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Exploiting Developer Infrastructure Is Ridiculously Easy
Good article. Bad actors can take responsibility for critical open libraries and infect them; auto updates make issues easy to spread.
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3 days ago by eclectics
successor to impromptu live coding
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november 2017 by eclectics
Unison: About
another programming environment
september 2016 by eclectics
Learning to Code is Overrated
Jeff Atwood: Learning to code is overrated - misleading-- nb part is process thinking and sweating the details
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september 2015 by eclectics
Web stack for dektop apps. anti .net
nodejs  javascript  programming 
september 2015 by eclectics
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Agility » Blog Archive » No Estimate Programming Series – Intro Post
Simple example of what to my mind is the important part of "agile" -- requirements discovery through delivering incrementally.
april 2015 by eclectics
countercomplex: algorithmic music
Used formulas from here for my e16_oneliner sketch
programming  music  synth  arduino  theory 
september 2014 by eclectics
What this crazy guy wrote about movie posters shocked me. You won't believe what he says!
increased control aka photoshop gives increasing control to manager types. this is a problem.
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september 2014 by eclectics
How good is my mind?
problem of being ahead of the game is finding other people to understand.
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july 2014 by eclectics
Programmer Interrupted ↝
interesting breakidowb of different memory tasks
programming  thinking 
october 2013 by eclectics
Bret Victor The Future of Programming - YouTube
Unsurprising ideas, but great history lesson. Carrying Kay's work forward.

tragedy is if people forget that new ways of thinking about programming and computation are possible
contrast computer as universal machine and computer as JVM
computing  history  programming 
august 2013 by eclectics
Homoiconicity and Data Forms - Mnemnion
clojure on good mapping between data and form, classic lisp overloads the list, using first element to make sense of rest. interesting
programming  languages  lisp 
july 2013 by eclectics
Ruby, Rails and JavaScript Tutorial Catalog | PeepCode Screencasts
Screencasts of how people work, looks good--- lots of stuff on various tech, and tools, git, vim included
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june 2013 by eclectics
Minimalism in an Age of Tremendous Hardware
why forth.
I thinks this is the appeal for me-- something totally comprehensible. that's the attraction of running it on the pi, though in that case there's a 2mb blob doing stuff for me as well.
forth  programming 
april 2013 by eclectics
Speaking Code: coding as aesthetic and political expression
mark bernstein nice review of crap book on aesthetics of programming telling the authora what they should have done
programming  culture 
april 2013 by eclectics
library to highlight source code.
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april 2013 by eclectics
jmhodges/jsonpp @ GitHub
JSON pp, a json pretty preinter for the command line
javascript  programming  tools 
march 2013 by eclectics
Beating the Averages
Graham's Bly. paradox-- ladder of power of programming g languages
programming  languages  lisp 
october 2012 by eclectics
The Official Blitz Website
x platform basic that may be good for getting into programming
programming  games 
august 2012 by eclectics
Write Code Like You Just Learned How to Program
There's a lesson there that's easy to forget--or ignore. It's extremely difficult to be simultaneously concerned with the end-user experience of whatever it is that you're building and the architecture of the program that delivers that experience.
programming  spirit 
august 2012 by eclectics
The Silent Majority of Experts
. All we're seeing is an intersection of the people working on interesting things and who like to write about it--and that's not the whole story.
programming  culture 
august 2012 by eclectics
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