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West America | cork grips
Article on Jordan Huffnagel's side project thing.
gear  backpacking  camping  art  culture  portland 
august 2012 by edj
West America | Cool Hunting
"Our interview with Jordan Hufnagel on building camping supplies and the story behind his new brand"
gear  backpacking  camping 
august 2012 by edj
Pay as You Go Sim with Data Wiki
Incredible and indispensable! Covers the entire world.
travel  backpacking  phone 
april 2012 by edj
Staying in Touch With Home When Traveling Abroad
Excellent! tl;dr: Switch to unlocked iPhone, port number to Google Voice, travel. Use prepaid SIMs abroad, when available.
travel  backpacking  gear  hardware  phone  iphone  google 
april 2012 by edj
XCom Global - Unlimited International Mobile Broadband Rentals
$15/day for mobile wifi hotspot device with unlimited data ... expensive, but cheaper than at&t.
travel  backpacking  wifi  hardware 
march 2012 by edj
VSTR and Partners & Spade
This may be the perfect travel pack!
backpacking  travel  luggage  gear 
february 2012 by edj
BackpackingLight.com Forums -- Make Your Own Gear » MYOG Jay Ham SUL pack
whoa, i had no idea there was such a sophisticated subculture of diy backpack makers...
travel  backpacking  packs  diy  sewing 
january 2010 by edj
Activities & Gear - Thorn Tree Travel Forum - Lonely Planet
Excellent collection of threads on gear for traveling.
backpacking  travel 
january 2008 by edj

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