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I Want The Mutt Of Feed Readers | Zed A. Shaw
Reference to neubeiter but also others; screen, mutt, and some chat stuff
software  tools 
november 2016 by eclectics
Utility for cleaning text
I don't need it now, but can see that I might.
osx  software 
september 2013 by eclectics
Omeka is a free, flexible, and open source web-publishing platform for the display of library, museum, archives, and scholarly collections and exhibitions.
software  web  from instapaper
august 2013 by eclectics
Some of the fonc tools -- cola, maru, and some other interesting artifacts
software  OS 
august 2013 by eclectics
Simple DirectMedia Layer
lowlevel library for direct access to graphics io hardware; x platform.
software  OS 
august 2013 by eclectics
BitTorrent Sync
sync between machines, no third party.
software  tools 
july 2013 by eclectics
Looks cool; drawings-> code, svg, js, css -- but i don't need it yet
software  osx 
april 2013 by eclectics
Tinderbox | Welcome to Sherwood
Index of collecion of artciles on tinderbox
thinking  tools  software 
november 2012 by eclectics
App Lists | iOS Musician
shows which apps support what-- virtual midi, Dropbox
ios  music  software  midi 
october 2012 by eclectics
lots of info, not just a brochure
music  ios  software 
june 2012 by eclectics
terminal based feed reader
november 2011 by eclectics
Taking the Information Plunge With Tinderbox | Mac.AppStorm
#mac #tinderbox My favorite info management app: fantastic tour
interfaces  software  hypertext 
april 2011 by eclectics
mlrv is a sampling instrument for grid-based music contollers like the monome, livid ohm/block, novation launchpad, and akai apc/mpd. the software allows a sound file or live recording to be mapped across each row (or grid cell) and assigned a triggering behavior. within this simple set of constraints and a complete MIDI + OSC remote control system
free  music  software 
january 2011 by eclectics
Python-iView ← Jeremy Visser
rtmp capture for iview. Needs a bunch of other stuff
software  osx 
april 2010 by eclectics
FlyLoops Looping Studio - Loops on the Fly
looper plugin, can muck about with looped tracks. Could be cool
mac  free  music  software 
november 2009 by eclectics
Notational Velocity
notetaking; like info select.
free  mac  software 
october 2009 by eclectics
Stager media resources
annotated list of tools and tutorials he reccommends
mac  software  people 
september 2009 by eclectics
Software to show you your moat recent stuff and help tragging it. Could be really good for
my worjflow
desiderata  mac  software 
september 2009 by eclectics
atebits - Scribbles
sketching software, good reviews.
mac  software 
august 2009 by eclectics
TuneUp - Download
fix itunes metadata
intel only
mac  software 
march 2009 by eclectics
Intro to Git for Web Designers | Webdesigner Depot
Really good intro, using mac, textmate. Possibly more relevant for multiple developers? Still not sure how it works with respect to consistent state; perhaps there's markers you can put in, given most web apps have lots of little files, and at work they're overlapping.
programming  software  tutorial 
march 2009 by eclectics
Social Media Classroom
Rheingold's Social Media Classroom very exciting-- the pov as much as the tech
web2.0  bhi  software  free  php 
march 2009 by eclectics
Deusty, Home of Mojo
Share itunes lib over internet, download from other peoples libs
mac  software  free  music 
december 2008 by eclectics
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