20 Woodworking Hand Tools List for Beginners | Wood and Shop
Extraordinary resource on buying wood working hand tools, particularly vintage tools.
woodworking  wood  tools 
25 days ago
Creating a Form - Gravity Forms Documentation
How we set up email capture for downloading a white paper or other PDF on Ideal Energy's site.
wordpress  email  howto  IdealEnergyn  web_development 
4 weeks ago
Woodshop / Workshop - 2nd Floor of Garage
Great creativity setting up this garage attic woodshop. Although I plan to keep my shop at ground level and use the garage attic (if built) as a study, this is still a great way to visualize how the space could be used.
garage  construction  building  woodworking  workshop 
5 weeks ago
Care for Red Wings 875 - malefashionadvice
A good leather conditioner is really all you need to keep your boots healthy. Classic examples are Venetian Shoe Cream, Leather Honey, Obenaufs Oil, Redwing Boot Oil, Lexol, etc. All leather conditioners will darken your boots to some degree so it's probably best to use something lighter than leather honey. Lexol is a good, very light, conditioner. Another decent one for this is just plain expeller pressed extra virgin coconut oil.
shoes  menswear  maintenance  boots 
12 weeks ago
I work at Red Wing. Any questions? - RedWingShoes
Irish Setter was originally a straight up hunting brand. They started making work boots since maybe 8/9 years ago. The main difference is quality of materials used to make the boot. GENERALLY speaking, Red Wing boots are higher quality. However, you get what you pay for. Certain Irish Setters are better than certain Red Wings. The other difference is that Irish Setters are all (except for style 4805 and 4806) completely made in China. Red Wings are at least partly made in the United States. Even the Red Wings that say made in China usually have uppers that are made in the States and then are shipped out for the bottoming process in China, or Vietnam in rare cases. A lot of guys will tell you that the U.S. stuff is better, but after working at Red Wing for 4 years, I can tell you that it really just depends on the boot.

P.S. - All heritage boots are 100% made in the U.S. and are hand stitched and all that good stuff, which is why those are so expensive
menswear  fashion  style  boots  shoes 
12 weeks ago
Help me picking up the right saw! 545 or 550XP ? | Arboristsite.com
Discussion of the 550xp – sister model of my Jonsered 2253
chainsaw  tools  wood 
december 2018
Pick my bar and chain for Jonsered 2253 firewood saw | Arboristsite.com
Discussion of the optimimum bar chain combo for my saw. Very apropos because the OP is basically doing what I do. Difference is, my wood is all oak and walnut and usually dirty. I should look at the semi-chisel suggestions...
chainsaw  tools  forestry  wood 
december 2018
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