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midi - npm
might be possible to do headless midi stuff on rpi?
javascript  midi  nodejs 
april 2018 by eclectics
Web stack for dektop apps. anti .net
nodejs  javascript  programming 
september 2015 by eclectics
Why mobile web apps are slow | Sealed Abstract
Native apps for serious work for the foreseeable future.
Seems ok-- but I think you can go a long way just doing stuff with text, so I'm not so worried.
JavaScript, at least as it stands today, is fundamentally opposed to the think-about-memory-philosophy that is
absolutely required for mobile software development.
performance degrades exponentially if your memory usage goes above 35MB at any point
javascript  mobile  ios 
july 2013 by eclectics
Ruby, Rails and JavaScript Tutorial Catalog | PeepCode Screencasts
Screencasts of how people work, looks good--- lots of stuff on various tech, and tools, git, vim included
programming  javascript  nodejs 
june 2013 by eclectics
js can do hw control. devt sep machine, pi updates code
javascript  rpi 
may 2013 by eclectics
library to highlight source code.
programming  javascript  tools 
april 2013 by eclectics
jmhodges/jsonpp @ GitHub
JSON pp, a json pretty preinter for the command line
javascript  programming  tools 
march 2013 by eclectics
weinre - Home
remote web inspector for mobile. Uses node as back end
tools  javascript  ios  mobile 
march 2013 by eclectics
Announcements — IPython
interactive environment, bindings for js on the way
python  interfaces  javascript 
february 2013 by eclectics
js pc emulation
runsemulsions VisiCalc, think tank
javascript  computing  history 
november 2012 by eclectics
platform for data exchange, persistence across multiple devices.
javascript  mobile 
november 2012 by eclectics
library to data bind Dom to graphics for interactive visualizations
javascript  tools 
december 2011 by eclectics
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