of Western Civ - The New York Times
Without a doubt the best opinion piece I read in the NYT in 2017. Although it wanders into the weeds of current events, this essay encapsulates in concise form the core ideals of Western Civilization and articulates what those value meant before they were wrongly conflated with racism and imperialism. In other words, this is what's worth fighting for.
history  democracy  liberalism  liberty  values  culture  western_civilization 
december 2017 by edj
Are Millennials Moving Right on Guns? - POLITICO Magazine
The kids are gonna be alright... pro-gun, pro-same sex marriage, pro-legal marijuana.
firearms  guns  culture  demographics  politics  america  millenials 
october 2017 by edj
Why young men queue up to die in the French Foreign Legion | Aeon Essays
Great piece of writing Cole sent me a couple days ago on the French Foreign Legion, it's history, and it's Samurai-like culture of toil and death.
military  war  france  violence  death  culture  history 
april 2017 by edj
The Media Keeps Misfiring When It Writes About Guns
Finally a left leaning take on on the gun debate that makes sense: learn the topic, respect your opponents, do quality journalism.
firearms  culture  guns  crime  journalism 
june 2016 by edj
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