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Alan Moore on Magic - YouTube
Magic, art, language, consciousness
spirit  art  writing 
january 2018 by eclectics
Going on a software detox diet
nice deacription of computer simplification-- simplr practices for more powerful machines. how much of the system elaboration i like is just old habits?
writing  interfaces  computing 
december 2013 by eclectics
The taste of circulation
"When the self is a publication, increasing circulation is the meaning of life."
culture  writing  thinking  media  from instapaper
october 2013 by eclectics
Why I'm writing on the iPad | Macworld
suggestive on diff experience of writing with different tools, slowing down leads to different internal editing
writing  mobile 
december 2012 by eclectics
The American Scholar: Language Matters - Michael Dirda
Too much consciousness, observed Dostoevsky’s Underground Man, is a disease,
nice piece on self-ca in writing
culture  writing 
november 2012 by eclectics
wordpress theme for granular commenting
webservices  writing 
september 2011 by eclectics
Phil Agre's Home Page
Computers and society sort of stuff, but really interesting early thinker in social media
people  writing 
april 2011 by eclectics

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