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Studio Shed | Modern, Prefab Backyard Studios & Office Sheds | Custom Kits
Awesome pre-fab office/studio spaces. Basically like pre-fab backyard sheds, but much cooler.
office  studio  workshop  art  writing  home  house  diy  construction  building  carpentry 
february 2016 by edj
Seiko 9F62A Movement
Very interesting display case (though for a movement only, not a whole watch).
watches  style  art  artefacts  engineering 
january 2016 by edj
George Foster, Book Cover Designer -- Yes I Can
Excellent article Mom shared with me about the ethics and habits of a top graphic designer.
art  design  graphicdesign  work  career  life  freelance  consulting 
december 2015 by edj
Show HN: Discover new, trending, and highest-earning creators on Patreon | Hacker News
Patreon looks like a fascinating tool for artists. Need to explore this more.
money  work  art  hackernews 
july 2015 by edj
Wellingtons Travel - Hand-drawn Large Wall Maps of London
Inspiration for some of my map and travel guide ideas.
maps  art  cartography 
september 2014 by edj
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