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An E30 Restoration
Pretty much a match for what we are doing to our E30.
bmw  cars  restoration  e30 
january 2015 by edj
Team O'Neil | Welcome to Team O'Neil
Rally racing school in New Hampshire
racing  rallycross  cars 
june 2014 by edj
After a year of searching, an Alpineweiß story - R3VLimited Forums
Astonishingly thorough restoration and build thread.
bmw  e30  325is  cars  mods  builds 
may 2014 by edj
BBC - Autos - Phantom Badger, reporting for duty
Basically the new Jeep Willys. If they ever made a civilian version it would be - without exaggeration - the perfect off-road capable truck.
cars  trucks  military 
april 2014 by edj
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